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  1. hollowknight

    Fernon seals

    I also prefer the idea of increasing the amount of given seals after caligor rather than making them avaible in NPC. So ppl still has to go there and 'farm' them and not just buy from NPC.
  2. hollowknight

    If there was a new class what should it be?

    i want to be bot hunter class
  3. hollowknight

    1° Feedback of the year, Rainbow Battle and Patches

    Act 6.2: In overall, I'd say that it was a good and balanced patch. The farming part (different anceollan maps) is nice IMO, the amount of gold (and exp) that you get here is slightly higher than what you get in 6.1, as monsters are a little bit stronger too. Regarding to the Fernon raid, this is something that its being discussed in the forums atm, but for me, it's good at it is. It's not a secure way to make gold as you can do a few marathons where you literally loose gold (but to make 'secure' money, we have 6.2 maps to lure) but there is also the chance to obtain grand prices. It's true that I'd prefer to rework the c45/8 equips. The idea of having some buffs in weapon/armour was interesting in my opinion (even the official buffs weren't good balanced) so maybe for some future equips, having this idea back could be interesting (other buffs/effects ofc, not the official ones). Regular Events: Well, as I mentioned in Nayxa's post, im not really into these events cause I find them a bit boring (maybe is beacuse each year is the same, and we know what its comming, even event prices change a bit). But idk how to make them better. Rainbow Battle: This game mode, is one of best features that has the game IMO. After the small changes that were made after its launch, I find it balanced and really enjoyable. The unique 'negative' things that I see in this game mode are that the match making is not rank based (This is something that can't be done due to the amount of players that this game has, as Bash mentioned before so I'm not gonna complain about it but making it +c48 could solve this somehow). Also, i'd change a bit the points system; it's good that even you loose a game, you still have the chance to obtain some points if you performed well but the amount of points are excessive IMO. I remember doing a really bad game (a score of 1-9 or smthing and took literally 0 points), and I only lost 7 points . Also, doing a really good game (winning it) I obtained up to ~80 points). Due to this, the ranking is almost about 'who played the most' rather than 'who is the best'. Custom Content: The most important custom content that was out lately, was the RBB and I explained my opinion just above ^^.
  4. hollowknight

    Some FC adjustments

    If we compare between Jennifers hat and Fernon fairy: The Fairy: Needs a lot of farming, and spending a lot of gold (actually, I think there aren't even enough essences in nb to craft the fairy). And buying, both erenia and zenas fairies is much cheaper than crafting/buying 1 fernon (for only a 5% difference) Jennifer Hat: An item that can be obtained only if u are lucky or buying it from someone. And the price of this hat was around 1-2kkk last time I heared offers. So the price for a fernon fairy should be around 3kkk max (even the fairy has a 5% extra dmg, the hat can be used with all ur sps and gives also a 10% anti effects) And yes, it's true that owning these two items the dmg boost that you get is insane, so what about making an item that counters this? (maybe other hat that gives 10% PvP defence and it could be obtained in the next season of RBB). Obviously this it's just an example, it must be tested to see which would be the right value of % def, or any other kind of effect. EDIT: And in any case, i'd first nerf the jennifers hat rather than keep the craft of the fairy as it is atm.
  5. hollowknight

    Some FC adjustments

    I didnt say to remove them, just mentioned that it was the main goal when I was around lvl 92, but after that I didnt need anyomre those raidboxes. Ofc, for the ppl that are still around that level, they will have the chance to drop the shells for their equip.
  6. hollowknight

    Some FC adjustments

    Hey, Everyone knows that atm, act 4 is quite dead at almost any time (apart from Caligor) and I thought that maybe some little adjustments could change this a bit, mostly regarding to raids. Raid changes: -Reduce the raid timer from 60 mins to 30: Atm, each raid lasts 1h and the boss can be killed after the first 30 mins. But these 30 mins are useless since you dont get any good items from killing the mobs of the raid map, and what everyone does, is just afk 30 mins until the boss room is openned. So what I suggest, is to delete the first 30 mins, so after mukraju is dead, the raids will last 30 mins and the boss room is openned from the beginning. -Make the % go up easier: Well, I don't know how the '%' in FC works, but I think it should be easier to increase it since sometimes it gets stucked at certain %, and even I kill mobs, demons or whatever is around, the % still remains the same, and this is quite tilting tbh. I know that a similar change was made like a year ago and it didn't work very well, but with some little changes could be balanced, and ready to have it back in the game. Raidbox changes: -Increase drop rate of essences: In the end game, due to champion gears, the shells arent needed anymore (r7 shells were the most valuable item in the raidbox) so late-game players will only go fc to get essences to craft fernon fairy. But the drop rate is quite low and you actually need a lot of them to craft the fairy, so If the drop rate was increased (or the drop amount to x2, for example) I think the FC raids would me more spammed. -Add dragon heart to item pool: This is also related to Fernon fairy, since you need a lot of them to craft the fairy and there are just a few ways to get them. So if it could be dropped in FC also (with similar % to draco-glacerus raids would be balanced IMO), this will encourage ppl to do these raids. -Add 70% Fairies to item pool: This is something that @Bloodevil suggested a while ago and I agree with him (also to make Fernon fairy a bit more accessible), since these fairies can only be obtained in the mall. NOTE: I know that the fernon fairy is something of late-late-game and an item that isn't for everyone, but these changes, will just motivate ppl to craft it (I have only seen one in the server) but still it will require some work and put effort on it.
  7. hollowknight

    Players Opinion about the server

    PvP: The addition of RBB has been a really positive thing for the PvP and is soemthing that presonally, im enjoying a lot but there are some areas like FC that should be reworked. Atm the only reason to go FC is to get the title (something that is 'easy' to obtain and doesn't give any reward), so if there is any way encourgae ppl going there (probably giving some kind of gold-reward) FC could be better. PvE: PvE is pretty nice as it is IMO. We have different ways to make gold (farming in 6.2, 6.1) making raids, erenia, zenas fernon,... (even low lvl raids are 'worth' due to the trophies) so there are many ways (and balanced accoridng to the level and the used gear) to make decent money/h, . Also, the rift-system that its being developed sounds great and interesting. Events: Well, that's the hardest for me. I'm not really motivated doing event raids , even if the given rewards are nice, but honestly, I dont know what could be changed to make them more atractive for the players. Also those events that were hosted by GS were pretty funny, so would be good to have them back.
  8. hollowknight

    Trading perfection stones

  9. hollowknight

    C 45 Weapons price

    The thing is that literally the day when the drop rate of c25 eq in erenia box was increased, some eqs went to 4kk or even less. The fernon is not as spamed as erenia, so the prices are not going so down. The cheapset things that I have been selling were around 35kk, and that doesnt sound that bad for me. (And there are some items like azrael mask or fernon shoe that are quite expensive, bow is not the only 'expensive' thing) With that, I don't mean that im against the suggestion, just I don't see it a big issue coparing with what happened with c25 eq.
  10. hollowknight

    Top 10 Rewards on RBB

    Agree on an extra visual reward (AoM wings, new title ,...) but the 'valuable' reward (gold+items) are enough as they are atm.
  11. hollowknight

    Wing Ideas

  12. hollowknight

    Wing Ideas

    Did you think in the effect of the wings? or just the visual part?
  13. hollowknight

    Make r7/r8 more % succesful

    rates are okay IMO.
  14. hollowknight

    Bank Update?

    well, it could be a good idea but not so needed I think. I mean, you can just move all your money to the bank and then claim the 2kkk from nb,