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  1. If you're playing on the highest graphical settings then I don't really see anything wrong with how it is now. But no we cannot update the graphics. We could update the shaders and stuff for visual quality but its not reallty something that I believe is necessary.
  2. M-Crit's do effect healing by as you stated 300% = 3x. If you have 100% M-Crit Rate then you always crit.
  3. You're going to have to be a little more specific on what exactly are you asking for here.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm opening this discussion to see peoples thoughts on when the next set of content should be released. The next content will be the level 70 cap which will include the Dragon Knight and Sage class. The level 70 trials will come either one or two weeks after the level cap depending on my time. There will also be a poll attached to the thread to get some visual results on what people are thinking. Please note we will be checking for alt abuse interms of poll results and comments will be weighed heavier than poll results (I will also appreciate keeping the discussion pleasant).
  5. I have personally tried this myself and could not reproduce this issue. However, this is not the first time I've heard of this issue. Do you have any issues drag and dropping anywhere else such as the character window swapping your equipped gear with drag and drop. This could be some sort of configuration issue or library issue that is causing this. I will investigate further. Please test dragging and dropping of items in other places to see if this issue persists.
  6. Just an update to the current situation. As PvP outside of TW/GVG has been dead for a while on this server (Except the odd 3v3 here and there) I have came up based on the responses on this post and my own thoughts a change list that will be progressed with over the next few months (Likely one mode at a time). If you have anything to add / discuss you may comment after this to discuss. However, I'm pretty dead set with these changes atleast. Elysian Island Changes Similar rework to Classic: Fix any spawning issues with bosses. Disable Battle Pets. Enforce a stricter level cap. Disable Arena Gear (Armor, Badges and Enchants). Updated HP Buff. Updated Rewards. Updated Ranking Rewards. More fixes to the friendly fire issues. Update the Boss Skills and Stats to match the current gear level. Update the Monster Stats to match the current gear level. Disabled the following items: Engineering Potions. Will Alternate with Temple Arena on days it is open. Temple Arena Changes Removed the use of Reality Potions. Update the Rewards. Upgradable Versions of the current Trophys. Update the Boss Skills and Stats to match the current gear level. Note: The reason I will not be making a Version 2 as suggested is that it's just too complicated and will likely have a lot of bugs to iron out. This will take up far too much time that could be spent on other projects and likely even if there is two versions, most people would only actually take advantage of the version deemed "better". Check and disable battle pets. Check and disable Arena Gear. Will Alternate with Elysian Island on days it is open. 3v3 Changes Update the HP Buff. Depending on changes might require some Healing Debuffs. Disable Battle Pets. Removal of Arena Gear (Armor, Badges and Enchants). Disable Class Changing during a match (Still will be enabled at preparation times). Will become a Timed Event instead of an All Day Event. Possible Change: New Map (We're in the process of testing a few). 3v3 Things to Watch Impact of Shielder. Impact of Immunity Potions. 10v10 Changes Will be completely removed / revamped for another game mode. Some Rough Ideas: Updated into a 5v5 Mode. Removed Arena Gear / Pets. Disabled Class Changing during the Match. Likely have a map objective (Capture the Flag, Crystal Capture, etc.) Could even end up with multiple modes in either an RNG or rotation. Improved Spawning System to help with regrouping. Monster Battle Arena Monster Rebalancing (Check Classic Patch 11). Remove Battle Pets. Remove Arena Gear. Possible Change: New Monsters, based on custom content. Possible Change: Stat balancing across the board so Armors and Class Passives etc are ineffective. Now I have some other things planned for the upcoming Five Year Anniversary, So I cannot say when exactly these changes will be implemented. But it will likely start with 3v3 and go from there. I will hope to have all the changes done this year but it just depends as I will likely be working on some content for the end of the year too. But this is what I currently have in mind, Hope this hits some of your expectations and might event bring some life back to these modes.
