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  1. Just to add here, we have applied the following changes as of today: We have reduced the Crystal and Monsters health in Battlegrounds significantly. We have fixed some bugs regarding the DMG Reduction given to crystals in Guild Elimination. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy!
  2. I can assure you this has nothing to do with the last update and has been something that some players have had to do for many years now. It's not something you should have to do which usually means theres something wrong with your windows install but for the sake of EE it can just be enabled.
  3. Try delete the client.ini before launching (This issue resembles the issue some people get when renaming a chat window with a space in it).
  4. If you read the rules of the map the win rate only applies if the attackers win the match. The attackers did not win therefore the defenders are defaulted to the winner. I mean the crystals are designed to take a beating from atleast 1 party of players and sadly that just didn't happen. Plus the guard wasn't killed and there was plenty of defenders nearby giving the crystal DMG reduction. Sadly this wasn't really a good showing as I was there the whole time and the mode is designed to have multiple guilds vs a single guild. However, the attacking side had less players in total than the defending team which just shouldn't be the case realistically. So this was basically the equivalent as a cap war in my books. Hopefully tommorow has a better showing.
  5. We're looking for feedback on the new gamemode Battlegrounds and the changes made to Guild Elimination, Guild Arena and Territory War. Thank you!
  6. Jordan

    Patch v104

    Battlegrounds Welcome to Battlegrounds! A brand new Player vs Player gamemode that has been built from the ground up for a fun and new experience at Eden Eternal Vendetta! Overview Battlegrounds is a new mode that pits one guild vs all other guilds in a showdown to see who can take ownership of the Battleground. Each weekday there will be a new Battleground up for grabs with its own unique map. Rules The blue team (defending team) is selected based on who currently owns the Battleground before it opens. While the red team (attacking team) is any other guild who wishes to join the battle. The defending team will win the battle if at least one crystals remains standing when the time limit runs out. The attacking team will win the battle if they manage to take all four crystals before the time limit runs out. The time limit of the battlegrounds is 12 minutes, but can be increased based on other map factors. Each time a crystal has been destroyed, the time limit is extended by 6 minutes. Once the last crystal has been destroyed the attacking team will automatically win and the match will end. If the attacking team wins, then one guild is selected at random from the attacking team to own the Battleground. The percentage win rate is calculated based on the following rules: The top rank guild on the attacking team is given a free 20% winrate. All guilds with atleast 120 score points are given a free 1% win rate. The remaining percentage after the above two rules is divided between all guilds with based on the score they have. Crystal Gameplay Each map has four crystals that the defending team must defend. The crystals are set in a linear path from the attacking teams spawn and can only be destroyed in the order they appear. Crystals are granted Defence Crystal Guard status when defending players are standing nearby. The buff grants the following levels of DMG Reduction: 5 defending players grant the crystal DMG Taken -5%. 8 defending players grant the crystal DMG Taken -10%. 11 defending players grant the crystal DMG Taken -15%. 14 defending players grant the crystal DMG Taken -20%. 17 defending players grant the crystal DMG Taken -25%. 20 defending players grant the crystal DMG Taken -30%. Crystals have a lot of health and are not easily destroyed. However, it's health bar does not reset. Crystals are also immune to percentage based healing effects and any healing spells cast on them is reduced by 75%. Attacking players within 10 meters of a crystal receive a debuff of: DMG Dealt to Players reduced by -20% P-Healing reduced by -10% Guild Rewards All guild members are granted a buff based on how many Battlegrounds they own. This buff is updated immediately after the Battleground is completed. Here is a list of the buffs and their stats: To make things fun from week one we have awarded the Battlegrounds to be split between the guilds with the most PvP activity. Stardust has been awarded three Battlegrounds while Garden has been awarded the other two. In addition to the buff, guilds will also be granted Guild Fame towards their Guild Elimination participation. The amount gained are based on these conditions: The defending team will gain 100 Guild Fame for winning or 30 Guild Fame for losing. The top 3 attacking teams will gain 100 Guild Fame for winning or 50 Guild Fame for losing. The top 10 attacking teams will gain 75 Guild Fame for winning or 30 Guild Fame for losing. The top 15 attacking teams will gain 50 Guild Fame for winning or 20 Guild Fame for losing. Note: Attacking teams will only gain Guild Fame if they score atleast 150 points in the match. Player Rewards Defending Team Rewards Participating in the match grants you 3 Territory War Chests. Each Defence Crystal that remains at the end of the match grants you 1 Territory War Chest. Attacking Team Rewards Each destroyed Defence Crystal you participated in grants you 1 Territory War Chest. Players in the top 5 ranked guilds are granted 3 Territory War Chests. Players in the top 10 ranked guilds are granted 2 Territory War Chests. Players in the top 15 ranked guilds are granted 1 Territory War Chest. Note: We have developed a system to determine whether or not a player has participated in the match. Being afk in the spawn zone will not gain you any rewards. Territory War You can now see your total amount of kills on the score board during Territory War. Note: These kills are for display purpose only and will not effect the outcome of the match. Killing someone with the One of a Kind reflect buff will no longer count as a kill. Crystals have now been increased to level 100 and have had a Max HP increase. Additionally, we have added some code optimizations and modernized the ingame GUI. Removed Crystal Cross Medals from the Territory War Chest. Guild Elimination We have added extra support to help even out the playing field when against greater numbers. Guild Elimination Crystals will now be receive a reduced DMG Taken buff depending on how many players the opposing team has: 10 Players: DMG Taken -15%. 20 Players: DMG Taken -30%. 