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  1. I'm saying that from the evidence I have been given its when you do not break her she causes crashes. I'm still investigating this issue though.
  2. Information Hey everyone just a quick server side patch today to fix a bug with the Celestial Arrow class. I will also like to mention the Dragonside Sanctuary event has now ended. I will mail the players in game today on what to do next and prizes will be sent in due time. Bug Fixes Celestial Arrow skill "Sacred Spirit Arrow" no longer chain's off itself (This SHOULD fix lag as I was now able to DSR run with this class without even a stutter of lag). Note: This will affect the class in game and I will be keeping an eye on it over the coming weeks incase it needs tweaks for next patch. Please provide feedback on the Patch v48 Feedback thread about this fix. Note: I will also be keeping an eye on the Reaver class as it has a similar issue but no where near as bad as Celestial Arrow. Thank you, Enjoy!
  3. I would but it's not quite that simple I'm affraid. There is a lot of values that go into g-heal and p-heal that aren't stored and are calculated on heal time along with some RNG values and the fact that unlike what the game says WIS does not give G-Heal or P-Heal. So even if the stored values are displayed they likely would mean very little to the player. Edit: If super duper desired I may add a command that maybe spits out the numbers in the game but I'm not going to waste time editing the HUD as stuff for it as editing the HUD of the game is a nightmare and just not worth it, especially since it would required extra server packets to request the information for G-Heal and P-Heal since the client never knows the players G-Heal and P-Heal.
  4. You can buy a white one, in Aven with the other tool sellers "Fishing Merchant Bill".
  5. You do not need more than 2 prays, this would throw off the games balance by a long shot
  6. I just ran around randomly in Crystal Utopia at level 120 without an armor set or glyphs on mecha with a +14 Holy 90 gun and got 1 mobillity in just under 3 mins. This was by the way only with a party of 1 extra player instead not on taunt and didn't use the double EXP thing. So if your telling me its not possible to farm pod outside of the dungeon then you must be doing something wrong because when designing these maps the mobs specifically have no drops and fast respawn times so that if you wanted to POD farm. Maybe Crystal Utopia Realm is used for farm POD for some but I'm 99% sure this isn't the only reason people run this dungeon. As again, this dungeon gives the most gold in the game along with Palace. So why wouldn't people run this dungeon? Not to mention I'm getting daily complaints about one of the bosses in their causing alpaca's so I'm pretty sure people are running it daily lol. Regardless this wasn't even your topic point so I don't know why this is being brought up. The only reason I pointed it out to begin with is so that new players or uneducated players wouldn't read the initial post and think its fact.
  7. The dungeon is used for gold grinding and not just PoD farming as there is plenty of places in the outside world to farm pod faster and more efficiently. As for your point about the level, I was suppose to increase the Monster Stone's level range for the patch but I forgot with all the drama around the patch release with people spamming tickets, ex-gs/ex-testers throwing tantrums etc. I will fix this in a future patch but it likely will be a couple weeks (hopefully early Septermber).
  8. I've been aware of this for a while now. However, i've not really been able to find a fix yet. Hopefully I can get it fixed some point soon!
  9. I've gotten a few reports about Amaterasu now in various other situations so I'm investigating the boss itself. From one evidence I got it's likely the same skill that was bugging last time, however the boss must not be broken.
  10. You can limit item's to be only usable in certain locations. However once a gem is emplaced in your armor it becomes a buff and not an item. Limiting by area is a more possible option since the Arena sets work in this way, however it wouldn't make it damage vs players/monsters differently it would be more like damage inside a dungeon +x, damage inside a pvp map +y. Note: To claify on this though, you cannot make a 5 Piece set have say 3 piece effect: Damage inside dungeons +20% and INT +240. The only way to make it possible is either everything on that same effect is only dungeon possible or nothing in the effect is only dungeon possible. There is also only 4 buff slots per buff. However, some buff effects are part of the same like 1 buff slot for say core stats you can do all 5 without using more than 1 buff slot unless 1 is a value and 1 is a percentage then it takes too (I know i might have gone too complicated on it now but hopefully you get where I'm coming from for future suggestsions). Also a gem slot is just a gem slot, you cannot limit it. Thats why tower gems limit the buff stacking instead as gems become buffs once inside. So gems that have written on it that it can only be used once (Like Triple Hit gems) will be limited of stacking 1 time where as gems that allow you to stack is like having a buff stacked for as many gems you have in your armor. However, gems with raw stats such as Resistance gems takes the item value stats (Which is why it's written in white not green).
