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  1. Squizzy

    Raids and Quest, Heroic mode.

    Yes let's add more elemental resistance so reduce resistance is no longer a thing, I like that idea. There is already rainbow battle trophy for even more all resistance, no more needs to be introduced into the game, it's already high enough as it is. But I do like the core idea of the suggestion to add a "heroic" raid
  2. Squizzy

    Main Storyline Title

    Problem is, if people already have the story completed, then they can't get the title. Just like how people who already had 1,000 kills couldn't achieve the title unless they re did 1,000 kills
  3. Squizzy

    Prevent skills moving between Specialists?

    The problem was that you posted it in a different game, not how you explained it. And as 13175 said, it's not possible.
  4. Squizzy

    Snow White Tiger Costume (Permanent)

    +5% attack/def is op stats? lol? it's a small bonus. "much more important time to spend development time on" I highly doubt changing a stat of a costume requires much effort at all. Maybe you don't see the reason because you don't own it, but the costume feels completely useless. It has no "specialness or uniqueness" it's just complete garbage.
  5. Squizzy

    New way to farm Gold

    It sounds definitely like a you problem. Farming act 6.2 is pretty much the exact same loot in the end of the hour (Or even more?), even hells gate 4 is also good for mobbing. Matter fact even hells ruin 1 is also good for mobbing. Don't focus on 1 map and you will be fine.
  6. Squizzy

    Improve Pet&Partner System+Little Act 6 Changes

    I agree with this part I don't agree with the 2nd part, it's been suggested a bunch of times, but those useless items are there to slow you down, as it is in ALL maps that you farm for items, like wing of angel, you don't see just wing of angel and shining souls drop from pidgeons, they got useless items too. It is there to slow you down intentionally so you don't clear the whole map in 0.2 seconds
  7. Squizzy

    New way to farm Gold

    Just because the patch works as a quick fix doesn't mean it will work forever, there will always be something newer that will be patched to make the bots work again. This suggestion would never work, if you can't mob then go do raids?? or find a different map. The only issue here is that you're focusing on hell ruins 2. There is literally 538583 maps that are perfectly farmable at all hours. Nothing needs to be changed
  8. Squizzy

    Snow White Tiger Costume (Permanent)

    I definitely agree with this suggestion, I thought of making it awhile ago but I never bothered. It definitely needs to be buffed, i had 0 reason to even use that costume anymore and it's suppose to be a special costume for beta players. Just because it "had its usefulness" doesn't mean it's okay to replace it now. It should always remain on top because it's a special item for people who tested the server at the start. I like the idea of adding 5% attack/defence bonus, but you shouldn't add the <Beta Player> Since many players did buy the costume and weren't actually a beta player.
  9. Squizzy

    Rainbow Battle Single Target Buffs

    It's a joke right? I had both on Zyzz and still in ranger I could never tank, it's just archer class in general.
  10. Squizzy

    new job for teoman topp

    For what reason? You can just pay someone to level a new character for you and it would be 3x cheaper
  11. Squizzy

    The fall of Squizzy

    Might I also add, even if I do get a friend to replicate the same issue, you're just gonna be like "this isnt the same as squizzys" or "you didnt walk left when squizzy walked right" When clearly they live closer to the server then I do so.. as I said, i'm really not sure how this makes a difference on who makes the video. and I'm not sure why you keep a ban just because a GS made the video when you know FULL well, that it makes zero difference whether a GS or a normal player does it because they're the exact same. Only one has a title that allows them to mute people n shit. Basically as Nyet said, you're just keeping the ban because of a system that isn't 100% correct and the fact a GS made the video. Which is absurdely ridiculous when you said yourself you don't ban because of the system. I am sure it has went off MANY times before this incident so the fact you decide "ohh it works when its convenient" is just ridiculous. So i'm not really sure what else is there to do. It just seems like there is absolutely nothing else to do.
  12. Squizzy

    The fall of Squizzy

    I have yet to see 1 person who voted yes explain why. The difference is that this isn't obvious? It's clear what this is. I already proved this to be false when I repeated the EXACT same thing in my video. I'm tired of repeating myself everytime you bring up the past, I'm a very suspicious person you should know this. I stopped making tickets on that anyway tbh and why would I make so many reports if I was using it myself lul But I don't know why you think there WOULDN'T be people who dislike me voting yes simply because they want me banned. It seems pretty logical to me. But no one has given any reasons yet. Your only basing your reasons off a system that isn't 100% and the fact I logged off LOL
  13. Squizzy

