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  1. Everything is the exact same from Pet chips, pet level, gears, jewels, lingerie, etc... It shouldn't really matter from there because even if you multiply two numbers with a 600HP difference you still have at least a 600HP difference.
  2. All things being equal there should be at least a 600 HP gap not 300
  3. How is the HP of each player calculated? I ask because both my Shadow Walkers are 2 ranks apart. One is ranked Ophanim and the other is Seraphim that's on the rank sheet are 600HP apart, but I am only seeing that they are about 300HP apart.
  4. I think what some people have run into in certain countries in trying to get PGC, is that they go through the steps to get it and the money comes out of their account, but it doesn't register that they got any PGC when they login. Not sure if there's a waiting period for the PGC to show that they need to wait or if they never get it at all. I would hate to drop money into a PGC and have it come out of my account but PGC not show that I purchased anything at all. That might be a reason that they asked for an alternate means to get AP.
  5. Not sure I like the idea of having anything less than 15 or maybe 10 min. I think the idea of the 15min CD is so that you can only use them once in a BG as they can become an unfair advantage for some players because they almost certainly spell instant death to some players. Increase the stats on them again I don't necessary like due to the level that they are currently set for. Maybe if they created an upgrade item that only lvl 60+ players can use to increase the stats might work, but I really don't want them to turn into a 1 hit kill shot for everybody especially if the CD is lowered.
  6. i feel that the lower levels are too under populated to make them fun and maybe Vivi could change loot to the lower levels so that they drop gear for the next level group up? So, when you farm DT you get Gamma gear, DM and BC you get delta gear, SF and IV you get Zeta gear, then AT and SS you get kappa gear, which again also include an expert mode of these so that you are farming with boosted experience and these gears at the same time? Currently this is not a thing, but could be a suggestion? Currently, what you will need is gold, as gold will make everything better. At level 34 your best option is farming SF or BC for items that could be special enough to sell for gold. Items like jewels though the bosses and mobs give a small amount that could be used to help enhance gear for the next level cap. I however feel that people trying to grind exp and get to where everybody else is at gets stuck because if you level up without gear you can't do shit and if you try to grind to get gold to buy said needed gear, you are also stuck there for a long time till somebody comes along willing to help you level and get you the gear you need. Many can level you, but few can help out with getting you gear. However, the benefit of staying at lower level is that the World bosses drop unenhancable level 1 pet chips so that you can at least have those till you obtain AP pet chips that can be enhanced.
  7. I do agree with Bash that there are too few people that play and many that do play are too hyper critical of anything Vivi does. Though it is also relevant to note that many people who no longer play, decided to end their time with SB by breaking the rules leading to their perm ban. For the most part I am glad these toxic players don't play anymore, but bugs that they couldn't just play the game without cheating. Where's the bragging rights to say, hell ya I killed your ass, if you only attack them while they are in the middle of getting killed by mobs or had to use cheats to do so? I think increasing the player base and keeping them would be the best option right now to save this game. We can do so by helping new people out and show off this game in what we feel are the best parts. We as the players in the game control more about the life of the game than the GMs or GSs. They can tweak the game here and there, but our attitudes towards each other, the GMs/GSs, and the game says a lot to the new people. What we as the game community can do is be more positive towards Vivi especially and not so critical that it comes off as rude and/or condescending. We can also be more positive with each other, stop treating each other like your personal punching bag in the game because things aren't going your way or you have some sort of grudge against another player. I am pretty sure Vivi hates listening to all the bitching people do about this player did this to me and that player did that to me. She's not their mom and people need to handle their own shit, but being a dick to other players is a great way to keep reducing the game's player base. If you feel like you want to take out a grudge against another player, ask yourself how few people do you want to be in the game? We used to have 30+ vs 30+ in AK, but from the rule breaking to the toxic shit talk towards others, people left and don't like playing. Now, if we could handle our own shit as this is just a game and maybe be more positive with things, then maybe if we start getting more people, then Vivi would be more willing to produce more things and respond quicker to issues with the game. We need to stop making it Vivi's or the GS's fault if something didn't turn out right because they can fix it. It's not like they have a manual to go by on what happens if they tweak something because testing something and implementation isn't going to translate over the same as the game or somebody might do something they didn't expect. PS - As for skill tree? Not removing the character's level requirements, I wonder what would happen if the skill requirements were removed for each skill? Though I expect that it could break that character, but I wonder if that wouldn't be the actual case since there are some skills I want and use them anyway, while there are other skills that don't really get used because they were required but not useful in pvp. Removing the skill requirement could lead to greater variations in character builds, but that could also lead to breaking a character so that people will all just stick to the same skill tree anyway unless you nerf or boost certain skills that could cause greater variations. Hard to say without testing and implementing.
