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Found 39 results

  1. Decathlon

    Shell Option

    I thought of this suggestion to create both new effects (since the Shell go back to Act 4), and to entice players to create more than one type of equipment and to update the shell(because many Debuff of the new Sps aren't blocked by Shell, except from Global Debuff). I don't know if this suggestion is possible. /!\ if there are some difference by translation, it's normal, i don't know all the correct translation of the effects Weapon Shell: Improve Fire/Water/Light/Dark Element. They work like "Improve Damage" of the Shell, but only for one element, i think it's better delete this 4 effect and make the effect "Improve Global Element" an C-B-A effect(because it works like Improve Damage) The New S effect is: "Improve Elemental Damage by x%". This effect should works like Debuff Seer: Et = (E + Eeff + Eskill + Br1 + Br2 + Br3 + Br4 + Br5) * (1 + Debuff Seer1) * (1 + Debuff Seer2) * (1 + New S effect) So if we have a 5000 elemental damage and S effect 20% it become: 5000+20%=6000. I think a good % for this effect would be 16-20% like S % Damage(for hero equipments). This would be a good effect for FC. So now we have 2 effects for 2 different situation: 1) % Damage to PvP 1v1(Arena) and Pve too. 2) Improve Elemental Damage by x% to FC and Pve too. And Old and Usless effect: S-Damage to Large Monster->This will be deleted for a new S effect. New S effect: "Reduce Enemy's Defence from Debuff by x%" This effect should work in this way:(the number are just example) If the enemy have 30% Global Debuff Defence+Mask 10% and we have 20% Reduce Defence from Debuff: 1) 30+10%-20%=(30+10%)-20%=33-20%=26% Defence from Debuff 2) 30%+10%-20%=40%-20%=20% 3) 30%+10%-20%=40%-20%=32% I make 3 example, because im not sure at 100% how works this system, i think it should be work like the 3rd example. So now we have 4 Usefull S effect: % Damage->Good against monster and 1v1 % Element->Good against monster and many players at the same time Overall SL->Good in everyplace Reduce Defence From Debuff-> Good against 1v1 or maybe many players that have big defence from debuffs.(if you think there are a better S effect, explain it. Im not perfect) Now if you remember i deleted The Improve Fire/Water/Light/Dark Element. So we have others 3 C-B-A effects that we can use: 1) C-B-A effect: Improve Hit-Rate and Concentration of Weapons(i don't know if is possible that this effect works for magician and sword and archers at the same time or make some bugs, in case of bug, is possible to make 2 separate effects) 2) New B-A effect: Reduce Enemy's Critic Defence The second effect works on the opponents. If the emeny have 140% of defence from Critic Damage this reduce this %. Ex.140-20=120%. Atm i don't have a 3rd effect, if someone know a good 3rd effect please explain it. This effects: Damage to Plants Damage to enemy Damage to undead Damage to animal Damage to devil(wrong translation of Damage to low-society of monster) Are cancelled and we make a new C-B-A or C-B or B-A effect: "Damage to all monsters by x%". This can help the poor players and not so powerfull players to do more damage and be more indipendent. and with S effect "Damage %" or "Elemental %" the biggest players do a lot of damage. Armor Shell: Here not to create a huge number of effects, I tried as far as possible (even with criterion where I managed) to merge some defenses or reductions between them. Let's start with Merge. Improve Defence from Stun Debuff and Various Stun Debuff->Merged Improve Defence from Paralysis and Cramps Debuff->Merged Melee/Ranged/Magic Defense->Merged(they work like Improve Damage or Improve Elemental Damage, i don't know why this are separated if in the weapons are not separate the difference type of attacks) Improve Defence From Blinded Debuff->Merged with new Effect: Improve defence From Debuff that reduce your rek of items.(ok not the best merged, but i don't know other way, if you have a better ideas, explain it.) Now we have other 5 new effects that we can use: 1)Improve Defence From Burn's Debuff 2)Improve Defence From cruses's debuff 3)Improve Defence From Forced Movment(All extra effects that put you far from your opponent) 4)C effect: Improve Critical Resistances(to counter the new effects and a little bit the "Improve Critic Damage") 5) Improve Dodge(To counter the effect "Improve Hit-Rate" At this moment, the new SP have some debuffs that can't be counter from specific shell, now they are.