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  1. Sechy

    future of the server?

    Just 2 simple words for this server: BEST SERVER so it never dies :3
  2. Sechy

    future of the server?

    I think NosTale Vendetta is the most played server . This server won't die. A big number of active players and community members.
  3. Sechy

    Make Draco/Glace great again!

    Yeah its not a bad idea. So the raid will be become more interessting for lower players (under c25) but the yeah... the problem is the pp... then you can get your pp100 faster then now and now its allready fast enough.
  4. Sechy

    S-DMG and S-Large Monster

    Okay thank you same think what i tink
  5. Hello guys, im sure that this is a big question in the whole com and they are many different threads here im sure. but i can´t find a good/correct answer. Does S- Dmg to large monster do more Dmg for Raidbosses ? or is S-Dmg better? Because i think S-DMG is better.