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  1. Getting high reputation isn't a challege at all here, so new icons would be easy to obtain for everyone. So in order to add new icons an overall rework of the rep system is required imo.
  2. and there are plans for changing this? so it would work with the custom drops (shining blue souls, avengers, ...)
  3. -1 Deleting arrows will make less 'human interaction' with the game
  4. I think the best idea would be to just delete both 'SP-points' bars (the orange and the purple) as it's soemthing quite pointless IMO because you won't care about it once u reach certain level but it can be a pain in the ass on the first stages of the game.
  5. yes they must add this mob on fc; thats clearly the reason why there are so many angles on fc and almost no devils. Looking forward this change is made to balance things
  6. Quite pointless IMO. U can use champion ress on partners (at least avengers) even they don have CLV and as their dmg is very low regardless the equipment that they have, I doubt someone will actually use c gear on their partners.
  7. I think that points/ranks should only be aviable on each season; but would be nice to have a section to check our global k/d (all seasons+off season) and other section to check k/d-points of each season (already implemented)
  8. S dmg (on wand) / dmg to evil (on wand) / SL attack/prop/(gun or wand) overall(on gun) are the main options that your weapons should have. Any armour r7+8 at least is enough, but try to find one with s-anti effects. I use Tide Lord (with onyx wings) on 6.2 with 100 ele rest attack build and works fine. Don't forget to bring at least wk and hb buffs (sader, vulc,... will help you too but arent so necessary) As a trophy, I use shadow stone but if you havent it yet, ibrahim trophy would be the best option. Fairy booster, tarot sun/devil and attack pots are the consumables that you should use. And thats more or less everything you need.
  9. An improve of rewards in pvp areas like FC, AoT, ... has already been suggested a few times but as @Kaizou mentioned, the rewards of rbb (even when we are out of season) are quite great so you can make money there.
  10. That's why rep system needs a rework. Its not challenging at all to get 200kk rep (even if u don't abuse alts or anything similar). So the reset + a few other adjustments as I suggested on other post, would be nice.
  11. I think we should wait a bit first and test them to see how they actually work; because yes ,10 ress looks quite powerfull but you are losing onyx effect too (which is strong also) so zephyr could be good for some players, and onyx for others; depending on their play style.
  12. forgot about that, then reset to 5kk or whatever is the minimum that you need for trading (if you have more than that ofc)
  13. Well pve and pvp have nothing to do one with the other; as the gear/sps/points ... that you need for pve are different for what you need for pvp (ofc there are some common things tho). Thats why i think there should be two ranks; based on your play-style. And ofc, you can be a player interested in both; but also only in one of them.
  14. I think reputation should have a more 'deep' rework than that; even you increase the requirments for each icon by xt10 (as rep rate is x10) it's going to be easy to get red elite anyway. My alt for example, that I mainly use for raids, has already 100kk rep. So what I would do is: Reset reputation of every player to 1kk (if you have more than 1kk ofc, if not just leave it as it is) Delete reputation requirments from SP Remove the reputation that you can obtain doing raids/IC/pTS and adjust the amount of reputation that you can obtain on FC Add more fame icons and adjust all of them to the new reputation rates. These are just some ideas and im probably missing a few things, but a rework of the reputation system could be great. NOTE: I understand that there are some players that want to focus on PvE and not PvP but still want to have 'cool' icons; so maybe add other kind of 'points' for pve game modes (raids, pts, ...) and adjust the trade limit to this 'pve points' instead of reputation. This way, we would have PvP and PvE different rankings; and independent one from each other.