(but if there are some debuffs of the old SP that aren't counter, obv they are). I hope I have not forgotten anyone, in case write here. Posseduto - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Pozione del Diavolo - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Requiem - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Colata di lava - NosTale Wiki (group burns) Gas vulcanico velenoso - NosTale Wiki (group poisoning ) Colata di lava imponente - NosTale Wiki (group burns) Palude di lava - NosTale Wiki (group burns) Colata di lava ardente - NosTale Wiki (group burns) Prima onda shock - NosTale Wiki (group shock) Shock Esplosivo - NosTale Wiki (group shock) Capitombolo - NosTale Wiki cramps and paralysis Scottatura - NosTale Wiki (group burns) Esplosione dell'onda shock grandiosa - NosTale Wiki (group shock) Esplosione dell'onda - NosTale Wiki (group shock) Bruciatura Infernale - NosTale Wiki (group burns) Knock Down - NosTale Wiki (stun group) Sospiro del perdente - NosTale Wiki (group shock) Piccola Cascata - NosTale Wiki cramps and paralysis Piccolo elettroshock - NosTale Wiki (gruppo shock) Elettroshock - NosTale Wiki (gruppo shock) Il Canto delle sirene - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Cascata Grande - NosTale Wiki cramps and paralysis Pressione dell'acqua - NosTale Wiki (stun group) Grosso elettroshock - NosTale Wiki (gruppo shock) Debuff Tide lord that take 100% MP(idk name)(groupshock) Veleno Mandra leggero - NosTale Wiki (group poisoning ) Veleno Mandra - NosTale Wiki (group poisoning ) Nuvola_di_vapore (blinded) Nel mirino del tiratore - NosTale Wiki (weakening armor) Veleno Mandra forte - NosTale Wiki (group poisoning ) Veleno_Mandra_Letale (group poisoning ) Narcosi Mandra - NosTale Wiki ((stun group) Mancanza di energia - NosTale Wiki (stun group) Ferita interna grado 1 - NosTale Wiki (group low bleeding) Ferita interna grado 2( bleeding and low bleeding) Ferita interna grado 3 - NosTale Wiki (bleeding and low bleding) obv the bleedings join in "defence from all bleeding too" Forte trauma - NosTale Wiki (shock) Grossa mancanza di energia - NosTale Wiki (weakening armor) Trauma - NosTale Wiki (shock) Trauma critico - NosTale Wiki (shock) Un trauma inchiodante - NosTale Wiki (shock) Mancanza di energia critica - NosTale Wiki (weakening armor) Pandemonio - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Energia oscura debole - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Energia oscura - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Mani della maledizione - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Illusione - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Revoca del tempo potente - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Trasformatore di lame - NosTale Wiki (debuff item rek+blinded) Ferita da sparo - NosTale Wiki (bleeding or low bleeding+ obv all bleeding) Posseduto Potente - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Disperazione - NosTale Wiki (shock or weakening armor) Ferita in un punto sensibile - NosTale Wiki (bleeding and low bleeding+all bleeding) Interruzione movimento leggero - NosTale Wiki (paralysis+cramps or reduce forced movement) Segno di morte - NosTale Wiki (group cruses) Arma di Difesa della Rottura - NosTale Wiki (weakening armor) Sentenza della dannazione - NosTale Wiki (cruses or stun group) Sentenza - NosTale Wiki (weakening armor) Santuario - NosTale Wiki (debuff rek item+blinded) Lesione della Vista - NosTale Wiki (blinded) Pestilenza (group cruses) Impossibilitato a muoversi - NosTale Wiki (cramps and paralysis) Scossa elettrica - NosTale Wiki (shock) Recisione in corsa - NosTale Wiki (cramps and paralysis) Luce Magica - NosTale Wiki (cruses) Orrore Lieve - NosTale Wiki ( shock or weakening armor) Polvere di luce - NosTale Wiki (blinded) Orrore - NosTale Wiki ( shock or weakening armor) Sorry if the name are from Wiki italian, but i don't know all the correct name and would be a lot of work to resarch all. I hope that the idea is clear. With this system, maybe the players can create different armor for different SP. So a "Counter Sp Armor". I didn't change the S effect of the Armor, because more or less they are all good(except maybe % Rek Hp from Damage). If you have an idea to change Rek Hp From Damage explain it. Now there are some extras(but it's like a new suggestion, the main suggestion is the change of some effects) to make a little bit more usefull the Half Shell and the other Shell that are not PvP or Perfect. And i try to give more importance the low rarity from r1 to r6. Legend: C letter = Special effect from Special Shell B letter = Pve Effect s = pvp effect Idea: Half Shell r1:C->C r2:CC->CB R3:CB->CCB R4:CBB->CCBA R5:CBA->CCBBA R6:CBAA->CCBBAA R7:CCBBAA->CBAAS Complete Shell: R1:C R2:CC->CB r3:CB->CBB R4:CBB->CBBA R5:CBA->CBBAA R6:CBAA->CBAAS R7:CBAAS->CBAASs Special Shell: R1:CC R2:CCC->CBC R3:CBB->CCBB R4:CBBB->CBBBA R5:CBAA->CCCBBBA R6:CBAAA->CCBBBAAS R7:CBAASA->CCBBBAASs Pvp Shell: R1:Cc R2:CCc->CBc R3:CB--b->CBc--b R4:CBBb--b->CBBcb--b R5:CBAa--b->CBASa--b R6:CBAAaa--b->CBASsa--b R7:CBAASssaa--b Perfect Shell: R1:C--Cc R2:CC--Cc->CCB--Cc R3:CCB--Bb->CCB--Bbc R4:CCBB--Bbb->CCBBA--Bbb R5:CCBBA-Aab->CCBBAS--Aab R6:CCBBAA--Aaab->CBBAASs--Aab r7:CCBBAAS--Assa->CCBBAASs--Asa I hope that you like this suggestion and if you have better ideas or you are not agree, explain it ^^
  2. Cerridwen