  8. I wouldn't pick MMOBytes to promote this game. MMOBytes is more critical of the game and doesn't really show off some of the best aspects of the game. He talks it up, but ultimately he doesn't show off the game. What I think would be cool would be to create trailers/video clips showing off some of the things people enjoy in the game in short quick clips, but long enough to show the game's true worth. One thing would be to get video clips from people showing off their favorite part of the game and them playing it. Like Running DGs, BGs(AK/NB would be great), Attacking bosses, farming world mobs, and just straight up pvp. MMOBytes in his videos doesn't show any pvp to talk about how fun it is or isn't and just goes over the first 10 levels of the game just about. Other videos to put out there would be to introduce each a video for each character. Start off with a quick character customization and then playing that character in as many quick clips throughout the game as possible. You might have them start off with pve farming in world maps, entering the small BGs, joining in on World Bosses/World Boss fights, pvp, then some clips of them doing something awesome in NB or AK, and maybe even show off some of the lingerie/costumes for that character so people might look at these characters as something more than just another MMO. This game was created after all as a sexy game, so why not show it off like it's sexy and fun? MMOBytes doesn't really do that either and mocks the game's sexual content even though many of us started playing because of it. I mean who doesn't want a character in this game with T & A that you can strip down and dress up like a sexy character you want? Well, that is besides the Loli call SE, which is still cute and sexy in it's own way. Could put a clip of the arkana in a different outfit between game play clips and even have them do a social skill as well.
  9. are your graphics drivers current? The other would be an issue with your own monitor and/or Cable? Could try a different cable or a different monitor. Could also try changing graphic settings in game or on your Graphics driver.
  10. So, if the player is able to control one character, have another character follow the main one so that they go around collecting loot shared among other players. You would consider that Botting correct? They were seen using both characters, but only controlling one at a time with the other on follow to make it seem like the other character wasn't being a bot. You can tell when they switched characters because one stopped attacking when the other started to attack.
  11. What are the rules about dual logging? It seems that there are players who do it using either a virtual pc setup or 2 computers. I know that dual logging for these purposes is against the rules 1) having more than 1 character in a BG at a time. 2) having more than 1 character in a PvP zone at a time, especially for the purpose of self farming for RP But are players allowed to 1) have more than 1 character in a PvE map for the purposes of botting for farming? I watched this happen where the player basically used that 2nd character to loot and bid on items with a second toon to increase chances of getting more event loot. 2) having more than 1 character in the game for purposes of exp boosting? Any other clarifications on dual logging would be great since it still happens even though it's prevented from happening with a normal PC.
  12. First RPG game I played was this game as I mostly played FPS. So? Kinda understand where they are coming from. @dissaur Each class is different. ME heal class, great for being a PTs ME player in PvP. SE is great at fast attacks and going for faded characters like the SW. SW great for hiding from players and sneaking up for a quick kill. PU great at long range damage and also finding SWs. WH are great at tanking and pulling multiple players/mobs together and attacking them as a group. CB is a great quick short range damage attacks with a pull to close that gap between them and others to kill them. DE are great at taking high damage(aka the tank class) and dealing damage to players who come close to them. PVE classes for farming the best - DG boss runs are PU and SW and full runs are WH, SE, and PU. ME for PVE is only good in a PT with others. The CB can be good at farming but mostly has to do full runs to finish a DG. PVP class - all depends on what you like to do. DEs are great at letting a group of players hit them and with a ME that isn't being attacked the DE can survive anything along with the WH. SE's are often needed to keep the SW from getting close to the ME. ME's needed to buff and heal players. PU to do high damage and tank down the WH and DE or really any class quickly before they get healed by the ME. So, pick your poison each one players will say are too OP or too nerfed depending on who controls which character and what they are doing. Players hate SW's who have high damage, but those that have high damage have low protections because they didn't want to sacrifice damage for very little protection and it can suit them well. DE can be so tanky which players complain about because a group of players can't kill it even if it doesn't have a support ME, but their attacks are weak that they can't kill others. So, when it comes to choosing one character over another, a lot of it is how you play it and how others play theirs.
