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  1. I think they might have to use a different skill animation to remove the charge time. From what I remember of them messing with the game skills is that they had to switch the skill animation out to use the skill animation of another skill. So, maybe look and see what other skill animation might be more preferred with this suggestion?
  2. Are you trying to force a 7.1 surround sound or using 5.1? The game won't work on a forced 7.1 surround sound. Also, I was having a bit of an audio issue myself until recently when I changed my PC audio to 24 Bits with a frequency down to 48000 Hz. I did have it at 24 Bits at 96000 Hz and it made some sound fluctuation level out. What I was experiencing before was the sound would go up and then go soft and then repeat during the game play. With the PC set to 5.1 or lower and making sure your frequency is correct, it should fix it. Other sound changes could be adjusting the game sound to other PC sounds differently. But like Daddy said there are several different sound levels in the game options. There's environment sound, music sound, and then sounds from actions. Reinstalling might fix it unless you have you sound on the PC set incorrectly.
  3. Just the second worm powers up the first boss. I normally skip the first one.
  4. I've never known the giant worms to do anything other than the 2nd one you come across. Try doing it skipping all the others. Also, your method of moving between bosses could be improved so that you are quicker at it. Other than that, that's a good timing.
  5. Change in the game actually keeps the game alive. Level cap increase and players came back raised their character to cap, got gear, then vanished. They created a Halloween patch over the last few years and players came back, got stuff, patch over, and people left waiting for Christmas event that didn't really happen like the year before and no Easter Event. When it comes to making the game easier to get stuff vs difficult, players will come play, get what they want, and vanish. The only difference is that the more difficult it is to get something,the higher players price them, and who really needs 1mil in gold? In the end they stop once they get what they want. I remember back in the day when pvp happened just because you didn't want somebody to take the hounds. Now that hounds are difficult to kill solo and drops aren't desired, except for the few wanting the mechanical shards. People don't go for them. If they reduced the hounds to the difficulty of the mini-bosses while keeping the loot, that could invoke some pvp. I mean right now there are people who would like to keep Akan and Annie from looting the hell out of those, that I am sure would gather some pvp. I did recommend that they increase the level cap 1 level at a time. Not sure why they released 2 DGs without raising the level cap. I guess one thing Vivi could do would be to release Legendary-unique gears(But I wouldn't till level cap increases to lvl 69), where players get legendary gear stats on uni qears? But there is a call for the game to change, it is a must that the game change.
  6. When it comes to any character it's the ME that actually is unable to do both with any degree of efficiency. Every player can create a skill tree that allows them to PvP with high functionality and still do PvE except for the ME. The reason is that every character can max personal buffs and still have points for attacks. Which any character that doesn't have points for attacks that isn't a ME is waste of a character. The ME on the other hand needs to max out def buffs to help survive both PvP and PvE just like everybody else. It's their attack buffs that they could neglect to put points into attack skills so they could PvE. Problem with that is it makes their PT weak in PvP as they won't be able to counter the other side that also has a ME with max def buffs and uses those atk buffs. This is the reason why they don't put points into personal attack skills is because those other attack buffs that support the PT or faction are extremely useful and in many cases OP in the hands of certain players. I would like to see those atk and Def support buffs nerfed on the ME and reduced skill points for maxing them out so that the ME can't make others OP. Those support buffs would need to have stats reallocated to the me's personal buffs so they maintain the defs that they require just like the rest of the characters. Then the ME can allocate those points into skills that would also be helpful for both PvP and PvE. The ME shouldn't be a character that breaks other characters, which it currently does if the ME goes full support and maxes both Def and Atk type buffs like they do.
  7. There's an issue that GM's might have about doing this. That is how do they know that you have rights to access the account? Just because you give them the email address of the account, how do they verify that that email was actually yours and not some other player? If somebody found the email addresses associated with my vendetta accounts and GM's were being told that the email addresses needed to be changed by somebody that wasn't me, they could really mess with my accounts. So, I am not sure if the other player is giving you correct information on the subject. Can you email that email account? If so and it doesn't come back as a non-existent email address, then you know that account is still active. The next option for that email address is to see about contacting the company that supplied you with the email account to see if they would unlock the account and allow you to put a new password with it. I know with Hotmail or microsoft accounts, their tech support will often ask you a series of questions to verify that you are the owner of the account. Other than asking for personal information they have those security questions, maybe a phone number linked to the account, or another email linked to the account. The more you know and can answer the better chances you have of recovering that email. I am just not sure how well the GM's would help a player gain access to a gamer's account if they have no way to verify you are the rightful owner.
