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Finally we're ready to release what we've had planned for you for the past few months. We've taken a new approach into obtaining the new gear so any feedback on this approach and improvements for future content we'd much appreciate.

The next direction for this server will be to re-assess the PvP and in particular around the DMG Dealt and DMG Taken buffs and debuffs. We are also planning some changes relating to Dragon Emperor. More information on that later.

For any feedback please comment here:


New Content

  • Haven of Oblivion Overview
    • Haven of Oblivion brings 3 new dungeons on a daily rotation, containing new Trophies and new Weapons to be collected.
    • Each dungeon in the Haven of Oblivion collection contains a total of 3 randomly selected bosses from a pool of 11 bosses who drop Essences that can be transformed into various different weapons. There is a total of 6 essences and the bosses have varying amounts of said essences.
    • Speak with Gogo in Aven (X:213, Y:253) to get started!



  • Haven of Oblivion: Ruin of Ages
    • This dungeon is open on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday!
    • To access this dungeon speak with Melody in Gemsis Ridge (X:417, Y:146)!



  • Haven of Oblivion: Icecrown Altar
    • This dungeon is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday!
    • To access this dungeon speak with Yui in Shiver Peak (X:124, Y:86)!



  • Haven of Oblivion: Royal Trove
    • This dungeon is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!
    • To access this dungeon speak with Emilia in Tranquil Hill (X:430, Y:348)!



  • Essence System
    • Essences are Tradable so you can swap them with other players or sell them for profit.
    • As previously mentioned weapons are not dropped in Haven of Oblivion but are crafted via Essences that are dropped from the various bosses.
      • Faded Essence which can be used for Pikes, Hammers and Staffs.
      • Burnt Essence which can be used for Daggers, Swords and Rapiers.
      • Clean Essence which can be used for Bows, Guns and Sickleshots.
      • Frozen Essence which can be used for Cestus, Katanas and Shields.
      • Aged Essence which can be used for Clubs, Greatswords and Axes.
      • Cynical Essence which can be used for Guitars, Grimoires and Maces.
    • There is two ways to use essences to create weapons.
      • The first being that you can simply fuse the essences using the Arcane Box to create a random weapon out of the pool above. These weapons are automatically bound when recieved.
      • The second being that you can get formula's from Gogo in-order-to craft weapons using foundrys which will grant you a Bind on Equip weapon and an Achievement. However, in addition to the above essences you will also require a Blent Essence which can be created by putting an Esssence of any type in the Arcane Box.
        • Note: Crafting one of each weapon will grant you the Honor Title "Haven's Collector" which grants you permenant Move SPD +5%.





  • Driver System
    • Weapons are now locked at 100% upon being create using the Essence system. So in order to increase your weapon to 120% you will need to collect a couple pieces of each weapon.
    • Each weapon can be converted using the Arcane Box into a Specific Weapon Driver that is used to upgrade a weapon of the same kind.
    • Each driver will increase the target weapons % by 5%, this would mean you would need to collect 4 additional weapons to max out your current weapon.
      • Note: You do not lose any fortifications, gems, etc. when using a driver on your weapon.


  • Trophies
    • Following the feedback on the previous content and their Upgradable Trophies we have aimed to expand on this. You can get a quest from Gogo that when completed gives you a formula to upgrade your Trophies.
      • Note: If you complete all trophy quests and successfully craft all the Trophy's you will recieve the Honor Title "Eternal Oblivion" which grants you permenant Max HP +500 pts.




  • Pet's can no longer be used in battle during 3v3 and 10v10 arena.
  • Increased <Pirate Leader> One-Eye Roger's HP.
  • Awaken Hammer "The Messiah" now activates on both Attacks and Casts.



Content Quality Upgrades

  • Blazeblight Cestus custom colours have been improved.
    • Note: A new Pink version and Yellow version has been added!

Preview of (Aqua)






  • Improved the visual quality of the following maps:
    • Viroona City Ruins
    • Guardians Valley Battlefield
    • Gates of Pandemonium
    • Whispering Woods
    • Singing Valley
    • Roaming Hills
    • Crystal Utopia
    • Dragonside Ridge
    • Ruins of Ages
    • Dragons Keep
    • Palace of Dreams



  • Improved the visual quality of the following pets:
    • Winged Goddess & Humble Goddess
    • Magic Sorceress Isolde & Robust Sorceress Isolde
    • Magic Christmas Lumikki & Robust Christmas Lumikki
    • Magic Summer Nidhogg & Robust Summer Nidhogg
    • Magic Lumikki & Robust Lumikki
    • Magic Kitami & Robust Kitami
    • Magic Tyr & Robust Tyr
    • Magic Zephyrine & Robust Zephyrine
    • Magic Izanami & Robust Izanami
    • Magic Amaterasu & Robust Amaterasu
    • Magic Sif & Robust Sif
    • Magic Michaela & Robust Michaela