  13. I want to defend the SB team for a second on the getting an event for SB on Halloween done with only having a test server for a month. It's not like they were automatically able to pull this out and test run it with sufficient time to incorporate feedback on what people would like to see from it. I was hopeful for a more complete event, but we probably should look at it from their perspective. Rushed jobs don't create quality work and that's what they were under in creating this event, a time crunch. The other thing we should probably look at is that we don't know their creation tool and features as well as Vivi does, so it's not like we can do it any better. Then there's them working on a game where Vivi had to create her own notes on what to do since the system didn't come with instructions. Lastly, is that they had to upload all the content and creation software into the new server and probably had to deal with the same thing we deal with when we install a fresh copy of Windows or even the game, but needing to tweak everything to a more usable system on how we like it. So, I do say thanks for the event and doing what you can to bring us something other than grinding TT more. Suggestions if possible to change Pumpkin Baskets - Drops seems really low from mobs and the bosses. The bosses should have more like 20 of these dropping at a time and not 2 or 3. Mobs should have them drop more frequently. Candies - Can you reduce the number of pumpkin baskets needed to create the candy to maybe 3? I don't see why they should be as high as they are for how little of a buff that they give. Since it's also a replicube, I really don't like the idea of spending 15 pumpkin baskets on the chance of getting a buff to give my pet more exp when it doesn't need it. 3 day premium medallion - also reduce this from 100 to maybe more like 30 or 50. These are a 3 day medallion and I don't find the buffs from them all that inspiring to use so many pumpkin baskets on it when they already don't drop very much. I would refuse to spend gold on their purchase from the AH or even cash from item mall to obtain them since it doesn't do all that much. I'd rather spend my gold on a unique grafting tool from another player than pay them for a 3 day premium medallion, cash would be same the same thing. Though I might consider spending 50 pumpkin baskets on the other medallion if it was a 7 day one. Considering these are AP items, I also understand the need to keep them strictly to cash purchases and require higher quantities. Unique costumes - For players like myself that doesn't see much use for many of these other things, one thing I seek more of are unique costumes for the SW and ME. They don't have to cost too much, but not too little either. Maybe 100 pumpkin baskets or 125. I don't see the some of the newer costumes drop frequent enough let alone for my class to really want to spend my time killing bosses for them or even in BGs that really are just a 1 vs 1 and in many cases for some players still self vs self. I seek 3 specific types that give either eva, ch-eva, or ch-resist so that I can graft rare costumes on them. The limited supply means the limited number of unique grafting tools I need for them and I would also need some more pretty costumes to graft onto them. Though I do keep at least 1 of each kind in their original condition because why mess with their look. Would like a 50 shades of black for SW to keep in original condition. Unique Lingerie - not really wanting to flood the game with them, but what about adding them to the trade list with an much higher cost of pumpkin baskets so that players can't flood the game with them, but can maybe make a sacrifice of 200 or 250 for some of the these since I have yet to get a tears of the spider queen lingerie. Mob spawns - What about changing these to spawn for 10 min every 2 or 3 hours? That way more people can be involved with them and they can go through 1 complete wipe and a re spawn before finishing. If you make the timing for them right they can happen during that 2 hour gap between lvl 60+ Second ark and TP? But they would happen so that players can feel like it's something more when there isn't an event DG? If they spawn twice per 3 hour gap, the mobs would still spawn the same amount of time as if it was a 6 hour gap, but more frequent so more people can participate or want to be active more often maybe?
  14. Not sure if it's all time related or just players stopped showing up, but NB is pretty much like the boss abandoned. For the past few days it's been a pathetic match. I show up and it's 100% FK and if it stays that way, FK won't get any winning SG replicubes. If 1 RG shows and avoids pvp through hiding on the map, unless FK can kill Aba they lose because RG have less players than FK. So, tried switching to RG maybe bring some pvp in that map and like today all that happens is one particular FK will go afk in a place you can't reach them and wait out the entire BG there. They don't stay up in spawn area but you can't really get to aba while they can and afk there. I'm not sure how it happens but it seems that there are some RG players who avoid the guards on aba even though the FK guards are up. How to fix it? change the time, change the length that the portal closes, and find someway to increase players desire to show up either with rewards, loot, or something. I hate switching sides in the middle of that bg because unlike I was able to when I dual logged I can no longer just go to character select with one toon while immediately joining with the other and have to log out completely and log back in with my alt. It's the time it takes to log out and log back in that I request the portal stay open longer.