    Launcher error after update

    Hi there, well im having trouble since the last maintence. My launcher stopped working, and it shows an error called AppHanbB1. It happened once and i got help by DrDieLess with an alternate download. But it happened again. What should i do to solve it? Please any help?
  3. Limper545

    Stuck on installing

    Hello, i wanted to install NosTale, but it's stuck on installing/patching. Stuck on 9,27 KB / 144,86 MB. Is there a solution for this problem?
  4. Good I come to leave some files so that you can leave your game in Spanish (Completely) All objects, missions, monsters will go from English to Spanish. (Objects, monsters and other things exclusive to the VGN server will also be translated) You just have to put the files in the NotaleData folder. Vendetta Gaming Network \ NosTale Vendetta \ NostaleData I will leave here the download link:!eAskHTzS!6HDtIUTUPCwLTLuDDDrBuQ Once that is done, and you want to return to the original language, just open the luncher and click on Verify Remember that the official language will still be in English. The Server Language will remain English. Later I will try to leave for the other languages.
  5. Maluzinha

    Launcher error after update

    Hi there, since the last update (Patch V21) my launcher shows the error called AppHangB1, again. It happened before, after the release of update Patch V20 and i've got helped here in forum and downloaded a link of nostale given by DrLieLess in help section. What should i do to fix this one now? Please, any help?
  6. I try to see some tutorials or guides, but i dont see an explain how the "stones recovery's works" Sitting Recovery = (Recovery from Sitting Base + Jewelery Recovery) * (1 +% Sitting Recovery) Recovery from raised = (Recovery Sitting / 5 * 2) + (Recovery Sitting * % Recovery Raised) /!\ / 5 * 2 after lv.xx(dont know which lv.) become lower than / 5 * 2(about / 10 * 2,2) if you dont buy the ability Natural Healing, so it's important buy this normal skill if you have a good recover equipment! Recovery from sitting Base = Recovery with the basic empty character (considering also the skills of malcom etc ...) Jewelry Recovery = The recovery of the jewelry you have in total (between all 3) Seated Recovery = Rune recovery from sitting Sitting Recovery = the one previously calculated (which will be calculated twice !!!) % Raised Recovery = Rune retrieval Magician Sitting Recovery with all abilities: 80 Archery Sitting Recovery with all abilities: xxx Sword Sitting Recovery with all abilities: xxx Bonus Recuper Skills: Advanced Recovery Hp: Increase Recovery Hp 100 (Acquisition from Doggo, only for Arc and Sword) Advanced Recovery Meditation: Increases the Recovery MP of 120 (Acquisition from Dogg, only for Magician and Arc)
  7. Pandemonia

