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Patch v73

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We've added some new character customization options. If there is something you want added please head over to this thread:



  • Added mew quest to the Halloween Event.
    • Reward is a free "Halloween's Upgrade Stone".
  • Added 10 new hair colours!
  • Added 7 new eye colours!




Bug Fixes

  • Removed "Santa's Gift Box" drop from Tranquil Hill.
  • Trophy "Phantom's Puzzle" now gives All Stats +10% as intended.
  • Glacier Knight Skill "Frozen Knights Blessing" will now remove 1 negative status every 3 seconds as intended.
  • Blood Knight Class Talent "Noble Faith" will now continue to give ACC after entering more than 10 points.


Text Fixes

  • Fixed the boss shout of <Devilish> Belle.
  • Fixed the name of the item "Mysterious Chubby Ghost (Prime)".
  • Fixed the Shielder Skill description for "Titan's Barrier".
  • Fixed the Asura Skill "Hammer Fist" debuff description.
  • Fixed the Darkness Blade Class Talent "Twin Lightshadow Blade" description.



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