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Patch v62

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  • Updated the first Territory War on Saturday and Sunday to be 30 minutes earlier.




Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Devil Hunter Skill "Aimed Shot" to no longer apply "Mana Leak" or "Enhanced Mana Leak" on bosses.
  • Fixed the text issue on low level quests where it would show a random high number amount of EXP.
  • Fixed the trophy "Ulysses's Interrogation Records" to now immobilize and not stun as intended and now grants immunity as intended.
  • Fixed the following Human Racial Craft materials:
    • Claret Gore Defense Gem Lv8
    • Claret Gore Iron Shield Gem Lv8
    • Claret Gore Match Gem Lv8
    • Claret Gore Plus Gem Lv8
    • STR Defense Gem Lv8
    • AGI Ultimate Speed Gem Lv8
    • AGI Fast Cast Gem Lv8
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