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  1. Perse

    Hunting TS rework

    First at all, I 99% sure that the no xp ch removal wasn´t because of ts 30-40, but ok. Second, i want this pts to give some mats, that high lvl people are going to buy, to motivate new player to start, since the abyss is really big between lvl 90 and c25 equipment. The gold amount you need to get the c25 equipment that most people want for erenias is really expensive, so at least with that they will have a way to farm until they can solo volcano or act 6.1. The gold on the ts is removed if you are on group, so I can´t see where you can alt abuse this. Making an alt lvl 60~70 when you can get more gold/hour with your main character? I can´t see your point
  2. Perse

    Draco and Glace

    I m against, and trust me, I could solo dracos and glacerus, but I don´t want people to be even more autisc. Could be better if you remove the limit of raids per day, so you can make a marathon instead of do 5 raids with 14 alts. Also some changes, like ice flowers on npc, put draco mats on glacerus, or an option to change sps for manes and dracos (only the sps that you get from raids, like glady, monk, rene and dr) could make this raids more profitable. Make glacerus is not even worth now.
  3. Perse

    Equip C25-C28 PvE Archer

    I know, but I don´t want him to say: "Ey, perse is a lier, he recomended me a equipment and is useless"
  4. Perse

    Equip C25-C28 PvE Archer

    This guide is so much good, BUT the problem here is the price of the options they said. First at all, as @Alkarin said, you need high sls. If you have S dmg on bow, you will need overal + something on the dagger, so it will be really expensive. If you are starting I will recomend overal + dmg/energy on bow, is cheaper and effective. The problem is that some people doesn´t wnant to give you erenias, even if you have double crit, enhanced dmg and good sls. Only for the s. As secondary weapon, buy a dagger with the sls you miss, sl dmg > sl energy > sl property, since the energy points give you a lot of atk and you will need the hp since I imagine you have not a good armor. Don´t go to act 6.2 until you have good equipment. This game is slow, even if is a private server. Find a good fam, have fun, and don´t hurry.
  5. Perse

    Hunting TS rework

    About bots, don´t know, maybe you are right, but at least they are going to have more problems to earn gold About alts: since they drop you the item, is useless to do it with 2 acc, you just need to kill the rooms in order, so I can´t see the problem.
  6. Perse

    Make Holy great again

    you don´t even need healing on erenias since you can delete him xd
  7. Perse

    Make Holy great again

    With "Healing clases" you mean only holly PVE content is a joke because we are overequipment for the current pve content. you can farm on act 6 spaming huge potions, the only thing is that you are going to loose a finger if you are sword. Also a holly following you and healing while lure? thats not even an option. They same problem could be for troyer, sader, warr... and lets not talk about dr, you can´t see it even on raids.
  8. Perse

    Make Holy great again

    even without multiclient, the holly is more usefull autoatacking than healing
  9. Perse

    Make Holy great again

    Even if you put that the heal become 50% of the hp, holly is not going to work on raids more than it do. Is a waste of time be healing another person, when he can use a full, that cost only 35k on a NPC, and gain 1 dmger. You can just make a "offensive" holly, so you can deal some dmg to the boss, but nothing else. They only way that a holly will be needed is dissabling fulls on raids, and I hope that never happends.
  10. Perse

    Hunting TS rework

    Yes, I really know about that idea, you can´t imagine how much hyped I m about the next pve patch, since is the best part of nostale for me. But I just thought that recycle an existing ts shouldn´t be so hard for bash (don´t really know, I m just a noob programer), and just solve some problems. Also I loved haunts ts, to be honest.
  11. I chose summoner, becuase I want to know how it feel to be Cesar Millan ~~
  12. Perse

    Hunting TS rework

    Maybe this suggestion will be a little controversial, buuuuut whatever, looks like everything i post is . So if I can give an idea for the staff, is worth. My suggestion is simple: rework hunting ts. For those who don´t know about huntings ts, are a special ts, like pts, made to earn gold at low lvls. Where is the problem then? It gives you max 300k at the higher lvl one, only if you do it alone (0 gold on group on ts) and it takes a lot of time. My idea was to put some drop on the ts, but what drop? I was thinking on removing the gold from the ts and putting woa, gillion, and some raids mats, like slade claw, or green/red glasses. The drop should be lower that is out of the ts, in order to not to make it really op, because there are a lot of mobs on the ts. If this is implemented, we can also remove gold and angel feathers drop outside of the ts, since no one farm on act 1, 2 and 3 but bots, and new player are going to have a little mine of gold on this kind of ts, as on official was. So the only thing bots are going to farm are seed of power and other garbage. Is also a must to remove or fix the luxury boxes, since there are a lot of mobs and drops a lot of this boxes that makenothing but hinder. I think that is a good idea because with that, you don´t need to play with 3 accounts or with more people to farm gillion, and have a good way to farm woa (at the moment, the best way to farm woa is buying from the npc). Also I was looking for a good place to farm slade claws and I didn´t get nothing. Eddit: I haven´t seen any bot that can search and craft a pts, so I don´t think they can abuse this
  13. Perse


    The only problem of swordman is the hit rate. The class has a lot of pvp sps s with op combos, but if you miss it (thing that usually happens) you are out. The dr is the most evident one. Agains mages blade is op, but only if they just don´t have a lot of dodges, that are "easy" to stack with boots, hat... Agains archers... 0 chance until you are really equipped with op accesories.
  14. Perse


    miss, miss, miss and more miss, that´s all
  15. Perse

    C 45 Weapons price

    that´s my point, but even if you open the boxes, you have a guaranteed amount, since EVERY weapon, not only archer ones have a fixed price. If c45 prices keep going down, you will only earn money with the archer equipment or fernon shoes/mask.