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  1. 107 now, made and done several PoDs, still 85 and 90 lvl thoughts lol
  2. I've been 106 for quite a while now. i made and finished several PoD maps since I turned 106. I'll check back in when I'm 107 I guess, lol.
  3. I'm 106 and I still have the same problem lol
  4. Made a new PoD after hitting 101. I'm still getting Erebus and succubus wills. /shrug
  5. I noticed that the mobs and rewards they give, such as wills/thoughts you turn in to Aven fames cap at lvl 95. Why not update PoD to give higher level thoughts/wills after 95?
  6. Most ex GF players now play other games like WoW, PuBG, OW and others. Those players won't be coming back. Attracting new players would be difficult with the new games out there and GF being almost 10 years old and aesthetically unappealing. I wanna see this happen as much as the next guy, but I don't see it happening.
  7. Reverse engineering a game from clientside would be long, expensive, and the finish product would most likely barely be working. Unless server files are obtained, people don't bother with starting their own server.
  8. The spanish server is releasing the mech patch this monday
  9. I just made my first purple on the PS. And no, you couldn't have been playing the GF PS for 7 years if it opened like 3 years ago (?!) Why reduce the cap to 80? Because you're feeling nostalgic about when that cap was in place? It won't be the same even if it happened.
  10. The npc with low level SKBs and stat pots? Not only is that npc useless (it sells crafting enchantments for low levels, the buying of which is equal to throwing your money away), but the stuff it sells doesn't work. Idk if it's bugged or made intentionally useless, but it's an offense to everyone's intellect. That's a poor example of custom content.
  11. Actually the prices dip lower than Aeria's after a good M-Table. Prices there fluctuate a lot because there aren't many people to keep it steady and slow moving. As for their p2w politics, I don't care to comment on that.
  12. Anyway, we shouldn't bring competition up.
  13. That post may be classy, but not the attitude with which the staff treats the players.
  14. Maybe a little competition will make them square up.
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