    [Guide] Raid-Timespace's

    Hey there guys ! My name is Pandemonia and this is my first guide on this forum so please be patient with me and if you see any mistakes give me a little hint so I can correct them to perfect this guide ! Soo what is this guide here about ? - Raid-Timespace's What is a Raid-Timespace ? Well thats simple ! A Raid-Timespace is a useable item in your MAIN-inventory that you'll receive through killing monsters and if you're lucky you will dropp one of those mysterious stones with a "R" on it. So once you got a Timespacestone you can enter one of the five different timespaces through looking out for a Magical field with a "dowsing rod" on the fitting map and once you sucessfull finished them, congratulations you finished your Raid-Seal ! Cuby Mother: - Simple one parted timespace, not even a Sp required for. requirements: Lvl. 30 to 39 Map: Sunny Meadows Items: 1 x Timespacestone - Raid, 30 Small beans, 2 Newmoon crystals and 2 seed of power With bug 3 dowsing rods and if your not using the bug just organize the map into 9 x 3 grid's requirements to enter: 10 seed of power Timespace: Xynsenload: 3 parted timespace, I would like to advise you to take some light resistances and potions with you. requirements: Lvl. 40 to 49 Map: Fernon Outpost Items: 1 x Timespacestone - Raid, 40 Shining pieces, 2 Halfmoon crystals and 4 seed of power With bug 3 dowsing rods and if your not using the bug just organize the map into 9 x 3 grid's requirements to enter: 15 seed of power Timespace-Part 1: Timespace-Part 2: Timespace-Part 3: Dark Castra: - Simple one parted timespace with many countdown rooms, perhaps you take some snacks with you (mostly 30 second cooldown waves) requirements: Lvl. 50 to 59 Map: Fernon temple U2 Items: 1 x Timespacestone - Raid, 30 darkness pieces, 3 Halfmoon crystals and 6 seed of power With bug 3 dowsing rods and if your not using the bug just organize the map into 9 x 3 grid's requirements to enter: 30 seed of power Timespace: Jack Spider: - 2 parted timespace with lots of protect the NPC rooms and also lots of countdown rooms again requirements: Lvl. 60 to 69 Map: Mountain Cave 5 Items: 1 x Timespacestone - Raid, 30 Spider weeb's, 4 Halfmoon crystals, 3 eyes of the spider king and 8 seed of power With bug 3 dowsing rods and if your not using the bug just organize the map into 9 x 3 grid's requirements to enter: 35 seed of power Timespace-Part 1: Timespace Part 2: Sladheim: Hard one parted timespace, I would like to advise you to take a specialist with lot of crits and take many potions with you. requirements: Lvl. 70 to 79 Map: Eastern Krem Items: 1 x Timespacestone - Raid, 40 Spider pearl of darkness, 5 Halfmoon crystals, 30 slad claws and 10 seed of power. With bug 3 dowsing rods and if your not using the bug just organize the map into 9 x 3 grid's requirements to enter: 40 seed of power Timespace : Meaning of Colour's (Cuby Mother to Jack Spider): light green --> Levers red --> Countdown-Rooms pink --> NPC's yellow --> K.o. Room light blue --> Gain bonus time dark green --> Monsterhunt Meaning of Colour's (Sladheim): yellow --> K.o. Room (kill all slades) light green --> Levers blue --> Gain bonus time dark green --> Monsterhunt Well thats my guide of the Raid-Timespaces so far, enjoy using it ! Greetings, Pandemonia
  8. Alpargata

    I can't log in.

