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  1. Webster

    1v1 Mode Queue

    I can ensure you i would spam that even without rewards
  2. Webster

    1v1 Mode Queue

    I personally would enjoy to be able to play some offmeta sps, so if there are no rewards there shouldnt be a rank aswell. I mean we got rbb for ranked and rewarded pvp. However it could be a great opener for pvp tournaments where you are able to include certain rules and therefore it would be kind of a ranked mode aswell.
  3. Webster

    1v1 Mode Queue

    Oh this one sounds like something i could really enjoy I got like 1000 ideas for this immediately, if you dont mind ill just list some up for discussion: Arena of talents map, really great scale for 1v1 fights A function to challenge people in your friendslist (like a private match) As soon as you enter your cooldowns are resetted (if you are a 1v1 player you can relate, high cooldown buffs/skills are quite annoying to wait for) Tarot-effects, pets and maybe some commonly declined items (like blackout hat or amulet of attack power) are disabled 30 seconds time to prepare for the 1v1 whilst unable to move You got to wear the sp before entering queue so you cant counter your opponent
  4. They can even use c-equip technically, only problem is that partners cant use equipment with shells (not even erased).
  5. With high enough magic dodge you got to be a bit unlucky to eat a long combo, also it doesnt hurt that much if the seer doesnt hit the blue debuff thingy (forgot the name). So yeah, really powerful spell, but not what makes seer op imo
  6. he currently is alive on ch2
  7. Books make a huge difference, you will notice it, its a 100% must have. Im not entirely sure, but scout reload really deals a lot of damage especially with buffs, DH got the elemental damage tho. Anyways it shouldnt be a problem to find a team with scout, atleast it wasnt one when i used to do zenas (i just assume you mean zenas instead of erenia). For pve you should get yourself a fibi frosty, its still overall the best pve pet. Partner SP's are pretty useless, if you got the gold left you can buy one but its really not that necessary. Your set sounds really solid for pve tho.
  8. May i remind you that you gotta spend like 100 hours on official servers in lod to be able to do anything around there? And after that you are allowed to spend your whole rl money to get equip cause they got no rewarding pve content there lol
  9. I wasnt talking about the ability to rebuff the shield, just the value of it
  10. Nostale PvP is impossible to balance because of all the luck factors. Seer just feels so unfair cause most of his strength comes out of his manashield which is permanent, has a low cooldown so it can be rebuffed at any time (not like iron skin for example that can be stolen by a dg, leaving a war vulnerable for 30-90 secs) and also works vs softhits. So, if you nerf something about seer please just nerf the shield, damage reduced by 40% is just crazy
  11. Yeah i understood your point, was just trolling around. Anyways i think we got bigger balance problems than 2k MP on a wand
  12. yeah mages definitely need an upgrade
  13. +15 base damage isnt that significant, but keep in mind that you also get more hp/mp with higher energy sl. S%-Dmg however is way more impactful. When you reach the "endgame" your base stats will be very high, so %-Dmg will boost your damage by quite a bit. Combined with soft and/or crit you can reach absurd damage numbers.