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  1. Nayxa

    Increasing the shown dmg

    I think that @Bash, would already done that if he could but yeah. It could be good to see those big numbers for once instead of that reseting number
  2. Nayxa

    How to make money?

    Okey, avengers res are on act 6 as a rare drop Yes and no, it depends upon how much u are there and if u are lucky Theres the two relics(one broken and a whole one) which when selling gives you 25k(or was it 15k) and 100k then theres blue souls that gives u 200k when sold and then theres balance crystals which can be sold at npc or in nb(sometimes the price is the same and rarely 1kk above) then theres avengers res which gives you 5kk when sold
  3. Nayxa

    First SP too tough

    Normally they get blessings ect, although u can do it alone if u go with potions and a decent gear from previous ts and AOE skills If not u can try it at level 45 with the cuby raid weapons(which u can get by armored bash(NPC) in nosville, its just below of the first ts if u got trouble finding it) It depends a bit on the class u are, as there's some strategies. Example; mage with the stun skill(idk what is called) which attacks and stuns with a good chance then casts all the thing he has!
  4. U just need a r2+8 or so for act 6
  5. U should go for upgrading your fav sps and getting some good/ decent equipment to clv 25~28 then change it later on Also getting res like magmaros or similar can help you much
  6. Nayxa

    How to make money?

    Okey , just farm some hours and u might get 50kk in no time, along with other things like avengers res When u can go to raids , spam them as they are worth a lot and many does those raids
  7. Nayxa

    Rainbow Battle (Not enough Players)

    Its same in other games ._. Also I notice the attention you give me sr.sise Im like yes, maybe if that's the case 24/7 but its not so let him and others deal with it?(if its a huge problem, then yes..its not like earth is going down?) If u want a explanation then just ask instead of reacting confused every time letting me out here wondering why did u do that? And i dont care if im getting in trouble or warned or banned
  8. Nayxa

    Rainbow Battle (Not enough Players)

    Well, my words are clear... deal with it Tomorrow is a new day, that's a opportunity in my eyes
  9. Nayxa

    Rainbow Battle (Not enough Players)

    Im neutral here Yes and No, maybe change to decrease each 2 days? That might be the easiest solution in this case Even so I don't think that is so necessarily to add , as its only a few points which u win back in no time
  10. Nayxa

    A bounty hunter system

    Nope, not a new server... Yes and no, i was thinking adding a cd for those that been killed or doesn't want to get killed And if someone being hunted goes to miniland or raids ect special things, it will send u a notification of it making it easier to track Yes, mainly gold but im thinking of two new titles HeadHunter and Royal Bodyguard
  11. Nayxa

    New type of TS and a fairy

    Well,that's the problem I didn't thought of more rewards. Anyway the ts thing was to mainly buff a lot those monsters in the ts , which is similar what they did in EE or AK making them a lot harder to kill or complete
  12. Nayxa

    A bounty hunter system

    Then people will start being angry at it, that doesnt work
  13. Nayxa

    New type of TS and a fairy

    Can you say why it isnt a good idea? I will make a mini resume -Making a harder/insane version of ts which will reward you after all ts in that mode(lv1 to 93) the fairy which adapts into the element of the sp that u re wearing(in case of renegade it will be light)
  14. Nayxa

    A bounty hunter system

    I said adding a ignore to prevent this, maybe i write the last thing bad and that Also i think if they kill you they will release a bit their rage ect? So adding a ignore type thing might be also a thing but it needs to be timed to end by 3 or more hours, which will reset daily So those who play just 3 or less hours will be unaffected Better?
  15. Nayxa

    A bounty hunter system

    Okey, there will also be a ignore wanted effect then... but only last for a few hours