    Glacernoon channel is down, and I can't log in because my character is in it.
  9. The quest for the 5th specialist card allows to obtain: Swordman: Gladiator Archer: Cannon Shooter Mage: Volcano Requirements for the Hero of the Fire quest: Level 75+ Place: Desert Eagle City Difficulty: Medium To obtain the Specialist Card, it is necessary to partecipate to the Lord Draco Raid and obtain the Raid Box, but for gain the access, the Heroes of Fire's Amulet is required and it is obtaniable by a quest. Hero of the Fire Talk to Kan the Mage Talk to Riana(In the Treasure Hunters Camp) Collect 3x Horn of the Basilisk ( Kill Basilisk of the Desert, Quicksands Basilisk,or the Basilisk Spirit of the Sand in Lost Desert or N Desert) Talk to Riana - Reward : Roberto's Elm Talk to Kan the Mage with 1x Roberto's Elm Talk to Nephi(Akamur District) Collect 3x Mysterious Sand (Hunt Sand of the Desert Midget , Dusty sand Midget or Quicksands Midget in Square of the Temple) Talk to Nephi - Reward: 1x Irene's Glasses Talk to Ken the Mage with 1x Irene's Glasses Talk to Noah(Akamur Camp) Hunt 1x Neil Commander, 1x Melky Commander, 1x Kerus Commander and 1x Garton Commander ( In Melky,Kerus and Garton Camps) Talk to Noah - Reward: 1x Harald's glove Talk to Kan the Mage with 1x Harald's glove - Reward: 1x Time Space Stone Complete the Time Space Stone Map S: Start Yellow1: Clear all Yellow&Purple: Clear all and protect NPC Yellow2:Clear all Yellow3:Clear all Yellow&Purple2:Clear all and protect NPC Yellow4: Clear all E: Kill the objective - Exit After completing the TS: Talk to Kan the Mage - Reward : Heores of the fire's Amulet
  10. Dhui

    Buff NPC

    Hello. Since lately we have super high server activity, I suggest creating Buff NPC in some maps, where people usually farm In my opinion that would make at least some spots on the server, as many characters are used just for buff. The idea is not to be on all maps, and not on raid maps (Not Hell/Heaven Gate 4), But maybe in maps like Eastern/Western Path, Hell's ruins 2, Hells ruins 1. Which buffs? I suggest the most common buffs needed for PVE, Holy buff, Ice mage buff, Red Mage buff, WK buff, Crusader buff, and Morale. (Arena rule for no buffs remains, so you can't get buffs there)
  11. strawdaifuku


    is there gonna be any updates in nostale like wrestler or yertirand ?
  12. DrDieLess

    [ALL GAMES] Using AMD Software

    Just a heads up that some of the newer versions of AMD Drivers/Software may cause problems when using DirectX 9 games. Since all games here use DX9, just something to keep in mind if you come across some weird problems. If you notice a graphic problem, please try to downgrade to an older version and see if that fixes it. Here is the link to download previous AMD graphics drivers
  13. i know its a stupid question.but where is it?
  14. Hey, I'm here making this guide as a request from the community. For each class's SP7 talk to Lilith in Port Alveus Square. For SP8 instead, talk to Sarakael in Port Alveus Square. Swordman Death Reaper (SP7) : Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Red Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus and Berios Raids Black Dye Powder x15: It can be obtained in Giant Knight BTS(B) Renegade(SP8): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Blue Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus Raid Shining Sand x15: It can be obtained in Crisos BTS(C) Archer Demon Hunter (SP7): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Red Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus and Berios Raids Black Armor Piece x15: It can be obtained in Giant Knight BTS(A) Avenging Angel(SP8) : Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Blue Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus Raid Giant Claw x15: It can be obtained in Crisos BTS(A) Mage Seer(SP7): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Red Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus and Berios Raids Doomed Skeleton x15: It can be obtained in Giant Knight BTS(C) Archmage(SP8): Yak's Horseshoe x80 : Yak Warrior > Fir forest limit Mole Cricket Leg x50 : Mole Cricket > Forest Bottom (Eastern Portal) Wish Crystal x80 : Maple Devil > Maple Woods Rainbow Pearl for Grading x80: You can drop these one by killing monster in Frozen Crown Shining Blue Soul x80: You can drop these one by killing any monster in Act 3 and 5 - also in Hatus Raid Hard Backcover x15: It can be obtained in Crisos BTS(B)
  15. For those who are looking for an alternate site to download the game, I've zipped my NT folder and uploaded it. Just download, extract and play. Refresh this thread to see additional download sites as I get this uploaded. This is the latest Patch v21 version.!M34RWAgA!31xfAdqesvsd0KennB7_LSduVlyw1oT1Mmqtc_FnWH8 You only need to use one link.
  16. Leeyum96

