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  1. Sader it's actually a good sp for erenias, where you don't need aoe and even on pvp. I really like sader and have a really op set for pve and I deal a lot of dmg. Imo, sader it's good as it is. If you want tu lure, you can just play renegade, that actually doesn't need a set only for that sp. Every sp should have his own place on the game, not just 1 for everything.
  2. First, wellcome back to our comunity. I don't get what do you mean with NPC allies. You mean the partners sps? If so, the only partner 100% necessary is hongbi/cheonbi for fernons. There are some other that are usefull and make the content easy, as you said, but you can play without it. Anyway, you can buy them all from other player, so I don't really see the problem.
  3. I want to point some things My post was a long time ago and it was wrong. I tested each shell effect, and % to evil only affect to "monster". It only works with mobs that are "low lvl monster", "high lvl monster"... like bacooms, erenias, zenas, act 6.2 mobs... Second, elemental property doesn't have a really big impact, so is not really worth to look for a weapon with light property, even on pve. If you are archer, you should look for crit dmg better than enhanced dmg. The impact of enhanced is not that high, and even less on c45 weapons.
  4. They don't need resistances until ambar quest, and at this point you can do some pts and farm it, so no necessary.
  5. You can't get it in this server. What do you need to craft?
  7. I know, that's why I assumed that he bought 1, but he didn't say nothing about it u.u
  8. I see some problems on your suggestion: Are bouth potions stackeable? I mean, your partners are getting +3 ms with the blessing? 20% dmg is x2 times the dmg of a red potion, so that could be little bit broken. There is enough dmg on this server. Also I would reduce the effect to the first potion to 10 mins, reducing also the cost and removing the loyalty effect on the second one.
  9. I hope he did, of course. He said that he donated
  10. People are going to be able to buy your items during 1 month. After that, you have another month to claim them.
  11. Don't really get your point. You can make normal trades onces you make the act 1.6 quest, that gives you lvl 83 and nearly the fame.
  12. The level package actually have 4 ancelloans bessing and 1 star tarot.
  13. This is not necessary to new players: -Blessings and tarot doesn't affect to quest xp, so untill they finish it is worthless. -Mobs drops more than enough seeds to new players. -Normal fairies are given with ts from 0 to 55. -Potions are given with each lvl pack. The only thing that maybe is a problem, is the sp points, but you can pick up cards that recharge your orange bar
  14. When somenone hits you, that option restores you around 1/4 of the value of the option. I will explain that better with an example: If you have an armour with 60% hp rec, and 1 player hits you 1k basick, you are going to restore 1k*(60/4)% = 150 hp The problem with that option is that has an internal cd, so you if an archer hits you 2 times, for example, maybe you are not going to be healed with the second one. Is more usefull agains some boses as erenias (thats remove 99% of your hp after the stun) or agains swordmans, that hit slower.
  15. You can't. The best thing you can do is having a lucifer and remove the buffs before they hit you.