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  1. Welcome to Our Server! I have u will like it, we have different events and such on the forum so keep an eye out since I have heared many of the SB are fun in nature. Also remember to pick up your welcome package in the event site(also where u can participate in random events to get stuff for FREE!) here´s the link https://sb.vendettagn.com/event.vgn Also remember to read our rules to not get in any trouble ^-^ Link here: Else have fun and a nice stay ^^
  2. IGN: Nayxa Wish: To give GMs/HGSs and GSs a happy holiday and they don't have to gift anything :3 With Love , Ya most crazy girl on the forum and happy holidays to all
  3. We had twin saga once , it died I think? Anyway, they won´t add it again to VGN. Soo u will surely get a NO from either a GS or GM.
  4. This happened to me too, but what I did was restart the game, then it didnt happen to me. If is not fixed then try checking files since mostly its either a image or something that isnt meant to be, call it junk data or whatever. If its not fixed by checking files either check with a GS or GM(cause they know better the game inside) or directly uninstalling the game and re install it. Those are some of the advice I can provide, else wait for a GS/GM to come with the solutions, since im not the sharpest tool here
  5. Im 20 but I look like a bit younger some can confuse me easily as a pre-teen and it's good since i pay just for a child ticket in bus
  6. Every game has P2W depending on which scale, even Vendetta has. And as @Bash, said they wont launch it again until a foreseeable future where they might can , I appreciate nostale as much as you but I'm going to lurk until it's again launched. I recommend you to do the same @Brix. But well, have a nice day and please stay safe in your country during these times
  7. In order to discuss these things , please go to tickets https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn It might take a bit now that its weekend , remember its your friend who need to do it not you.
  8. They have said no, many times in other posts for example: Either way, thats all I know. But i dont think they going to have any new game, since they would need a Developer to maintain the game and stuff
  9. Umm, idk if this would be it but it would be nice to have maybe a monthly mount or some kind of cosmetic that would be prime always Else maybe make a special daily reward during certain days like Halloween or Xmas which will give during the event days only. Else its just saying , lets give free useful stuff like charms ect, everyday i guess ? Then maybe , just maybe make that every two weeks we get a or few eden cristal Just brainstorming here, but its kinda balanced since players decide what price things have anyways
  10. It is a good question and suggestion really, cause many times u need to legit go back into your backpack and drag 10 scrolls over and over. And yes it takes a lot of inventory slots specially since u need to also go back to a npc when you run out of these scrolls A bit of a quality of life change in the server wouldnt hurt much But thats my personal opinion But then to my professional opinion I think u got some points but then the question is this possible or a thing that the Dev would work with or leave aside? Since I been here i seen that some of these sug
  11. I hope to see many more that plays devil hunter, since many players opinion is its "garbage,bad ect" but with these buffs, it might make it a lot better. Apart from bugs mentioned above, u did a good job, i cant wait to see more new things in the game! If "casters"could move while casting , that would be insane since they are almost rooted in place, which could make classes like Life Worshipper a bit more safe when casting in a battlefield. Maybe next time do much more with other Mdmg/support classes , but thanks Jordan-sama for making devil hunter a bit better.
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