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  1. Well, Martial Artist doesn't have a sp that uses the secondary weapon (atm), so if someone bet or get in erenias/zenas a op secondary weapon for pvp, or if someone bet or get in erenia/zenas a main weapon full sls and not more, they would be completely useless. My idea just to be able to change a main weapon vs a secondary weapon or vice versa, this action could perfectly have a cost of gold that would serve not to abuse this and at the same time be worth changing the weapons if the shells are worth it. Probably with a cost of 100kk would be enough since the weapons aren't going to be worth more than that.
  2. Onyx in all, the 5% dmg wings are only worth in dg for zenas and fernon not more
  3. Just reset de rep every month, but with real rewards for the tops, not 1 dragon heart, 2 cellon8 etcl... like now.
  4. do that, and in 1 months, me and more ppl, have 200kk again
  5. First of all im lazy to answer all your doubts and no one pay me for that. So just 1 doubt, what top mage says that(?): And about that: You can't pretend have op armour for fc and rbb, and the same time do a excellent pvps but whatever, if u use seer u can do all u want, so make an armour with s res
  6. after 4 months without onyx in boxes what do you expected?
  7. https://ibb.co/Xz2FSXn https://ibb.co/HzfzHhD onyx are so expensive bro 😭
  8. 12* we have 12 skins well, in my opinion bow skin useless asf, im archer and i prefer sword skin xD btw, don't need more things with dmg
  9. It depends, if i active the ultra instinct... 😎 okno joke, they fuck me :'c
  10. clasic bushis and bushi costumes
  11. Well 1. Good points for a wk (with your sls) for sure are: 100-20-70-25 or if u want more hp 100-20-60-43. 2. For pve bow u need: s dmg, ench dmg and crit dmg and good sls with dagger, not rlly more. So , if ur bow had s dmg insterad of s monsters it would be perect, but not :c If u want erenia for sure u need s dmg, or your dmg will be low and the hosters probably don't give u raid 3. Large monsters it doesn't work as it should, so are useless for raids. PD: im lazy to go bazar and check all bows just look for one with the mentioned stats, and u can't pretend to buy a op pve bow cheap, cuz many ppl want it too.
  12. Well, i'm not going to comment about the idea cuz it's like all your other ideas..., but just 1 thing, why the fuck is there a difference of gold between lv's c1-11 and c11-24, doesn't make sense
  13. Simple, archer is so broken, so that people change to mage/swordman to make the game more dificult And ofc no1 (not rlly cuz a lot of people buy shit eq and think it's good, but whatever) buying bad bows but for sure good bows aren't complicated to sell, the same with wands/swords.