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  1. Hello guys and girls. I´m going to retire from the vendetta gaming network mostly due to real life things. It´s a bit sad to end this chapter of my life, but life most go on and such things... So goodbye, might look into the network sometimes and maybe chat but I´m finally quitting after what? almost 3 years? We had laughs and joy even sad moments, also a lot of drama which yeah I admit it wasnt the brightest Idea... And I thank specially @Bash for legit having to deal with me sometimes and the staff team which I have seen go out and those yet here. Still, I was too centrered to for so say a constant seach for approval yet suffocated by the refusal. I learned a lot. A true adventure for so say, but I see now it´s too late to redo all my mistakes. Love you all, also those yet to come. Love to the hardworking staff, to the players they care about. https://imgur.com/a/pR8VmyY
  2. Hello there ! Welcome to our Chaotic but good server with good people(mostly) and please while u at it... Remember to grab the free stuff in this side https://ee.vendettagn.com/event.vgn And please read the community rules Else enjoy the game while u can. I´m personally like more AK than EE so I´m currently there and leveling up but if U need help, just make a post/ticket depending on what u need.
  3. @KawaiiNyanNyanI hope you get better, since having a baby is hard. For not mentioning all the pains and headche it might give... Honestly take a good long break and relax even watch Netflix(some long series are there) to pass the time and have a great time and that. Make sure u eat and drink much and dont go so much out since corona is there too. Else I hope the best ^^
  4. Yes, since it started a bit ago... I guess all are near max level... Auctioners are kinda underrated for so say (happens too in the original server(max level 120 for now). But I guess u will eventually come to into the large community after some more levels. And yes its worth playing, actually. Also welcome to Vendetta!
  5. U never know what can be. U can actually go and lurk if there's anything and such... If this is a goodbye then, I hope the best for you and if not a goodbye then try having fun and such while u can ^^
  6. Welcome to Our Server! I have u will like it, we have different events and such on the forum so keep an eye out since I have heared many of the SB are fun in nature. Also remember to pick up your welcome package in the event site(also where u can participate in random events to get stuff for FREE!) here´s the link https://sb.vendettagn.com/event.vgn Also remember to read our rules to not get in any trouble ^-^ Link here: Else have fun and a nice stay ^^
  7. IGN: Nayxa Wish: To give GMs/HGSs and GSs a happy holiday and they don't have to gift anything :3 With Love , Ya most crazy girl on the forum and happy holidays to all
  8. We had twin saga once , it died I think? Anyway, they won´t add it again to VGN. Soo u will surely get a NO from either a GS or GM.
  9. This happened to me too, but what I did was restart the game, then it didnt happen to me. If is not fixed then try checking files since mostly its either a image or something that isnt meant to be, call it junk data or whatever. If its not fixed by checking files either check with a GS or GM(cause they know better the game inside) or directly uninstalling the game and re install it. Those are some of the advice I can provide, else wait for a GS/GM to come with the solutions, since im not the sharpest tool here
  10. Im 20 but I look like a bit younger some can confuse me easily as a pre-teen and it's good since i pay just for a child ticket in bus
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