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  1. Squizzy

    Chat filtering (mainly regarding the Speakers)

    There is an option to turn speaker chat off in settings.
  2. Squizzy

    Family - Last Online Status

    Yeah chief, sounds a bit weird to me If you have a schedule then it isn't hard to find out if you don't have this option
  3. Squizzy

    Make Holy great again

    When you compare the money you make with the amount you need for END game stuff, it's actually not a lot. I have had many friends who refuse to play here simply because it's too hard to grind for money when you start from 0. Take a look at trophy system alone, this takes 1~2kkk to have an r8 trophy on average, which is a lot of hours for 1 thing on your character alone. then you need about the same for each piece of equipment if you want to be strong in PvP. I still have things I need to complete on my characters and i've been playing since almost the beginning. Not really sure what point you were trying to make here? Sure the eq is easy to get, but that's not a problem. Because you waste a lot of money betting for a nice shell. You don't need to be spending ridiculous amounts of money for a r0 piece of equipment like c45 bow for example. Well, bash said he isn't doing any SP changes so, that isn't happening. Perhaps holy will be better in the official server changes, but I disagree with removing pots "so holy can be useful again" it's just an annoyance.
  4. Squizzy

    Make Holy great again

    I disagree with like everything you said lul Can you imagine trying to survive in a raid if you had only a holy helaing you? xDD It's not "stupid high amounts of money" it's pretty balanced how it is right now actually. How is PVE content a joke??
  5. Squizzy

    Family - Last Online Status

    I don't really understand this, if thy're on your friends list they're gonna see when you're online anyway lul? If you're offline, you're offline. It doesn't really make no difference if they see your last logged in, because as soon as you log in they'll see
  6. Squizzy

    Some FC adjustments

    Erm, how does it work outside of FC if it only works against 1 faction? It just randomly boosts against people who are on the opposite faction or what?
  7. Squizzy

    Some FC adjustments

    2b is nothing. Fernon fairy works everywhere and you only need 1 fairy for your main SP, erenia and zenas fairies only work in FC, it's a huge difference. More available is bad, because if enough people have it, it's broken af. Can you imagine someone like Stormgod using fernon fairy + jennifer's hat ??? He'd be 1 hit tapping everyone. It isn't good for the game in my opinion I like that it isn't available. there is enough damage boosts in game already, tarots, accessories, perfection, jennifer's hat, etc Even on my archer alone I already drop peoples HP and I don't even have jennifer's hat OR fernon fairy
  8. Squizzy


    Lmao I guess the same could be said for archer and mage, archer is PVE class because people only use scout or ranger e.e Mage is pve class because people only use seer or DG
  9. Squizzy

    C 45 Weapons price

    Legit, one of my friends who raids often says he makes 100kk an hour averagely, one hour he made 800kk... 800kk!!!!!! What are they complaining about lmao talking about luck to get the highest thing?? It's more then any other raid
  10. Squizzy

    Some FC adjustments

    Personally idk if having fernon fairy easier to make would even be a good idea, since jennifer's hat got introduced in the game + fernon fairy, some people already do insane amounts of damage, with those 2 alone thats 25% dmg in pvp. Seems a bit OP to me
  11. Squizzy

    A new "world" event (Ragnarok)

    Aww, I love the idea almost as much as I love you! I hope it gets implemented one day, it would definitely bring a lot of fun for everyone.
  12. Squizzy

    Zenas High Heel (Rework)

    I guess it wouldn't hurt to be buffed, however personally I think it just needs some defences, like 80 defence in everything. Keep the res at 0 so even at s6 with avenger it will only be 48% all resistance.
  13. Squizzy

    New class and its implementation

    Nothing is ever "complete" though Even normal classes, e.g. Archer, Swordsman & Mage isn't complete. I +1 this post
  14. Squizzy

    Add a Surrender option to RCB

    It's random teams though. Also it will be most likely be changed to c48+ soon, it will be incredibly unlikely that you will be able to win trade and if they're caught, they're banned