    Ice Breaker guide

    The Icebreaker is a multiplayer PvP battle, that can be played each hour after the end of the last one. The Icebreaker is parted into levels. When the Icebreaker starts, the player will be teleported in a special map with a limit of 50 Characters. The Icebreaker Prizes are, in case of victory Increase the reputation Restore the dignity Earn some golds How to enter On the down side of the display, where the Istant Battle button appears , so does the Ice Breaker button. The advertisement will appear 5 minutes, 1 minute, 30 seconds and 10 seconds before its start. Each channel is indipendent, so it's not possible to calculate at what hour the Ice Breaker will be. For gain the access into the Ice Breaker, is necessary to pay a little amount of gold: Level Amount of Gold 01~25 100 Gold 20~40 1.000 Gold 35~55 3.000 Gold 50~70 5.000 Gold 65~85 10.000 Gold 80~99 20.000 Gold How it works The Ice Breaker consits in two phases: freezing and defrosting. Once the player enter in the map, after some second, PvP Mode will be activate and the battle will begin. When the duelists will lose all the HPs, they will be freezed (All the HPs/MPs will be restored, buffs and malus will remain). While a player is freezed, he/she will cannot move or use ability. The players can be freezed once. When a player defrost another player, they get into the same party, and they cannot attack themselves. In the moment when a player kill another player that has been already defrosted once, the killed player will lose the Ice Breaker and will be teleported at the Rebirth Point with 1HP/MP and the malus Consequences of rebirth. The Ice Breaker will be win only if there is only 1 team to survive, or also only 1 player. When a player last-hit (and freeze) another one, this one cannot be defrosted by the player from which has been killed. Victory The rewards for winning the Ice Breakers are Dignity and Reputation, with the amount of the gold that can change according to the number of players that win the battle. When the players enter in the Ice Breaker, the amount of gold will sum. Dignity is increased by 100. Reputation is increased
  17. Vivi

    [NT]Game Rules

    In-Game Rules It is your responsibility as a player to know and read these rules. Failure to follow these rules can result in some form of punishment. Continuing to break the following rules will increase the length of the listed bans. These rules can be changed at any time and a post will be made noting the changes. It's up to the staff regarding punishments. Punishments listed below may not be exactly what you'll receive and may be shorter or longer based on the offence. This post is merely a guideline. Bans can be appealed through the "Support" section of the website. Hacking/Bug Exploitation/Advertising/Fake Links Usage of a third party program or playing the game in a way that's not intended Client modification/reverse engineering the client Promoting the use of a hacking program Advertising/Promoting another server Promoting the use of a fake/knock-off VGN website (Be smart people!) 1st Offense: Permanent ban Harassment This includes but is not limited to: Vulgar and/or sexual remarks Personal attacks based on: their race, gender, religion, nationality, ethics, sexual preference and personal beliefs. Usage of a different language in order harass to try and avoid punishment Harassing in tickets, forums or in-game about a subject that does not involve you (e.g bans) Harassment and/or disrespect of staff 1st Offense: 1 day ban/mute or a warning depending on severity. Continued actions will result in longer mutes or bans Account Sharing/Item Trading If you share your account with another person, you lose all support privileges for that account. If you get scammed, then we at VGN cannot help you get anything that was lost back. This goes for item trading as well. When trading/bartering another player, all are considered final. If you lose an item to a trade scam between another player, those items will not be recovered. Friendly reminder: Never "lend" an item to someone. Never give an item to someone so they may "try it on". Never give your password or account access to someone offering to buy you VGN. ALWAYS check the item tool-tip before accepting any trades Some items may look very similar! Make sure that you are receiving the correct item before you confirm the trade. Keep your account safe from those who would wish to do it harm! Unauthorized Transactions Buy or selling in-game money, items or accounts for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for real money Trading accounts, items, or money for other game currency or items 1st Offense: Permanent ban for all parties involved Fraud Chargebacks* 1st Offense: Permanent Ban *Permanent Ban till the issue is resolved. Inappropriate Names Any obscene, sexual or racist names Impersonation of staff 1st Offense: Forced name change and a ban till if the name is deemed inappropriate. You will have to provide the VGN needed for a name change. If you cannot, your account will remain banned till you can. English ONLY in General and Speaker English Only in General Chat English Only in Speaker Chat 1st Offense: Mute by Support Member 2nd Offense: Additional Mute by Support Member 3rd Offense: You will be banned for 3 days. This rule is a new rule we've inserted due to the nature of certain people ruining the environment for all. We are an English ran server and we must be able to police the game accordingly. We respect your native language and you are allowed to use it within Family, Party and PM's but we insist you keep any public chats in English so the game can be moderated accordingly. Alt Account Abuse Abusing the Fame System by killing alts. Abusing the Commend System by having your alts Commend you. 1st Offense: Fame, Gold or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning. 2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. Because this has gone on for a while now we've had to step up our act before it's too late. Gold in game is being generated way too fast because of this kind of abuse as well as the Fame System now useless due to the fact people can't play fair. Commend System being the same and it's stupid we have to take such actions! Trading Kills or Commends Abusing the Fame System or Commend System by working with a friend or someone else by allowing them to Commend or Kill your characters. 1st Offense: Fame or Commend will be set to 0 as a warning. 2nd Offense: Permanent ban to all accounts involved. We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault! Raid Alt Abuse Abusing the raid system and bypassing the alt abuse checks. 1st Offense: Warning 2nd Offense: 7 Day penalty 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban We're aware people will get "smart" and try workarounds but if we catch you it will be your own fault!
  18. Pysioo

