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  1. I knew this day would game when Nayxa would see her true potential and realise her only spot on this game was to be Head GS. @Pandemonia I knew this day would come when she would be close in taking your spot, be careful.. #NAYXAFORHEADGS #JUSTDOIT
  2. Nossi/Blazing Blades Nelia Nymph
  3. Huey

    Family system

    This is actually nice, hope it gets implemented soon
  4. Huey

    Points of return

    And that is why you add to the suggestion rather than trying to point out the 'bad sides' to everything. Sharing points would be an easily fixed issue if you would give a solution to it rather than downing everything all the time. The suggestion I just gave is an EASY solution.
  5. Huey

    Points of return

    He literally said it in his 4th line.
  6. Huey

    Points of return

    Thats probably why he mentioned a list choosing which points he'd like to use. That way he can pick his point and register that one with his parties.
  7. Huey

    Points of return

    It's not a matter of laziness. He's not saying save unlimited amount of points, just the few necessary ones he needs to get to the places he wants to on a daily basis. This MAY just question the need of mounts but it's not a matter of laziness, it's saving time. If you feel that way about it, sell your mount and walk everywhere and don't use Amulets or Wings either.
  8. Fiona/Foxy Partner Specialist Concierge (No idea if it's allowed to and no idea how to find out so I'll just put it there) Nossi/Blazing Blades