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  1. Yes, yes, S def super op, go for it 🤣
  2. if u want poti exp, go do dracos
  3. i see, well, we'll have to w8 and see how u do it
  4. Well, i like the idea, but the problem is when we want to do a pvp, if we only have 1 ch for arena, we can't do 1v1.
  5. i think, the problem isn't the "gold sellers" cuz now if u want to sell gold u can do it ez too(i mean, like if u want to quit the game or something), the problem was with the fking botters and now is more dificult for him make gold. And for sure more dificult for him sell that ilegal gold.
  6. i like actually rewards, u never know when u're going to need 2 cellon 7
  7. Yea for sure is only a suggestion np, just i coment it. Then if u can open the acces to the bank, i mean is better just don't put cap gold in 99+50/day.
  8. Then, thats make no sense, 2kkk cap/day for 99+50 but i can spend all i want with bank(?)
  9. What about items more worth than 2kkk?
  10. umm, why not rework in more buffs from wk? I understand if u put 10k cap crit in scout cuz now we have more hp, but i mean bear need to increse 5k cap, for the same reason. And i mean eagle spirit aren't good too, 30 hit rate and 10 chance crit, we need some change here.
  11. Flock


    Probably you are the most unlucky person in this server(?) Rip lose 11kk in nothing :'c