  • Fixed the weapons of the following pets
    • Magic Cherry Blossom Hana & Robust Cherry Blossom Hana
    • Magic Shieldmaiden Gaia & Robust Shieldmaiden Gaia


  • Improved the visual quality of the following head costumes:
    • Kitty Cat Hat
    • Naughty Kitty Hat
    • Royal Kitty Hat
    • Note: Fixed the position of the Human Female version.


  • Improved the visual quality of the following mounts:
    • Guardian Dragon - White Haze
    • Sacred Crystalline Dragon
    • Tangerine - Court Maid Cat
    • Ebony - Noble Duke Cat
    • Fireworks - Sushi Master Cat
    • Crimson Squad - Cute Tiger Officer
    • Shadow Squad - Cute Tiger Officer
    • Revered Commander - Kitami General



New Cosmetics

  • Ice Crystal Staff & Dark Crystal Staff from Aura Kingdom.
  • Blue Bunny Scissors & Pink Bunny Scissors from Twin Saga.
  • Devil's Trident from Twin Saga.
  • Recolours of Fireworks Koi Pinwheel from Twin Saga.
    • Now available in Blue, Silver, Gold, Purple and Pink.
  • Recolours of Blue Sky Koi Pinwheel from Twin Saga.
    • Now available in Black, Golden, Pink, Red and Amethyst.
  • Recolours of Winter's Curse Cestus from Twin Saga.
    • Now available in Pink, Golden, Silver, Purple, Red and Green.
  • Recolours of the pet Magic Flower Melody.
    • Hydrangea Fairy Melody
    • Spider Lily Fairy Melody
    • Bellflower Fairy Melody
  • Recolours of the pet Magic Golden Yuuki.
    • Sakura Blossom Yuuki
    • Kanagawa Wave Yuuki
    • Sweet Matcha Yuuki
  • Recolours of the pet Sakuya-Hime.
    • Joyful Sakuya-Hime
    • Anxious Sakuya-Hime
    • Gloomy Sakuya-Hime





Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Guild Arena ranks where not being reset.
    • Note: This change will not be felt until this weekends reset.
  • Pet Skill "Guardian Angel" is now a buff and not a debuff.
  • Test Fix for Elysian Island Bosses, they should now spawn properly.



Text Updates

  • Bard Class Talent "Pop Style" effect.
  • Support Class Skill "Prevention" buff text.
  • Human Support Class Skill "Snub" buff text.
  • Costume "Mysterious Comfy Pajamas (Prime)" name.
  • Costume "Fluffy Kitty Claws" description.
  • Item "Enchanted Storm Soul Necklace" effect.
  • Item "Divine Protection Blessing" effect.
  • Item "Almighty Cape" effect.
  • Item "Acilino's Fang" effect.
  • Item "Tyrant Fear" effect.
  • Item "Tyrant Night" effect.
  • Item "Dark Impulse Cape" effect.
  • Item "Bloodthirst Fanatic Cape" effect.
  • Item "Resurrection" effect.
  • Item "Jala's Execution Decree" effect.
  • Item "Ulicul's Love Charm" effect.
  • Gem "Off-Hand Gem: Ancient Demon" effect.
  • Gem "1H Gem: Infernal Soul" effect.
  • Level 65 Gold Armor Set Bonus Improvements.
  • Level 63 Orange Armor Set Bonus Improvements.
  • Armor Set Bonus "Iron Mind" Improvements.
  • Armor Set Bonus "Redemption" Improvements.
  • Armor Set Bonus "Ancient Shield" Improvements.
  • Updated the Quest Item "Beast Trap Clamp" to contain the correct coordinates.
    • Note: Quest: L61. Grounded (REP).
  • Item "Blueprint: Magic Shield Crafting Skill" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Ancient Magic Machine Wreckage" materials.
  • Item "Formula: Athena's Spirit" materials.
  • Item "Formula: Mars's Secret" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Flame Lion Soul" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Holy Law's Touch" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Soul King's Golden Gloves" materials.
  • Item "Blueprint: Guardian Ring" materials.
  • Guild Statue "Rikerine's Bloom" effect and description.
  • Guild Statue "Holy Glass Tree" effect and description.
  • Guild Statue "Blooming Melody" effect and description.
  • Guild Statue "Holy Crystal Light Tree" effect and description.




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