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  1. hollowknight

    A bounty hunter system

    The idea doesn't look bad but it might be hard to adapt to NT.
  2. hollowknight

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    oh true haha, didnt even realized that he is without sp haha
  3. hollowknight

    Updates 2018/19 Official Server

    u know the effect?
  4. hollowknight

    My Jittery Heart, I mean hands?

    Welcome to VGN @Karah !! Hope you enjoy your time here and i'm sure that you will do a great job as a GM! Have a nice day, hollow.
  5. hollowknight

    New type of TS and a fairy

    The upcoming rifts are going to be more or less like this I think; so le'ts wait until the patch is launched. This has no sense cause as @Perse and @Kaizou mentioned, this would be either unbalanced for some sps or won't fit with the current 'philosophy' of the game.
  6. hollowknight

    Dev Map (2019) - Discussion

    Should we expect a further use of trophy pieces (and minor/major trophies) in the upcoming trophy 2.0 system? I mainly ask this because I don't know if its still worth to open boxes on my main character (so I have extra trophies for the new patch) or I just open them in my alt because I almost have every current trophy that I need on the main char.
  7. hollowknight

    What do people buy with VGN points?

    the trophy upgrade is also a quite expensive item, but i think they are sold a bit slower than other items
  8. hollowknight

    add all element resistance to c25/48 archer armor

    @Zenasso Okay, since this went clearly off-topic and you keep telling lies / saying nonsense things / crying we are gonna stop here. If you still have anything else to say, feel free to PM me here or in game and I'll gladly answer. Greetings, hollow~
  9. hollowknight

    New way to farm Gold

    Honestly, I didn't check it by myself I was just based on what Bash said. And ofc, to implement this 'game mode' , any kind of bot/auto-attacking system can't be working. Maybe with some other features to prevent botting, the few botters that are still there could disappear too.
  10. hollowknight

    New way to farm Gold

    Well the main problem of adding 'private' maps for farming was that it could be easily abused by bots. But with the new patch, as almost every bot isn't working, this idea might be considered again
  11. hollowknight

    add all element resistance to c25/48 archer armor

    ?? You don't know how my wand is. You don't know how is the prefection of the seer. If you are gonna judge me because i have +11 opti (which in +15 would be 20 more points on HP/MP) this discussion will end here. One silly example: I was in a rbb as 3 seers in my team (One +14 other +15 and me (+11)) and I was the one that had the most kills, what is ur explanation here? With that I dont say that seer isn't strong: seer is the strongest sp of mage and deserves a nerf but its also sayd 100 of times that reworks of sps will come after entwells ends with his adjustments of them. There are many archers that literally 2 shot me, ik that my armour isn't one of the best ones but anyways, i have literally no chance against many archers (as seer, dg or whatever sp I use) so don't call me/seer a 'god' just because you can't kill me, because others can easily do that. In fact, the most expensive class is archer by far. And this is due to the amount of players playing this class. NOTE: This is a bit off topic due to is discused in another post but yday I was facing a mage using vulc/seer+ yerti and i didn't feel at any time that yerti was making a huge difference in the fights or anyhitng similar to that.
  12. hollowknight

    Lod Time

    It took me 5 secs to find it~
  13. hollowknight

    Yertirand partner malus

    Exactly this There are other debuffs that are 100% like wars blackout (that actaully is a stun, no a root and has much lower cd). And to what @RedMoonmentioned, the thing that makes yerti +nelia/harle op is the psp, not the yerti. Yerti + cheongbi its true that is helpul but i wouldnt call it op but nelia/harle/luci are much more cancer than yerti+any other psp. Thats why i would focus on these psp rather than in yerti. Losing buffs as mage its much more dangerous than being rooted for 5 secs (for example).
  14. hollowknight

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

  15. hollowknight

    add all element resistance to c25/48 archer armor

    what you do is cry in evey post, not suggest so expect to get ignored