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Christmas Event 2019 [CLOSED]

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Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! Players of Eden Eternal !

Dear players, December is fast approaching so Christmas is also approaching! We have therefore organized a theme event to solicit your creative spirit. If you were a Class of Eden Eternal, what would you like to look like?

What skills would you like to have?

Well, it's time to express yourself as a New Class as Christmas approaches!

Imagines your character as a New Class for Eden Eternal, list your skills and invent a story for yourself. You can win great prizes!


For the rewards....

🥇1st Place -
- 4 Event Point + 50 Eden Crystal + A released legendary of your choice or Pet of Choice !

🥈2nd Place -
- 3 Event Point + 30 Eden Crystal !

🥉3rd place -
- 2 Event Point + 15 Eden Crystal !


 Things to keep in mind:

  •      We have the right to deny any item requested if we think it shouldn't be given.
  •      You can't choose fused pet, Diamond Altar, Event box or Anniversary exclusive items.
  •      Items will be sent to winners Item Mall.
  •      All those who participate can obtain 1 Event Point if participation in the Event is correctly respected.
  •      Additionally we may give out extra prizes for things such as but not limited to (Artwork, Lore, Etc).

    **Please feel free to format your post how you feel fit, this competition is about creative freedom.


-- Regulation --

  • You can draw the class preview if you wish.
  • Make sure to note the class passives for each Race and general passive.
  • Specify which colour category it corresponds to and the weapon used (1H / 2H / Off-Hands).
  • And not to do the classes awake or if you do, you will not get any extra Points for it.

I wish you all the best of luck! And may the spirit of Christmas flow through your artistic veins. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you when this event will end. The event starts today (December 20) and will end on January 16. Good luck!

*To participate: Send your New Class, with your IGN.

Type :

Class Type: (Yellow/Green/Tank/Range DPS) any of that
Class Name:
Class Description:
Class Main Passive:
Class Race Passives:
Class Skills:
Any other information:

<Art optional>


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Post your participation HERE

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