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  1. upgrade the SS's rate on alagas and there will be more people geard .. or up secu from altar to 50%, if it's not that expensive they don't have to wait like they do actually
  2. The question is to release it earlier, not to wait, but i think you can't understand mister justice. Hum.. So it's you who called me shitbag, but it's me who should be remove from forum ? Don't you see the little problem random-chan.
  3. Yeah i take my time to answers, lumi will come in many times and nothing else to do. You all make me laught speaking about "be polite" when there is nothing to sai... Ofc and you saw it i don't like People like you all trying to get attention and playing little justicier when someone is remembering to an other that What he said is useless. Just who are you ? I don't need your help ig and irl, please stay on your place thx.
  4. jordan answered , now it don't need randoms guys speaking about there life. i asked to know if it was possible, it is not so i'll wait... who need to know that he try it and won some 3v3 on a serv without players. stop to try to get attentions that's all.
  5. just who are you ? question was for jordan and staff not for random. please stay on your place thx. PS : jordan can you close the post.
  6. Hi ! just to ask if it's possible to release luminary in next patch, it will make an other class to play and it will not impact the progression of char cause this class is given when starting the game. thanks for your answer
  7. Class Name: Darkness Paladin Class Description: Darkness paladin is a witcher who learn black-magic and weapons arts to fight against the wizards. Class Main Passive: 2% chance to make a triple hit for 3 seconds. Class Race Passives: (HUMAN) the allmighty: Increases P-attack-M-attack 35% (HALFKIN) the untouchable: Eva +30% (ANURAN) the insensitive: Increases all resistances by 5% (ZUMI) the unbreakable: Increases def and parry 15% when equipped with a 2 hand weapons (URSUN) the infernal: 1% chance to inflict random status on the target SKILL: Dark paladin lance: P-atk +23888, triple hit on target and give "Paladin Power" as buff. "Paladin Power" gave a triple hit on skills during 5 secs. (5 sec cooldown, cost 550mp) Infernal pentacle : M-atk +66666 darkness dmg, triple hit to all targets arounds 50m. (5sec cooldown, cost 666mp) Darkness slash : P-atk +35000 , double hit on target, reduce dark and slash res by 3% during 4secs stack 10 times (3 secs cooldown, cost 666mp) Darkness laser : M-atk + 99999 darkness dmg, hit all targets on a ligne of 75m. (7secs cooldown, cost 999mp) Hellish spawn : Go invisible during 25secs, u can use your skills during the time you are in with this buff, all targets will be revers during your first skill for 5 secs. (15secs cooldown, 666mp cost) Darkness explosions: M-atk +36666 darkness dmg, knock up all targets around 20m during 3 secs. (10secs cooldown, 666 mp costs) Darkness power : cost 5% mp each 2 secs, gave + 30% p-atk and 50% m-atk, +15% EVA , +5% parry , +5% m-crit and p-crit, 5% double hit , and 3% triple hit, reduce cooldown of skills by 3secs. Others information >> Statistics: HP: 105% MP: 135% STR: 100% AGI: 120% INT: 135% WIS: 50% LCK: 125% License knowledge: Dark Strike: MP costs will be reduced by 20% (Max. 3) Darkness storm: For each level, STR and INT+2% (Max.7) Dark laser: For each level, DMG dark laser +4% (Max.5) You'll never touch: For each level, EVA and Def +0.3% (Max. 10) Darkness heart: For each level, m-atk and m-atk +2% (Max. 20) Darkness speed: For each level, Move SPD +1.3% (Max. 10) Darkness power: For each level +1% HP (Max. 20) Hellish Darkness: For each level, the cooldown of Hellish Spawn -0.5%. (Max. 5) Certificates : darkness end : Increase 7% p-atk and m-atk darkness shield : reduce damage taken by 8% darkness strike : 2% chance to make double hit All skills can be used with staff / pike / sword. Heavy armor class. purple class. Ig: Pluton
  8. Pluton

    human berserker

    on a class like berzerker , how can you say that "not everything is about damage" ? this class is not a healers , and not a tank too, it just need to make dmg to kill faster enemies.. or we don't play the same game ? human with axe make less dmg than club + bracer or sword (same for anuran and great sword ) , but it's without any buff on club (or sword) .. the main idea is to make all race on an equal stat for this class .. if you compare dmg zumi VS human , zumi makes more dmg cose of his race (+15% club atk). so my idea his to create a 1H axe , or to make +15% atk on sword / club / great sword / axe for all race , but not for ursun,their fear is out of subject
  9. can u make a one hand axe , or put axe in 1 hand weapons , to make berserker useful again when you are human ? (and make somthing about DE .. nerf was too much , physical mode is dead and magical don't make suficient damage)
  10. Lighning Halo Atar 12/13/18 Fine Templare Box 12/13/18
  11. that's good like this maybe try with 70/65%, but now it look like the thing i was looking for
  12. oky , thank youuuu !
  13. is it possible to create a new off hand accessory , with the same skin as masamune, but with a "normal" size , like a real katana ?