  8. That is the android costume and face paint, it comes in silver and carbon(aka black).
  9. @DrApple - What do you think of one of these routes to changes? Two ideas for the ME skill tree to fix their difficulty in farming DGs and other things if the idea of reducing def on mobs so the ME can kill them easier (not asking for them to be reduced in damage just reducing their def). Easiest option for Def buffs - switch the shadow projection to be ME only buffs for 30 seconds, and Enchanted foil to be PT buffs for 1min 30seconds. Then decrease the amount of points needed for shadow to be 11 pts max and foil to be 9 pts, that will free up 5 pts for something else. for Atk buffs - Any ME using the mastery skills are wasting skill points as I wouldn't use them as they are or at any time no matter how high you make them, but the Veil of offense and Accuracy could use a reduction of 75% to 50% of their current values. Then the skill pts for veil of Offense could be reduced to 11 pts and veil of accuracy to 6pts. other skills can drop to -detect skill -10 concealment debuff same pts required, Detection mastery can drop to +25, Eradicated would go from 5 to 8 pts to max for 4 debuffs, cleansing skill can go from 7pts to 9 pts. Max veil of healing at 11 pts with keeping stats at current skill pt value for 11 pts not values for 13pts, drop healer's kiss to 12 pts and do the same thing where values cap off at current 12pts values. Harder option The other option is combining the personal buffs and pt buffs into one skill. Then take the total skill points for that 1 skill into 3/4ths the current values of both skills as well as make the ME get 100% of the effect of the buff while the party only gets 50% of the effect of the buff. Also, change other skills as well from the easiest option. Personally the ME buffs should give itself higher stats than it would the party so the idea is to kill OP party buffs, so the ME can allocate skill points else where. Also, with reducing the pts for buffs, the idea would be to then allow the ME to go one of two routes with being a full buff support ME or becomes an ATK/buff support ME. Which means that the ME could put skills into attacking/stunning players and not just running around and buffing/cleansing. Currently going the mixed route for the ME will work for PvE, but to survive and support isn't the best route in PvP. It does work some if you are the only me in a small group not in larger groups unless paired with another ME. The ME must with absolute necessity max out all def buffs. Then to counter the other ME's buffs on the players the ME has to max out their atk buffs. So already the ME has used skill points focused on buffs. Then they need heals and would have to go with using crit-void, eva, or eva maybe a combination of each one of them rather than HP to free up skill points for atk. Though this would again get them so far in PvP, but I am sure some ME is going to get on and say that their build is the ultimate PvE/PvP build that players can't match. While sure it works, it just doesn't work that great, because any player attempting to do a mix build for PvE still lacks in survival in PvP. While I agree that you can't be the best of it all, you shouldn't make it so that the ME has to use skill resets to pve and pvp since others don't have to use skill resets to pve and pvp when all they need to do is change gear. I'd like to see more ME's with reduced support buffs and give them attacks than ME's with OP support buffs, that's just not the option ME's are going with when it comes to supporting.
