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  1. I think that points/ranks should only be aviable on each season; but would be nice to have a section to check our global k/d (all seasons+off season) and other section to check k/d-points of each season (already implemented)
  2. S dmg (on wand) / dmg to evil (on wand) / SL attack/prop/(gun or wand) overall(on gun) are the main options that your weapons should have. Any armour r7+8 at least is enough, but try to find one with s-anti effects. I use Tide Lord (with onyx wings) on 6.2 with 100 ele rest attack build and works fine. Don't forget to bring at least wk and hb buffs (sader, vulc,... will help you too but arent so necessary) As a trophy, I use shadow stone but if you havent it yet, ibrahim trophy would be the best option. Fairy booster, tarot sun/devil and attack pots are the consumables that you should use. And thats more or less everything you need.
  3. An improve of rewards in pvp areas like FC, AoT, ... has already been suggested a few times but as @Kaizou mentioned, the rewards of rbb (even when we are out of season) are quite great so you can make money there.
  4. That's why rep system needs a rework. Its not challenging at all to get 200kk rep (even if u don't abuse alts or anything similar). So the reset + a few other adjustments as I suggested on other post, would be nice.
  5. I think we should wait a bit first and test them to see how they actually work; because yes ,10 ress looks quite powerfull but you are losing onyx effect too (which is strong also) so zephyr could be good for some players, and onyx for others; depending on their play style.
  6. forgot about that, then reset to 5kk or whatever is the minimum that you need for trading (if you have more than that ofc)
  7. Well pve and pvp have nothing to do one with the other; as the gear/sps/points ... that you need for pve are different for what you need for pvp (ofc there are some common things tho). Thats why i think there should be two ranks; based on your play-style. And ofc, you can be a player interested in both; but also only in one of them.
  8. I think reputation should have a more 'deep' rework than that; even you increase the requirments for each icon by xt10 (as rep rate is x10) it's going to be easy to get red elite anyway. My alt for example, that I mainly use for raids, has already 100kk rep. So what I would do is: Reset reputation of every player to 1kk (if you have more than 1kk ofc, if not just leave it as it is) Delete reputation requirments from SP Remove the reputation that you can obtain doing raids/IC/pTS and adjust the amount of reputation that you can obtain on FC Add more fame icons and adjust all of them to the new reputation rates. These are just some ideas and im probably missing a few things, but a rework of the reputation system could be great. NOTE: I understand that there are some players that want to focus on PvE and not PvP but still want to have 'cool' icons; so maybe add other kind of 'points' for pve game modes (raids, pts, ...) and adjust the trade limit to this 'pve points' instead of reputation. This way, we would have PvP and PvE different rankings; and independent one from each other.
  9. Looks more stylish than the previous design but the information is still clear and well organized; so I'd keep this one for future patches
  10. Well this is true, as a new player you will struggle a lot in UL but I dont think that perfecting a SP is a high prioirty at first stages of the game, so I don't really see this as a big problem. 100-800kk?? You get around 2 gears (in my personal expereince at least) out of 30 boxes (more or less, ofc) and the the mean price for this gears is/was around 40-45kk (at least before downitme, ik that prices are higher now but in a few weeks they should be back to their original price) an the other rewards (wings, crystal, manes, ...) are similar to what zenas/erenia gives. Anyways, in terms of 'pure' gold I see this raid balanced (and now with higher gear's prices, even better) I just thought that there could be other rewards; for example adding materials needed for fernon fairy crafting; or any other kind of reward that isn't gold directly. As far as I know, there are 3-4 teams in the whole server making this raid; so I wouldn't consider as really spammed raids; since erenia raids are much more spammed, for example. Again, I was trying to suggest other kind of rewards; not just 'lets increase the % of shoes/gears or any big gold source and make rich the ones that make this raid'. And everything that I said wasn't based on one hour that I didnt get any profit and I thought 'hey, lets yell on forums about this crap rewarding raid', of coures not; it was based on my and my teamates experience after making this raids for months. As I said before, current prices are quite high for c45/c48 gear so maybe it's not the best moment to talk about them. But my main idea was that even you are lucky and make 100kk/h in one fernon hour, you are still able to make 80kk/h in a way easier raid and with much lower requirments; so i wanted to point that either erenia is too rewarding or fernons arent enough rewarding; and IMO, the first case is what actually happens.
  11. First of all I want to make clear that I'm just a player experienced with all the ways of farming in this server (from pts to fernon) so everyhing will be based on my own experince doing pve. I know that some prices are really high and I undestand that these changes were made to mitigate this issue and maybe that will work, but I just want to suggest/discuss other options. The main issue with erenia/zenas raids are that you get a really high profit when u sell them (like 80kk/h with 2 accs) comparing to how much u make if you decide to open them (30kk/h max? and like 30 claws/manes?). So why not reverse the changes that were made to c25/8 gear (or even improve a bit the loot from boxes) but make erenia/zenas raidboxes not tradeable? This is how it works on fernon and it seems to be working pretty fine. This would also encourage (well, or force tbh) to farm by their own if they want to perfect their sps (either doing erenia/zenas/fernon raids of going to UL) and would solve the problem of the overpiced boxes. Regarding to shining blue souls, I also think that this change should be reversed. We were able to make around 55kk/h (more or less, including that you level someone for cash) and this doesnt really sound like a crazy way to make money (for example, in erenia you could make 80kk/h). With the souls at 160k/u this amount is reduced by 5kk more or less and even if its not so much money, we have to consider that the souls were the 'secure' way to make moeny in 6.2/6.1; because you wont be able to find someone to boost for cash always, or probabling you won't loot avengers each hour. And well this is a bit off-topic maybe, but I think the fernon raid should be changed a bit to make it more profitable. It's the hardest raid of the game by far (to make decent amount of raids/h i mean) but it doesnt feel as rewarding as it should be (IMO, ofc). So why not increase the amount of claws/manes you obtain (for example) to make it slightly more profitable (as you have to 'invest' a good amount of money, to be well geared for this raid) Again, I'm not saying that these changes were done to 'fuck' players and I know that everyhing was decided as the best way to solve the problem and it might be the best option, and not what i've just said.
  12. +1 Great suggestion in overall. This pvp area must be reworked and I think your ideas are great!. I'd maybe adjust a bit the prizes; for example I doubt New Year pig should be added here; since it was a exclusive reward for beta players and more or less the same for the exclusive costumes (in this case, this reward is for the player that participate in forums events, and I think it's okay like that. Maybe new exclusive items could be added (wink wink cuby pet). Also Jenni hat could be added here; I think every PvP mode of this game (rbb, fc, aot, ...) should have this item as the best reward (with a really really low % ofc, or in this case with high amount of golden medals) as it's one of the most wanted pvp themed item (together with fernon fairy, but u already mentioned it). Other thing that can be made is to somehow 'fusion' AoT and AoM; making AoT relevant and deleting AoM. In this case, AoT would have a ranking and the player of each class with most points at the end of each month, will get the AoM wings for the following month.* @Nayxa @Honor The issue with different 'categories' (lv based) of pvp zones is that in this sv is really easy to get max level (or at least 99 c30) or the ppl that is not max level usually ignore pvp to focus on pve. So I doubt there would be enough players for each class; excluding the +c48 one. Same happened with rbb. *I suggested a while ago to put this wings as rbb reward, but if this rework is finally made; I think they should stay there.
  13. Thats it, nothing more to add.