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  1. It's to do with collision and how the model has other aspects to it that is bigger than the visible model itself. When your camera hits the collision it thinks your inside the model and hides it just like it does with everything else in the game.
  2. Jordan

    NA server?

    Its a test to see if people find it better or worse. I got a hell of a lot of complaints this week and last week (since DST) that many players cannot enter TW due to it conflicting with schedule. So theres no harm in trying it out because at the end of the day its asking less of people to stay up 1 hour later than it is to tell people to finish school / university 1hour earlier right? Not to mention this is no different to how mainserver has had TW for many years and yet people still show up for that right?
  3. Jordan

    Patch v45

    Changes Territory War and Normal Class Territory War have been moved back 1hour to try and increase accessibility to players from Southern American. Hopefully this doesn't affect anyone in a negative way. Due to misunderstandings, it means its 1hour later. Lowered the reward of all the REP quests in the Patch v44 Maps. Added 3 REP quests in Shaxia Basin. Bug Fixes Angel of Justice Skill Heaven's Hammer has now been fixed, the double hit has been restored. Skill King's Hammer has now been fixed, the double hit has been restored. Fixed the Ares' Crimson Combat Machine mount causing crashes. Fixed the Ares' Black Combat Machine mount causing crashes. Fixed the Crystal Utopian Realm's boss Sif that was causing crashes when you broke her BP bar. Fixed the Vendetta Awaken Knight Quest so it now gives the classes. Good Day!
  4. Jordan

    NA server?

    Its quite random actually. Sometimes they all work for me sometimes 1 works for me and the thing I've noticed is if it works once it should work everytime you run until you log out of the game. Which is the same if it doesn't work. If it's not working and you relog theres a chance it will work.
  5. Jordan

    NA server?

    No the soul guardians in the new dungeon are not relaying to the client properly, likely because we had to expand the amount of maps in the game as we basically ran out, which means not everything is so perfect and will take time to fix.
  6. Jordan

    Honor Stars?

    This is not something I plan to do because I do not feel its neccessary. Everything you mentioned is part of the effort that should go into getting the armor that isn't farmed. Honor stars are so easy now with POD being added, back in the old days when there wasn't POD then it would take weeks and weeks to get an armor set regardless of its %. I remember spending a month grinding medals for my Awakened level 70 set in official, running trials and calling illusionist medals etc. Now you can buy a couple of TOF's and then farm pod for a couple of hours and your done. Farming POD optimally is what your lacking to be honest, you need to go for the Brown Runaway Monster Rampage, the other spot I personally go for is the Brown Unexpected Gains to get the other POD items that let you get more rolls per map and resets the dice options.
  7. Jordan


    Right click the buff in your buff bar and click remove status.
  8. Read the red text on the item. This should explain.
  9. Jordan

    Game crashes when I try to login

    The only thing I can think of is that maybe you have a corrupt file that cannot be found upon logging in. I would suggest maybe trying to reinstall while your virus software is disabled to see if it works.
  10. Jordan

    NA server?

    It's not related to patch as the patch didn't change anything in relation. If its patch related then the only connection would be that the player count at peak times has doubled at this point since the patch. So unless the higher player count is making the server laggyier then thats the only way it could be connected to the patch.
  11. Jordan

    NA server?

    The only players who really will benefit from this change is the South American's as they're the ones who live furthest. US people will get a slight bonus, Europe players will take a small hit and Asian players will likely stay the same.
  12. Jordan

    Game crashes when I try to login

    At what point does it crash? The second you log into the account, before or after you selected a channel or after logging into the game?
  13. Jordan

    Mecha ares quest is Bug

    Go into a dungeon and kill yourself, this will remove the status from your character.
  14. Jordan

    Assertion Failure on Eden Eternal

    This is a C++ error so likely yes downloading the redistrobution package should help fix. I believe this package should contain the correct libraries required:
  15. Jordan

    Eden Eternal crashes on "x legends" intro

    What is the default language of your PC? English? Also please do not spam your post if you do not get a response right away. Edit: Did you try this?
  16. Jordan