30 Players: DMG Taken -45%. Crystals that have 6 or more defending players will receive an additional reduced DMG Taken -15%. Crystals have now been increased to level 100 and had a Max HP increase. We have also made adjustments the scoring methods in Guild Elimination. Unchanged: You gain 1 point every 5 seconds for each crystal you have over the other team. Adjusted: You gain 1 point for every unique kill you achieve. New: Every 5 kills your guild gets (Total Kills) you gain 1 point. You will no longer gain points when you use the Suicide Squad buff to kill yourself and your guild members (You will still gain points for killing opposing players). Guild Arena Crystals have now had their Max HP increased. The changes to Guild Elimination scoring has also been brought over to Guild Arena. Unchanged: You gain 1 point every 5 seconds for each crystal you have over the other team Adjusted: You gain 1 point for every unique kill you achieve New: Every 5 kills your guild gets (Total Kills), you gain 1 point Balance Changes As mentioned in the Patch 104 Preview thread, we have added a new system to the game that allows us to change and separately adjust skill buffs for PvE and PvP maps. This allows for better skill balancing, rather then 1 blanket buff/nerf with both PvE and PvP in mind. This patch will be an experiment of sorts to see how well changes such as these work and how effective they are. Depending on the results and feedback I will be making more changes gradually over the next few months. Note: Changes that are specific to PvP maps will begin with (PVP) Arch-Elementalist Gravity Manipulator Recommended Events We have done some small Quality of Life updates to the Recommended events system. All Recommended Event buffs durations have been increased to 4 hours from 2 hours. World Boss Recommended Events will now appear every day and not just Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Note: They may not appear on maintenance day as if you have logged in before maintenance it will not refresh. Updated the World Boss Recommended Events to contain all World Bosses. Replaced the Territory War Recommended Event with Guild PvP Participation event with no class restrictions. Generally cleaned up the text on Recommended Event buffs. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with Enchanted Marsh Certificate giving P-ATK instead of M-ATK. Fixed a text issue with Anuran Racial skill Dark Summons.
  7. If you have bound the item then it can no longer be sold. To me it sounds like this has been the case.
  8. The Vendetta Training items are designed to get you towards the end game so you can begin your adventure to gearing up. I will suggest that if you have completed the quest line you should be around level 120 to look into getting some of the weapons from the Demon Stone Exchange found in the final map Death Mountains. These weapons are good to get as a starting point so that you can then join parties for Haven of Oblivion and Abyss. You might also want to try and obtain one or two Awaken level 95 armor sets too as another base line set. These sets can be fortified for free and you need to complete them all for end game for the permenant stat titles. I would recommend either joining a guild that is active or finding a small group of friends that you can talk with and ask for advice as replies here might be a lot slower. Although I'll be happy to answer any questions when I can.
  9. I don't plan to make changes such as these in my current plans. These bosses are designed to spawn like this and follow a similar system to how the 70-S trials did this content. It's good to have things to hunt daily to advance your equipment options and none of these sets are an absolute must to play the game. So it's a good thing to keep people playing / hunting to improve there character when they have completed there main gears. I'm sorry for the late reply, but I've been very busy with patch work and didn't see this post. Edit: To add, these bosses are not designed for people to buy/sell and with similar conditions at 75 cap people rarely bought them. However, if you have people with a lot of cash and a lot of impatience then you will get people trying to buy it. I remember some of the rich players in the server I played paying people for Kimba kills and thats a boss that was up pretty much always alive and you knew where he was. Some people just have more money than patience/sense.
  10. Patch 104 Preview Information In Patch 104 we are planning to bring some changes across PvP to improve the quality and enjoyment back to the game. These changes will be aimed mostly at guild based PvP events but some changes will apply to other areas too. New PvP Mode With this patch we will be releasing our new PvP mode! This new mode will be a guild based and will have similar gameplay aspects to the current Territory War, the old original Territory War and other games. This mode will be released as a beta when it comes out. So I will be looking for feedback and will be making adjustments and balance changes over the first few weeks of it's release. So we ask for your patience and feedback during this time! PvP Balancing With this patch we have also developed a new system that allows us to dynamically change buffs when obtained inside a PvP Map. This system will allow us to balance classes differently in both PvE and PvP. This system allows us to nerf classes in PvP without ruining them in PvE and also allows us to buff classes in PvE without making them overpowered in PvP. We plan to use this sytem to buff a lot of the MDPS classes in PvE with the hopes of making them more viable in the future. Normal Class Territory War With this patch we will be removing Normal Class Territory War to make space for the new PvP Mode in the Schedule. We feel like the mode is just not popular enough and by most players will not be missed. If we find a better implmentation in the future we may bring it back but as of the current moment in time it will be gone for the foreseeable future! We're hoping to have this patch ready in the next couple of weeks, so the next information will be on the patch notes. Have a good weekend!
  11. It's just a false flag. If you look at the Relations information 1 of the 2 Anti-Virus softwares that detected it was flagging it on the the AutoRun.inf which is just a text config file that contains 3 lines of text. So I mean do with that information what you will but its a false flag.
  12. All trophies across the the new dungeons are the exact same (with 0/10 being a higher rate than 0/2). So it's literally just bad luck I'm afraid.
  13. The class is pretty much the same as it was on the official server. Any changes that where made have mostly been reverted. The damage nerf it did recieve was to bring it in line with other classes and that nerf was applied in the servers first year or so of being open. The class has seen much play since this nerf. The class is perfectly viable its just the stacks are now a mechanic you have to watch for. You spells don't auto generate stacks anymore making the mechanic moot and this was to compensate for the class not being made useless by people using buff removal trophies due to having the stacks being made un-removable.
  14. Jordan

