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  1. Introduction Hey everyone! Sorry for the lateness of post that was due after Patch 35. However, I delayed it for Patch 36 (The follow up patch) and unfortunately falling rather sick for a couple of days over the weekend and the start of this week that I've been slowly fighting through to reply to posts and tickets. Anyway, to the post itself this post will be similar to Vivi's "Dev Diaries" and other games like League of Legends "Roadmaps", I will be detailing some of the changes you can expect over the next couple of months to keep everyone in the loop of what is coming rather than having misinformation and rumours being spread along with allowing people to add suggestions that would fit around the plans. Finally note: This doesn't mean that the patch order will be held accountable or smaller patches won't be thrown in between them as I cannot guarantee everything goes to plan, so think of it more of an objectives/plan rather than a THIS WILL HAPPEN kinda ordeal. Patch #1 Full Cosmetic Patch Possible (If not will be between Patch 1 and 2): Kage Rework Yes long overdue, I will make sure to impress with it I have some pretty cool ideas for it. Shadow Clones will be removed as they just will not work with how Eden has been designed. Patch #2 Return of Normal Class TW Likely will feature gear level restrictions of some form that will be enforced along with less clunky spawn issues with the buff. Will be balanced to feel more 75-80 cap level just like PlayEden. Possible: Buffs to some of the more known normal classes that have always been under appreciated Note: I am pretty adamant on the opinion of never reworking or doing too many drastic changes on Normal Classes as they're very fundamental of mine and everyone else's original image on Eden Eternal and even though the game has changed so much since we were rocking the normal class life it won't feel much like Eden Eternal to me as a developer if the fundamentals are completely gone. If you don't understand this then that's fine but just know Normal Classes are very delicate to change in my opinion. Patch #3 Awakened Weapons Level 100 Hint: Level 100 Mutant Bosses Hint: Level 100 25 Man Raid Racials Level 100 Possible/TBD: Awaken Armors Level 100 Quests: Part 1 What does that mean? Well you have to wait and see! Patch #4 Would like do do another dungeon in a similar fashion to Gates of Pandemonium. Quests: Part 2 What does this mean? Again, wait and see! Final Notes Yes there be bug fixes along the way, yes there will be other content in the patches other than what i mentioned and like said in the introduction there will likely or atleast have a change for some content from patches to sneak into other patches if extra time is there or lack of time in the previous. I hope to have all these patches done before January and bits of each patch are already being conceptualized or planned by the respected people involved. I will not be working on much Eden Eternal things over the next 2 weeks as I have some real life commitments to take care of and Bash has asked me to give Vivi a hand in making some stuff for Scarlet Blade to make her life easier which I will prioritize over Eden as Vivi helped me with some of my patch work in Eden Eternal! I may post previews or thoughts on work as it progresses on this post but no promises because I might forget or not have anything interesting to show that wouldn't need an explanation on what it is first.
  2. Jordan

    Future of 2018 Patches

    Here is some previews of the new maps upcoming in the next patch, this isn't all of them but just some of them.
  3. Jordan

    Bank Expansion & Share + Improvement Gwear Swap

    Shared banks isn't really an option as the only cross character feature is the archive and its pretty limiting on what can and cant be done with it. I do plan to add some form of scrolling mechanism to the bag so we can possibly expand past 37 slot bags but thats a future project. Gear swap already provides this feature if u leave it blank but tick the enabled feature. I might try to expand gear swap past 3 in a future when i get around to fixing the gear swap feature when used in tandem with the auto sort feature.
  4. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    Well what you define as easy and a new player defines as easy is two largly different things. I will try my best to make it so 115 should be a standard but I cannot be 100% on it. My goal is to make 115 the standard level for anyone who remotely wants to play the game while 120 being the perfectionist level.
  5. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    120 wont be easy, but I would like to think everyone will be 110+ upto around 115 then its on the hardcore players to grind to 120. The cap on the DMG difference is 10 levels so if most people are between 110-120 then they will atleast be lower than the highest possible value now, at the end of the day its still and MMORPG and it still has to require some form of effort to reach the cap level.
  6. Jordan


    There's not really anyway people would report you or you being caught for macroing if you're using it just to press skills in a trial. Although we do not allow third party programs you cannot really police people who are using it for just "ease of play" as they're not afk, they're not using it in malice. Also if a program is blocked by the game then its the Anti-Hack preventing, we're not going to disable Anti-Hack just for people to macro.
  7. Jordan

    Eden Eternal Crash

    When it crashes is their a specific action you're doing when it crash, like if you logged in and waited on the character selection screen does it crash? or does it only crash when the map finishes loading. Also is your files installed correctly, if you hit verify on your patcher does it verify successfully or give and error?
  8. Jordan

    friend keeps getting dc'd after character creation

    What game is your friend trying to play?
  9. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    As much as it might help PvP, I've always been against one thing and thats limiting people from playing with their friends.
  10. Jordan