  11. We cannot make things VS boss only. There is also a lot of limitations on what we can make and what we cant make in terms of stats. Like honestly speaking something like Tenacity I'm 95% sure isn't possible as a buff effect and a buffs timer are completely un-related and the timer is done earlier than the buff effect itself and no there isn't really a way to peak at the buff to check if it's CC or not CC. There is a 5% chance that it's possible as I'd need to look into it to 100% confirm it, but I'm almost certain it's not without massive system changes which just isn't a viable option. I do like this idea though as its a successful mechanic from other games. As for sets, I also think keeping them the same for PvE and PvP is the better approach as from my experiance when playing at a time where PvP sets where actually viable. People didn't like the fact of having to make 2 different sets of PvP and PvE. It allows the 2 groups of players work towards a common goal together and party up so theirs less chances of people being stuck without being able to gain the drops / medals they need from trials and stuff. I mean just look at when normal class TW's came out, people where unhappy about making a new set for that (probably still are). I was already in discussion with someone in possibly in future sets adding a new stop here or there to the sets in places where there isn't super broken tower gems in place (The one we discussed was 2 for body, 2 or 1 for belt and 1 in gloves/boots [not both, one of them i just cannot find the note i made atm]). New PvP currency is something I've been debating for a while. So I'm glad that someone else has brought it up. Elysian does need a rework 100% regardless of the gems. It's just something I haven't really prioritised since people have been hammering on for awaken weapons since this server came out and more so since custom content came out. Then now people are back on the awaken set train since awaken weapons came out so that is my next plan. I do however have to release gold's first so thats whats in development atm. I do like your ideas in this post but there's a number of limitations on the stats part of things. As a run down: Tenacity: 95% sure not possible without massive system changes but will have a look, Endurance: Might be able to cheese this but honestly speaking the worst mistake I made when reworking classes was continuing the trend of +DMG and -DMG. Might: Not possible to differentiate between a boss and a player when it comes to +dmg (MAY be possible to cheese it like i did with true resistance but honestly if we're adding it in mass scale its kinda dodgy to cheese it). Protection: the above.
  12. Unfortunatly no, this is a driver error (since they likely don't factor in direct x 9 games) when making drivers anymore. So when somethings incompatable they don't really care about it they just shrug and make a patch for the game if bitched about enough. Sadly Eden isn't a big enough game in there eyes to spend resources on so we just have to do work arounds the best we can. I iwsh this is something I could fix but I've tried but just something that requires a library update which would take months to do and could have unpredictable consiquences.
  13. Yes @Mark20 this is the correct place to post these
  14. I used to have a similar issue. I'm not really sure of a solution so to speak but i found turning my settings on the lowest helped along with not making any sudden camera movements upon loading. It seems to be an issue some Radeon cards have with this game on Windows 10, mine used to be worse than this where it would happen no matter what map I loaded into. My best advice is trying to find a more compatable driver (maybe an older one) for your card and make sure Direct X 9 librariers are installed.
  15. At this time I feel like it's not really needed as the Heavy Armor MDPS have been balanced in such a way to not require an MDPS set. Changing this would require a rebalance of the class too which people would hate more as no matter what I do to a class people seem to be un happy.
  16. Have you tried running the same setup without the costume as I'm pretty sure if you're going to Alpaca with a costume it would be the moment you wear it not at a specific boss.
  17. Very strange issue. Could be an issue with your graphics card. Try doing a clean install of the drivers for your graphics card and make sure you have the Direct X 9 Libraries installed.
  18. Did you make a game account at If you did, how did you launch the game? With our patcher.exe (The shortcut made on the desktop on installing) or did you use the standard launcher.exe or _launcher.exe as using one of these launchers will patch the game over to Aeria/Taiwan client. If both the above are checked off try resetting your password as sometimes it doesn't register correctly the first time and you need to wait 5 mins after changing the password for the game to register the change.
