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We have therefore organized a themed event to solicit your creative spirit. If you would like to see a Boss on Eden Eternal, what would you like him to look like?
Imagine your Boss as a New Boss for Eden Eternal, Make a list of skills and invent a Name for your boss. You can win great prizes! 🌻


For the rewards....

🥇1st Place -

- 3 Event Point + 50 Eden Crystal + A released legendary of your choice or Pet of Choice or Mount of Choice

🥈2nd Place -

- 2 Event Point + 30 Eden Crystal

🥉3rd place -

- 1 Event Point + 15 Eden Crystal


 Things to keep in mind:

  •      We have the right to deny any item requested if we think it shouldn't be given.
  •      You can't choose fused pet, Legendary pet, Diamond Altar, Event box or Anniversary exclusive items or cosmetics that are not yet available.
  •      All those who participate can obtain 1 Event Point if participation in the Event is correctly respected.
  •      Additionally we may give out extra prizes for things such as but not limited to (Artwork, Lore, Etc).
  • You can make multiple suggestions for the content, but please mark which is your primary suggestion as only one can be done.

    **Please feel free to format your post how you feel fit, this competition is about creative freedom.

I wish you all the best of luck!
Oh, I almost forgot to tell you when this event will end. The event starts today (April 14th) and will end on May 12th. Good luck!

*To participate: Send your Boss, with your IGN.



Character Name (IGN):

Boss Name and Title:
Boss Model (What the boss looks like, this can be from Eden Eternal, Another X-Legend Game or just Concept Art):
Skill 1:
Skill 2:
Skill 3:
Countdown Skill 1:
Countdown Skill 2 (Optional):
Passive Buffs:
Trophy Name (Optional):
Trophy Description (Optional):
Trophy Icon (Optional):
Trophy Effect (Optional):
Boss Achievement Name (Optional):
Trophy Achievement Name (Optional):

Dungeon Name:
Dungeon Map (Optional):
Dungeon area (Optional):

Boss Lore/Background (Optional):
Boss Quotes In Game (Optional):
Any other information that is relevant (Optional):


Some things to think about:

  • Think about the boss's theme and how the skills and passives will work together to hinder the players.
  • Remember skills can be straight line, cross shaped, self area of effect, place area of effect and target based.
  • Remember you can have skills and passives that require other elements in the map such as portals on the ground the player has to be in to not die or npc's that require special hand crafted skills to help the party complete the dungeon.
  • For the boss quotes you can provide quotes for the following sitations:
    • When a boss is casting a count down spell.
    • When a boss is first attacked.
    • When a boss is killed.
  • The dungeon information can be screenshots of existing maps in X-Legend games. Some Twin Saga ones aren't possible but other games are. Since these bosses are the only thing in the map other than mechanics to use against the bosses we will only need a room or a small area of the map (Like the Treasure Event Dungeon only uses the last room in Baltaroi Core).
  • Final note, I'd advise everyone taking part in this event to read into Gates of Pandemonium and Dragonridge Sanctuary. These dungeon are some examples of bosses that take the true power of what Eden is capable of and will provide you nice insight onto what is possible to make. Don't forget this is suppose to be fun and hard!


 Post your participation HERE

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