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  1. Pluton

    human berserker

    on a class like berzerker , how can you say that "not everything is about damage" ? this class is not a healers , and not a tank too, it just need to make dmg to kill faster enemies.. or we don't play the same game ? human with axe make less dmg than club + bracer or sword (same for anuran and great sword ) , but it's without any buff on club (or sword) .. the main idea is to make all race on an equal stat for this class .. if you compare dmg zumi VS human , zumi makes more dmg cose of his race (+15% club atk). so my idea his to create a 1H axe , or to make +15% atk on sword / club / great sword / axe for all race , but not for ursun,their fear is out of subject
  2. can u make a one hand axe , or put axe in 1 hand weapons , to make berserker useful again when you are human ? (and make somthing about DE .. nerf was too much , physical mode is dead and magical don't make suficient damage)
  3. Lighning Halo Atar 12/13/18 Fine Templare Box 12/13/18
  4. huuuuuuum , I' have watched the new patch and i see : Class EXP no longer goes to negatives when going past a specific amount at level 109+. This was caused when changing class it would bug out the value and save an incorrect value. Anyone who was affected by this bug should automatically be fixed back to 0 after maintenance. must i understand that our charms an all the time that we lost by leveling our classes is for our ass ?
  5. that's good like this maybe try with 70/65%, but now it look like the thing i was looking for
  6. oky , thank youuuu !
  7. is it possible to create a new off hand accessory , with the same skin as masamune, but with a "normal" size , like a real katana ?
  8. now that's a little to late to avoid it ... and.. avoid it is not a solution. a bug must be fixed , you don't have to avoid it.
  9. before i know that there is a bug with lvl109 class ... i up 11 classe 109 att 100% . when i up to 110 .. impossible to up ... the % as disappeared. and now i'm in this situation to prove that my classe were up : (shielder / berserker / executionner / dragon soul / dragon emperor / assassin / asura /blade acrobat / blade master / master fencer / celestial arrows) i'm looking for the come back of my Class EXP T.T
  10. please on altar or mystery box !
  11. i was not asking for crafting points , just stats bonus. but if it's impossible ...