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  1. These two on the Eden Crystal Altar plsandthanks
  2. Because commander wouldn't let me keep the skull of my enemy so i stole a femur. even tho the femur is a leek p:
  3. Ah ok that kinda sucks about the pvp but it also makes sense, gotta be "equalized" and all. It was like super late when I was playing at the time so maybe later today I might be able to try the BGs.
  4. Thank you all! I'm having a pretty good time, pretty lonely tho as I seen few lowbies now and then. Also does pvp kick you from match if there is no-one on enemy team? Cause I think it happened to me during turnpike last XD
  5. Hi So I'm pretty much new on this side of the planet, I remembering playing scarlet blade with official like years ago but i left due to well the community not being too keen. I play the only class that matters sentinel and i'm on the FK side. I havnt really been too much into pvp based games but I'm willing to try it out. I am a complete noob however, only learned of this place today. so yeh?