    Eden Eternal crashes on "x legends" intro

    Try verifying your files as it seems like one of your files has gotten corrupted or is missing. Failing this try reinstalling the game or downloading DrDieLess's Mirror link found here:
  17. Jordan


    The character is instantly delete when level 10 or bellow. Anything above takes around 1-2 months. If the name was on your account then we can likely free the name up for you if you submit a ticket.
  18. Hey everyone, post any feedback and issues here!
  19. Jordan

    Patch 44 Feedback & Issues

    Yeh the gold was a bit overkill mainly on the REP quests so likely will be tuned down a little bit, not too much to make it pointless to farm but I think at the moment its a little much. The new Awaken procs that where based on old 75 ones was mainly down to those weapons still being used past their time such as the Axe, Guitar and Grimoire. Others I tried to make some new ones for but yeh I think at least each weapon has a good proc for the classes which use it. I had a really cool Darkness Blade sword idea that had to be canceled as the game limitations just couldn't make it work but other than that the rest went well. I'm not sure I will be adding more Holy Skills but I cannot say I wont either its just if I can have power to make another 40 skills trying to make the different and fit into the kit, after that balance patch making skills is one of the harder things for me to do as I just wore myself out on that aspect of the game. I'm glad people like my decision to make them gem's now so that weapons that rely on the skill can still be played regardless of weapon. ~~ Stability is more of a Bash thing as he manages all that stuff but from what I've noticed from player count is the player count is over +50% at PvP times (Usually the prime time for people to be online both PvE and PvP players) now compared to before the patch and the weeks coming up. So I'm possibly guessing lag might be related to more players but we've had this amount of players in the past and it wasn't as huge of an issue so I'm not sure what else could have effected it. Alpaca's in the dungeon in Crystal Utopia has a known issue with Sif that if she casts a specific skill you will be alpaca'd 100% due to the skill trying to use an animation she does not have. As for the other dungeon's I'm not really sure what could be causing it other than the dungeon being from Twin Saga so it has a lot more objects packed into it and higher resolution textures but I dont think that should cause crashes. Maybe it is due to VRAM like you said but when testing the dungeons @Nanami tried her really old laptop which likely uses onboard graphics and didn't really run into issues.
  20. Jordan

    Alpaca Capsule

    After the whole Crystal Utopia fiasco no way.
  21. Jordan

    Patch 44 Feedback & Issues

    Strangly enough I never had this problem and I'm running on a low end gaming laptop at the moment. It's hard for me to fix something if I cannot reproduce the issue unfortunatly. As for for disconnections they have nothing to do with the patch as if it was patch related you would have channels crashing or alpaca's not disconnections. The only problem I'm aware of that I can fix is there is an issue with the Sif Boss trying to access and animation it doesn't have which is why It can crash you inside the dungeon.
  22. Jordan

