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  1. I disagree, part of building a new character is that it gives demand for items like clvl books and other essential items that a new character would need. Also it gives more need for services like Act 6 levelling (unless you're actually willing to put the effort into leveling it yourself). If you could just change class it would less the demand for these items and is just a negative impact overall imo.
  2. -1 There's plenty of strong shells on the wrong equipment, it would make getting OP shells a lot easier
  3. Are we talking about the same game? Trust in nostale?
  4. Who even uses family warehouse? LOL I've never used it in any server
  5. It really doesn't need a refresh, I don't know why people find this appealing to lose all their progress and start over
  6. Squizzy

    A "world" raid

    I would also like a 100% chance to flip Australia so we're not living upside down. Along with obtaining a new special ability called multi-language, gives you the ability to speak any language. Very helpful in the nostale community.
  7. Squizzy

    A "world" raid

    No that's not enough, could you add 100% onyx proc chance & 90% chance on-hit to give 10k bleed per 2 second (30 second debuff) also 80% chance to freeze the target when they hit you.
  8. Squizzy

    A "world" raid

    Still underpowered, add 700% crit, base stats increase 200% and hp +50k if possible.
  9. Savage I was talking about the overall price, including how much it costs to change a wing etc. If you wish to change the look, then it should be something put on an SP that you intend NOT to take off, it's like complaining because you lose onyx wing etc when you put it in a CH because "people can lose a lot of money on it overall" I don't really see the point of this thread if i'm honest. 50kk is less than 1h of raiding and if you're taking it off because you intend to sell the SP, then it's just a small fraction loss of what you're making when you sell the SP.
  10. It already is limited It's 2 characters per raid including a4
  11. I'm confused how 50kk is expensive compared to the initial 100-200kk it costs to even change the wing in the first place I personally don't see a problem with it, if I can afford the 100-200kk it costs to change it then I can afford the 50kk to remove it lul.
  12. Smart way to avoid this would be "Previous names: x, y, z" But I also suggested this on Vendetta awhile ago and it got declined, so I doubt we'll ever see it here
  13. Idk about that If they change the stats what's the point of changing boost at all? I highly doubt entwell will do that lul
  14. Just lol. Most retarded patch I've ever read It's not only gonna make PVP worse but also PVE aswell, raids are gonna be sooooo much slower