  7. Just as an update to this thread as I didn't get a chance to update/create a new thread. I have came up with an initial list of changes to be made.I am aiming for the end of the month but I cannot say for 100% it will be ready by then. The initial change list will be as follows and if anyone wants to give any input on these changes then you're welcome to but most of these changes came from this thread in some form or another or other threads. 3v3 Changes Small HP Adjustments. Disable Class Change during the match (Still will be enabled before and between rounds). Will investigate friendly pets being targeted using tab (This is something that will come after everything else). 3v3 Things to Watch Impact of Healing Classes (Specifically with the minor HP Adjustments). Impact of Immunity Potions. 10v10 Changes Small HP Adjustments. Disable Class Change during the match (Still will be enabed before and between rounds). Reduce the round timer to 5 mins. Implement a Wave Based Spawn System that every 15/20 seconds will respawn all players who are currently dead at the same spawn point on the map. Update the Ormormu buffs to be none removable by Buff Removal skills (e.g. Purifying Wind). Will investigate friendly pets being targeted using tab (This is something that will come after everything else). Now I would like to state that these changes will be implemented as an initial step. Once the changes are implemented we will then see how they sit and then create any other changes to improve the quality of these specific PvP modes.
  8. Will look into this.
  9. Is the weapon awaken as we only return awaken items (HoO weapons are classed as a Awaken Items). Please submit a ticket with evidence of having the weapon with the character name clearly visible in the screenshot and we can return it.
  10. Sorry I completely forgot about this :/ I have some PvP Changes in the works for both servers so I've added it to the todo list so it doesn't get forgot.
  11. I don't understand what you mean on the Blood Knight KP. I presume that the Darkness Blade one is related to the fact that the luminary uses a special version of the P-ATK M-ATK KP that gives more M-ATK than usual. I will double check this when I can.
  12. If I'm understanding you correctly you're asking what awaken classes are good as MDPS? If thats your question then it honestly depends on how you like to play the game and what kinds of things you will be doing on the game whether it be PvE or PvP. Some good classes for PvE would be: Dragon Emperor (Awaken Dragon Knight) - Decent damage, very good if built hybrid but can be built only MDPS for decent results. Mecha Ares (Awaken Engineer) - Decent AoE mob killing (Good for grinding) Equilibrian (Awaken Cleric) - Good for supporting classes that deal Holy/Dark damage. Gravity Manipulator (Awaken Mage) - Good burst damage (Paired with Equilibrian / Darkness Blade is really strong). Demon Summoner (Awaken Illusionist) - Really good single target damage. Demon Taimer (Awaken Warlock) - Decent single target damage, really good at killing bosses when undergeared because % HP damage. Darkness Blade (Awaken Luminary) - Decent Aoe DMG (Goes well with Gravity Manipulator and Equilibrian). Holy Blade (Awaken Luminary) - Decent Aoe damage, hard ish to build since requires you to build both PDPS and MDPS stats as its more hybrid. Some good classes for PvP would be: Dragon Emperor (Awaken Dragon Knigiht) - Got a nice bit of burst to it, quite easy to use if just built MDPS. Mecha Ares (Awaken Engineer) - Probebly the best all around class, good damage and good survival. Equilibrian (Awaken Cleric) - Decent damage but mostly good for supporting classes with dark/holy damage. Battlefield Poet (Awaken Bard) - Very high burst damage but quite weak when its buff is on cooldown. Druid - (Awaken Shaman) - Decent damage but can be really strong since you can abuse the fact that most people don't bother with overcapping nature resistance a lot of the time. Arch Elementalist (Awaken Mage) - Has really high potential damage but is very complicated to play and the results are only slightly above what other classes can do with a lot less work. Gravity Manipulator (Awaken Mage) - High burst, lot of self sustain and a bit of CC to help. Time Manipulator (Awaken Illusionist) - Nice damage, has a bit of CC and good for debuffing as a MDPS and very good to have when in parties with classes that have MP issues. Demon Summoner (Awaken Illusionist) - Really good damage and a good knock down but is heavily reliant that the pet doesn't die which can be hard in some PvP modes. Conjurer (Awaken Warlock) - Good CC and generally just toxic debuffing class especially when paired with gear that CC's and debuffs. Darkness Blade (Awaken Luminary) - Same as PvE. Holy Blade (Awaken Luminary) - Same as PvE. However, if you're asking for the sake of what classes to awaken first. You might want to stick to classes like Engineer, Shaman and Mage as Mecha is good for farming and questing, Shaman is good for dotting hard to kill mobs to death using the totems and Mage is good for soloing bosses.
  13. We don't have to stick to strict following but at of this current moment they aren't really needed. However, it is something I will look into releasing at some point.
  14. Yes both are suppose to be Tenacity Strike.
  15. Are you sure you claimed for the correct server. The websites are very similar. You should submit a ticket for this request so that we can check your account without you providing any information on the public forums.