    *Battlefield Poet: A Discussion*

    There will always be a better class to play in PvP and PvE as there is only like 5-10 possible ways of categorising classes such as best solo dps, best solo dps in a party, etc. I'm sorry if I cannot make 61 unique situations for all 61 classes. I know many people who have played it for a number of weeks since the balance patch and not a single one has complained about buffs being solo only because the whole point in making them solo buffs is so that you can make them stronger so the class is actually anything more than a buff slave. Just read the replies to your own thread lol I'm not the only one who is saying its good how it is now. Why wouldn't I consider your Melody of Mana change? Because it inherently makes the class worse as people don't give a toss about +M-ATK buffs unless it offers more. You cannot have a class that provides 1 buff to the party (or 2 if i change Bass Melody aswell) because why would a party leader want this over something like a Holy Sage, Life Worshipper or Totem Master. I prefair P-DPS over M-DPS? Thats a joke I'm sure as if you knew anything about me you would know my favourite classes are Time Manipulator, Gravity Manipulator, Dragon Knight, Magician, Luminary and Annihilator. If you read that list 4 are MDPS, 2 are hybrid and 1 is PDPS. So please take your assumptions else where. You tried keeping it respectful until I said I didn't agree with your suggestions and that I wasn't going to do what you ask, then you spat your dummy out. I wasn't being condescending in my previous posts but now I really am getting my patience tested. So I would like to apologise if this post comes across as rude but all I can say is "If I took every suggestion a player said about a class the game would be a disaster". So please be considerate as my job is to make sure the game is balanced and fun for everyone and I know enough about the game to know when something is right or wrong to do. I read every suggestion fully even when people spout paragraphs at me. Right now your suggestions for Battlefield Poet make the class much weaker just for your own personal preferance. Your changes are based on Aeria's server alone where the class's main person is root spamming. You clearly didn't get to experiance the Battlefield Poet post nerf here when we removed the root spamming. The class disappeared completely because like i said, nobody wants a class that gives an M-ATK buff because their is better classes that do this and M-ATK is not worth a party slot. When balancing a class you have to think more about what it can party up with, what it has to compete with and is it worth a space in party over another class. Current Battlefield Poet: Is a decent DPS because of its High M-ATK, Triple Hit buff and Spamming Skills. Your Battlefield Poet: Is a bad DPS because it will loose a large amount of its M-ATK (Atleast a total of half its M-ATK), Loss of Triple Hit buff and can no longer Spam Skills unless its a halfkin. Has a bonus of giving a Normal M-ATK buff to team mates and MP regeneration. Ask anyone who makes parties for a PvP scenario and they will tell you this buff is trash unless the values of the buff are to a point in which it makes other classes broken. Not to mention pushing the MP regen asside Life Worshipper already does this so why would I play Battlefield Poet over an actual support class? Has a bonus of giving party defense and move speed. People can add that 6000 defense to there already capped defense or if they wanted it so badly they could play Totem master and give there party 30% defense, evasions and 15 all resistance instead. I personally know what I would prefer. (This is without even mentioning if you wanted a Defense buff then again you could just use the Holy Skill of Lifeworshipper and use this class again). Instead of being able to spam skills for quick burst potential I can buff my party Movement Speed. This doesn't even need to be explained why this is a downgrade if I'm being honest. I understand you believe the current skill is "broken" but quite honestly I just think it gives other races the same play potential that Halfkins do as if you change this skill then only race that can make this class work is Halfkins even though I doubt anyone would even want to play this class as you're basically taking roughly about 60% of its damage away with this buff and I will even prove this if you desire by making it a test version on my testing server just to prove how much damage you took away with your suggestion. Just finish on as I couldn't really fit it in above, " Original Bard still got buffs for the party and for itself and were still desirable. " Where is this is a true statement your forgetting it was desirable for 2 different reasons and the reasons never I repeat never combined because simply the buffs didn't last long enough. Original bard was played as a support that provided buffs to team and the only offensive skill used was burning metal for the support of -defense. The other way it was played as a pure dps which only used Vocal Bomb with Vocal Bomb glyph and Sonic Boom Grid. The only races that could even play the class was Halfkins and on rare occasions Humans because of the Double Hit Passive. I know many old bard players from back at 75 cap and 80 cap (PlayEden without Mimic) and I know for a fact none of these bards bothered to use buffs because simply they would run sub 50% cast speed so they where not able to even use the buffs without wasting 2-3 skill casts of their damage. So just because Original Bard offered both doesn't mean it's nonsense to take the best of both and split it into 2 different classes to optimize both styles of play because at the end of the day if you have the cast speed to spam buffs you wont need dps skills and if you have the damage to spam skills you dont wanna waste time throwing buffs up as both of these would be suboptimal.
  23. Jordan

    New Altar

    Could you eleborate more on what you mean.
  24. Jordan

    Test dummy(question mark)

    Its already been something I plan to implement but it has a bunch of flaws to the system as monsters take different scales of damage than players do and certain factors are way more impactful than others that make a boss stronger/weaker. So even if this is added the feature wouid be largely un-useful than you would think.
  25. Jordan

    About DGNs currently

    Magician class has a skill that can do this.