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  1. I could maybe do it much better than that, but i agree in some of the changes... cause some are simply useless or too OP However nice job doing that large suggestion, maybe changing some of the things might help a bit with the community
  2. Its not essencial to the shop or the general game , u can get one with less space but still useful
  3. This will be maybe a No
  4. Nayxa

    Family name.

    U cant change the name of a family once made
  5. Wait a sec, did they change it again? I ve not been in-game since xmas event or so , so maybe im a bit wrong here Theres 2 ways of getting sp7 and sp8 1.Crafting, which u need to complete 30 raids laurena(in your case) or 15 caligor(for sp7) 2. Doing caligor(sp7) or laurena(sp8) and obtaining them was reward in their chests Well i cant find anything related to it in patch notes, so might be a mistake or something gone wrong Soo @Bash, can u fix this if its was a mistake made ?
  6. Take my wallet, i want that fairy set lol
  7. U need to be 99+30 read in patch notes
  8. im saying both caligor and laurena Also the laurena raid is easy , but quick also
  9. Okey i will do a simple TL DR They added the other recipes in order to people to get that sp(which was a bit impossible when theres only 10 on that map) Act 6.2 arrives and they need to farm the seals in caligor , making it more popular(u can still get the chest and the sp in it) Its easier to get the sp by that way, where u farm most of the mats ... Theres two ways of getting it but both options are good Its the same both ways , execpt that the crafting method is a 100% that u get it , while in the chests u will get only a small % chance per week so in order to all get the sp , they added that . Theres actually only a few times that this happens
  10. Well lucky for you , that was about a few months ago 2. They are going to do it in some zones, maybe they have changed into say that they want more english which i find ironic , having only 1 english class per week(Info from a classmate and other friends in another classes) and theres 3 valenciano classes and 7 spanish , tell me more Anyway, i ve been in spain and i was stunned when i came to denmark My grades had fallen to a 7 from a 10(12 in denmark) 3. Yes , sorry for ranting but heres why i said it 1: I was surprised that almost every guy that couldnt understand were actually spanish(which leads to my theory why this is happening) 2: It was also to disagree to the suggestion as its not needed as we all speaking english here on forums and only english in general/speaker , also maybe making a translation to english to other players or viceversa 4. I didnt say that its all spanish people , im angry too if all said danish people are all arrogant and rich(which is the description of the ones in København(Copenhagen in danish) ) even so i dont have any problem with them but i only say that learning english should be better both education and economy in spain
  11. Hi there, i think they added it in early patches(take a look if u want) But the thing was that almost none or only a few did the caligor raid thing , until the act 6.2 was released Btw theres a guide on the forum, heres the post where to find all things if u need help And yes, it was unintentionnal
  12. From my view it isnt worth to implement
  13. Actually it can work, what did the first in the server to beat them? Asking that question might solve this problem
  14. Have u turned the Anti virus / firewall off? Cause it might produce a problem/error that doesnt allow you if so , its best if u whitelist it too as theres also a problem that might affect you later on I hope that it help you
  15. Heres why and heres a guide if u struggle