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  1. What does this even mean? If I have god tier shelled EQ at c25 ofcourse I want to change it over to c45 because of the bonus stats it has genius. Yes, this server was meant to be easy, how else do you get to lv. 99+30 in less than a week, because it's hard? No. Also, like I said to @Bloodevil, if you wanted a real MMo's grind, go play official nostale and don't come to a private server asking for it to be made harder when people make fucking suggestions.
  2. I seriously don't understand what your point is to the quotes you put of me typing anything but I guess we'll do it step by step. 1. You always talk about how you want the game to be harder and how you would prefer a challenge which is why if you wanted one, go back to officials instead of backing out and coming here. Just because it's dead doesn't change the gameplay for you, you wanted a challenge right? go grind on a real server for that long if you wanted one, if not then just stop with the 'stop asking to make the game easier' agenda because that's what you've been going for a while now and it's contradictory. I don't understand this either, you also need to realise it's not only PvP shells people want transferred over. People have different aims and 2. All you have done is explain to me how to make money which everyone on this server is already able to do, you can farm HR2 or do raids, almost anything to make money on here. The issue isn't money making, it's the amount being asked for to transfer the EQ's over. 2 billion gold isn't a reasonable amount so please stop pretending that it is. And let's put what you just said into perspective here. You want me to spend the next 2 months, farming for 2 hours to transfer for over 1 piece of EQ? And what if I want to transfer over a set? that's 6 months. I'm not gonna spend half a fucking year making money to transfer PvE EQ over. + He/she can't just 'buy' PvE c45 EQ. There are probably stats that fit his set perfectly from his c25/28 that he wanted to transfer over. But nah, let's just waste money betting for an identical shell that's never going to happen or just farm for 1-2 months and buy an EQ that may never come to fit your set, right? - Pretty sure most people had various accounts on official and grinded before they moved here, to an easier server. - We all know it's better, which is why we moved here, to the easier server where it's EASIER to grind. - So if 60h is nothing to you, what's the point of moving to an easier server, you like it when it's more difficult, no?
  3. Not going against this discussion or anything but I'd just like to ask, who here actually has 2kkk? And even then only a small percentage have EQ worth transferring over. Not to say I agree or disagree with the amount but why do you people talk as if it's pocket change, I just don't understand? Also can we stop using the term 'end game equipment', this game never has an end game to it and there are always better shells. There is always better and everyone here knows it @Bloodevil. Like I said, 2kkk is not a small amount of gold so let's just not. And just because someone managed to get a god-tier shell from c25, they should suffer with lower stat EQ's so you have a 'chance' to get better options with a better piece of EQ? Lmao relax. People who invested time and effort into c25/28 eq deserve to keep their shells if they want. If you wanted that much of a grind go back to officials. No? Then shut up and quit comparing both servers and talk about 'putting in a grind or work'. You don't like the easy way right? That's why you play on this server. No ones asking to make the game easier, he or she is simply asking for it to be reasonable. Maybe he just wants to transfer PvE shelled EQ over which would benefit him a lot in raids but instead people want to assume 99% of the server have god tier shelled PvP eq's ready to just be transferred over. People need to quit acting as if they didn't come here as an easy way out since officials took forever to level up and to gain EQ's. If you all loved the grind and how 'hard' the game was then you should have played on official Nostale and not play on here. It honestly confuses me.
  4. I knew this day would game when Nayxa would see her true potential and realise her only spot on this game was to be Head GS. @Pandemonia I knew this day would come when she would be close in taking your spot, be careful.. #NAYXAFORHEADGS #JUSTDOIT
  5. I'd like to point out also, I'm not asking for the raid to be nerfed heavily and if I did then I apologise. I'm pretty sure the very few things people want are for FP timers to be removed and also for pet food not to put my FP's on a timer. Is that really so much to ask for?
  6. Me not being able to pot after feeding my pet is making the game too easy..? Me not being able to FP when left in a chain of skills from the boss due to a timer is making the game too easy? Okay. Alright, we'll see how much this end game equipment does for you compared to C25/C28 EQ I doubt you'll have the same opinion once see you theres barely any difference in it regardless of the amount of effort you've put in. I did say I completed the raid, I'm simply saying the effort required and the rewards given just aren't worth the effort. They both correlate as it being that hard to complete and the rewards of the raid simply aren't worth it.
  7. If it's that hard to obtain with the stats being barely any different from the C25/28 Eq's then it's not worth it since the shells would make up for more than enough of the difference. Also @Hickari, this is about the raid, not even about the Eq's, as you can see I said 'Nearly impossible', let's learn to read and not just pick out words from a whole sentence.
  8. We completed it, as I had said earlier but it's not worth the effort or costs tbh. I see no reason to do it if I constantly get junk from boxes
  9. I don't understand why the boss has been buffed as much as it has. We had a great team put together and succeeded in doing the raid however it's worth so much and is so difficult, which brings one to question whether or not it's even worth doing. 1. Why is there a timer on Full-pots with the raid being as hard as it is? It honestly makes no sense considering you can some potions on the outside map. Why is it also on timer even if I use pet food to increase my pet's loyalty? It's just tragic. 2. Why has the boss been given so much HP/Res/Def? I understand you don't want the raid to be easy @Bash but why not at the very least increase vitality of the teams? Also just a question for @Bash, even if I were to get the C45/48 Eq, would it change anything?
  10. It's fine that it teleports, but the fact it teleports me from 20 cells away is the problem here, just so I can get constantly pulled and TP'd and lucifered. it's just a horrible addition overall to fc where scouts and DG's can already full buff up with hawk and whatnot.
  11. Nossi/Blazing Blades Nelia Nymph
  12. Huey

    Family system

    This is actually nice, hope it gets implemented soon
  13. Huey

    Buff NPC

    Well no because you'd have to renew it every 5 minutes. Also, if there were botting issues isn't that for the staff to handle? People would bot anyway regardless of buffs or not.
  14. Huey

    Buff NPC

    I somewhat agree with you, but if we're allowed to have alts here I don't see why we can't just be given this NPC which provides buffs at mobbing spots. It doesn't really give anyone advantages since we're already allowed buffs, this NPC just allows me to maintain my steady performance which may sound selfish, but I'm sure there are others who have performance issues if they have more than one client open.
  15. Huey

    Buff NPC

    Its actually a good idea. I can't open as many clients due to CTRL Z being removed, lowering my performance when having more than 1 client and it would actually make it SUPER helpful to me get buffs from this 'NPC'. It's not a matter of laziness, I have a lot of alts that could buff but the performance of my device HEAVILY declines with more than 3 clients. You literally haven't said ONE useful constructive comment. Please don't bring irrelevant words here. I honestly want to push this further. It really does help users who don't have PC's that can handle many clients due to FPS issues. And If anyone suggests, 'buy a new PC or laptop', get over yourself, not everyone has money just conveniently saved for a new PC. @Bash If you could do this it would actually be great since the removal of Control + Z has made performance quite difficult with more than 1 client.