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  1. Hey there NosPlayers ! To keep things a little ordered, please leave your applications towards the PvP-tournament here. Best regards, Panda
  2. Hey there NosPlayers ! We will close this topic by now due to a clear answer of an Administrator was given, and the topic goes morely off-topic than straight up into discussion. If there should be any need for a re-open please contact a Staff-Member. Best regards, Panda
  3. Hey there NosPlayers ! Please be aware that even releasing and reworking such events takes tons of time and since it haven't even been christmas yet I simply don't see the point what kind of delay you're talking of, aswell as the reason for any kind of recompensation. Anyway that beeing said I'll close the topic at this point since it simply get's necromanced over and over and is not used to discuss the actual topic. Best regards, Panda
  4. Hey there Azna ! If it is calculated like it should be then it is this: Player [LvL] > Monster [LvL] (So basicly if your level is higher than the level of the monster you'll have a certain chance to deal a certain amount of more dmg) Best regards, Panda
  5. Enter your ArtWorks with InGame-name here:
  6. Hey there @dragolord9 ! Welcome back to VGN, enjoy your stay Best regards, Pandemonia
  7. Hey there Saay ! Thanks for everything, good bye and good luck on all your ways ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  8. All those new "cats" feel like entwell ran out of ideas for bushtales so they now need to do cats, they anyway look nice, but I really kind of miss those oldschool bushtale themed stuff #Bushtales2k18. Greetings, Pandemonia