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  1. Webster

    Some suggestions for rainbow battle

    Jumping over the wall with scout or sin means that you have to commit doing the mandra, you cant jump back directly like seer can
  2. Hi, first of all i wanted to say that i really enjoy rainbow battle as it is right now and also probs to bash for patching it so fast. Still there could be some adjustments to improve it more in the future. Its hard to be objective sometimes when you are personally affected, but i will try my best. 1.: At start all 3 players spawn on the same cell, imo it would be nice if everybody stands next to each other and not on top of each other so you can see your teammates and decide which sp you need etc. 2.: The time you need to capture a point is too short, you can almost capture between 2 autohits of somebody. However before the patch it took too long, so something in between seems good. 3.: You shouldnt be able to kill mandras from middle. Committing to kill the mandra should have a downside, e.g. losing the mid crystal for it. Right now the stronger team can easily extend their lead by killing it from mid while holding the crystal. 4.: Right now you get 3 points for capturing/holding the mid crystal while side crystals only give 1 point each. It seems like every game is only focussed around mid, as long as you hold mid you can completely ignore side crystals. I think you should get the equal amount of points holding both side crystals in comparison to only holding the mid, so something like 2 points for each side crystal and 4 for the middle, or 1 for each side crystal and 2 for the middle. This alongside the mandra adjustment would make rainbow battle more strategic and not only fight-the-mid focussed. Also many ppl are complaining about unbalanced matchmaking, but the playerbase is too low to include a matchmaking system. But im positive that especially #3 and #4 together would make rainbow battle more strategic, and the more strategic it gets the less it depends on being in the stronger team. I'm really interested in your thoughts on my ideas, cause i love the idea of rainbow battle and would like to lower the rate of frustrated players
  3. Webster

    Update Wings

    No need to buff steampunk imo
  4. Webster

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    Dude you cant say no, it is fact that you get forced to do it if it gives you an advantage
  5. Webster

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    thats easy, just go for a steampunk-like effect that increases damage to monsters with lower level than you
  6. Webster

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    10 all resistance, 5% pvp dmg, 5% pvp def and nothing else would be the highest i'd go for, seems to be worth for the amount of gold you spend for it while not scaling out of this world
  7. Webster

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Maybe i described it bad I meant it like this: you equip a warrior, it supports fire element, you equip ninja, it supports water element, not op shit like every element at once. Anyways, i'd be against any higher percentages, if it gets a buff then something outside of flat/percentage dmg/def. Maybe some all resistance or sth.
  8. Webster

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    Doesnt it give resistances and bonus elemental dmg? Would appreciate a screenshot if possible I wouldnt like to see more % dmg on it, highlevel pvp already gets rekt enough by all these percentages. What about making it an "all element fairy", so you dont have to switch your fairys anymore, looks like a nice end game item to me. Also it doesnt make sense that you need to collect 100 essences of every element to get a fairy of one element.
  9. Webster

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    This will lead to the problem we discussed about earlier. If titles give some kind of advantage it forces players to grind for them
  10. Webster

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    Wouldnt it be better to just have to do your eq's +10? Most of the time i buy eq that already is +8 or higher cause i suck at betting I suggested titles you gotta do main quest for, thats more challenging and easier to implement imo, or do i understand you wrong here..?
  11. Webster

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    I think the first one is hard to implement cause wings and pets also give you buffs, i like the other ones tho
  12. Webster

    Make Frozen Crown Great Again!

    I dont know if it would help because im not really an act4 player, but i remember that it was fun back in the days cause you could play whatever you want and have decent success and fun with it. As far as i know its only scout/dg and maybe seer with ranger buff and morale that dominate. Maybe lowering the damage to 50%, not allow partners and only your own buffs like it is in arena would help to compensate the insane amount of damage that nostale got since the release of glacernon. Maybe alongside with more attractive awards for players in the points list
  13. Webster

    Laurena Gemstone

    sounds good to me, maybe a little bit more, like 150 for 1 accessory of your choice. but +1
  14. Webster

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    Thought about colours aswell, my idea was to delete the shitty commend system nobody uses and instead your name gets from light blue to dark blue for the percentage of titles you own I really like your "record raid" idea tho , a good erenia team does the raid in 2:20~2:30, so i think 2:10 is a really challenging time
  15. Webster

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    I love sarcasm, but it has to be in the right place. Serious titles for "serious" tasks. That doesn't mean there cant be sarcastic titles, for a little bit more fun task maybe, just be creative but not unrealistic ^^