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Found 17 results

  1. I did the 5 daily quests and i got just 1 ducats treasure,what can i do,please i want my treasures and idk if i´m the only one that had this bug. Help me pls
  2. Hello, I'm looking for the Nostale server rules. A GS told me last week that the rules are deleted or not visible for normal users and he will report it. Either I'm too dumb to find them and then it would be nice if you could make them sticky. Or they are really not visible, then it would be strange to be able to be banned for something without the possibility to see the rules.
  3. The fact you don't have to type in your login credentials for every time a channel is full is great. Ty Overlord Bash
  4. Mage 93(+27), Archmage+14 Greetings I have such a problem.with a friend we tried damage to the danders. I had Archmage + 14 and he Tide Lord +13. He gave 23k damage and I 12k At the same time we had the same eq r7 + 8. And he told me there was a problem in the shell, with SL, etc .. And since he did not have time to explain it to me so I want to ask people here whether they would not be willing to advise me and write what to do to increase the damage. I watched YouTube and various forums, etc .. But I need to know if 100 elements are needed on PvE archmage and if it somehow increases the damage when I am currently in element 85. Then whether the fairy 80% is able to increase the damage compared to 50%. If the jewelry can also increase damage and what should I get. I just bought a skin for a weapon that helped little bit. And the last thing I can do here to earn a larger amount of money I spent about 9 hours a day on the game last week and I didn't earn much to see that people have more characters for IC and raids, which is more money but still doesn't make sense where people with c30 they have SP + 15 and EQ r7 + 10. I'll be glad if you can advise me and write what to do
  5. Rin04

    Client bug

    I tried to start my Vendetta Client but when I pressed play no nostal window was started so I tried to start the patcher but it always stays in the same place. (at "Checking file Nostale.exe)
  6. Nostale's patcher won't download the remaining 1gb or less, and I have tried almost everything such as disabling both firefall and window defender, adding onto exclusion, removing my antivirus, repatching, reinstalling, copying the main data file from the official launcher, verified the file like 3 times, and waiting for 3 hours plus. Nothing works. I have also tried downloading eden of eternal and guess what, the same thing happen again. It won't install the last gb.
  7. Hi guys. For some reason I always got teleported out of the individual arena (to the village) as soon as I enter it. Anybody know how to fix this? I tried to reinstall the game and exclude the whole folder from Windows Defender but it's still the same.
  8. Hello guys, as you noticed, they deleted noxp channel. So I'd like to offer to GMs if they could give gillions to NPC Bash (I think, that is the main thing affected by deleting the channel). Because when they deleted the channel, they increased the price of gillions like twice. It made ppl "REALLY" unhappy I think and it would be nice, if you could buy it for 5k each as it was before. Beause now, by fc**** deleting the noxp channel you increasing the price of gillions like twice and you affected the new ppl, that wants to upgrade their items just to be strong enough to lvl up as same as the ppl upgrading their items to do late game. (I mean a6) Sure it isn't seen well now, but after event I think you'll see much more ppl blaming it. So it would be nice to solve it now before it will get worse. ☺
  9. Hello everyone, Hope you all had a good Christmas break. The other day while thinking some plans to make some cash, I have well hypothesized that a good way would've been making slade raid seals as they sell pretty good on the NB. I checked online the materials in order to create the TS and noticed that slade claws were among them. Because of the high price of this material at the NB, I decided to try to grind it myself. On the wiki, I have seen that you can drop these items from Catsy and Spearmen who can be found in Shanera. However, after some time killing them, I had to give up. Not even one. Any suggestion or advice where to drop this item? Thank you all in advance, Middonight
  10. I dont know if was the right section for this answer. About the answer: It's possibile donate in the nostale server as paysafe card? This is buecause i dont have a paypal card but i wanna donate for some vgn coins.
  11. This is mainly a question to Bash, so the rest may even not answer. So the question is, is the trophy set to player lvl > Monster lvl or player lvl >= Monster lvl. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have not seen any publication about the new class in NosTale Vendetta, do not the administrators plan to integrate it into the game? and if so, when more or less?
  13. Hello again, I have a problem and is that I'm stuck with one material, as you may have seen on the tags it's a problem with the dowsing rod, I'm trying to get 15 hard shells but everytime I use them it doesn't work. I search for a place where I get the "->" but I follow it until it becomes a "?" again and I get stuck, I have searched on the internet about this bug and I have changed the region from my country to United Kingdom as they told me to do, but it didn't change a thing. I need this SP for LOD and ACT6 so I can level up get more money and change my equipment, please help.
  14. Hello, I don't know if someone made another topic about this, I just signed in and created this. I just wanted to know about LOD times in every channel, so I can go with my family, we are always wondering when LOD starts, I hope you could help me.
  15. Just a heads up that some of the newer versions of AMD Drivers/Software may cause problems when using DirectX 9 games. Since all games here use DX9, just something to keep in mind if you come across some weird problems. If you notice a graphic problem, please try to downgrade to an older version and see if that fixes it. Here is the link to download previous AMD graphics drivers
  16. If you come across someone that you believe to be hacking/cheating/exploiting/botting, please do one of the following things immediately; 1. Take a screenshot (if applicable to what's happening), then upload that Imgur/photobucket/somewhere else or 2. Take a video. there are MANY free video recorders (FRAPS, Nvidia Experience App has built-in recorder press Alt-F9, BandiCam, etc). Make sure you choose a high enough quality to show names clearly. Then post it on YouTube. Once you've done that, you must submit a ticket, with appropriate evidence links -> If you submit a ticket, without proof, nothing can be done. If you see something that is happening repeatedly, take another video/SS and submit new ticket. Tickets will get answered in order, so please be patient! So don't ask about it through chatbox or make forum posts asking GMs to look into it. It WILL be reviewed.
  17. Hi everyone! Daisuki heeereeeee~ Iv played a few different games,, Eden Eternal, League, Dragon Nest, Dragomon etc etc. But I'm brand new to Nostale! So hope you will all be nice to this skreb Here with my partner @Shiro who is pro-af, unlike myself so if u have any questions about the game feel free to ask him As for myself, for the moment I'll just be floating around learning my bearings, so I hope we can all get on well and become good friends! My favourite types of classes are Healer/Mage so I hope to become one of the bestest healers out there!!!~ My hobbies are drinking tea (because I'm British and I will die without my IV drip of tea constantly circulating through my veins), watching youtube, gaming and sleeping (yes that's a hobby!....) I work full time so sorry if I'm not around all the time Gotta get money for them in-game items npnp~ Anyways! I have 12 cats and 3 dogs, I live in the middle of nowhere with the worst wifi you can imagine, but it's nice and peaceful here so I suppose it's not too bad hehe. If you have any questions or just want a chit chat, I'm around Hope to see you all soon in-game !