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  1. Yeah i understood your point, was just trolling around. Anyways i think we got bigger balance problems than 2k MP on a wand
  2. yeah mages definitely need an upgrade
  3. +15 base damage isnt that significant, but keep in mind that you also get more hp/mp with higher energy sl. S%-Dmg however is way more impactful. When you reach the "endgame" your base stats will be very high, so %-Dmg will boost your damage by quite a bit. Combined with soft and/or crit you can reach absurd damage numbers.
  4. My concern is that you wouldnt have to organize your calls anymore as everybody would just spam out his 2 calls. Right now you gotta have a thought process behind your calls as it can be pretty gamewinning to call the right amount of players at the right time. I personally really liked that aspect. Do ppl really use it as a way to level up? Serious question. In that case AoT could just stay the way it is and the changes apply to AoM instead. I personally dont like that, nostale is way too unbalanced for that, it would be a coinflip mode to have the counter sp for your enemy. In 3v3 you can build a comp and therefore the chance of a balanced match is way higher. To have a good 1v1 experience we would need a pick/ban system etc., picking in the dark wouldnt be fun at all im pretty sure. _____________________ As for the rewards: Dont take em too serious, was just a basic idea how it could look like. If AoT gets reworked the staff will sort out the rewards anyways, so we dont have to discuss about them too much.
  5. Imo there are some exceptions where onyx wings arent that valuable. A good thing to do is to count the amount of skills your sp has that are actual "attack-skills" (so not a buff or debuff skill). I.e. Destroyer only got 5 "attack-skills", 3 of them got pretty high cooldown times, so i prefer elemental wings on a destroyer. Scout is the opposite, many "attack-skills", all of them with very low cooldown, so its a perfect onyx sp.
  6. The problem with making PvP modes accessible for 99+30 players is the same as in rbb. 95% of the 99+30 players dont have decent PvP Equipment because they are still going to level up to +50, also there are big gaps between players with and without the a6 books, that would lead to a very unbalanced PvP environment. So the healthiest and most balanced way is to make it 99+48+ only imo. The rewards were just some ideas that came to my mind, the only thing i would really like to be included are the fairy essences and i think it would be great to have some "exclusive" things that you can only get by playing AoT (therefore i wouldnt like to see jennifers hat in AoT as it is kinda the rbb exclusive item). However i think an AoT and AoM crossover would be great.
  7. Hi guys, so on official servers i was a big fan of the AoT, i think its one of the few things official servers did really well. Its a nice arena, needs good teamplay and got that really unique and situational mechanic to call your teammates for support. Unfortunately its completely dead on vgn and i think thats a shame. I know we recently got rbb reworked and that there is some work going on in the background but i just wanted to share my thoughts on how to maybe improve AoT in the future. So imo there are 3 reasons why AoT isnt played right now: 1. Rewards are really bad 2. It isnt playable in ch1 (correct me if im mistaken) 3. Cause vgn is international the timeframe in which AoT opens is too big Here are my thoughts on how to improve it: Move the AoT NPC's to the rainbow battle map on ch10, it already works as a "lobby" for another pvp mode (rbb), so we dont have ppl constantly relogging on ch1 and also the map isnt that empty anymore Change the timeframes to 1 hour each but it opens 3-4 times a day (so all timezones can participate), 1 hour is more than enough to complete the 5 daily matches even if you are a little bit late Make it 99+48+ only like rainbow battle so alt abuse gets harder (and use same punishments for non-equipped players like in rbb) Remove all the stupid AoT exclusive potions Remove the debuff you get when you got 3 players of the same class so you actually can wear your sp's Rework the rewards (i will go into detail in the following) So for the rewards it should basically be like 1 Goldmedal for a win and 1 Silvermedal for a loss. Goldmedals are used for the "attractive" rewards, Silvermedals for some simple consumables or sth like that, so intentional trolling doesnt get rewarded. Unlike rbb where we get random rewards out of every win i think it would be nice if you could grind for the reward of your choice in AoT. I was thinking about attractive rewards for a PvP mode, something every PvP player wants to have. The coolest thing