    The fall of Squizzy

    Just because i'm hated in game shouldn't affect whether I get punished or not lol but you're right, I knew me being hated so much would get me banned for something in the end really. Bash says himself he is "fair about everything" But hey, you should know me by now, I treat people how they treat me. I was nice to you until you helped your family as well. But that was your decision not mine I was hated on Nostale UK aswell, doesn't mean I deserve to be banned for something I didn't do. As for the "you take advantage of your poor ping to safe hit better" it's actually the opposite, because I have such strong delay, other people can hit me so easily and i'm still waiting to attack them. I've had many scenarios where people safe hit and I can't hit them because my ping is so bad, they walk out of safe, hit me and walk back in and I still cant touch them lol does that mean they're hacking?
  14. Squizzy

    The fall of Squizzy

    Which is a lot of dumb things like "speed hacking in IC" who the hell would do that? Especially when it was myself doing it SOLO. Lmao It doesn't look good, but I also recall a system previously you made that banned MANY innocent players then you decided to say it was everyone using hacks. You said yourself it's not 100% correct, so clearly whatever your system involves that flags the possiblity then it's flagging the wrong thing. No I was banned for 1 thing and it wasn't "should of been permanent" because it clearly states in the rules that it was a warning, It's really funny you should bring up that I break the rules frequently, yet i've done 1 thing in the past which WASN'T a hack. You're free to give me a list of things i've done that resulted in a ban, but as i recall there was nothing. Only 1 other time that I got banned for fake screenshots which you used against me for the longest time. Whenever something happened you would always bring this up even though it was fake. Difference is, it clearly stated in the rules it was a WARNING. Not a permanent ban. As I have said a million times, I don't risk things if I know it's gonna result in losing my entire account. Not my GF, but what alt was that? Because I don't recall logging onto anything, also you act like Siseneri wasn't sitting there doing the EXACT same thing on his alt 5,000 times trying to get the perfect video, he does this EVERY single time I fight him, This scenario happened a million times, I always kill him for like 10 minutes then I log off, why should this time be different? I didn't even realise why I got banned, I had to go ask 4 different game supports, Pandemonia being 1. Which is most likely why i "logged on an alt" Do you really think if I logged off because "I knew" I would be asking why I got banned? Pretty stupid to me. And it shouldn't because clearly whole families & people who dislike me are gonna be voting yes without giving a reason why. But as you can see, even webster said himself, he has been fighting me for half a year & never once thought I was fighting him unfairly. I don't even have people accusing me of hacking in arena, I literally can't remember the last time someone said this. What are you even banning me for? It's clearly not because of the original video since I already proved it's false. Really just sounds like to me it's assumptions at this point, first it was the video, I proved it's false, mean while you told me "I have a back end system that detects it but its not 100% correct so I dont ban for this" then you moved onto the Fibi, which was clearly because I came out of invisible and attacked as he went invisible, now you're telling me that I logged off and onto an alt when I only logged onto an alt AFTER I realised I was banned to message Pandemonia. Then you come back to me saying "All GS agree that you eagle eye" but really even 1 GS voted no. So clearly what you meant to say was "the 5 GS that I asked which are all friends of each other voted YES"
  15. Squizzy

    The fall of Squizzy

    I'ma start this post off by saying Bash clearly states I can make this public. Now, I got banned for using Eagle Eye, which i've never used hacks in this game, the supporting evidence was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G31b63KaHM8&feature=youtu.be If you watch the video closely, you can tell I use push back/final which cuts off animation, it lags forward to use the final, which i was never there on my screen, On my screen I was further back because of the pushback skill, then after pulling that combo off I used reload AS he was going invisible so I remained having target, I never moved like this video shows because it's completely random due to my lag being in Australia. You can clearly tell because it never shows where I am suppose to be after the push back skill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8ljhLowtYY I made supporting evidence within 5 minutes of testing to show what I mean, on flyingpowers screen I walk backwards but it never happens on my screen and even though he was invisible for quite some time, I still remained having target and was able to hit him out of it. Bash says the ban will stay permanent even though I clearly did nothing wrong. It's a flaw in nostales PVP system which has been known about to ANY experienced arena player. Not sure how this is a justified ban for something that is CLEARLY out of my control. But hey, I guess I can never play vendetta server because of something that happens randomly especially after spending $3,454 supporting the server, why should i risk losing it. So yeah, let me know what your thoughts are, whether you like or hate me, this shouldn't affect your judgement considering this can really happen to anyone. And if you vote yes, leave your reasoning why down below