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  1. Not really last night there where more then 30 fks raping us in amara ALL the BIG players where there so suddenly out of nothing they can play but they dont want to play so actually this forum is on of those others that can be locked because its not a suggestion for bg try to make a forum a suggestion that fk`s start to play again maybe that could be a better option lol
  2. all i can say is : Play the game how it is, its not the bg`s that doessent work out its the players in the old scarlet blade we had really nice pvp battles in bg so why cant it be here? the lack in this game is the players and not the source that we have to play it
  3. @Vivi the system you do now with the mysterie boxes for each class the outfit should be a keeper for more outfits and would love to see the Tainted love teddy ore schoolgirl outfit back in the mysterybox ^^
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