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  1. Every game has P2W depending on which scale, even Vendetta has. And as @Bash, said they wont launch it again until a foreseeable future where they might can , I appreciate nostale as much as you but I'm going to lurk until it's again launched. I recommend you to do the same @Brix. But well, have a nice day and please stay safe in your country during these times
  2. In order to discuss these things , please go to tickets It might take a bit now that its weekend , remember its your friend who need to do it not you.
  3. They have said no, many times in other posts for example: Either way, thats all I know. But i dont think they going to have any new game, since they would need a Developer to maintain the game and stuff
  4. Umm, idk if this would be it but it would be nice to have maybe a monthly mount or some kind of cosmetic that would be prime always Else maybe make a special daily reward during certain days like Halloween or Xmas which will give during the event days only. Else its just saying , lets give free useful stuff like charms ect, everyday i guess ? Then maybe , just maybe make that every two weeks we get a or few eden cristal Just brainstorming here, but its kinda balanced since players decide what price things have anyways
  5. I hope to see many more that plays devil hunter, since many players opinion is its "garbage,bad ect" but with these buffs, it might make it a lot better. Apart from bugs mentioned above, u did a good job, i cant wait to see more new things in the game! If "casters"could move while casting , that would be insane since they are almost rooted in place, which could make classes like Life Worshipper a bit more safe when casting in a battlefield. Maybe next time do much more with other Mdmg/support classes , but thanks Jordan-sama for making devil hunter a bit better.
  6. Ahhh, that makes a bit more sense But jordan, isnt there anything we could add? I mean maybe a event dungeon/quest that gives a custom trophy with the symbol of nostale vendetta where there could be a text saying : In memory of Bash and Nostale vendetta(since Bash left shortly after the nostale project was shut down)
  7. I remember when nostale was still up, so now that its down why not make a thing like mounts or similar like the other vendetta old games like twin saga kinda thing? But whatever, it could be nice if there was something to remember the nostale vendetta community its not necessary to make but more like a homage to the nostale vendetta server
  8. Lets see, he has headshot, spiral arrow and his last. 3 abilities that stun/freeze and flashbang which isnt a stun if not a disarm
  9. Well, depends what you like All classes need to smash the keyboard Im a sleepy head, sorry >_<
  10. Emmm, check a npc named Armored Bash in Nosville, they give you a free set of r6 + 6~8 each 20lvs until 80 and then again at lv 90 I believe? Dont complain, marcial artists doesnt get anything execpt from their starting equipment and if you like me who doesnt make money then you are screwed until after dying a lot of times and obtaining the first sp , cant do decent damage also has a trade requirement of lv 93+30 and 2,5m reputation Anything more u wanna "complain" about? Cause theres many who have done sp 4 without doing the requirements at all. Its just an normal grind and have a good time until you get 3kk(which u can legit get in 1 or 2 days of massive farming in maple forest) soo, if its too hard for you then, just get good at the damn game ! with all my respects and love to you
  11. Well, if didnt look Theres a lot of people that have scout, its more because of their high single target combo and a buff that caps criticals. However sp 1 and 2 are still good options though... so your choice of what you feel comfortable with. But theres 8 different options available(not counting the miscellaneous sps, like jaja or pirate) all of them are viable!
  12. Nayxa

    Server 2

    Another fact is when they did that on official, some servers where half dead then they lost approximately 10% playerbase
  13. Remember, that the MA sp 1 here cant give buffs away! Welcome back btw
  14. Nayxa

    dont start

    Can you refer to the game?(you can by adding tag or saying it in the thread, just to help the people wanting to help so they can give you better an more accurate solution to your issue ) But given my time here and the vague description i always get , i would say its either Nostale or Eden Eternal(this is something that i saw newly). The solution is to whitelist the thing , heres a small guide on how to do. If it doesnt help, just reply to this thread and if it solves your issue, then i wish you the best in-game!