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  1. Hellsing Ultimate Berserk Great Teacher Onizuka Trigun
  2. S- % Damage==Damage To Evil %>Enhanced Damage>Elemental Property Also you should have minimum 25 SL DMG + 25 SL Property with both weapons together. Don't forget about crit chance and crit damage if you're archer. Example: Main Hand Weapon: S- 15% Damage, SL Damage 15,Enhanced Damage 125, Damage To Evil 7%,Light Property 100 Sub Weapon: Overall SL Stats 10, SL Property 15 and other shells.
  3. Here's Some Calculation Weapon 1 Without Damage To Evil ( For the fair comparison I typed 8 for weapon up lvl ) Weapon 2 Without Damage To Evil Weapon 1 With Damage To Evil 7% Weapon 2 With Damage To Evil 9% (If you're pve guy) you should focus on S-% Damage==Damage To Evil>Enhanced Damage>Property Weapon 1 better because of the SL Damage 17 and they're dealing same amount of damage when it comes to pve. ------------------- Bonus: Weapon 1 Without S- All Property & Enhanced Damage Instead Only S- 10% Damage Weapon 1 With S- 10
  4. It's based on Decathlon's Formula Damage. I can say it's still beta but you can calculate your PVE Damage. If you know javascript you can make improvements or you can send message to me. IGN: Rockenny Link: Damage Calculator If you're confused feel free to ask questions or you can read Decathlon's Formula as a guidance. Example: Result Updates For the explanation purposes I added some pictures. Whenever you click on the field it's corresponding image will show up. Fields now have examples
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