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  1. Again an apology from me for approaching the subject like this, really if I was frustrated, I want to clarify that in my drawing I base myself on how I like the characters, without many accessories, however try to give the personality to each drawing as I feel What is each one, I am sorry again it was offensive on my part, the reality is that I never criticized your drawing, it was always good for me, I apologize to Herakles for the accusation I made in a private message, but the response he gave me It was that his wife and he had chosen them, always without any qualification criteria, it is c
  2. First of all, an apology for approaching the subject in this way, my intention was more to attract attention than to offend the other contestants, i really know that everyone did their best, well almost all xD. Other drawings that were not mentioned seemed very good to me, speaking artistically and above all by proportions, i know that this type of contest is very compelling and that is why I asked that the points to be rated next time be based on that, something I feel was the preference towards digital drawings and it is understandable they look cleaner but normally manual work is more arduo
  3. Hello, I don't really like writing a post, but I want to show my dissatisfaction with the results of the contest, I don't know with what criteria I qualify Herakles, but I don't agree, I'm not the only one who thinks the same, there were good drawings besides mine and the He chose .... well I don't know how to describe it, I'm sorry but it really is my opinion, I would like that in the next events of this type at least say with what criteria he chooses them. PS: I attach an image that in my opinion describes the results of the contest.
  4. having a nice time with my cpl in the sea of Tranqui Hill, Midori & fLizzah, traditional manual coloring with wood colors IGN: Midori
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