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  1. No front but you should stop thinking about res reduce as a viable pvp option, it was and will always be just a method to cheat out high damage when your opponent didnt invest in good resistances. In a 1v1 situation i got 250-260 fire res, not even a volcano hitting all debuffs can reduce me there, but in open pvp as already pointed out archer is the only class that has to go for a single shell effect to be able to survive. Dont get me wrong, i dont really complain about the lack of all resistance on armour as an archer player as i only care about 1v1 situations where i dont need allres but i can see why others are complaining and i honestly think they got the right to do it, cause 10 allres in gold value is a BIG deal.
  2. Lets break it down in a simple way. Missing all resistance on archer armours leads to a need for an armour with s-all resistance for open pvp. While swordsman/mage with the best resistances can barely reach the magic ~180 allres number without having to use an allres armour, archer is forced to use one to prevent himself from getting demolished by elemental damage in open pvp. So the downside isn't only that archer has to spend more gold on good resistances, it's also that he needs to use an effect on his armour that puts him on a massive disadvantage, while swordsman/mage can play the s-def/hp-rec/anti-effect variations. And PLEASE stop comparing the equip we got here to the equip on officials and any kinds of "intention" of it, we fucking have shadow gem here 🤦‍♂️
  3. Webster

    Reputation rangs

    There are only 15 players with max rep even tho rep farming is so easy. I sit at 61b rep and i doubt that number will increase anymore. So the really high numbers are for hardcore raiders or fc players only, cant see the problem with changing some numbers (like red elite 200b rep, blue elite 150-200b rep, green elite 100-150b rep, and so on). I dont think many players will powerfarm rep after a change and if they do you created something for them to do. Also what would be "alt-abusable"? Forgive me, but i cant see any downside
  4. Okay np, but i think the discord server was for all games, so atleast you got an answer for that
  5. There used to be a discord server, but there were some problems, but as far as i know a new server is coming soon. I can answer you some question tho, whisper me ingame: Webster
  6. Webster

    add act 6 books to a shop

    My concern with putting the books in boxes would be that nobody would bother killing the bosses anymore, so another part of nostale would be dead. What about moving in the other direction and add book drops to the other map bosses we already got (nosville meadows, sunny meadows and so on), smaller chance and more hp/def on bosses. I'd like to have a reason to visit the act1/2/3 maps again
  7. Webster

    The fall of Squizzy

    This is getting a little bit ridiculous right now. @Squizzy i know thats the way you like to handle it but im sure you know that a thread like this with a poll wont change anything regarding your ban, it probably makes things even worse. I can understand you are angry at ppl especially spending so much money on the game, but the best way is to shut your mouth and try to find a solution using the ticket system in a polite way. A thread like this wont lead into anything positive for you.
  8. Webster

    Unknown Land Changes

    First of all im not a fc player, but from my point of view you got 2 viable options to farm perfection stones as you already said. One purely pve (Erenia/Zenas/Fernon) and one with a pvp factor to it (unknown land). So if you dont like farming in unknown land, then just dont do it, you got the option to do erenias instead...?
  9. Webster

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    HP Books also scale with the points you put in hp for your specialist. That clearly is one of the reasons that carried seer over the top with his stupidly strong manashield. But we shouldnt forget that it also made other mage SP's really balanced now in PvP with other classes.
  10. Webster

    The fall of Squizzy

    Thats just my point of view tho. I dont wanna defend you here as i dont think you deserve it tbh. You were living on the edge for a long time and kinda provoced a punishment (disrespect all over the place, leaving rbb, etc etc). I will miss you tho ❤️
  11. Webster

    The fall of Squizzy

    Fighting you for like half a year now i gotta admit i never felt being hacked on. I am aware of your connection issues in terms of using it to your advantage for savehitting tho Anyways thats not my problem and you probably should have thought twice about being disrespectful to like everyone, cause that did probably lead to many reports. But thats only my opinion.
  12. Webster

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    You can actually dodge magic attacks to a maximum of 32% aswell (ignore magic damage in pvp). But i agree in your other points
  13. Webster

    add act 6 books to a shop

    I did lots of gold doing this with 3 chars for quite a while (i even exp'd from c30 to c45 there), and i gotta admit its an unfair way to make gold, eventhough i think it should need some work to acquire the books as they are crucial for every c48+ player. The biggest problem is that if you got the respawn timers once it is really hard for other players to get in the rythm, so i really like the idea to make the bosses spawn random in a way, like that it would be almost impossible for a single player to get every boss everytime. If its possible i would also like an ip-restriction for the items, so you cant abuse it with 3 or more chars. There are many ways to fix it tbh, but putting the books in a shop would be too easy and also destroy even more areas you got to visit.
  14. Webster

    Comfortable Perfection

    Would already be enough if the window doesnt close after each try, i personally wouldnt need any fancy "continous production" things.
  15. Webster

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    nobody is crying cause of scout here, scout isnt really weaker than before as you didnt use pvp access anyways most of the times.