that came into my mind is the fernon fairy: really great improvement for your pvp build, but so frustrating to grind for (i dont even think you would ever be able to grind for it on your own). So it could look something like this (keep in mind its just a first thought and that you can get a maximum of 5 medals per day): Goldmedals: 1 Medal: 1 essence of turik or sellaim/eperial/woondine (so with 50% winrate it would take 160 days to grind for all essences for 1 fernon fairy) 1 Medal: 2 Rainbow Pennys 10 Medals: 1 Abyssal Essence 100 Medals: New Years Lucky Pig 150 Medals: Maybe the new wind wings 200 Medals: Afro Hairstyle + Colorbomb (not sure if its the correct name for it, would be an idea for an "exclusive item") 500 Medals: Spiky Hairstyle + Colorbomb (also not sure about the name) I would appreciate it as a way to get these rare hairstyles as there is no other way to get them right now Silvermedals: Pretty much consumables only, like runes or potions So yeah, these were the things that came into my mind, would appreciate any kind of feedback
  8. I never felt my feelings about sth were better explained ever before. Exactly this
  9. Imo trashtalking and backstabbing is also partially caused by safehitting for named reasons. I guess the main problem with every PvP content we got is class/SP balancing in general, we got 24 specialists, but roughly 6 of them are played. But since you dont wanna balance sp's until official does that wont change. Whenever you enter rainbow battle its just seer, seer, seer, war, scout. Sometimes you might catch a ranger or dg but thats pretty much it (i still enjoy rbb tho, cause its some fresh air and, as mentioned, no safezone there). Dont get me wrong, i dont want to front you, its just my honest opinion about your question.
  10. I can understand your point, but its not like it only is used by smaller groups to fight bigger groups. Safehitting is used by any kind of player, no matter if he is stronger or weaker or in a small or big group. Usually the possibility of safehitting is even the reason many players get cocky and start beefing with large groups of players, because, well, they can just safehit right? Another idea i got is to "rework" the family arena. Its not really used atm, pretty much only for some 1v1's when theres too much going on in normal arena. Just completely remove the safe buff of family arena so its a place for players that just wanna fight, i personally would really enjoy that, cause i dont care about my K/D or sth, i just wanna have some fun in arena
  11. I dont understand the thought process of some people. Its pretty simple: If you are weaker than your opponent you probably lose, if you are outnumbered by your opponents you probably lose. You arent supposed to be able to win situations you normally lose by safehitting. As i said, it happened to get so fking normal to safehit nowadays that people dont realize how illogical it is. Do you get invincible in real life when 10 people are after you?
  12. Class balancing is a whole other thing, cant use that as an argument to make safehitting reasonable imo.
  13. I dont really understand the "big family" problem, when you are outnumbered in arena and arent man enough to fight them outside of safe then just stay in safe. Why on earth should you be able to "cheat out" damage by safehitting? Also, i remember familys that were safehitting me 5v1, so its abusable in each direction. When i came to vendetta, arena felt like heaven on earth because partners, pots and buffs are disabled. No chance i would go back to officials to have an even worse experience there cause nobody leaves safe without those and his luzifer. Just disgusting.
  14. Safezone is designed to prevent yourself from getting attacked, so you can use your buffs, switch your sp, regenerate hp or go afk. However it is not designed to get yourself the advantage of hitting people while only giving them a 0,1 second window to attack you and repeat that over and over and over. Most of the time you just end up running up to your opponent looking like a retard cause the 0,1 second window wasnt enough to be able to hit him although you spamclicked your skills. I can remember times back in the days where people using the safezone to pull off some shit like that were considered as big pussys and lost all kind of respect to them. Nowadays it just became so common to safehit that its just normal to everybody. Of course big groups of players get an advantage if the safezone "buff" like we know it is gone, but the benefits and the enjoyability of arena will increase by a way bigger amount. So i give this idea a big +1
  15. You probably just miss out on a good armour and anticrit accessories. Get those and you won't see much of a difference anymore.