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  1. Can be changed in game via the settings. Simply just get into the game and there you go you can change your settings.
  2. Does your computer have any scaling settings applied as these can cause issues with the in-game GUI.
  3. I've asked people to screenshot this weapon being in Territory war because if you actually read patch notes you would notice that it should be disable in PvP maps. So if someone can show me that its actually visible then I know I need to look into it, otherwise its another costume causing the same issue and instead that costume needs to be looked into. I'm yet to be able to recreate this issue and I have other responsibilities that require my attention for atleast the next 2 weeks, so if you have a screenshot of someone using this weapon in TW (Which should be easy to come by) then please pass it to me here or in tickets and then I can investigate why its not disabled when it should be. If not see what other costumes the person is wearing and then see if you can figure out which one is causing it. I myself don't get this issue at all so its hard for me to fix since how do I know the fix works?
  4. You do not need to apologise for making suggestions and as I said it's not a bad one. It's just some people have proven to hold things against me when I try to make changes for the good of the game and then make up expectations that just cannot be met. Although I agree with the change sadly I just wont do it on the basis of it will be held against me for future and current things.
  5. But it is though isn't it? What about at 70 cap when the Cast Speed Light Armor has the same issue and that has an Awaken form even and thats not including the various amounts of sets at 70 that are dmg sets that also have -malice. I cannot just change 1 thing or people just hold it against me. Eitherway it's not really worth arguing about it. As I said in my initial response it becomes a precedence that I don't feel like setting. Even if you follow suite and change all sets from this point onwards then the arguement about class passive starts and class buffs and anything with malice on it becomes a big discussion of "Well you changed this why not that".
  6. Having awakens changed to equal 120% wouldn't really change anything in regards to your comment. In bow case you'd still awaken bow and for staff case you'd still debate if the 5 elemental reistance and couple of points on the proc is worth awakening it. It's honestly worse if you release 120 and then not increase the awakens as you just make them generally worse unless the case is like bow where simply its just better. I'm staying out of this decision as I know personally it doesn't really effect anything and I'm leaving it to the community to decide on this one. Everyone seems to have this idea that 120 is the devils fruit and that everything that went wrong on the last cap was mostly down to it. Also the countdown can always be extended if people think its for the best, just never shortened. But, you're right people need to decide but even if it is decided to come I have things to do for Awaken that have been pushed back due to Classics demands and my IRL work. So this will be my priority for the next couple of weeks atleast.
  7. Don't really want to set a precedence of changing a set everytime an unfavourable stat comes along to be honest. Not that I'm against the change specifically but it sets a bar that then will always need to be satisfied or outrage begins. It also becomes a referance point of "well you did for this so why now you wont".
  8. Something I've wanted to implement for a long time but is a lot of work on the backend. It is a possible future addition but with how much I have to handle at the moment it's not something being actively worked on. Idk if most people would appreciate it enough for it to be worth the time and effort as its basically the same as point 1. This would open the world of botting. People generally are respectful and theirs rules in place if they're not. As infect said its possible for us to add additional running maps as "copies" of them (alternative) like we did on the Awaken server. G-Healing and P-Healing work very differently to other stats and me adding a display to the game wouldn't really give much insight on to how these stats work and interact with your game. However, from looking at the formula it does appear to be if you focus building WIS then WIS procs are better and if you focus building G-Heal then G-Heal procs are better which tends to mean the G-Heal wins out for having the bigger procs. Some people complain about activity in TW at the moment adding more of them would hinder this. However, if it becomes active enough that a second one is a good idea then sure we can do that.
  9. Jordan