    Patch v46

    Halloween Aven Aven has been decorated with Halloween Themed decorations! Halloween Gift Box You can claim this free reward from the website events page until November 17th 2022! Click Here to Claim! Mystery Boxes We have enabled some new and returning mystery boxes this week. A mixture of requested boxes and halloween themed boxes! Mystery Boxes will be available until November 17th 2022!
  15. Jordan

    Patch v103

    Halloween Event <Vicous Beast> Dale has arrived in Aven! Take him out to obtain some Spooky Coins! Exchange your Spooky Coins with <Halloween Spirit> Sid to obtain some Halloween Themed rewards! Halloween Event will be running until November 17th 2022!
  16. The game doesn't really support stacks of more than 999 and the monster stone items are and exception because it just had to be. Is it a possible future move? Maybe but it's not something I'm actively thinking about or working on at this moment. As for the emerald topic its quite a pedantic complaint. The only people benefitting from this is players as it saves them a single Raw Emerald so I'm not really sure who would even have a problem with this. Both the other custom made battle maps have had this same feature. Like to me this is just complaining to complain about something, it's not like its costing the player something extra to where its better to do x500 twice. If someone is truely effected by this then they can do the x500 twice and be happy. As for daily quests I'd love to do them but the only options for them is either using the monster drops as the quest requirement or the bosses. To not give specific information out, I will just say that the way that I have to handle resources in the game now the path I went down to make this map and to be able to provide future content has prevented me from doing simple quests such as kill <monster> 0/10 quests. I will likely add boss quests in the future but as of the current moment I don't want people to be able to portal stone directly to bosses. Just to reiterate my point above, it's not impossible but with how I've handled the map resources it would require big changes and to use some more valuable resources to make daily quests and it's something I do not think is worth the investment as it will hinder future possibilities.
  17. Jordan

