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  1. The players will receive more DMG taken so they will be generally slightly weakened having 2+ crystals out of 4.
  2. i ll add one equation to crystal related type of fights: if a guild? / side? owns 50%+ of total number of crystals in a map, they will receive +8% or +10% or +15% DMG taken . This way the "leading" guild can be taken down, and we will have cyclical dynamical pvp, the more crystals one have the harder is to maintain them. This requires some list of people and guilds and who owns current crystal statuses etc.
  3. New PVP Content and Ranks. I am playing this game less and less ,while investing time to pve gearup just for to be awake in a specific time of TW and GVG that last pathetic 30 mins that doesnt even get me started furious which making me simply to jump to other mmo. WE need everlasting furious pvp . enuf of sakura haha hihi testing, or circuing around fountain in Aven staring at the screen, sometimes ppl go Sakura and tryhard inventing hide-seek-assasinate games but it aint working if isnt real game restrictions and built-in rule protocols So, open world map, an every day 24h pvp with kills and ranks closely like in games Scarlet Blade and Shaiya. 2 NPCs in Aven, one for join red team other is blue, inside people forming raids, everytime a player is killed whole raid gets 1 kill (must be this way cuz healer and tank must also rank somehow with their contribution in pvp), main drive is ppl wana be higher rank but at risk because every death is minus 1f or 0.5f (downgrading rank, dont feed other side and wait for even numbered to push) Meanwhile there are crystals in the map 1 to 3 that when one side kills a crystal it gets 30% patk matk or some way of boost ,idk , keep battles going, tactic waitings etc.. Now what interest u the most is business mechanic and making real cash with selling vouchers. Item mall voucher tiers that gives 1.5f , 2f, 2.5f kill multiplier , normally is 1 per kill/death. also Loosing vouchers that makes u lose 0.5 kills upon death (preventive-like voucher) (Long-term possibility) Every year, maybe, ranks should get downgraded by 50% of what u earned. This keep players simply fight forever 50% of 50% of 50% every year cut down. The ranks in pvp are visible with a symbol like ||| > >> >>> ** next to ur name will make even nonpvpers join and leech a kill or 2, u need some kind of form to make ppl stay in EE to emo-rage, feeling to play and test builds and change classes etc.. Major flaw to this pvp content is one person making 10 accounts to go inside and kill and rank on its own( this is called statpad like in shaiya) - possible fix is getting a kill but only when both sides interchange some damage amount, or cant get a kill if a raid is less then 10 ppl, forcing cheater that wants to rank with many clients to must run 10 clients, gearscore works also meaning cant get a kill from a player with low stats and lvl, death-kill cooldown toward counting a kill also works meaning if they kill u, u wont get them a kill in next 1min if u die again, "slowing down getting kills behaviour"... rn i cant think of more preventive solutions.. So this is many IF IF IF for u Jordan, u cant do this? but maybe in some form relative to this one. Making Web page with ranks and kills and icons is also viable, connected with game database.
  4. The battlefield poet holy skill Wave of sleep doesnt seems to do nature damage as it says, check that out. On holy skills tab in that wiki excel file ,the Battlefield Poet Holy skill descriptions needs to be swapped both .
  5. i have written down my account name and password since 2016 so i cant be wrong typing them, and i pass the first window with green message : SUCCESS: You have logged in successfully, session has been created: but after game starts its says immidiatly wrong id and password little window, and nothing. so i check this game from time to time, so anyway, i wanted to login to see if i am still forced to buy inventory slots, i got stuck at lvl34 with no idea how to procced with full inventory since 2016, and i saw a video some of u promothing the game calling for more
  6. Jordan or VGN, for example, why i dont see you doing server advertisements on page such as and voters going each 12 hours voting for this server to get 1 EC for example by completting the vote, like other private servers for other games, be out there ,get the world to know u, even trigger some person minds who accidently found ee browsing this page for anime-like new mmo, and looked his way to us..
  7. I want to suggest an immunity damage buff to pets to classes that have pets, of 7 to 9 seconds respectively upon creation of pets as a core personality of those classes, see how it goes for half year test period, then we get back to this talk. i think that this will make classes viable option for pvp.
