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  1. PLease put in Gem altar please! @Herakles ✔️10/31/20
  2. What if they make new map in here and name it "Jordan Valley".. #forthefutureUpdate #SuggestionOnly
  3. Xaoc

    New Fancy Title xD

    Well then, instead of Movespeed, then why not put "Awaken Class and Normal Class Cp 50% exp" "50%" since its hard to earn 1m in game #NoHatejustLove#Respect
  4. Is there a possible to put a fancy title like, "Millionaire" which give Movespeed 50%.. i think it's very useful when you run DSR Hope you will consider this.. Thanks! #NoHatejustLove #Respect
  5. lol! 20 box is cheap tbh..
  6. PLease GM's! I'll be happy to see this pet next on Mystery box please Consider to put them on Mystery Box Gm's Thanks in advance... ✔️08/20/20 ✔️08/20/20
  7. Class Type: (Yellow / DPS) Class Name: Mercenary Class Description: ~Capable hunters wielding battleaxes and katana, Mercenaries are always ready to rush to the front lines. Hardier than their compatriots, they can deal fearsome damage with their colossal weapons. Mercenaries have higher HP, defense and attack and are considered the "tanking' class. They are a melee class. Class specializations include (Battleaxe) and (Katana) having picked a specialization, the skills of that specialization will be more powerful (you'll see more damage %-wise). Class Main Passive: 2% chance of decrease 20% physical resistance. Class Race Passives: (HUMAN)Katana expert:increases P-attack-M-attack 15% when equipped with an Katana (HALFKIN)Shield expert:increases def and block 15% when equipped with an shield (ANURAN)2handed Master: Increases Critical rate 30% when equipped 2handed weapon (ZUMI)Axe Expert: Increases Attack SPD 20% and Critical Damage 5% when equipped with an Axe (URSUN)GreatSword Expert: decreasing damage Receive by 10% and a 5% chance to increases accuracy by 10% CLASS Skill Hurtling Leap :: Deals 30% physical damage, Leap towards the target.(CD) 5sec Warrior's Resolve:: (Buff) CRIT DMG +10 last 30 sec. (CD)10sec Death Spiral:: Deals 42344 Physical Damage, Dashes toward a target at medium range.(CD) 8sec Mark of Savagery:: Max HP +3% for surrounding allies, CRIT DMG +5% for surrounding allies, Last 10sec. (CD)20sec Vortex Blade:: Decreases Move SPD 10%, Deals continuous DMG to all enemies in range, lasts 4.0 sec. (CD)8sec Calamity Strike:: Deals 15% physical damage, Deals 5675 physical DMG every sec.lasts 6.0 sec. (CD)15sec Stellar Spiral:: Deals 36458 Physical damage, Target's Eva -10%, lasts 4.0 sec. (CD)5sec Tectonic Vandal:: Deals 35321 Physical Damage and Decreases Target Accuracy -10% Last 5Sec. (CD) 10sec SKILL Description Hurtling Leap >> Leap forward and deal a calamitous strike, dealing damage to enemies in front of caster. Warrior's Resolve>> A savage war cry temporarily increases critical damage. (Note) Only one of your personal buffs maybe active at a time* Death Spiral>> Leap forward in a spiral of death, dealing damage to enemies in its path. Mark of Savagery>> Tapping into primal instincts temporarily raises the vitality and critical damage of allies.(Note) Only one of your group buffs maybe active at a time* Vortex Blade>> Spin around in a deadly vortex, dealing Physical DMG to all enemies in range. Calamity Strike>> Whirl your weapon in a series of calamitous strikes, dealing massive damage to enemies in range. Stellar Spiral>> Shower your enemy with a hail of weapon strikes, like a raging tiger. Tectonic Vandal>> Deliver an weapon blow of earth cursing power to your opponent. Other Information>> *Heavy Armor *2 handed/1 handed weapon *If you consider this class, it will be great, and this is not yet perfect and still need a improvement..and this is only an example 😉 ART>> <IGN> Xaoc
  8. Please!, put these in altar please #BindonEquip ✔️10/10/19 upload
  9. Can you please release this back legendaries in Mystery Box please! upload
  10. My Request came out, but SAD it's NT,, PLs make it tradable please!
  11. Xaoc

    Few Suggestion

    this will be a nice idea specially the power/guard scroll Stack 999 and HP/MP POts Stack 9999 big help for bag space..
  12. is there an chance to put this in altar? Pls! bcoz there's no chance to get them in game since no one wan't to queue in TA (coz they say game is Dead) and no boss in Elysian anymore, i really want to collect them tbh and some players don't have this yet also for sure and they also want them bcoz it's a good boost tbh. So please please! i hope you will consider this suggestion..TIA.. PS: make it Tradable ❤️ ❤️❤️
  13. Xaoc


    new pet gear would be a good idea,,even it will cost a lot of gold doesn't matter to me..