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  1. I also want to say goodbye since ive spent quite alot of time on this server. Thanks to all of you guys for giving me a great experience while playing here and thanks to Bash and the nostale support for creating such a great server.
  2. They can even use c-equip technically, only problem is that partners cant use equipment with shells (not even erased).
  3. he currently is alive on ch2
  4. Books make a huge difference, you will notice it, its a 100% must have. Im not entirely sure, but scout reload really deals a lot of damage especially with buffs, DH got the elemental damage tho. Anyways it shouldnt be a problem to find a team with scout, atleast it wasnt one when i used to do zenas (i just assume you mean zenas instead of erenia). For pve you should get yourself a fibi frosty, its still overall the best pve pet. Partner SP's are pretty useless, if you got the gold left you can buy one but its really not that necessary. Your set sounds really solid for pve tho.
  5. May i remind you that you gotta spend like 100 hours on official servers in lod to be able to do anything around there? And after that you are allowed to spend your whole rl money to get equip cause they got no rewarding pve content there lol
  6. +15 base damage isnt that significant, but keep in mind that you also get more hp/mp with higher energy sl. S%-Dmg however is way more impactful. When you reach the "endgame" your base stats will be very high, so %-Dmg will boost your damage by quite a bit. Combined with soft and/or crit you can reach absurd damage numbers.
  7. Imo there are some exceptions where onyx wings arent that valuable. A good thing to do is to count the amount of skills your sp has that are actual "attack-skills" (so not a buff or debuff skill). I.e. Destroyer only got 5 "attack-skills", 3 of them got pretty high cooldown times, so i prefer elemental wings on a destroyer. Scout is the opposite, many "attack-skills", all of them with very low cooldown, so its a perfect onyx sp.
  8. I dont really think that seer players would disagree that the sp is too strong right now. If you compare it with other classes its almost the same. Swordsman basically use warrior and monk, archers use scout and maybe sin/ranger most of the time. Its totally normal that 1 or 2 sps are better than the rest, just the gap between seer and other mage sps is too high. Gap between playing scout and other archer sps is like driving an audi or driving a mercedes, gap between seer and other mage sps is like driving a volkswagen vs driving a porsche lol
  9. Damn wtf is that logic. Yeah nostale is p2w, either play to win or pay to win, you can choose completely by yourself. Did you ever see a game giving you stuff without investing either time or money? Alternatively you could go back to official servers and farm angel feathers in act3 there cause they destroyed any other method of goldfarming without paying real money there.
  10. Rates are normal. You dont visit a casino and fail 10x on black at roulette in a row and then say its unfair, do you?
  11. For Archer its still WK as the perfect allrounder in PvE, Avenging angel does pretty good aswell. For PvP its scout, assassin and ranger in my opinion, but as archer every sp is atleast decently playable in pvp imo. For swordsman renegade and monk are the best options for farming, crusader or berserker for raids. In pvp warrior and monk are still the best sp's. For mage its pretty much only archmage for pve, in some areas tidelord. For pvp its definitely seer as the first place, but if you are brave and antimainstream enough you can play tidelord or volcano aswell, strongly underrated.
  12. Eventually official nostale players will realise that gf sucks and start playing here aswell. I cant imagine this server will die faster than official nostale servers. But in the end it is an old game that wont really get new players at all, so player numbers will always slowly decrease
  13. Okay np, but i think the discord server was for all games, so atleast you got an answer for that