  10. I find this hilarious, only for the fact I made this post not but 2 weeks ago on the same thing over the RP for the ME and the response there was well met with the same douche comments about how the ME bla, bla, bla. People cry there aren't enough ME's but when ME's complain about not being able to do something they tell them to go suck an egg or my skill ME can do it and it's not a full support me. It's funny because I've listened to players tell ME's you need this buff or that buff, yet if that ME uses this buff or that buff they have to take those points from something else. Like when some DE's say that the ME needs to have the acc/ch-acc buff so they can help take down SW's, where's the ME going to get those points if they need to max out other skills? Players wanting the ME to have specifically have high acc/ch-acc or even detect while having high healing, High damage support and high Def/def support and are supposed to do have DPS enough to run DGs solo where acc/ch-acc isn't useful? Oh, then People wonder why players quit or stop playing the ME it's because they can't do a damn thing without other people and other people don't want to do a damn thing together unless there's equal benefit like exp farming. RP farming in a PT or solo MEs is a joke, because it takes so damn long and pvp for RP can result in negative RP for the day meaning that they now have to farm extra long. I made a suggestion to increase RP from mobs so that farming in a PT with a ME won't take so long or the ME doing it solo doesn't take so long. Though why not make it so that RP doesn't get split up between people who are in a PT? Why not make it like exp where RP doesn't drop but everybody gets same same amount inside a PT or solo? I was talking with MAR on the subject and she wants to just get infinite skill resets so she can farm RP and DGs on her own and then change skills so that she can be a support ME when needed. I said the best thing to do would be to just create a PU for farming and use the ME when there's a PT for you to support. However, players expect their ME's to be this great support player and force them to need a PT all the time to do anything when they can't get PT's all the time and don't have hours to play a day to do all that they need. They want to farm RP, that's 1 hour of their time. They want to farm TT, that's 1+ hours of their time and those tower buffs are gone before you even get half way through it. Then players want them to come PvP for another hour+ of their time. Not everybody has this kind of time on their hands so ya, maybe do something to give certain characters a break since not everybody can be a PU that does everything in 15min or less.
  11. Okay Troll. How's that?
  12. It's was to agree with all you said except the guards in spawn zone. Spawn area in some cases allows for players to getting close enough to pull somebody out from the spawn before they have time to buff or can even enter the BG arena on their own. It's those guards that were created to stop this, but in level 60+ those guards aren't as OP as those in lower caps to stop this. SP and Janus and I think TP has 2 guards set inside the spawn zone to quickly target and attack players who get so close that they can pull players out of the spawn. Those should be 1 shotting people, while all others in the 60+ should have their attacks nerfed to the point of no damage while their def is high enough to prevent players from killing them to prevent point scoring off them instead of pvp. That is if it is possible. @Beau troglodyte number two, you done with your insults? You came here asking for no drama, but start insulting people and claim we are the drama starters. You didn't have to say a damn thing and no drama would have happened and yet here you are. Trolling.
  13. You act like Annie and you didn't even need to make your rude comment like a troglodyte.
  14. Definitely agree with you at this point with the exception of guards in spawn area being so OP that they one shot any player who enters the spawn area illegally or gets too close to pull players right out from the spawn are just after they respawn. Other than that, guards should be there or at least do any damage, but shouldn't also be killed.
  15. @Beau and @SUCK aka Annie - you two drama queens could have just ignored this post. Come back when you are a GM.
  16. @Beau and @Akan I didn't make this post to justify breaking rules or start debating about why somebody got banned. I only want clarification on the rules and also create a solution to the system here instead of making up new rules. If we are going to start debating why somebody got banned or point fingers at people take it else where. Beau, you asked for there to not get you involved with any drama and yet here you are including yourself and making drama. I mentioned your name because you are one that talked about players force logging and well if that's a rule, we need that clarified not start any damn drama over why Akan got banned. Maybe Akan, should ask for clarification as to what it was that they did wrong from Vivi and/or from a GS is what they understood it to be is different than what it was from. Which then Beau you don't or shouldn't act as the authority on the matter when you are not a GM or GS. I only asked for clarification to help prevent players from getting banned because there are people that are actively seeking out other players to get them banned who are bitter rivals. Even Annie's actions isn't specified on the SB section though it should be and they are playing in such a manner that exhibits toxic behavior that needs to stop. Like calling me Godd a_ _ because they got a wanted placed on them by somebody and pointing the finger at me. But if you don't want the freaking drama don't make this post about you or start acting like the authority on the matter. Also, people should be going to the GM's and GS's if they have questions or need clarification on particular rules, which is why I tagged them and not either one of you in my original post.
  17. Personally Lowbie or not there's two reasons for me to attack them. 1) They are after the loot I want. 2) they attacked me for going after the loot they want or just plan attack me. While there are players who bully the lowbies, alts or not, not all players do unless provoked. But removing or lowering the guard's damage that they do is something I've been saying for over 3 years and these rules with banning players might not need to take place unless the player can't deal with a loss and afk.
