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  1. Squizzy

    The End

    Didn't look like anyone was buying Onyx anyway (?) The price was still insanely high and not many were in bazaar
  2. It really doesn't need a refresh, I don't know why people find this appealing to lose all their progress and start over
  3. Savage I was talking about the overall price, including how much it costs to change a wing etc. If you wish to change the look, then it should be something put on an SP that you intend NOT to take off, it's like complaining because you lose onyx wing etc when you put it in a CH because "people can lose a lot of money on it overall" I don't really see the point of this thread if i'm honest. 50kk is less than 1h of raiding and if you're taking it off because you intend to sell the SP, then it's just a small fraction loss of what you're making when you sell the SP.
  4. I'm confused how 50kk is expensive compared to the initial 100-200kk it costs to even change the wing in the first place I personally don't see a problem with it, if I can afford the 100-200kk it costs to change it then I can afford the 50kk to remove it lul.
  5. Smart way to avoid this would be "Previous names: x, y, z" But I also suggested this on Vendetta awhile ago and it got declined, so I doubt we'll ever see it here
  6. Idk about that If they change the stats what's the point of changing boost at all? I highly doubt entwell will do that lul
  7. Just lol. Most retarded patch I've ever read It's not only gonna make PVP worse but also PVE aswell, raids are gonna be sooooo much slower
  8. I'm sure a lot of players do want to make money, but the part that I don't understand is why there needs to be such extreme measures, like on official server they didn't do a thing about gold buyers/sellers, they only banned them if there was sufficient evidence and they still made a lot of money from players spending irl $, so i don't see why the same couldn't be done here instead of making changes revolving around these people. Bots are big problem and need measures taken to stop I can agree with that but gold buyers/sellers I don't see a reason for you could say "because of situations like nefasto" but.. nefasto is probably the only person who i've seen that caused such a big problem with the server since it opened, the biggest problem with him was that he found a bug to generate the gold and it took so long to figure out he was giving it to other people. I'm also sure there is other measures that could be taken to avoid such things taking place in the future. People do care about the server, which is why they come to play here in the first place, many people spend money on this server because they support it, ideas thrown left and right to help improve the server & feedback is given on changes, good or bad. I would just ignore the comments about being money oriented, aslong as the items aren't character bound then there shouldn't be a problem with items being put in nosmall only, because you can still buy them off other players with gold farmed in game. But it gives the players more reason to be spending money on the game
  9. I think changes need to stop being made to "hurt" gold buyers and the likes when it affects ALL players, just like the trade limit The only changes that should be being made is things to give more incentive to buy VGN. Cause realistically the only reason to buy VGN right now is items that has been in there since the beginning mostly.
  10. I don't agree with these price changes, mobbing is even worse now and whats next, another price change to selling EQ from raids to npc? so we start making no money at all?
  11. But there is no use for it all around, it's just 5% chance and 90% of the items are garbage the only important items to get doubles from would be mane/claw, shining blue soul, avenger resistance etc but you said it doesn't work on those so it has no use at all Only use I can see this pet having is for bots on wing of angel
  12. Huge disappointment I thought it was nice to see a new stat in game and thought the pet could be useful for mobbing, but it has 0 use now that we know it doesn't work on important items, I can't think of anywhere to use it, would be better off replacing the stat and just adding 5% defence or something lol.
  13. 😂😂😂 HAHAHA. I'm sorry man but that is jokes. Doubt I don't know about you but.. I, along with almost 90% of uk population found out about vendetta through word of mouth from other people talking about it. I don't think "nostale youtubers" had much of an effect on people playing this server at all. But maybe it's different for the german community. It's also pretty logical why they would want youtube channels shut down if they're promoting an unofficial server. So I don't really understand why people are QQ'ing so hard all over the forum.
  14. Just lol. Just because something exists doesn't mean it's not illegal
  15. Squizzy


    You can pay I think 10k VGN to get it back but the shell is erased by going to account -> item recovery on the main website