    A Few Questions

    Hi everyone, I'm Pysioo, and im new here, so i have a questions to you guys. Started to play yesterday and: 1. Where i can get sp5, sp6? 2. What is the best to make my character lv 99? (Doing the quests for now) 3. Where i can find good pets and partners? Thank you for reply, and have a nice day ! sorry for my bad english
  19. Hi i've just started my adventure after few years of break from NT. I'd like to ask you guys few things which i'm not sure of >How do we get different mounts? (like Nossie, bike or whatever), since i can see only carpet and scooter in the Mall. > Is Mystery Box in the Nosville (Mimic NPC which charges 500k) the same thing that Mystery Boxes in the NosMall? > I saw few people already hit reputation cap of 100 millions. Is cap going to be increased? > How do we get better costuemes? (f.e. Party / Summer Beach costumes) Which costume is that and how do we get one? (or either purple version) > How do we actually get Fibi pet or other high-tier pet like Fluffy Ball? > Is there any general official Discord server?
  20. Kailash

    Changes in Act 4

    I think that could improve the fighting a bit in act 4. 1) Relocate the portal that leads to the unknown land. Remove the portal to unknown land (Tundra). Add: G West, A portal to unknown land. (Angel) Add: 2 Guardians, Angeles. Add: G East, A portal to unknown land. (Devil) Add: 2 Guardians, Devil. 2) Add 2 new guardians at the entrances of Angels and Devils (Unknown Land) 3) Change the attack of the guardians. Now: Long Distance (Angel) Melee (Devil) Change: Magical (Angel and Devil)
  21. Trainee: 250 - 10.000. ( SP 1 ) Trainee: 10.001 - 25.000. ( SP 2 ) Trainee: 25.001 - 45.000. Experienced: 45.001 - 60.000. (SP 3) Experienced: 60.001 - 95.000. (SP 4) Experienced: 95.001 - 150.000. Battle Soldier: 150.001 - 250.000. (SP 5-8) Battle Soldier: 250.001 - 350.000. Battle Soldier: 350.001 - 450.000. Expert: 450.001 - 650.000. Expert: 650.001 - 850.000. Expert: 850.001 - 1.050.000. Leader: 1.050.001 - 1.350.000. Leader: 1.350.001 - 1.550.000. Leader: 1.550.001 - 2.850.000. Master: 2.850.001 - 4.250.000. Master: 4.250.001 - 7.750.000. Master: 7.750.001 - 11.150.000. Nos: 11.150.001 - 12.250.000. Nos: 12.250.001 - 15.300.000. Nos: 15.300.001 - 20.000.000. Elite: 20.000.001 - 23.500.000. Elite: 23.500.001 - 26.000.000. Elite: 26.000.001 - 30.000.000. Legend: 30.000.001 - 45.000.000. Legend: 45.000.001 - 60.000.000. (Red new) Legend: 60.000.0001 - 80.000.000. Ancient Hero: +80.000.000 Only Top 3. Mysterius Hero: +80.000.000 Only top 2. Legendary Hero: +80.000.000. Only top 1. Also modify the fame that each SP requests.
  22. Hi! I realized that there'snt "Mithril ore" on the VGN Shop in NosTale! Actually there'snt minigames, and the only way to get that item is on the shooting field minigame. Could you add it on the shop please? Or isnt possible? Thank you!
  23. "What is the Difference between Vendetta and Offical Nostale?" This Thread is going to be kinda Big, and it will show you some Difference of our Server compared to the Offical Server. However, this Thread is not meant to be super good looking, more to show some of the Differences. Here you can find the Thread from our Server-Start: Starting with the Basics Drop-Rate do have a Custom Rate here, they drop at a similar Rate, but alot Items or Things just drop multiple Times at once. This is balancing Drop-Quests so they wont be Done instantly, but still making it more Easy to Farm and Enjoy while doing it. _________________________________________________________________ Pay 2 Win?! Yes/No? Compared to the Offical Nostale Servers, we have created the Server on a less Pay2Win System. You are basicly able to get to every Nosmall Item without spending too much