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  1. Hello guys and girls. I´m going to retire from the vendetta gaming network mostly due to real life things. It´s a bit sad to end this chapter of my life, but life most go on and such things... So goodbye, might look into the network sometimes and maybe chat but I´m finally quitting after what? almost 3 years? We had laughs and joy even sad moments, also a lot of drama which yeah I admit it wasnt the brightest Idea... And I thank specially @Bash for legit having to deal with me sometimes and the staff team which I have seen go out and those yet here. Still, I was too centrered to for so say a constant seach for approval yet suffocated by the refusal. I learned a lot. A true adventure for so say, but I see now it´s too late to redo all my mistakes. Love you all, also those yet to come. Love to the hardworking staff, to the players they care about. https://imgur.com/a/pR8VmyY
  2. Hello there ! Welcome to our Chaotic but good server with good people(mostly) and please while u at it... Remember to grab the free stuff in this side https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn And please read the community rules Else enjoy the game while u can. I´m personally like more AK than EE so I´m currently there and leveling up but if U need help, just make a post/ticket depending on what u need.
  3. @KawaiiNyanNyanI hope you get better, since having a baby is hard. For not mentioning all the pains and headche it might give... Honestly take a good long break and relax even watch Netflix(some long series are there) to pass the time and have a great time and that. Make sure u eat and drink much and dont go so much out since corona is there too. Else I hope the best ^^
  4. Yes, since it started a bit ago... I guess all are near max level... Auctioners are kinda underrated for so say (happens too in the original server(max level 120 for now). But I guess u will eventually come to into the large community after some more levels. And yes its worth playing, actually. Also welcome to Vendetta!
  5. Adding some more animes to the list
  6. U never know what can be. U can actually go and lurk if there's anything and such... If this is a goodbye then, I hope the best for you and if not a goodbye then try having fun and such while u can ^^
  7. Welcome to Our Server! I have u will like it, we have different events and such on the forum so keep an eye out since I have heared many of the SB are fun in nature. Also remember to pick up your welcome package in the event site(also where u can participate in random events to get stuff for FREE!) here´s the link https://sb.vendettagn.com/event.vgn Also remember to read our rules to not get in any trouble ^-^ Link here: Else have fun and a nice stay ^^
  8. IGN: Nayxa Wish: To give GMs/HGSs and GSs a happy holiday and they don't have to gift anything :3 With Love , Ya most crazy girl on the forum and happy holidays to all
  9. We had twin saga once , it died I think? Anyway, they won´t add it again to VGN. Soo u will surely get a NO from either a GS or GM.
  10. This happened to me too, but what I did was restart the game, then it didnt happen to me. If is not fixed then try checking files since mostly its either a image or something that isnt meant to be, call it junk data or whatever. If its not fixed by checking files either check with a GS or GM(cause they know better the game inside) or directly uninstalling the game and re install it. Those are some of the advice I can provide, else wait for a GS/GM to come with the solutions, since im not the sharpest tool here
  11. Im 20 but I look like a bit younger some can confuse me easily as a pre-teen and it's good since i pay just for a child ticket in bus
  12. Every game has P2W depending on which scale, even Vendetta has. And as @Bash, said they wont launch it again until a foreseeable future where they might can , I appreciate nostale as much as you but I'm going to lurk until it's again launched. I recommend you to do the same @Brix. But well, have a nice day and please stay safe in your country during these times
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