  15. That maybe right with the level, the the first to reach max level with max % will stay there. However, you lose any exp and your placement on that list will change. Even if you lose exp and go down, when you go back to 100% your will change position. I personally have gone up and down on that list and really don't care about it because it's just a list that says hey look I made it to 65, while the RP list says hey look I farmed RP and made it to the top. Since it's not all done by pvp, there are few players that brag about their rank being all from pvp which I would still have to disagree since they most likely farmed at one point so that they could get a major mech. Zaktsu stopped farming shortly after reaching archangel because that was his goal and when the CB got nerfed and his partner stopped playing he quit.
  16. CB level and rank are 2 different things. Topped ranked CB should be Akan. The top level CB is really a conglomerate of people because level depends on your exp level and not your rank. Since you can be level 65 but not at 100%, then your rank will be based on how much out of 100% experience you have at lvl 65. If your character is at 100% with 50 other players than it really is just a random placement. I mean look at MichelleZ who hasn't played for like a year and yet she's higher up in the level. Level placement really mean jack in this game if you have 100's of players at the same level and same exp % on that level.
  17. Yeah, people still find away to dual log and break the rules if they really want too and from my understanding that people are still getting banned for doing it a year later. I would like it back, but it is what it is right now.
  18. I liked dual logging, but didn't like dual logging inside a bg. Too many people would dual log and take up both slots in a bg registration, those individuals who tried to join weren't allowed in because 1 player was selfish and took up the first slot on both sides. While I liked being able to quickly change from one faction to another without having to close the game down and open it back up, I understand that there are some people who think the rules don't apply to them. When they specifically make it a rule I do follow it to keep from getting banned, others will ignore the rule and the longer they go without getting caught or reported the more they do it. Kinda interesting though that many people who pushed for the rule don't play that I can see.
  19. Ever since the last update I am periodically getting an error code with xigncode upon logging in and preventing the game from loading. This happens at random from my first initial login to being dc and trying to log back in. I put the xm, SBlauncher, and SB applications in the windows 10 defender firewall exception list as it won't just let me add the entire folder and still get the error code at random. Now, I haven't had that issue previous to the update, but since that update and change to the new server it's happening pretty frequently. Just to be aware, I am not running a VPN or extra virus software besides what is provided with windows 10.
  20. Well, there is away to increase screen size resolution in game, but things become very small. The way to fix that would be to change the scale and layout in your display settings. It's possible to also have this scale and layout change only when in the game, but it will make the screen background change when you enter the game and change back when exiting the game. Not sure why you would want to increase the game's resolution really high unless you have a really big screen since the resolution doesn't really improve the quality of the visuals that much in the game when you go higher.
  21. You can also just save them and convert them to gold for items in the gold vending machine. You can also convert the gold to team and team to valor(Or was it vice versa).
  22. When it comes to faction balance, yes and no that one side out weighs the other. Basically here are current issues with the game when it come to faction balance. 1) One faction isn't constantly out numbered all the time during the day. Meaning if you popped in during one time of day then one faction might have more people, though if you showed up at another time the other faction would have more people. Mostly because players like playing with people who are on for this scenario. 2) Major BGs like AK and NB are another factor in faction balance and there are 2 reasons for the imbalance. First, is that the time that they occur isn't suited for everybody in every time zone, so some players can't join to help maintain balance or high population. Second, is that some players have characters in both factions and will sometimes switch to the zerg side for loot, because what's the point of pvp if you constantly have 2 people for every 1 player if you can't do anything? Now there are occasions where there is balance, but the second some players catch that they are losing will switch to the winning side or if they are easily winning will switch to the loosing side with too many people and the winning faction begins losing too easily. So, balance here is a bit of a touchy subject as some players get upset if you normally play one faction and they find you on the other faction where they outnumber you and win. Character wise, if you are starting from ground zero I would create a character for farming and a Medic. Though you can also create a Defender too and switch between what is needed and what you want to play. A lot of times a Medic is needed, but many times there are more medics than we need. So, I would plan on first creating a farming toon to boost it ot the level you want to play at, specifcally for 65 players. Then go back create the toon you want to play that might be more difficult to farm with and then have your farming toon feed gears and enhancing stuff to the toon you want to play till that toon is set to play on it's own.
  23. Yep, it's the phoenix lingerie. I have a lvl 65 one for SW, but I wish it was uni with stats I want.
  24. @Vivi@Daddy Can these DJ outfits be turned into a CB costume? with Head gear and glasses? And does this Lingerie exist?
  25. They usually do give something small that can help people level or obtain gear. Even event patches they give something to help people through the event, because often the event requires something unique like a pass to a dungeon or items used to obtain event stuff. Though they also sometimes have quick quests to complete to help as well. It would be nice to see an event patch this Halloween like they do every year.
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