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  1. It is too inconvenient to search for items, why would we want to look through 500 shops to see if there is something we might like?
  2. Squizzy


    Except bots will always be a problem, as bash said "it slows them down but they aren't completed erased" I highly doubt this suggestion will ever be implemented because a work around for bots will always happen
  3. To my knowledge, he does ban by IP in gold buying cases. xD? Maybe because he owns the server? That's like saying "well I guess every company that hosts games is a gold seller" wtf
  4. Idk, I'm against more changes, It's solid how it is now just needs 300 player capacity so we're not lagging constantly during peak hours
  5. I don't really think a new channel is neccessary, I like being in ch 1 cause I can also see speakers if someone is selling something or if a raid is open Trading would be alright, since people just go to ch 2 to open a shop but it seems a lot less appealing then having a channel dedicated that teleports you straight to the shop map, I almost never visit ch 2 to check shops
  6. The lag is unbearable at 500 players, it was known about this the first time it was changed, then it got changed back to 300, now it's back at 500. It's not fun trying to pvp on 500 player cap, the cooldowns are long and nobody likes playing with lag, especially pvp. There's literally no reason people need to be in ch 1 that it should stay at 500. It makes no sense, all people are just afking or sitting in nosville talking and the only people getting punished are arena players.
  7. I didn't say it was easy for low levels? I'm not a low level but just seeing that you can't buy anything from bazaar etc and you have to farm the quest mats yourself I can see that it would be extremely difficult, because it's difficult for me even at 99+48. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I actually like it, but the quest line is impossible to complete right now. But you keep refusing to see it, you just close every thread then accuse people of gold/buying selling like cepik, positivo etc. But yet you didn't ban cepik? Why is that if you strongly believe he is gold buying/selling.
  8. Completely insane how hard it is for you to see the real issue here. Did you even do the quest line yourself before you released it? On a high level account*
  9. Yeah I already had the idea lel but something still needs to be done for the future, as it stands now, no new player will even touch the server under these circumstances.
  10. Of course a lot of people done the quest, because they did it before the patch. I spent a good 30 minutes just collecting 14 ore which shouldn't even be taking that long, shits boring as hell. I don't know what i will do when i reach dona sand / blue herb etc It's non sense, something needs to be done about it asap otherwise quest is just impossible to complete without spending 53835883 hours on it.
  11. You can see the server status at https://nt.vendettagn.com/ (top right) it says Server status : OFFLINE
  12. Man, go farm raids or actually do play game instead of just afking next to miniland and waiting for ic, I used to do solo ic all last year but it really is a cheesy way to get rich. I made 150m a day basically doing nothing every 2 hours lel. (which was way more back then) Personally there is more to nostale than IC, I like the new system and it would give me more incentive to go there if the rewards were higher but at the same time, you can easily abuse it with more than 1 character so unless an IP check was made on it along with higher rewards (Which can still be abused) then I just can't see anything happening.
  13. Except it wouldn't, cause it'd easily be abusable.