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  1. Lighning Halo Atar 12/13/18 Fine Templare Box 12/13/18
  2. huuuuuuum , I' have watched the new patch and i see : Class EXP no longer goes to negatives when going past a specific amount at level 109+. This was caused when changing class it would bug out the value and save an incorrect value. Anyone who was affected by this bug should automatically be fixed back to 0 after maintenance. must i understand that our charms an all the time that we lost by leveling our classes is for our ass ?
  3. that's good like this maybe try with 70/65%, but now it look like the thing i was looking for
  4. oky , thank youuuu !
  5. is it possible to create a new off hand accessory , with the same skin as masamune, but with a "normal" size , like a real katana ?
  6. now that's a little to late to avoid it ... and.. avoid it is not a solution. a bug must be fixed , you don't have to avoid it.
  7. before i know that there is a bug with lvl109 class ... i up 11 classe 109 att 100% . when i up to 110 .. impossible to up ... the % as disappeared. and now i'm in this situation to prove that my classe were up : (shielder / berserker / executionner / dragon soul / dragon emperor / assassin / asura /blade acrobat / blade master / master fencer / celestial arrows) i'm looking for the come back of my Class EXP T.T
  8. please on altar or mystery box !
  9. i was not asking for crafting points , just stats bonus. but if it's impossible ...
  10. can you created a quest , or something wich can give 100% achivements to another char of an account when you did the 100% on one of your char , like you did for awaks armors titles ?