  8. the X v X is a duel, a match, that wil finish with short goals, i am speaking for something greater
  9. There are ways, rezims ,restrictions, timelocks, spawnrules, ways to fuel the ppl continuosly to join, ranking system, getting kills, for example lets say this scenario : the map is sort of a triangle having 3 crystals, as people join each red/blue side, raids are formed ,1 raid with minimum! of 7 ppl having in raid must take at least one crystal, after killing crystal that team is globaly buffed with ability to *get kills killing opposite team,but this buff will go away,fadeout, the raid will need to move crystal to crystal to be able to get kills and rank, otherside will do same,(if raid has 6 ppl they can still play but ranking is disabled waiting for more to join and calling for gearless ppl to step in) now note that each kill produced by a raid is shared, so healers and tanks will also rank doing their jobs in battlefield, making ppl join and leech kills and got kicked for "pls go gear urself then come back" , then normaly u would want to make ranking levels, as 500 kils, 5000 next 10000, each rank will give for example 1% patk/matk permanently, this is long run planing to be a little bit more stronger, and crystals upon death might drop 1 eden crystal randomly and so , u understand, there are psyhological ways how to trigger the mind to ask for more. this is just one scenario, u can atleast make a test period, see how it goes, no hard feelings remove it ,come back with other idea
  10. Jordan have you not considered to create everlasting pvp opened 24/7 map making ppl enter map join a side kill respamable crystals fight for the cause, anytime they can afford to play ee, instead of all prep-for-exact-giventime-bethere type of pvp, its still ok to have tw and gvg, but when u see ppl making circles in aven fountain for 20mins u know somethings bad, right now most of the actual time i spent on primarly gearing myself, then secondarly maybe help others, and tertialy if i am in right timezone at right moment maybe some tw pvp, and even that is bad cuz the fun lasts only 30 minutes,making me consider playing other games, this is longrun future project, We fucking need something new, dont answer to this message if ur answer is " i am gona keep EE rules traditional blabla.."
  11. if i may narrow it down, it all comes to military power, the problem can be solved with "decimate the attack power as it goes the battle" so Jordan, sum up all military power of red team adn blue team and then decimate with a ongoing "debuff" to the side that is more powerfull foreach(redplayer in redteam) military_red_power+=redplayer.matk+redplayer.patk; do the same for blue team, and u understand me Jordan, do the rest of the magic... xD, this is how u get balanced average sport match, i really dont see any otehr alternative to Territory wars .
  12. yea, the poll doesnt allow more then 20 options
  13. Hello guys, i would want you all to take a moment and pick a class that u think is partially or bigtime broken compared to all others in what they do
  14. PVP unfairness and problems: 1. Dragon Emperor cannot be with heavy armor having so much def and with same time dealing massive damage in PvP, this class is broken . Orange classes feels obsolete and no point to choose them having DE as best tanky and dmg deal, DE or any other yellow class should deal less DMG then orange classes ,generaly speaking. 2. Gravity Manipulator as a highest burst damage with that triple 350% feather can switch to shield 50% ,abuse this, being always in shield mode and only quick switch to Staff for bombing AOE when in air, then switch back to def shield mode. this can be easly done with third party softwares like AutoHotKey to edit keyboard making it whole gear switched with a press of a single button and ppl are aware of such options or simply manual switching them. So u can do this with any class, but normaly GM is best cuz its has Sniper burst best for dmg dealing and tactical tanking, making other class complete obsolete,pathetic or some group use cuz of sum cc skills maybe. 3. In PVP when a single person switch weapon, accessories or Gear x5 pieces, client must send command to server to change all of this and then server dispatches the same message to all other clients which are in that same pvp, which for bad programing or old game design reasons, THIS makes alot of glitch lag in middle of pvp, not to mention for 1 person to even lag all intentionaly just by clicking pieces randomly settled on the skill bars. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So my imperative balance suggestion, "a must do to vendetta" is to Remove Gear/shield switch while in combat , complete lock down. solves many unfairness and balance, and i cant beleive u run'd the server like this so many years, not taking care of simple pvp rules such as " sure it can massive dmg but cannot tank" or "can CC alot but a bit less dmg" or " its a fucking tank like shielder and isn suppose to do significant dmg", follow these simple rules to balance out all classes, tnx for reading.
  15. Stupefy

    PvP potions

    which is why u first need to make all classes good in their origin job, for example when i came in EE i didnt knew about awakned classes and i imediatly concluded that there is a religion over GM class, but none talks about Trainer, so u have to boost properly trainer so that will be concurent to popular classes, otherwise u have obsolete content and yet is there created sitting.. and when i say pvp potions , it doesnt have to be HP for every class, there is many ways