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  1. Please!, put these in altar please #BindonEquip ✔️10/10/19 upload
  2. Can you please release this back legendaries in Mystery Box please! upload
  3. My Request came out, but SAD it's NT,, PLs make it tradable please!
  4. Xaoc

    Few Suggestion

    this will be a nice idea specially the power/guard scroll Stack 999 and HP/MP POts Stack 9999 big help for bag space..
  5. is there an chance to put this in altar? Pls! bcoz there's no chance to get them in game since no one wan't to queue in TA (coz they say game is Dead) and no boss in Elysian anymore, i really want to collect them tbh and some players don't have this yet also for sure and they also want them bcoz it's a good boost tbh. So please please! i hope you will consider this suggestion..TIA.. PS: make it Tradable ❤️ ❤️❤️
  6. Xaoc


    new pet gear would be a good idea,,even it will cost a lot of gold doesn't matter to me..
  7. This is Simply, but yet beautiful ❤️ Pls! Put them in Altar , Thanks in Advance ❤️ ✔️09/12/19 ✔️09/12/19
  8. For more fun.. please balance the teams thanks
  9. This is the TW Teams Today. please FIX!
  10. Please! GM@Jordan... PLease Bring Back those Elysian island Bosses for that item please.. i wanna collect them.. hoping for your consideration..
  11. Xaoc

    Few Suggestion

    i just like it @Zsoltgewinn good job bro,, your the best!..
  12. i have a little suggestion about this item,, please! bring back those bosses in Elysian Island for a chance to get this item,, since temple arena is dead, i mean no one wanna go there anymore.. i try to ask people to queu but no one queuing. please GM@Jordan .. thanks in Advance.
  13. Again GM @Jordan please arrange the teams on TW,, BrightShield & ChaosChoir, should be on other side (Blue Team) and should be Memory's opponent now they're on our side again..please fix it GM..thanks..