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  1. i just wanna see someone bring Legend of Edda back and rly try with it id kill for someone to make a PS for it o.o i heard VGN made 1 but nothing wrong with tryin twice
  2. hmm is that what mybe the 4th game blured out may be? lol xD.. Honestly i miss seeing Legend of Edda Servers i bein dieing to find another group of ppl to run a server for it was my all time fav
  3. Thank you kindly for the welcome means alot Thanks for the welcome def means alot!. and thats great to hear! i like when PS can bring in more content then the officals prob y PSs can take over sometimes :P.. and ill be sure to def check that out!.. and i for sure wont ever hesitate and i think i will def enjoy my time here
  4. Hi All, well from the start as you can tell im making this thread which means im new so hi to the person reading this Im new to the Server as of today and new to the games you provide, im here to try out Eden Eternal which ive played very very small amount of in aeria years ago but im looking for games to play idk whats good anymore and alot of the games i loved r shutin down or people arent making the PS for them anymore so here i am! :D... If anyone has any good tips or good ideas for starting out in a game they never played for Eden let me know!.. but i hope to get to know alot of you guys and gals n make some new friends as i play Id honestly kill for someone to bring a Legend of Edda PS back just saying ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ thats my love right there
  5. New & Ready to get to know the server :D

  6. They See Me Rollin, They Be Hatin