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Spawn and True Pain Dot


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What if there was a pool that showed up every 2 min that gave the DoT True pain that was really high in spawn areas and in order to clear it out would be too enter the PvP zone of the BG? It would have to happen every 2 min just so that the SW can use their fade skill before entering the BG. Then have it that anytime you die to the True Pain the other side gets a point. It needs to be high enough to kill tanks and medics, but last long enough for the player to jump down into the Map as well as allow people to respawn and gather in spawn area to enter as a group instead of one at a time. Though currently BGs are mostly players killing towers and chests then afk till it's over because it's 1 vs 1. I do assume that in the next level cap you would make it so that players would be encouraged to join BGs for specific loot.

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