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  1. Alright, it was worth a try... kinda just didn't like that that halfkin's mecha is pink and the game doesn't give any option for color... understable situation though, was unaware it would be that much of an undertaking.
  2. Would it be possible instead to have an option instead then to just have it be selectable to use the suit from one of the other race/gender combinations via some interface (maybe something sort of like the preview window but with buttons to change which one you would like to use). Or not even specifically that way just at all, since there seems to be a different suit for each one? I can live with dye not being a thing... that was just me reaching, though it would have been the coolest thing to be able to make a mech suit be the color of Starlight 2 dye. XD
  3. Alright, well thanks for hearing me out anyway. I feel like a veritable fountain of ideas. So I'll still throw em your way if I think of anything I think might be helpful for the server. Keep up the good work!
  4. You can also get 25-Slot backpacks from the Eden Gem altar (Gems cost 100 gold ea.) Or buy one from the AH if you can't seem to win one from the altar. 25-slots are a fair bit cheaper but I wouldn't load up on them as they essentially become useless purchases later on since you'll eventually want all of your space to be 37-slots if you want the maximum space. Also to help you find them, if you're looking in the Auction House, both are found in Misc -> Handy Items. 25's typically go for about 350-400 gold, and 37's typically go for about 950-1000 gold. If you see them going higher, I'd wait a bit until they come back down in price. Edit, if a mod wants to merge these posts feel free .. I was going to but there doesn't seem to be a button for one to delete their own posts and I kinda realized after the fact that I was posting on a forum, not on my Discord... (brainfart on my part, sorry).
  5. Off topic but that's you? I saw you the other day in Aven! Me and my wife both thought your character is awesome! ?
  6. Ah okay then, I thought that you had to have a race's crafting ability to be able to craft that thing at all. (Can tell I haven't messed with crafting much, been almost straight leveling).
  7. So I had a thought about Engineers. We're kinda stuck with our mecha form looking totally the same forever (I may be wrong, and totally unaware so feel free to correct me but its where the idea came from). But I was thinking, why not have the ability to switch which mecha appearance you're using (I've noticed it apparently changes based on race/gender) alsowould be kinda neat if it was either dyeable or its color changed to the color of your outfit or something... as it is, my character's is always pink... and I kinda hate pink tbh plus some of the other race's mechas look was cooler and this would be awesome. Totally get it if it would be too much trouble though, coding is hellish and I'm not the one doing it but I would be super grateful if you could make it happen.
  8. So I was looking at the items in the fashion section of the item mall and I noticed that while some of them are pretty cool, I don't think I could see myself using them as most of the ones I've gotten from the crystal altar or otherwise have boosts on them and all of these do not and I wouldn't want to forgo the stat boost. Then I had a thought, wouldn't it help boost sales if the costumes in the shop had a similar stat boost? (Nothing broken, just something comparable like a 2-5% HP/MP boost). Or was this omitted intentionally as an anti-PTW measure? Understandable if it was, it was just idle pondering on my part as I had actually just discovered that Starlight dye was a thing. (I love it! Now I just need SL Dye no.2)
  9. Oh thanks, will probably help a lot especially since there's custom content on this server. I actually wasn't sure if there was many deviations with the quests on aeria's server or not since I left the official server pretty early on. One thing I had really been wondering, are the Temple Knight Quests, particularly their rewards custom? They seem quite powerful for something that would be just given away.
  10. Heterochromia is actually one of my favorite customization options. Its a shame that it would be that much of an issue to try to add. Glad to know you already had a crack at it though, Jordan.
  11. Would be nice if the info on wikia wasn't so horribly lacking... a lot of it only goes through the first few sections of the game. I find myself Googling for hours to find info for things a lot... its kinda discouraging. Would love to contribute but I know next to nothing about wiki editing.
  12. Guess I'll have to make an alt. My main character is a halfling. And iirc gemcutting was the human racial craft. Thanks for the info!
  13. Oh that's good to know, thanks for the info. Is it something I would run into during part of the mainline quests or just as I level up or something?
  14. Its not his/her fault, the information here is originally from http://edeneternal.wikia.com/wiki/Character_stat So if there's any inaccuracy it likely came from there...
  15. I'm still only a few months in so a couple of those abbrievations made no sense to me... I'm assuming there's an achievement or title or something that gives a movement speed boost later? Also, the portal stones only help like 50% of the time... they don't seem to work on a lot of missions... I get a lot of "This mission doesn't allow the use of Portal" when I'm doing runs... so if I'm gonna be on foot/mount so much, going as fast as possible would be great IMO.