  16. The issue with events like this is that it takes time away from game development as I'm the only one who is working on it and I would need to allocate time from making content, updating previous content, bug fixing and making altars. I also have to do the same as above (Asside from making altars for the Awaken server too). This is why events like this are usually saved for special occasions such as Christmas and Anniversaries. Boss spawns are a slightly different story as they are much simpiler to create and take maybe a couple of hours.
  17. All I'm going to say is go check Aeria games server and you'll see its actually 75 there and not 10. It's been typo'd since release I believe and I've just verified this myself. It's been 75 since release and I rounded it to 80. Please do not base things off our Awaken server as we've done plenty of custom changes over the past 5 years (Or what you might consider a bug fix). Taken from Aeria server.
  18. Skill DMG Taken is always better than resistance because its not effected by overcapping resistance. I can't think of the math right now behind it but if it helps Skill DMG Taken is done at the end of the damage calculation just before crit multiplers where as resistance is done at the very beginning. So if I'm mathing right which I might not be cause tired. Physical DMG Taken should be the winner in that aspect too. Either way I'd go 115 since Triple Hit on top of all that.
  19. Did you try downloading using the alternate link?
  20. There is plenty of reasons for this as stated in this post: But for the TL;DR. Too much gold is starting to linger in the server, gold sinking helps the players with less gold overall as it takes gold out of the server so that player to player trading inflates slower and some of the inflation is removed. If your someone whos unhappy about the current price of Eden Crystals rising then this is something you should be very much for and not against.
  21. Yeh the goal in all this sinking at the very least it to try bring down the price of altar items (including Eden Crystals). There will be more gold sinking areas to come overtime to aid this. But in the end gold will always slowly be inflating but its about delaying it as much as possible for the free to play players.
  22. Ohh sorry I meant client_classic.ini
  23. You get a fair bit just from attacking the bosses too and getting th mail based reward using fragments. I mean PvE stuff aswell as PvP stuff don't worry. But it was more aimed towards things that are designed for rewards rather than something people tend to already farm for gold / medals. Like I have planned as mentioned before somewhere that I want to make a custom sort of revamped Boss Monster Challenge. This would be an example of something I would aimed to attach EC based rewards. Elysian was mainly just a current example of this. I mean thats the end game goal. If you look at some of the custom stuff so far, Elysian drops Sublime Safety Stones as a rare drop and Safety Stone Fragments as a common drop. Then the Event Spawn I did on launch had RNG chests with stones inside. I have lots of plans its just executing those over time. Additionally we have conversion scrolls as a more common reward for those kind of areas and is something I want to implement into more areas of the game for sure. Possibly daily logins and such.
  24. Well what you're forgetting is prices are rising in all aspects. Most people where sinking gold into achievements before and crafting gears and such but now people have that stuff so now there isn't a lot taking gold out of the economy compared to the previous months. So it doesn't really need to have more money coming into the game as there is already plenty of gold in the game already. There needs to be more things taking money out of the game like Awakens. And yes you're right them losing 8-9k will make them farm harder to get the 8-9k. But thats no different from them buying a costume for a similar amount right? People will always strive to have enough gold to buy what they need which is why there needs to be things in the game taking gold out. It doesnt take days to farm this much gold unless you limit yourself to daily activities only. It's a piece of end game gear, having to invest a lot of gold isn't uncommon.
  25. Well the best explanation I can give is: When you sell an item to an NPC or get gold dropped from a boss the overall gold in the server goes up. So if this gold isn't being taken out of the server by the same means such as buying from an NPC or a crafting cost etc etc. Then prices of player to player trading will rise too because quite simply there is more gold in the economy which in turn decreases the value of the gold. So the solution is take gold out of the economy via the system (Which in this case is the NPC you purchase the book from). Once you pay that 8437g and 500s. Then the server has 8437g and 500s less gold in the server correct? Where as if you buy 10 Eden Crystals at 200g each then thats only 2000g being given to another player. That money still exists. I'm no expert so my explanation is probebly not very clear. But overall more money in the game = higher prices in the game on player to player trading. So the best way to solve this is by taking money out of the game. Achievements where doing a good job in this already but now that players are done with Achievements the next gold sink is required. Gem Altar is another good example of something that can sink gold out of the economy but Awakens is also good as not everyone needs to be doing every weapon at once, but over time they might do a good handful of awakens so slowly removing gold from the economy little by little. In the end nobody needs to be completing all weapons in a week. They can focus on the one they're going to use first and then focus on the next one. I'm sorry if you still dont understand my explanation but I tried.