  18. @Vivi, @Bash @DaddyJust want to clarify a few things. Akan himself told me of his ban and other players told me of Annie being banned. So, I just want some clarification on the subject of what is bannable and not. BG rule - Also, exploiting and using any battleground terrain glitch to give yourself an unfair advantage. Any video received of a person doing this will result in a ban being placed on their account. Inside BGs there are guards that are extremely powerful to where lots of people have used them to protect themselves from others and win. Players often who have used these are WH's, DE's, CB's, SE's, ME's, and SW's between skill cool downs. The SW's are so weak against them that they can't even complete a full rotation against players within these guards, while SE's actually can use those guards to their advantage with their trap enhancing the damage effect because that damage increases the more people on the trap. The WH, DE, and CB can easily tank these guards during their attack of players and ME's can just maintain healing from their attacks. Often times you find the ME of the group standing in the guards to protect themselves and heal their players attacking the tower. You will also see WH's and DE's standing in their guards waiting for their buffs skills to cool down before leaving again. Is using these guards considered use of an exploit on the BG system? If so, why not make the guards weaker? Making them weaker would remove the aspect of being able to use them for a high advantage and it would keep from people policing others and ban players in an already small community. Also, within the BG system, namely Janus, players use boxes to stand on to keep players from reaching them and maintaining an advantage because the second you jump on those boxes the player is already set to attack you or like the SE and PU will actually attack you from on top. Would this be considered using a terrain exploit to gain an unfair advantage? It's one reason I don't like Janus when playing against SE's and PU's. Are there any other rules with the use of the BG system or the SB client system that can result of banning player? That is other than using the report function to kick players out of the BG. I know that Yevon and some other players complain about people leaving the BG in the middle of them saying that the player should be reported and banned, but that isn't really a rule is it? The rules listed here will apply to all games on Vendetta Gaming Network, unless otherwise noted. Is listed on the rule page I know that there is a rule within the EE system that prevents players from messing with others taking bosses, does this rule apply to SB as well? It's not in the SB specific rule section, but it is in the EE specific rule section. While I agree with taking actions against players who use their same faction character to cause others in that faction trouble should come with consequences, I also believe that players who want loot from a boss should attack the boss or help protect it from being taken from the other faction. Just wanting clarification on this matter so that everybody is on the same page that this rule applies to SB as well, since there are players that can pull mobs near bosses to attack players and there are players that will cause bosses to reset on others of the same faction. On the matter of once a player is banned, does that only apply to one account or all their accounts? I know for myself there would be uproar if one character on one account had done something resulting in that account being banned and then using another account to continue to play would certainly make people upset. So, when a player gets banned, shouldn't that apply to all their accounts or just the one?
  19. I think this challenge should have been a class specific time race due to the limits of one class over another with PvE. PU's have a clear advantage over all other classes and WHs/MEs are a clear disadvantage. So, if it was class specific you might get more challengers and even get people to post videos on how to complete it. Just saying that this was a great idea, but not really executed due to players feeling like there's no way to rival the PU class.
  20. holy crap 3 slots for jack of blades? A bit over kill since you can only use it once every 15 min, you making sure that you can hit it?
  21. clench disperses mobs? That's news to me, I thought it was the mech fade that will disperse them and clench just removes debuffs and DoTs
  22. That's great and all to put items in AH, but there are players who sell AP items as a 1 to 1 ratio of gold per AP, which will undercut all those prices. To be honest though players really don't need all this gold with how much the cost of things in the game are that aren't AP related items. If anything however the rare costumes and bikes obtained from the mystery box should be sold at a higher value only because you don't know how much AP was spent to obtain the item. If you ask Cro, you will find that he probably has a ton of gold from all the AP he's sold over the years.
  23. A nice royal blue and grey would be nice along with a Green and grey. Though while we are at it, there's pink and grey and purple and grey. I'd go for any one of these over the black one I have. I prefer the smaller vehicles over the larger ones because I don't like how they consume larger areas of my screen. I do miss the animation though of the first free bike and it would be awesome if we could toggle between animation of current bikes and no animation. In the mean time, what about adding the pirate costumes and hat for this week?