Time. Means; There is a balanced Price to trade VGN-Points for Gold. You can just buy every Item besides a Warehouse from other Players for Gold or just from the Bazar. _________________________________________________________________ Nosmall-Rotation? How does it work? Also different from the Offical Server, we have an Rotation of Item's in the Nosmall which changes Weekly. What this means is; There isn't even every Item in the Game yet! We Weekly discuss to bring you the best Rotations.These Items are also all Tradable and as a Free2Play Player you will find them in the Bazar from other Players. Every of the Rotation Items has a Bad-Rng Counter. For example if you buy 100 Fibi Boxes - Number 100 will always be a Fibi. You can see this Counter Ingame under the Item you are trying to get. ________________________________________________________________ New Custom NPC's | Shops | Gamble-Systems! VGN Equipment Shop VGN Shop Mystery Box _________________________________________________________________ Balanced Gold-Production We disabled Gold in Timespaces for Party's, since Gold Production only came of Ts 73 which would make the Game kinda Boring. Timespace Gold is still higher than on Offical Nostale, alot. We even decided to push Farming by increasing the Gold for selling the following Items to a NPC: _________________________________________________________________ Updates, Suggestions and Events We have a Weekly Maintenance. Not every Maintenance will be a Big Patch/Update. However, Bash is trying to check into every Suggestion ( Posted here: ) and often they will come Live on the Server after not long. All of the Game Supports will often enough organize a Event. We just had the Pirate-Event, the Lola raid and even more. Special-Event Rewards will be Event-Points which can be used at our Website. _________________________________________________________________ Starting Set for New Players If you create a Account you can almost instantly claim your Starterpack. _________________________________________________________________ There are so many more Changes.... New Daily-Quests Better Reward for Daily Quests Faster Ways to get High-Level Equipment English speaking Community Craftable Sp7/8 Custom "No-Experience" Channel (4) Better Rates on Frozen Crown Boxes (Fully Removed r1-r3) ... and even more, Check it out Yourself!
  24. Zweite

    Hello Im new

    Hello All I just started on this server, so far hell of a lot better than official got me 5k points with real monies for a hat. I am going mage on this server. Which one Sp 1 or 2 do you think I should use to level with. Also I am looking for a family that likes to chat. Eng Only sorry I cant understand others. Only what I know google translate says to me lol. Well Hope you guys have a nice day
  25. Thy

    Halloween Art Event

    Hi guys, to celebrate Halloween I'm opening this art event for you. Event: The event consists in creating an art work about NT with a Halloween theme. You will have to draw and create a description/story for your art. 1. You can only submit your drawing once,anyone caught using multiple accounts will be disqualified. 2. Do not sell artwork for people on the event,let them do this by their selves. 3. If you don't want to draw, I will allow fotoshopping/editing an image from the internet,but the description/story must be original. 4. Make sure to include in your post your IGN (in game name),so I can mail you with your prize. Prizes: 1st Place (1 winner) : Bomb Hair and Dye Bomb 2nd Place (2 winners) : 5 Event Points 3rd Place (3 winners) : 3 Event Points Things to keep in mind: Items will be sent to winners Item Mall. Arts should be posted here: Event Starts today 11/02 and ends 11/24. Well,that's it. Good luck and see you 24th! Bye! o/