    Most Broken Class 2019 Poll

    It's not possible, the way Dragon Emperor is done currently requires a lot of backend stuff, the worm and stuff breaks it really bad hence why it works differently in DOD dungeons which don't allow the Dragon. It wasn't suppose to be immune to that stuff but because of how it works I had no choice but to make it unable to be tranformed. This is also why although requested many times I haven't made Trainer work the same as Dragon Emperor mount.
  11. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    This was sent to me a week ago... You're acting like Children because you can't get easy wins anymore and rather than suggesting how we could improve like say putting more guilds on your side or such you just want to QQ in a corner. I like your mind set of going into TW guys "If we're against MoneyTeam, better luck tommorow" no wonder you can't win anything if you're not trying to improve. We cannot prove with evidence who abused the Treasury Bug, we can guess who did and who didn't but their wasn't any solid proof to go on. As for for the Revive bug we could tell with 100% proof who did and who didn't abuse it which is why we where able to take action vs them. Also don't come at me about favoritism cause I couldn't give a fuck about who wins out of MoneyTeam and Garden and quite honestly if I where to login and play the game right now I'd rather join a guild that isn't 1st place everytime to make them 1st place everytime as its more fun to fight vs stronger people than it is to steamroll over people. Please don't involve me in such guild drama, I'm only doing what is suggested to me and it can be disabled any moment I choose. If you wanna give it the biggens then atleast try suggesting changes first... I'll happily sit here all day and call you children until you actually make a suggestion, the only people who look foolish here are yourselves so please, continue...
  12. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    The maps are in work but its very hard to make maps and content and I'm working all day on these stuff with my helpers but it takes time.
  13. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    The bane of my existance.
  14. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    You can come here acting like this or you could come here with suggestions instead. This was something requested for a long long time even on previous servers and I thought hey because theirs only 2 guilds and the only TW which is fun and has action is when you're against each other rather than when you cap 4 crystals and afk for 29 mins or try to scumbag each other ninja capping on alt guilds. Why is it a problem that making guilds fight rather than just cheese a win is such a bad move? If you want it removed then suggest that? If you want more guilds paired against MT then suggest that like others... I can only do things about stuff if you bloody talk to me about the problem rather than QQing about it. You of all people can message me privatly so if you wanted to convey a problem and suggest solutions then by all means. If you wanted to continue playing this game then as the community you all need to band together and solve issues to make the server more fun. This is likely the last chance to play Eden as the TH server is just an upgraded PlayEden and the TW server is close to shutting itself down along with Aeria's. Unless Bash gives the files away for Eden likely their wont be anymore servers as unlike other games with private servers like Flyff and such the files for Eden aren't easy to get.
  15. Jordan

    A Gift from infectt to jordina

    I will put this one in my signature, I also don't use Instagram,
  16. Jordan

    Patch v43 TW's New Structure; MT vs Garden

    I'm glad someone has started this discussion because I'm at free will to put as many guilds on either team as I want. So I've been hoping people would give some feedback on this change and offer suggestions on who should be put with Garden and so on. So please if you could encourage players to come state their opinions here that would be great as although I have an idea on whats going on I'm not the one playing so my opinion can only do so much.
  17. Jordan

    Dragon Knight quest error

    You have to go outside Andrew Mine in Limestone Mountain and then use the item that should be in your bag. Edit: Item name is " Meterol Curia Bell"
  18. Jordan

    A Gift from infectt to jordina

    Thank you the picture looks really nice ! I set it as a cover photo on my VGN profile
  19. Jordan

    Claim prize ?

    You can claim the prize here However, from your previous post I assume you have already claimed it as it's available from level 1 onwards.
  20. Jordan

    About CP!

    KP you can reset with Memory Tomes which are pretty cheap at end game (as Yukani said). If you meant CP for your skills then don't worry you can max all those skills levels at end game. I can also suggest for leveling you don't have to stick with 1 class as you're very welcome to change class freely whenever and leveling classes at end game isn't too difficult.
  21. Jordan

    Legacy gear?

    Recommended just means it's recommneded for your class. So on a Magician all cloth gear will likely be recommended if not wearing it.
  22. Jordan

    Patch v43

    Changes Temple Knight Weapons level 80 will now scale to level 95 based on the characters level. Temple Knight Weapons level 80 are now restricted in Normal Class TW. Temple Knight Armor level 80 will now scale to level 90 based on the characters level. Temple Knight Armor level 90 will now scale to level 95 based on the characters level. Territory War teams can now be predecided by a GM. Note: This can be enabled and disabled freely during the week so this might change at any moment (Will provide announcement on changes). Note: We will be starting with MoneyTeam vs Garden only. Removed Christmas Decorations. Lowered the level of "Snow-white Sakura - Red Lady" to level 80. Lowered the level of "Scorching Flame - Sea of Fire" to level 80. Famous Forger now lasts 7 days. Famous Forger now costs 1500 gold instead of 2500 gold from <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Master Craftsman now lasts 7 days. Master Craftsman now costs 1500 gold instead of 2500 gold from <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Summoner Master now lasts 7 days. Summoner Master now costs 1500 gold instead of 2500 gold from <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Master Botanist" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mysterious Madam (Farm)" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mineral Master" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mysterious Madam (Mine)" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Summoner Master" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Added "Mysterious Madam (Altar)" to <Blueprint Seller> Elika. Balance Changes Assassin Sprinting Stab: No longer deals Double Hit Damage. Neck Twister: No longer deals Double Hit Damage. Note: This change doesn't remove its 1 shot chance, rather just reduces it to one 1 shot abillity rather than 3, similar to Gravity Manipulator. It's capping should be unaffected. Bug Fixes Fixed Monday Awaken Territory War from being a second Normal Class Territory War. Honor should now be collectable after GVG has started. Fixed Normal Class Territory War effecting the cap limit of Awaken Class Territroy War. Permenant "Enable to Switch" buff should now be removed upon entering Aven. Sinash Trophy should no longer deal 5000 damage to the caster on Spawn/Equipping. Added the missing sounds from the Christmas Mounts added in Patch 42. Text Fixes Fixed the text of "Drake Energy Safeguard". Fixed the text of "L80. Nikola's Secret Research Project IV (Engineer)". Fixed the Description of "Holy Glow Shield". Fixed the Description of "Awaken Mighty Blessing 3-Piece". Have an amazing life!
  23. Jordan

    New hair suggestions

    It depends on how twin saga maps the wigs colours. It's tweakable but because I'm a programmer not an artist it's very difficult for someone with my skillset to change things like this.