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  1. Please! GM@Jordan... PLease Bring Back those Elysian island Bosses for that item please.. i wanna collect them.. hoping for your consideration..
  2. i just like it @Zsoltgewinn good job bro,, your the best!..
  3. i have a little suggestion about this item,, please! bring back those bosses in Elysian Island for a chance to get this item,, since temple arena is dead, i mean no one wanna go there anymore.. i try to ask people to queu but no one queuing. please GM@Jordan .. thanks in Advance.
  4. Again GM @Jordan please arrange the teams on TW,, BrightShield & ChaosChoir, should be on other side (Blue Team) and should be Memory's opponent now they're on our side again..please fix it GM..thanks..
  5. @Deathoniak is there any chance that GM @Jordan will reduce the Mat's for the Monster stone? coz that's really a pain in the ass, + the drop rate of it is really not that high.. and also at GM @Jordan please fix the gear swapping, it's not really working after the patch.. gear doesn't swapping...Thanks <3
  6. this question is about those monster stone.. it say's "must kill monsters within 10 levels is it 10 levels ahead to your level or it can be 10 levels behind your level?
  7. @Jordan you forgot about teams i think why Memory and MT is in the same side,, they should be opponent, or rivals to balance TW and GVG..Coz we alway think we're always against MT.. please check it thanks..
  8. nice work GM,, well done!!!.. <3
  9. Well that's make sense.. Thanks Bro Doudou.. if your around and someone or i see someone stealing spot i will pm you..
  10. Well Dalamura, if you don't apply the rules to your self it's up to you.. it's your character not mine..
  11. I think we need a GM here to clear this thing.. is there a possible to lure them here in this thread.. because this is really a disrespect to the one who's there like 3-5hours running, then someone came and stealing your spot...
  12. it's laud and clear that Richard said in game, that it's still the same rules as DoS, BTS runs. So meaning it's in the rules.
  13. because at that time im running my character to lvl my self, and someone come to my spot and he start pulling mobs there, i told him to leave coz spot is taken, and he didn't listen he continue to pull and pull,, i also told him to "respect bro".. and still.. Damn! i will mention his name here, he name is "Aloha" iwill keep those screenshot on my files, and if he do again to me.. i will neve tolerate it again.. "ALOHA" remember this name guys he is desperate to lvl his character he will do anything even stealing your spot just to lvl..
  14. Does stealing Spot on EE new lvling map can be reported? Because this is a disrespect to the one who take the area first.. sorry for my Bad English..