    Patch v102

    Party Search UI We have updated the party search UI! Revamped the dungeon sections to be more informative and more organised removing any unused/removed dungeons from the listing. Fixed a bug where you could enter day based dungeons on the day where the dungeon was closed. Updates Updated the translations for Temple Knight Trial bosses. Re-adjusted the pets stats from Patch v100. Removed Captcha from the Alternate Demonic Valley. Added Recommended Events for the new dungeons. Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with Awakened Purgatory not dealing double hit DMG. Fixed an issue with the G-Healing and P-Healing stats on the level 9 Compassion Gems. Nice day
  18. Jordan

    Patch v45

    Temple Knight Trial Today we release the Temple Knight Trial content! We have updated all the translations for the Bosses and the Gear! We hope you enjoy!
  19. Jordan

    Patch v101

    Information I'm currently working at a reduced capacity due to external circumstances. So I apologise for not tackling everything. As soon as I'm able I will be able to cover more of the bug fixes / adjustments that are planned. Changes The new World Bosses Trophy drop rate has been increased. The new Battle Map Bosses Trophy drop rate has been increased. The new Battle Map Monster Specific items drop rate has been increased. Updated the quest names for Enchanted Marsh. Path of Destiny With this update we have created some experimental changes to help improve the PvP preparation situation. We hope these changes are enough to improve the experience but we are evaluating each change and may do futher adjustments in the next couple of weeks. Increased the duration of the Class Blessing buffs from 1 hour to 4 hours. This change hopes to achieve less congestion around Path of Destiny farming areas before PvP events, it also helps people who may want to farm Path of Destiny the night before and have them not be stuck and unable to login till right before a TW/GVG event. Grants a Map Buff to Death Mountains, Tree Root Cavern, Desolate Forest, Grandiose Valley, Ice Crystal Palace and Burning Mountain to increase Destiny EXP +50%. After doing some testing between Fallmyst at level 120 and Death Mountains at level 130 I have found that with the Fate EXP Double Up Scroll item I have found that a 50% increase to the Destiny EXP will bring Death Mountains ahead of Fallmyst by around 20-25%. I think this is a very fair increase and I will be observing the results of this change to make sure it wasn't too much or too little. We also applied this change to the dungeons because why not. This change however, will be removed if new quest maps come out in the distant future as Destiny EXP is based on monster level and not on a per monster basis. So If we where to release a new map that had areas that are suitable for Path of Destiny farming, this change would no longer be necessary. However, this is not even in my plans at the moment so I wouldn't worry about this too much.
  20. The intention was that they'd be more of a stepping stone gear for newer characters. Since they're kinda easy to get. The rerolling was unintentional though but it probebly isn't the end of the world to just leave it as it is.
  21. With a fresh character aslong as you don't die a lot you should be able to get to 105 just from questing, there shouldn't be a gap anymore. The EXP was only modified on VGN content though so the Shaxia stuck will still likely be there.
  22. I'm not saying we're locked into it, if you read what I said about it. I said what is currently available is much better than what has been available in the past by official standards. I never said it should not be as good as Fallmyst, I wouldn't purposely opt into making it worse, I just know with the fact from logging captchas and seeing people get banned that we cannot do a single spot pod spot as people will bot it and it will contribute to damaging the game. As I mentioned in my first message on this thread. I have said in every post I will look into it further and you arguing about it and people keep on mentioning it isn't helping. Make suggestions, not complaints. Well you know how I feel about DRS as we discussed it in game on patch day. With this content I spent a lot of time with the balancing of the EXP across the whole of the content and I'm glad to see that my efforts payed of with multiple spots being run for different purposes. And a lot of people seem quite happy with the speed of leveling in this content which was a very big smile on my face since with the 120 cap people really hated it and at one point it almost killed the game. So I'm very happy you and others are enjoying the new battle map too. I'm sure you will be able to do normal class runs soon, will just take the right setup 😃 But you should know by now I haven't created FF or BDO inside EE. Like yes I've added some really good mechanics to some bosses but I break the content up. Dragonridge Sanctuary and the Zodiac contents where designed to be hard contents by choice as even though their gear is really good. It's not the only option. There is plenty of other gear you could use and still be ok to play