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  1. Seer gets nerfed, everyone will play warrior because its busted, there is no winning in this situation. I think the worst thing Bash could have done is to add more overall resis to the game, it ruined reduce resistance completely. Warriors have 190+ overall resis with 2x defence, tell me that's not broken.
  2. That's actually the funniest shit i've read in a long time hahaha
  3. Why change something that isn't neccessary? I like the 30 second wait, i can switch to do something else in the meantime, it's a lot more chill the way it is now.
  4. I disagree, WKB is perfect where it's at now, because it lasts long enough for raids. Sader buff is also even short at the timer it's at now im my opinion. I think DG is also good at what it's at now, yes it sucks that its a long CD but let's be real, a DG with buffs puts out ridiculous damage. So it's good in arena that the CD is so long and I like the long CD in raids aswell.
  5. 3 months isn't too lenient? In the event that someone gets banned 3 months, comes back and then continues to hack, they get banned again, that's 6 months of game time they lose. Not only do they lose progress of their account in that time, but they also lose game play time. I think that's sufficient enough compared to your scenario of someone missing a rainbow battle chest? You could always adjust it to 6 months or whatever sees fit, but I really don't think a permanent ban is justifiable for something so small and hard to prove. It's not like someone is ruining the economy or something, they're literally just seeing someone who is invisible, which the same can be done with admiral anyway. This is coming from someone who uses scout invisible 24/7 in arena. The problem is, you can't disprove it, it's your word against GS word. The only way you can disprove that you weren't hacking is by a miracle of having recorded the event from your side of it. If you don't record 24/7 then you're screwed.
  6. Okay and the same can be said about all the people who get falsely banned for this exact reason, they don't get their account back when they did nothing wrong? It's not a stable reason to permanently ban someone when the evidence used for it isn't even sufficient enough 90% of the time. They ban based on the notion that "people move inbetween hits" when people can literally move on the person reporting it's screen but on their screen they didn't make that movement at all. Or apparently because of "a weird pet movement" which was the ban reason I was given. It's very 50/50 on whether they're actually using it or not and the biggest problem is that 80% of the GS team isn't even actively in arena, so they have 0 idea about whether someone is truly using eagle eye or not yet they're always the ones calling the shots on whether they think it is or not.
  7. I think I rather more players playing the game over someone losing their whole account because of something as simple as seeing someone invisible, sure a hack is a hack but, as I stated there is many ways to manipulate a ticket to make it seem like they're using hacks when they're not. A 3 month ban is still a really long time in reality. Who is gonna come back after 3 months and continue to hack? I don't think anybody could be that stupid.
  8. Pretty much everything Nyet said, although I don't agree with the part about locking the account and sending a note, I think that doesn't fix the issue, either way it's gonna cause anxiety because your account is still locked regardless, sending a note and adding all that other stuff is just extra work for no real accomplishment. I think a lot of the issues come down to the fact that it's so easy to ban/mute people for such petty reasons on this server or they're getting falsely banned, these issues didn't happen on official. In my 9 years of playing, literally the only thing I got punished for was because I account shared with my IRL brother. I didn't even have so much as a mute because I never swore and I wasn't racist. Which is the only things they punish for Reporting someone because they experienced a bug at the wrong time also seems to be quite popular. I could name a few different things I could permanently ban someone for because it happens to them at the wrong time. Killing a GS, whatever the reason is, if it's because they banned/muted you or because you have another reason, it shouldn't matter. They choose to enter arena, they choose to take the job, if they don't like it, it's as simple as leaving arena I get attacked all the time because of who I am or because of my family, do I complain about it? No. You don't ban people for killing low level accounts just because they're low level, So why should people be getting threatened to be banned because they kill someone who is a GS. Another issue (and probably the biggest) is muting. The only 2 things people should be getting muted for in my opinion is non english and extreme racism or other extreme things like that. Roasting? It is okay. It's arena, it's a hate fueled map and since it's evident that it's always pick and choose who gets a mute, it should be eliminated completely. If people don't like being trash talked then they can do exactly what I get told everytime I report someone - that is to blacklist. Also eagle eye, although I think hacking is bad yes, but I think this is something that should not be a permanent ban, a 3 month ban is severe punishment enough for this. But permanent ban for something as simple as seeing them invisible? I just don't get it. Surely no one is gonna hack again after a 3 month ban. It's punishment enough. (But hey I know you're already gonna point the finger and say i'm suggesting this only because my archer was falsely banned for this but, I also reported many people for this exact reason and I don't actually agree with it at all). It's too hard of a judgement call to make if someone is truly using it or not, since it's so easy to click or the person invisible could randomly pop up (which does happen btw) or they can experience ping related problems like I did. Many things can happen that is wrong timing but if it's caught on camera at that exact moment then bam, they lose their whole account. There's probably something else i'm missing here but, I think i've touched up on the important issues
  9. Squizzy


    You can pay I think 10k VGN to get it back but the shell is erased by going to account -> item recovery on the main website
  10. Yeah sorry I tired, I meant 40k
  11. I think 40kk is good price, it's higher than the normal ones but at the same time not punishing mages too hard for something that is a neccessity for their class.
  12. I mentioned this in another thread but as a mage these pots are very important for raiding since I need MP to survive but the only pots in bash NPC is normal hp recovery and there's literally none in bazar since ic is ruined
  13. I just want divine recovery potion to be added to NPC, kinda unfair for mages
  14. Listen oke bro, if you want play independent character go play official, is 0 players there i'm sure you will be forced to do everything by yourself :)))))
  15. I also use 2 monitors and I don't experience this problem (?)