    Altar Legendary

    Hey all, We are aware a Legendary version of Pitch-Black Rose Wings slipped onto the altar. This will be changed to a prime version when we have a maintenance. We would appreciate any efforts made to convey this message to other members of the community so that people do not get scammed thinking it will be staying legendary as we cannot return any gold to anyone who does get scammed. Thank you and sorry for the error!
  10. @Herakles Will add it to his bug list. Pretty sure they didn't have Luminary planned that far back since up-until Reawakening the game didn't even have the backend functionality to support Luminary. The more likely senario is they simply had a typo when creating it as on a buff fire and slash share the same slot but a different buff id. Also looking at files from 65 cap that I have the chinese text reads as the following: "時間內,降低斬劈耐性 15 點" which when translated is slash resistance and is written symbol for symbol on the Chinese buff for Dance Slaughter. There for the translation of "Dark" resistance is an Aeria blunder and the buff is an X-Legend blunder. Please do not spread false information as both of these companies are well known for their errors on this game at this point.
  11. Comments always have just as much impact as polls in most decisions as if 100 people vote yes and 10 people vote no but 10 people give valid points while the 100 do not then it would be pretty dumb to follow the poll results right.
  12. Well if the system ever did come its not like we can't follow suite with Awaken 75's and have them either the same as 120% or slightly above (I think it was maybe 121% or 120.5% for 75 awakens). As for my opinion I don't see the need in having to refund stones for fortifying a pre-awaken. We don't offer it on awaken and Aeria/X-Legend didn't offer it either so I'm not really sure why it would be needed now. Pre-awakens unlike 60 weapons can compete with Awakens and I remember on US Aeria atleast there was a player who used a purple 75 staff for the entire 75 cap even once the Awaken staff was released and still did perfectly fine in TW's and thats with a weapon that gave a Double DMG proc as its competition. People can choose to forify Awaken weapons after the fact or choose to ignore them as its in the best interest of budget. People can also use 65 Awakens into 70 cap as its like you said, Awaken Weapons have decent proc effects that makes them outweigh a number of the 70 weapons. This comes down to budget and class range. Simply if you wanted to play more classes then the best choice would be to Awaken something you don't already have and fortify that. But if you only play one class then it's not really a waste of gold to improve your current weapon by getting a better version of it. I'd be much more of the opinion that its better to push Awakens further back if people think the timeframe is too short than refunding anything as if we are going to be refunding things then whats the point in even having a delay patch schedule. This is before even jumping into the rabbit hole of "Well 65 -resistance bow is likely better than pre-awaken bow for ranger but then awaken bow is better than than that bow" arguement (Which you can't argue with a direct refund cause then people who wanna change class will just refund their gear and use it to for a new class which defeats the purpose of forting on an item by item basis).
  13. I believe the general community opinion was that they didn't want the system added as it cannot be limited to 110% without conflicting with the 60 and 55 versions. Since the drop rate in 65 trials is higher than in 60 trials too (By default). However, please correct me if I'm wrong about this and we can open a vote or something but I'm currently of the impression that people didn't want it.
  14. Basic supply and demand. The richer part of the community are throwing money around to get things first. I'd personally just give it a week or so and it will simmer down. I know its a week of being behind others but its better than paying above normal for it imo.
  15. Because the trophy is bugged and anyone who actually would use that trophy is aware of the fact as if the effect of the trophy was how it was written nobody would care about it.
  16. I'm not sure how your mind works if you think this wont help? The stone is lower so even at the same rates you still have to travel through less fail chances and less items so just right of the bat you get more chances to get it. Even though the rate is higher than above still thats just common sense really. As for your other point, did you even real the post Bash made?? Let me quote it for you: I don't see here anything different than what has been done in game. Nobody said we're going to start throwing them at you like they're free we're simply just increasing the availabillity so that more can be in the market which will in-turn bring down the price of the item. We're actively monitoring the item quantity in game to see how effective the change is. Judging the change after an hour or so when a new gear patch has come out and they're in demand, well that is just foolish to be quite honest. We never intended to make the +8 and +10 part easier as everyone agreed that +6 is a base line, a minimum. It's not so wrong to grind for a while to +10 a weapon as realistically armor only needs to be +6 so after +10'ing your weapon you can start on the next class.
  17. Jordan

    Patch v8

    Information Based on feedback we've added a Virdian Safety Stone to the lower levels of the Altar to increase the amount of them flowing through the economy. We will be closely monitoring these stones over the next week to see what effect it has on the economy. We have also increase the amount of regular Safety Stones given at a higher tier to help make them more affordable for players who do not donate and more quantiful for donators. For more information on these changes: We've finally release our Event Box system for Eden Eternal Classic! For more information on the Event Box system: Content Updates We've release the Level 65 Trials! Note: Level 65 Arena Crafting has now been enabled! We've added Class Medal drops to the following dungeons (0/2 & 0/10): Soulmor Falls Vortek Federal Armory Manor Basel Border Colossal Cauldron Sturmfrau Windsnap Lair Skleros's Ice Abyss Updates Disabled the trophy "5 Beast Team Badge". Updated the duration and cooldown of "Quick Recovery Potion" of all levels. Item "Loving Heart" can now be stacked 999 times. Added Weapon Drivers for the following level 50 weapons: Skull Cutter Wild Arrogance Warlord Fire Pistol Holy Light Deserter Cruel Magic Barrier Arrogant Jazz Bug Fixes Samurai Skill "Shrine Belief" is now removed upon changing class. Mount "Ocean Fun Itasha" is no longer classed as a tandem mount. Text Fixes Updated the Quest Item "Beast Trap Clamp" to contain the correct coordinates. Note: Quest: L61. Grounded (REP). Item "Blueprint: Blood Howl Axe" materials. Item "Blueprint: Rapid Eagle" materials. Item "Blueprint: Night Crawl" materials. Item "Blueprint: Alpaca Knight Helmet (Prime)" materials. Item "Blueprint: Alpaca Suit (Prime)" materials. Item "Frightclaw's Azure Cape" effect. Item "Resurrection" effect. Item "Fortune Goldfish" description. Item "Fortune Goldfish (Alpha)" description. Pet Skill "Resistance Collapse". Achievement "Forbidden Portal: Feeble Spirit". Achievement "Forbidden Portal: Mournful Spirit". Boop Boop, Enjoy!
  18. As of the moment not possible. It was suppose to be increased with Patch v44 with the rest of them but it was causing many issues so for the moment it's not possible. It is a future venture but at the moment its been shelved while focus is put towards content updates.
  19. Well if you need any assets I will be happy to try and get them for you. However, there isn't really much 2D art within the game sadly.
  20. It's not really possible as people on low resolutions struggle already which is why we needed to make it wider. But it's not able to go much wider to be honest.
  21. I don't play card games nore to I really like them either. However, I appreciate the effort that was made and the cards look cool Maybe @Bash might have more apprication for things like this since he likes card games
  22. Jordan


    I mean most people have said it here already that the purpose of the defector is to stop people just rage quitting or leaving but I do understand that defector is a bit of a pain. Maybe it can be shortened but it's a very tricky situation. Maybe if I can find some time I can try queue 10v10 myself when its active and see if I can replicate crashes to see if they can be fixed but just time is not something I have a lot of at the moment.
  23. Already planned and yes you should check other threads as stuff like this has been posted ona couple threads now.
  24. This is something that will take a lot of time to implement as I have to make each one by hand. With the costume ones it was a simple copy and paste job from Awaken but that isn't the same from class ones as they work differently. This doesn't mean I'm against the idea but its not something that will be here in the next couple of weeks for sure.
  25. No new guild level cap yes, level cap level cap is planned for one day in the future like many other things.