every other content in the game. Elemental Battlefield is easy to be honest most of its mechanics rely on only a few players having a brain, the rest can just be damage and healers. Its only barrier to entry really is it kinda needs a party of 15-20 depending on the gear and skill of the party and how fast you wanna progress. Abyss and Haven are both pretty simple contents, they have quirky mechanics that may require you to think a little but they're not game breaking you shall not pass mechanics. They where designed in this way too, cause they are the source of gear for players and I wanted a peer party to be able to give them a good go. But what I'm saying is theres nothing wrong with giving the game something to think about, giving it content that people can enjoy and people can get better at. PvP is my next focus and will be my work for October. I will be doing some revamps to the game modes hopefully improve the quality. I'm still creating ideas at this moment but I'll probebly be posting some stuff about it when i've got some solid ideas. As I wanna provide a guild PvP that isn't just a capping circle and some territory war improvements too, so people are once again excited to login every night to join. I also have some small plans for the none guild based PvP also but the main focus is those core modes that usually kept people playing for years.
  23. No we are not making another Palace of Dreams.
  24. 1. I was just talking off my own testing. I don't know how good/bad fallmyst was as I never had the need to test that maps pod exp gain. I'm just basing my opinion on what I've experience in the past and what I experienced now. The Piou area gave me almost 1 full map from not even half the monsters with the x2 POD exp item. Which yes maybe worse than something like mayland or fallmyst but is a far cry better than farming durango at level 90. 2. Again I don't see what the problem is. It's a single piece of gear that once you have you have it forever (unless you some how lose it). It's not an RNG boss and the trophies are niche as it is. It's something extra to do when you complete everything else if you care for trophy achievements. Like I couldn't understand why anyone would want a game that if you get every drop in 1 day and be done with the content. Ok if it took over a week to get the trophy capping it every day I'd agree maybe thats too much, but really after 1 days worth of runs you gave up? It took me over a day to make those trophies (design, create, test) not including the multiple days to make each dungeon. So if it takes you guys less time to obtain the items than it does for me to make them then what are we actually doing here. I mayaswell stick them on an NPC and call it a day. It's not a hard ask to request you put a couple days work in to collect them all. As I mentioned in my previous response you can either pair the run up with gold gains as the new dungeons aren't that far off Palace gold gains or you can just blitz it to the boss and nuke it and be done with 10 runs after like 10-15 mins. 3. I will look into it. 4. All I'm going to say on this is people didn't really kill Kimba at 75 cap, only the top guilds would. Same with Petra on this server, we where the only guild killing it for weeks. I don't see how having some harder bosses in a battle map is a bad change of pace. Soloing DD/BL bosses wasn't a thing until Awaken Weapons came out and although they where possible to solo, most people didn't solo BTS bosses until they'd already been out for a while. These bosses where designed with a 5 person party in mind. There HP and stats was balanced around the current 5 player party content for a reason. Like I don't know why you'd want a boss that lasts less than 60 seconds against a geared party. It's just boring, the boss doesn't get to use any of its skills or mechanics, mayaswell just play an AFK game on phone or something. The whole point of a game is to play it, not brainlessly button mash. I desgin content to give the game what it lost when Awaken classes came out. S-Trial bosses at 75 cap and even the 80 cap patch with durango (no mimic) would take 2-5 mins for a good party to kill. Similar story with DD bosses and VL bosses, like I don't see why people just want to one shot things and move on, its not entertaining otherwise Limestone Mountain would be full. It takes a lot of time and effort to make these bosses, every skill aside from quest map mobs was hand crafted by myself. I had to manually take my time to look for fx, for sounds, for icons, hand create the functionality to be exactly how I want it. Then test it before then bug fixing. Like whats the point in doing any of this when the boss fight lasts 20-30 seconds and the trophy drops first try. Like you told me you where amazed by the quality of the content. Whats the point in making quality content if people breeze through it in a day and never go back. It's a waste of time and it's completely forgettable. - As for the foot note about Palace, no we cannot make a new version of Palace as all things considered that was a huge mistake, it gives far too much gold in comparrison to other dungeons and if I wasn't thinking