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  1. Nayxa

    Draco and Glace

    Also to Staff, move this into suggestions It isnt a guide
  2. Nayxa

    Draco and Glace

    Hear this, the alt control was to regulate the gold ingame...if u remove it then people want the other raids alt limit removed also, humans are indeed greedy Get ready to farm everyday, nothing is free... Also the pieces are usefull cause many new players normally goes to these raids , so if u remove those many new players cant make their first trophy without going eventually to the other raids which are cuby(normally) and arent so rewarding unless u get the trophy Tell me, did u think only in your egoism and greed or in the whole community?
  3. Nayxa

    twin saga or aura kingdom private server

    Hes going back to work IRL, so he have less time to complete patches if that was what u asked for? Also please don't necro posts, make your own or search in forums latest news
  4. Deal with it, its easy to read messages even if theres Speakers too I see no problem with it, but yeah maybe that option would be nice to some people
  5. Nayxa

    Suggestion( New Games )

    The GMs have already answered this to me, they wont host a game until they officially say it in the forum So yeah it might take some years before they even will add a new game, so it can be every game possible from your suggestion to all other game suggestions So it's a No, for now
  6. Nayxa

    Number of Characters

    2 only...if u have checked the rules u would know it
  7. U mean the lightning bow from dark souls which i have achieved a kill doing 360° nonscope ? That thing? lol Lightning archer would i call it, which does light or normal damage Well back to the thing, why u dont know? I mean it could be giving a new touch instead of mainstream heroes or characters
  8. Nayxa

    I cant get into a game

    And don't forget to claim your welcome pack
  9. Nayxa

    I cant get into a game

    You put your email and u wait i suppose? It says Fill in the form above and you will receive an email.- Follow the email instructions to recover your account. then above it says email, u got that option or account name
  10. When i said that , its cause the secondary weapon gave buffs anyway, its ranged/ranged The summon that i have in mind is complicated but as it isn't going to be implemented into the game But, i will do a art work to the one with most votes... i got nothing to do lately so i guess it would be a nice time consuming thing to do I mean , GF is going to stop in 1 year or more anyway soo... i think this might be redone and make it into the game as soon they stop doing things (And yes I've planned like 4 sp to the sp5 to 8 raids (draco, glacerus,caligor, laurena) or just the normal 8 which isnt going to be so broken) anyway this is my personal work which I would reveal if that happens xP
  11. Nayxa

    I cant get into a game

    Just follow the instructions ._. But i tried at least helping Anyway it would take some min or hours normally, never tried it but i think its the most correct for your case, im a nub helping others xP Heres a post , that will maybe help you... i said some of these but heres the whole list
  12. Nayxa

    I cant get into a game

    Np here is the link
  13. Nayxa

    I cant get into a game

    Idk if this helps, but Are u sure that u writing you Id in lower case?(just for the sake of god) Are u sure that you are putting the right id and pass?(theres one to the games and one to forums, they are separated) Have u tried recovering your account? (On the same side as where u downloaded the game) If nothing of this helps then wait until a support or higher responds this post
  14. yeah i know , but its to look a bit into it i dont expect it into the game but is more like to know what they want if that day comes
  15. Nayxa

    Update Pet Food [Shop EvaEnergy]

    only to level them up to lv 92(u are lv 93 in this example) instantly after slaying some monsters