  19. I was only made aware of it when a forum post was made a few weeks back. I thought having the boss with a large auto attack range solved the problem of the slow spamming but I was wrong. Then when I fixed it in Patch v48 it wasn't tested properly by a person who is no longer a test and they said the fix was working fine which is why it was only managed to be fixed in Patch v49. I personally think this is mainly a player issue though. You have lots of players who are mostly idle in Aven blending in with the plants who could easily solo these bosses with minor effort. If people see someone asking for help and they're not busy they could help these newer players. This is why the first thing I recommend to new players is to find a helpful guild with lots of players as people tend to be helpful in these guilds when someone is asking for a hand with a boss / dungeon.
  20. Jordan

    Patch v50

    Changes Gates of Pandemonium now can be run 3 times a day. Updated "Sword of the Darkest Magic" to be inline with the new Reworked Darkness Blade. Updated "Rapier of Chaos" to be inline with the new Reworked Darkness Blade. Annihilator Siege Mode is now back to a 30 second buff before it disables again. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that the Annihilator Siege Mode woudln't stop when you run out of MP. Fixed the Darkness Blade Skill "Broken Magic Cut" now reduces resistance by 7 pts a stack as intended. Fixed the costume stats on "Mysterious Rose Eye Patch (Legendary)". Fixed the Material Cost for "Intelligence Gem Lv8" Human Racial. Fixed an Issue where Monster Stone's where crafting too many from Racial Crafting. Fixed an Issue where Enhanced Awakening Charm's where not requiring the base charm. Fixed the Material Cost for White Cotten Bundle Halfkin Racial. Fixed the Material Cost for Purple Cotten Bundle Halfkin Racial. Fixes Fixed the name of "Sacred Angel" pet pray (Healing version of Magic Man). Fixed the description of "Sacred Angel" pet pray. Fixed a text error with "Plunging Drake" KP on Dragon Knight, Dragon Soul and Dragon Emperor. Fixed the name of the "Feeble Spirit" Achievement. Fixed the name of the "Mournful Spirit" Achievement. Have a nice day!
  21. We have 5 new Quest maps exclusive for our server and our server alone. We stole 1 map from TW Eden Eternal that they released as a quest map after Aeria's server but remade it ourself then we stole the other 4 from Aura Kingdom. They can be found on the bottom left continent. As for your main point about adding new continent's its possible but we have 2 things stopping us: Do not have any art to go off so we'd need to find someone to create the continents for the in game UI. It's not really worth the agro when theres plenty of space left to play with within the current 3. It's one of those things that its better to keep it simple rather than over compilcate the issue. I mean in future if we need more space its not like we can't branch out but it's better for my time to keep it to 3. More time for me = more content for you.
  22. I may add more ways to obtain this item in future. Not at the moment though. EP price increases due to Supply and Demand, This is not something that is a problem unless it stays like this for months. One thing you don't seem to understand is prices are not set in stone, players will always try to increase the price of an item as then its more profitable (Things such as re-selling). Economies are very volitile and usually when prices goes up it signals that there is either more gold coming in that going out the game (usually requires something for people to sink there gold into like Awaken Quest Books and Quest Items) or the demand for an item goes up as there is a new purpose or new feature to the item. In this specific case the Fishing Rod has increased the demand of the item (Eternal Coins) and with the lack of anything really to be purchased in the last patch the gold is being grinded daily but isn't being spend unless new players are coming in buying Awaken quests or older players are catching up on stuff like Achievements or Awaken Quests. I have been quite accomodating to things like this where you can get EP from daily quest, you can get EP from daily logins and you can get EP from POD (This was an X-Legend thing but with our rates and our POD items you can grind this super fast). Side note: I'm pretty sure you can buy it with AP if you don't wanna farm EP or roll for it, so you always have a backup option. Edit: Vivi informed me we forgot to add it to AP shop, will be added with maintenance.
  23. It lost half it's damage, maybe you should level up some more or put on some DMG reduction gear. They're also not designed to be solo'd. So if you don't wanna make a party and farm them how they where designed then expect it to be hard. Note: I know you said find a party but you're also welcome to mak e a party or ask friends / guildies for help.
  24. Or you could farm pod for EP, you can get it pretty fast that way too.
  25. I am aware of this, publicly announcing stuff like this is not a good idea on forums, next time use a ticket for abusable matters.