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  3. HI ! I am Milos on the game ! Th Glyph Seller !
  4. Hello ! First, i am not a new player (I am one of the few players who old French players always on the game after these many years.)... and I think I have enough experience to come to the conclusion that I will defend. If we talk in terms of time, a player will have more problem in raising his level rather than improving the equipment. I agree that you have to be crazy to go to PvP with +0 equipment. On the other hand, the stats that you can have thanks to the increase of the level of my classes. Charms are perhaps as important as stones, but I can not let you say that charms are less important than stones. I think like many players (like the players who have come on this discussion) that it is important to find more equal means for the whole community. Let's stop comparing the main server and the VGN server. As we say in France, "we don't mix rags and towels". I think you do not have a good enough vision. You are carismatic of the former players who actually farm (compared to normal players). As you really neglect the accumulation of bonuses that can be gained if you level up. The proof ? why you raised your classes above level 110 if level 100 is needed. Personally, I already have my idea. my damage remains immense even on a person in a group. Above all, I do not see why you talk about a group when I talk about GM damage ... Really bro? i am in your guild ... dude! This is one of the biggest stupidities that Aria Games has managed to do... I pray that for this bullshit doesn't come on the VGN server. I'm just outlining my point of view and I'm suggesting some suggestions. Of course, I do not think it's critical. It is rather a feeling on the game of the players. I try to justify my words. fcferfef gfr
  5. hi ! I would like to come back to two things. First of all, I think you minimize the impact of the charms. When we are in a period where the level is important. Charms are as important as the stones. Even if there is already a very big increase of the gained experience, we must not forget the impact of the level of the character, but especially, the level of the classes. It's a long time for a repetitive thing. In addition, the way to sell run has been changed because of that. The prices of the runs have increased and the person who buys must pay more to have less for the majority as @Yukani write, the hard leveling isn' t funny for the majority. So you can have a old player with the same thought as @Mark20 who is a good example but the majority of player is not as Mark. The charms can reduce that. So I do not agree. After, as you said, I think it is necessary to give other ways to win this object (Especially for CP Charms that is important in all times). After, I know very well, it remains at your pleasure. Yes, I agree that some player likes to have this freedom when you have increased the maximum level to 120. However, it is not the same for the majority of the server. One of the great proofs is desertification in PvP and PvE. And yes, drama's are not the only reasons. I remain convinced that the increase at level 120 is great. Maybe it was possible to step up the levels as you did to divide your work into several updates for the end of this year. I'm sorry that my thought upset you (i'm not alone with this thought), but it's easy to think that, because setting up two important farts (in just 1-2 months) and the only available charms system by the shop leaves a big advantage to people who can take their credit card. After that I will never criticize the research work for setting up new content. I find it incredible and remarkable. Especially that I understand very well that it is important for you to fill the shop to allow you to continue. That's why I'm one of those donors.
  6. Hi ! First, I want to apologize. my words may have been too hard. This message is just the expression of my feelings aboutwhat is happening. And especially ! Do not worry, I also criticized the main server (but I gave up a long time ago). Don't worry, I took notice of your huge work to produce new content that is not even on the official server. So, thank you for the Gms Team. We often forget it, but it's the little words that can please. But, I expose an opinion and the opinion that I share with several other players. Maybe not in all of my text, but there are always ideas that come together. And I have already made several gifts on the game, because you deserve it and the content on the shop on the web remains attractive.,And finally, we must know that the French are grumpy and I don't make exception to the rule?. I criticized aeria games on this thing and got an automatic answer ... So I want to thank you for taking the time to read the players. The main server just have a content for level 90 and the possible level is 100. But the thing is that we are talking about 10 level. And above all, as you said, they blocked the level up to level 95 at first. I think it was wiser to do several steps in the content about levels, because I can assure you, there is no one who breathes when he has to "run in DOS". The addition of 20 levels is far too much especially as the means to gain experience this limit to "run". The addition of level 110 would have been sufficient, I think. It's not the only reason... We are in the same situation where Celestial dominated the server. Yet we have never arrived at this situation. The addition of 20 level directly is a cause also especially with limited means to increase. There are other reasons that are not related to the usual guide of drama"s. I agree to make them useful, but why make them only accessible in the shop and why not at the altar? (I know it's also possible to have some charms in "the gifts of the day", and I think it's a wonderful idea! Good job!). I think we need to make them more accessible to reduce the price on the game. So, Thank you for reading me and thank you for your work. cordially, Milos in game.
  7. The mind isn't longer there I noticed for several weeks a decrease in the population on the game. I noticed a decrease in PvP and in PvE too. I don't know if you see this or not. Now, it's more important, it's to ask Why this decrease in game ? First reason - I think that the increase of the level to 120, it was a bad idea. It's too high compared to the possibility to increase this. Moreover, adding charms doesn't help and it's easy to think that the Gms would rather make a profit than the well-being of the players. However, It is more important to take care of the well-being of the players, because over time, the player may be led to "donate". Second reason- The profit than the well-being of the players. It is a feeling that I feel more and more and that many players feel. Adding a pet capable of increasing the attack on classes that don't need this is a real, it's not neccessary and It can be perceived as a desire to make profit as the main server. The différence is on the patch. On the main server, he doesn't know what is a new patch. We are agree with this... third reason- You made a big trailer … but...for nothing. The patch must be good with the level that your choose... but... level 120 and you patch it's for level 100-110 and not for level 120.