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  1. Hello today I would like to suggest for A re-colored this is kind of my first time asking for a re-colored item so I don't know how it works but I will give you the details The item is called Steel Melded Marvel Wings there's a different colors of this item but I would like to ask for a different color which is black and red OK I will go with the details of the item this item is a back costume which it has a animation to it you can control the wing just press (U) and it will open and close so what I want for is The metal part of the wing to be red and black for the wing part I wanted to be a shiny red example of the color would be item called Mecha Dragon Punch which is weapon costume And one more little suggestion if you look closely at the item it can have this Gems on it. If you could change the color of the gems as well please change it to red I think! that's all I hope this will help when one of the GM's decides to make it thank you very much
  2. i it used to be on boxes....i didnt know it changed! but thanks for letting me my Mr Dou have a Nice Day
  3. Hello~ its MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE C.A.T = ( Cat ) well well well today i have a mini story for you guys ( GM and GS and Players ) long time ago i used to dream to get the most Coolest and Beautiful (Pet) i have seen on the game but she was...too far for me to get and i feel EveryNight i Close my Eyes and dream about her that one day she will be next to me ? but sa days goes by i feel like its i gave up! but one day i was running Around on Aven ( like aways! ) i saw this Beast and Cool butt Pet so i think ill try to ask for this Pet! This is the Frist Time i will ask for a Pet So you Already know its (Special) with this Pet i feel UNSTOPPABLE so please help me out the name of the pet is Fantasy Scarlet Infernal Dragooooooon ( box item ) with this pet ill get the power of Chaos!!! \(> o <.)/ . . . by the way Happy New Year to you guys! lets see what 2019 will be! . . . . . the pet i used to want is (Petra) just letting you know (Kappa) ❤️ Cat Out! (OwO) -Added to Box 1/24/19
  4. Geuss whos BACK! (OwO.)/ Hello GMs i come to ask for a item that ill love to have for my Alt but before that i would like to say Thank you for ( Putting the Prime Mounts i asked long time ago* ) Alright THEN!!!! LETS get back on Business! Dare GM or Who ever do the altar now i would like to ask for this cool item called ( Mysterious Lazy Goat Wig ) (Prime) and ( Stalwart Sabretooth ) (Prime) geuss that all. i hope to see the item soon on Altar Thank you have a nice day! Cat Out!
  5. Well well well looks who`s back once again (Ow< .)7 ITS ME CATSU~ hehe well today i come to ask for 2 item and before that i just want to say Thank You Very Much for putting the Item i asked on (*boxes*) loving the wings its super COOL!!! today ill like to ask for 2 Mounts and i try looking for them on the game but no one havend them so .... im hare now my plan B m(.=A=.)m the frist mount is called ( Locomovite M.A.X ) (Prime) and ( Azure Warhorse ) (Prime) yes you read it right i asked for ( * Prime * ) Gem Altar or EC Altar doesnt matter hehe its up to you My Friend~! and ya i geuss thats all hope to see those Cool mount in the game Thanks again and have a nice day cya~ 6(.0w0)9 Cat Out! 6(.owo)9
  6. im back once again (OwO.) before i get started ill like to say ( thank you for putting the Luna Rock i asked on altar ) so today i have come hare to ask about this item but i am not sure if its a Altar Item or Its a Box Item dont mind either way i just want it cuz its a good looking Back Legendary so the item name is ( Steel Melded Marvel Wings ) (*Back Legendary*) i know i know i asked for a Back Legedanry before but this back legendary looks really nice as well (>A<.) i just like Back Legendary that i can control so pls take your time and Read my Suggestion Thank you GS and GM have a nice day~ Cat Out ~ ~ ~ 6(.owo)9
  7. Hello Again hahaha this will be my third time to ask for some stuff haha but on this Suggestion im a bit serious so i was going to have all of the red and pick Luna rock and Star Stone ( all of it ) but it seems there new Red Color Luna Rock on the game so ill like to ask for that item today (OwO.)7 the Item name is (Crimson Star Luna Rock) this Luna Rock really fits myy baby so ill like to have it Please and i just want to say Thank you again for Putting the stuff i asked on Altar and Boxes hope to see this new clean Luna Rock on Altar thank you and have a nice day
  8. (.OwO)/ Hello Again before i asked for the items i want ill like to say ( Thank you for putting all the items i asked ) \(.>w<.)/ so there 3 item i would like to ask m(_ _)m 1 is a ( Back Legendary ) name is ( Sunset Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear ) and ( Dark Sky Wheel Blade Back Gear ) This Back Legendary is the best ones i could ask for they are super cool! i would love to have them! pls 2 is a ( Star Stone ) name is ( Claret E-Field Star Stone ) the ( Red Color ) 3 is a ( Luna Rock ) name is ( Pink Bubble Luna Rock ) the ( Pink Color ) and thats will be my 3 Suggestions ( Please take your time and look at my Suggestion ~(TwT)~ thats about it Thank you again!!! and have a nice day * vivi-senpai notice me * Please joke haha Cat out! owo
  9. Hiiiii GM (OwO) Im Cat Aka.( lv33 player ) nice to meet you this will be my frist Suggestion so please! hear me out 1.( Mysterous Brown Bone Ornament ) ~ (Legendary) ~ (Crystal Altar) 2.( Mysterous Bitten Scroll of Ninjutsu ) ~ (Legendary) ~ (Crystal Altar) 3.( Dark Grey ) ~ (Dyes) ~ (Both) ~ (Crystal Altar) Thank you and have a Great Day