about free to play players I would have nerfed that dungeon. It should have never gotten through testing in the state its in. That being said some of the new dungeon's aren't that far off palace as we tested 10 runs in each dungeon multiple times and analyzing the gold. I'll let you guys do your own experimenting with it but I will say that they're a good 2nd or 3rd option after Palace for gold grinding. Achievements are bonus content, they don't have any requirement outside of the ones that give stats which none of the new achievements do. They're not suppose to be easy at all, some will be easy some will be hard, some will be quick some will take a while. There is no rush to obtain them, you can get them now or you can farm them next year, there is no expirey and you can do it at what ever pace you like. With the case of repeating myself as I found myself doing just read upwards. Unrelated to the OP but this is the only comment I will give: 25 Man dungeons have always had achievements. Maybe not requiring more than 1 run but if you can do 1 run you can do 10 runs. If you wanna collect them all its going to take effort and time. You cannot expect to rank 1 on achievement points if you cant do some of the content. - As a finishing note I will not really be responding to the points above any longer as I've made my stance very clear that the drop rate is fair (I will look into the battle map). If you want a game that you complete everything in a day you should already know I have no intention of providing that and have made that quite clear for the last few years. Also bosses are bosses not goombas, they take atleast a little bit of time and effort to kill and if your dying to the monsters then realistically you need better gear and resistances. I say this to you all who feel the need to come here and complain. Remember I'm a single person working on this content. I have a few helpers both staff and none staff who help test and help with opinions and ideas but most of this patch was hand designed by me with some help from @MrDoudou . So even that in mind the content we have brought you guys is what a team would create for you over the course of 6months to 12months at XL. This took me a lot of days of just waking up getting straight to it and then only stopping to eat/sleep. We also worked 7 days a week most weeks to get this content done so that I can move on to the next content which required this to be done first. So I do apologize if I come across as rude in my responses as I've tried my best to make design choices that are best for the longevity of the content whether people agree if I'm right or wrong.
  25. 3. Didn't missunderstand my point is still valid. The price of capes overall was reduced and the pots where based off DSR still. But again I'll evaluate it when I can too see if changes should be made. 4. Sadly not, only prevents the dumbest of the dumb. I will look into ways to maybe improve the prep time situation but to be brutally honest its no worse off now than it has been for many years in the game especially pre-mayland release. Edit: I do want to add that the dumbest of the dumb is still a largely effective with the captcha as it does. It's just the significantly experienced botters have found ways to abuse it still. I find this greatly exaggerated when Demon Fire alone can kill the boss in 3 mins. The bosses HP are around the Zodiac HP (Higher than some, lower than others) mark but they have less base resistance, no true resistance and you can use Reality Pots and Pets. I see no reason to rebalance these. To be quite honest I'd be rather happy if they all took 3-5 mins as that would be the perfect amount of time for a boss fight. I'll look into the rates of the battle map but three days to collect all dungeon trophies? How is that bad in any shape or form, three days to get sixteen pieces of gear that you only ever have to collect once. Especially when you can clear the dungeon too and farm some gold while you're at it. Yeh its no Palace but all dungeons have been tested and all do give a decent and fair amount of gold. Like what, do you want everything to drop day one and be done with everything by day three? Like am I just missing something here? Doudou is hosting plenty of events for the anniversary and I worked myself to the bone to get this patch out in time for the Anniversary date. Maybe it doesn't appeal to you but so far any complaints I've had delivered to me where only about small bugs like Captcha in Alternate. The only complaint I've saw was yourself in peer chat so unless people aren't letting their feelings be known... As mentioned above I will look into this as soon as I can but in the mean time after doing my own testing. I can vouch as someone who had to do pod parties before TW's in places like Devastation Realm and Durango Kingdom (at level 90) the Piou area in Death Mountains is easy enough. Doing one straight path and killing them all gives almost a full mobility with the double pod exp item. So I'm sure it doesnt take that long with the short respawn timer to fill a map if u run back and fourth in the area.
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