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  1. Perse

    A bounty hunter system

    Let´s see if I understood it correctly. Your idea is to make a new server, where if you pay an amount of gold, anyone can hunt a guy on every map? Does it has any reward for the hunter or the bodyguard?
  2. Perse

    Let's rebalance underdogs

    Your suggestion have some problems: Iron skin shouldn't be buffed, is already fine Molare need to be reworked, at least, remove the dodge part because is unfair agains other swordman sps and archers If you change sader buff duration to 300s, people are just going to use sader out of the raids like erenias, so less swordman in raids = more complications to earn gold as main sword. This point is more selfish, but well, I m swordman after all. I m missing some sp 4 changes. At least, the incap distance change, since it has less than auto attack. Probably you overbuffed the reaper. I would add too a stun of 1 or 2 s to voke on warr, more oriented to mass pvp like rainbow or glace, trying to be a tank with mass cc and less dmg. This change maybe sound ridiculous, but, if you read the second point, is a compensation to the moral nerf.
  3. Perse

    About job exp when in specialist

    Is true that you don´t earn the same amount of xp if you are wearing sp, but don´t worry too much about it, at the end you will have enough job for all the sps even if you are all the time with the sp.
  4. Perse

    New player.

    The best option is always lod. Try to search someone that help you or something. If not, valhalla is an option too, but will be slower.
  5. Perse

    New player.

    As swordman main, sadly but true. But some people pick you as serker too if you have decent equipment
  6. Perse

    New player.

    If you want to do raids, you will need a bk/sader +12/+13. People just use to give moral with an alt, so war is kinda useless for act 6 raids. Renegade is a good option if you want farm, but not on raids, since until you get good equipment, is more usefull the debuff of the bk or the tripple in a good archer if you are sader. Monk is completly useless on act 6. But even with that, if you don´t have a decent equipment it will be difficult for you to join raids.
  7. Perse

    New type of TS and a fairy

    Well, first at all I was polite with you, so I want you to be the same way with me. And I was refered to this: I can´t see it on the first post, am I wrong?
  8. Perse

    New type of TS and a fairy

    Well, you shouldn't suggest just concepts, you should work more on it. For example, saying if that TSs will have any special rewards or something. About the element, I was just saying it because you said nothing on the post. Even with that, I think is not a good idea.
  9. Perse

    Remove Time boat for act 4/5

    Just pointing out for new players, you need to get point on glacerus cave, you can't do it on drake cave
  10. Perse

    New type of TS and a fairy

    About the first idea, is incomplete. If you want to suggest something develop the idea better. About the second one, it will never be realized, since renegade benefits from 2 elements and will be completely broken on pvp with that fairy
  11. Perse

    New player.

    Welcome to Nostale vendetta. First let me recommend you to do main quest until ts 55. Afther that, just go to lod and lvl up until lvl 89 with around 50%, so just doing act 6.1 quest will give you lvl 93. With good lvl 93 equipment you can go to act 6, since your objetive is reaching c25 to join raids (you asked for it on point 1). About the others points, is pretty much what they said, just want to add the following link: You can chek here all the content of the game. Have a good day, and feel free to PM me or reply to this post if you need anything, I will answer asap.
  12. Perse

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    - Steampunk Skins- Fibi- Honbi/Cheonbi
  13. Perse

    Hourglass trophy

    This is the hourglass trohpy It depends of your current dmg and as chavez explained, is better only with bow sps. Also the archer stone also gives you base hp and crit dmg, that I know is useless agains scouts, but all together is better than 7% dmg on my opinion. Anyway, I think that there are better options for pvp than these trophys.
  14. Perse

    Hourglass trophy

    For pve, is better the hourglass. Related to pvp is better the archer
  15. Perse

    New way to farm Gold

    Hell ruins 1 is perfectly farmeable too, and even if all the chs are full in hr 1 and 2, you can go to hell gate 4, is also farmeable but there is a high chance that some people will come to farm to rise %, but after they rise it, you will have the map for you 1 hour. You can even go to act 6.2 maps if you have a good equipment. Also I had no problem in 3 days finding a place to farm to lvl my alt, so I can't share your opinion. Is true that some people try to "steal your map", but I didn' t find many of them, just hit first the lure and they will leave the map soon.