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  1. In minigames in the miniland i guess(been like 6 years since i last played minigames and i haven't seen any building block dropping from mobs), which are disabled here on this private server due to abuse and such. So mission impossible would i say, unless theres a quest or it is in bash shop?
  2. Thats what Ive been doing , u guys need just to find the way around it, if not...u arent a real gamer in my opinion I know it sucks for some people and such, but after that u have the feeling of being able to pass where others dont reach This might sound wierd and stupid but its more safe now than before Girls bye!
  3. Remember that theres a level pack in nosville that gives new players gear r6 +(6-8) depending on which level pack you open. Which contains also some huge potions , so well if u believe that bash doesnt care about new players, u are dead wrong
  4. Ummmm title system....? Where have i seen it before , ah yeah here on this server.... More proof that theres someone spying on us !
  5. Yeah i understand you, but yeah maybe removing the requirement of doing act 1 might improve this situation but that wont keep gold traders away. Example : why this happened People(us(community os vgn nostale) in general) have broken rules, its like in a classroom if theres one causing trouble and none says anything then the teacher(GMs) need to punish Whoever its doing it and as he doesnt know who exactly then he punishes the entire class(server) So yeah, as I said above your statement isnt entirely true, as its more complicated because x causes But whatever, making these new requirements means that the % of the ones breaking some rules went down as bots wont do act 1 or the gold sellers making the "worst" solved but then again, people want to be fast at beating the game or rich and as good i know people they wont like it and start whining about grinding or so, after they done the act 1 they are done with this problem which can be done in just 5:21 hours (i did a "speedrun" without help from my main character with a fresh character)which indeed takes "much time" the worst were the blue herbs if i dont remember? But anyway theres my point , some of us enjoy grinding and doing quests and some are kinda the business type who doesnt waste time on anything but in the end, it brings "balance" to the fast gameplay If u don't understand TL;DR Someone likes just run though the entire game while others enjoy grinding and supplying the ones who run though the game which eventually comes to now where the runners need to go though the plot of the game in order to run the last levels which they arent happy about and they start leaving cause its too slow or some kinda thing For me its just a game, it isnt long like other games that ive played (i have one game that requires extreme grinding and finishing the final boss easily with the most overpowered weapons and armor in-game and finishing the game in order to even trade with other and unlock post game! Like yeah i would be frustrated if it was 2 months of playing constantly in order to finish the game then after that the game gets its post game that i honestly quit due to high prices in trading ) Well the last got a bit off topic but u get the point of why i dont honestly care about doing the requirements? The youth of today have lost their patience well i hope that u understand it or shall i explain it more simply next time?
  6. Well, that's not entirely true. According to you its cause of the trade limit but its more because of the network encrypted thingy, however many of those players that say that is cause they dont play "the actual game" , cause lets be serious who doesnt have completed the entire act 1 and got to lv 83 and has already 1,5m reputation which it takes roughly about 15 days from 0 rep to 1,5m by only lord draco raids (20k per raid draco) which mostly all can join ? Heck it could even be just 1 or 2 days if u do raids and IC as a madman. No offense, but i think that we have more people than before because of the gold sellers and such , but it will seem that we are less Also, who would notice a private server? Unless someone tells or are searching for one, they wont join which case its normal Some of those i meet on LoL/other games are indeed playing this game, even if they dont know anything about the game , in that case they ask me about what to do and so which honestly i like to do and i help them even if im offline? Anything to say Sir.PosiTV against this above? Cause i would love to discuss this with you Have a nice day/night though !
  7. Hey there, u might need to whitelist/exclude some files to play heres a guide on the "most" used protection against viruses, it might show up as a Trojan or other virus type, which is a False Positive Theres a second option of what might happen but unlikely, which is that u using a third program alongside nostale But thats very unlikely as i said above, but good luck and have a good day and such
  8. I will miss you, u were so good towards me and i had kinda a fun time while playing with you. Even so, i know that u might return in the future and stuff but who knows(games are like drugs, u become addicted to one and you try to leave it but u cant ) Farwell, my baguette
  9. Well, thats just bad luck and also the reason i only have 1 account My idea for this is to add an option to an npc(armored bash) to give all the 4 fairies at lv 90(not tradeable, in order to help such cases) or make it so you can get 1 fairy at (36/44/55/65 or basically where u can accept the sps quests) , both options have the 0% fairies that can level up. So if u do like me and kill monsters until lv 88 u can still have fairies without completing act 1. About nosmall... it isnt a normal option for players soo, only the 10% or so do spend real money would i say, but I can't get the exact % but approximately due to nosbazar selling(lets be real here, everyone that pays ingame....will surely sell in game to others ) But lets leave it there and say that mostly all who has divine fairies , have bought it via NosBazar and not by nosmall(which requires passing act 1, have lv 83 and 1,5m reputation )
  10. Can u make a tag or atleast say what game is it? Cause there's 3 games all with character creation and so , just saying this cause it might sound confusing to the staff/community and then they cannot help you so much
  11. Emmm, did you know theres a warehouse that u can pass items from?(except you have alts and so, but who knows. It might be good if you pass act 1 with all of them) I got like 3 characters(not counting MA) that can just go into a ts and get those fairies, its easy and not a problem to get unless you are MA(u get them in the start box) which leaves you in the start of act 4 , which means u cant get the fairies unless you pass them Idk if the 30% can even go past 30% cause why use a 30% when u have like 5 50~80% fairies to spare in other characters ? But honestly, I prefer that people try to play the game instead of skipping some parts where u for example get fairies(u take just a day or half day to complete act 1) However! Many does have a fairy and so as they actually do the act 1 So strongly disagree , as it might delete some of the gameplay/story mode by doing this .
  12. Guys, we should buff chicken sps, who is with me? Honestly, gameforge/entwell fcked up all sps twice, either renting them useless or too strong which sometimes someone found out of a build to rekt those sps that are OP or strong. But I would say that this is more balanced than before and hopefully they will nerf or remove something from scout ect . But some of the sps that are shared example pirate , chicken ect were left out of gems and they dont get new abilities or buffs to their kit, making it that u need a clv weapon to even start doing 100 to 6k to people which is rater unfunny for those who love the sps , again lets Buff those sps?
  13. I think the title should be I Think its time to get hot or even Its time to stop Dab on the haters @Bash. Its not the end because people think so blindly about other people , in fact it happens always People will always remember you mostly by the "bad" things that u have done, thats why u remember me as annoying and very much cause of all that misinformation that i give the last year. In the end it doesnt really matter if they hate/love you , its the matter of your intentions.
  14. Its better if u plan something, move certain alts to a location or something like that. The idea is good but the decision is of bash if add or not But i certainly agree on that