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  1. Hi, I would like to suggest the followings this week: - Withdrawal my previous suggestions 🤗 - (Pet) Silken Sheru, or (Pet) Golden Yuuki ✔️08/13/20 - (Pet) Devilish Belle ✔️08/27/20 - (Pet) Snow Bell Lele Thank you for the attention!
  2. I had the same problem with you two. And I had tried google, outlook, and yahoo. Finally the problem was solved by giving my email address to my friend who had a distinctive IP address and let her registered for me. Registration email was received within minutes.
  3. Hi, I would like to suggest the followings this time: -Costume White Cotton Candy Rabbit Chubby Ghost ✔️08/06/20 -Pet Summer Ren
  4. Hi, it's me again. Recently when I was playing with TM and Rakshasa, I found them hard to smoothly and continuously casting an AoE skill. I have to "press skill -> (re-direct a place) -> left click -> wait for the skill to cast/finish -> (a loop)" and always I run to front instead of casting a skill on that place. I think it is too bulky to continuously cast skills like that. So, can we have an auto-cast system like League of Legends and an optional choice in "Chr" menu to activate/close it please?
  5. Could the GMs add an item that can change the pet to Lv.1 and/or completely new as the first time it was drawn? It is sooo ugly to see one lv.53 pet among those completely new / Lv.1 pets. Also, I think it will be good to pass some of the pets to alts for use.
  6. It's fine. Maybe I will make suggestion like how to improve the pick rate of M-DPS first. Thank you~
  7. For sure, thank you!
  8. I thought about your feedback and I have come up with another similar idea. For the classes (not only the Ranged one), is it possible to un-cap the attack SPD cap by granting them a gradually increased maximum attack speed? e.g. "continuous attacking (the same target) will grant additional 0.02 to cap attack speed to a maximum 2.X hits/sec." So it is not gonna significant affect the balance of PvP while can rescue some classes for PvE. It is really dull to see only those DPS classes in PvE with the same set of gear/accessory and I think uncapping the maximum attack speed is really a potential area (We have got many ATK SPD+20% pets in this server).
  9. I found it is very difficult to locate a single pet from a list of pets. I tried to use the "Seal" function and unseal my pets one by one in order. However, my order was somewhat "re-organised" by the system according to some rules. So, I would like to suggest to change the rule of sorting to "First comer listed at the first place" so that it allows us to customise our pet list.
  10. Hi. I am calculating the relationships between ATK SPD, the ATK SPD %, and the ATK SPD cap. I would like to share what I have found and to make some comments on the ATK SPD system. The main idea of this post is to suggest a small buff on (some) Ranged DPS Classes by granting them the ability to break the ATK SPD cap. Conversions between the value, percentage, and actual ATK speed The value and the percentage can be interconverted through: ATK SPD (in %) = Value / (0.4*Lv +1) So, if a Lv. 120 player has 1111 ATK SPD, they will have like 1111 / (0.4*120 +1 ) = 22.67% ATK SPD (in %) And the actual increased ATK speed is not 22.67%, but it varies with respect to weapons. For an axe with 2.0 attacking time, 22.67% ATK SPD is actually granting you 40.5% actual ATK SPD. ATK speed cap and ways for increasing ATK speed The attack speed cap is 1.5 hit/sec. No matter how hard you build you attack speed, you can only do 1.5 hit for a second. Apart from adding ATK SPD value from equipment, players can increase their ATK speed by putting on +20% ATK SPD pets, +15% ATK SPD certificate, or by skills (e.g. Asura's Rage). Those ways are all directly granting players ATK SPD (in %). The problem is: no matter it is an axe (2.0 attacking time) or a dagger (1.4), it only takes you about 49%~73% ATK SPD (in%) to gain that 1.5 ATK SPD cap. They can be build up so easily compared to CRIT rate or EVA, and there is no way that you can break the cap. Suggestions I think the Ranged DPS class (except Rifleteer) is a bit weak compared to tank DPS and melee DPS classes. So I am thinking of, like, adding skills/KPs/class passive to grant those classes ways to break the 1.5 hit/s cap. So, after the buff, other already-existing DPS classes can have good P-ATK and DMG dealt increase while Ranged DPS can have high ATK SPD to deal damage. I hope Ranged DPS classes will have a better pick rate after this buff. Thank you.
  11. Hi, I would like to suggest the followings this time. Mysterious box pets: - Blazing Star Muse ✔️07/30/20 - Summer Ren - Sweetheart Belle Thank you!
  12. Hi, I would like to suggest the followings: Mysterious box: Magic/Robust Blazing Star Muse ✔️07/30/20 Magic/Robust Summer Ren Magic/Robust Snake Charmer Yamumaru ✔️07/02/20 Thank you~
  13. I would like to make a suggestion on pet again: Mysterious Box (Pet) Snow Bell Lele ✔️06/18/20 Thank you.
  14. I would like to make a suggestion on pet: Mysterious Box (Pet) Snow Bell Lele ✔️06/18/20
  15. Hi, I would like to make the following suggestions: Mysterious Box (Pet) Devilish Belle ✔️05/21/20 (Pet) Star Maiden Sakura ✔️06/25/20