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    So, with NovaFire gone who was helping create new costumes for the game I'm wondering if there's anybody who will make new costumes? Though I would still like to obtain some current ones still, but what about some new costume ideas like the following. Create 2 different unique facemask geared toward 2 different uses for each character and not have them the same stats for each character. Each character should have stats specific for their character like SE's getting eva and detect or crit eva and move speed, SW eva and Ch-eva or increased conceal, ME getting HP and Crit void or void and ch-resist, etc.... Mind you those stats shouldn't be OP but they are class specific and in a combination that can counter another players stat increase. Mind you players shouldn't be worried about changing their face appearance since you can have it on without showing it if they don't want too. But other costume ideas are Use commando gear to make police uniform. Make a Fireman uniform Carnival costume some more NPC costumes Oktoberfest German costumes geisha outfits with face mask western cowboy/cowgirl (like a female arkana in boots, daisy dukes blue jean shorts, and a checkered bikini top or go with a french saloon outfit) Anyway, just thinking of some generic costume ideas that shouldn't run into copyright issues anybody else have any costume ideas of their own that don't run into copyright issues? Sadly for @Norleras if he could have it his way, a few Star Trek uniforms might be his pick.
  2. The problem is that any area where you can have a showdown with players on the same faction is that those aren't bugs but actually encoded in the game I believe. All buffs and heals happen the same for every player in the same faction, it's just the way the game works. There is away to reduce the chance of healing or buffing players in the same faction by having a full PT where heals are done for team members first, as long as team members are in range of the heal it reduces the chance of healing somebody outside the PT. Though there's still that chance. The one thing that that the arena does allow is the use of Cyberskins. The true purpose of the Arena is to help players improve their pvp skills, not for competition with the faction. Else why have 2 separate factions in the first place if you're not going to compete against players of the other faction? They've often had competitions where factions would create several teams and pvp within a specific location of the pvp map and fight 1 team of each faction fight at a time where the top team becomes winner. Doing this would solve all the above issues and you might have a good turn out if done at the right time.
  3. The only difference for those are I use base till I run out of base and then I use the ones I can sell or trade. Most often I just horde the shards till I need them and then go find gear to salvage for the gems. I have more than enough silver for enhancing and I don't run out of steel ones because I start using SG and narak when I get there. Shards are what I use the most because I try enhancing to +9 without SG and Narak and end up failing a lot when I try for +7 and have to get back to +6. Even when I reach +8 and try for +9, I end up back at +5. But I do it because I get bored and want to help somebody out on occasion .
  4. Which faction are you? Try shouting in game.
  5. If your SSD has a read speed faster than a HDD then it will improve load times. For the most part good SSDs have much higher read speeds than normal HDDs. Load times can also be improved when disks are put into a good RAID configuration such as raid 0 and 5 because instead of pulling information from one drive they are pulling the information from several drives at once. It's kinda like having a deck of cards separated between several different people vs 1 person. If you were to take the entire deck of cards from your hand and then place them on a table one at a time the individual would take much longer to put them down than 2 or more people taking turns placing a card down because there wouldn't be much lag from placing 1 card down and reaching for another card. While SSDs can perform great on their own, the HDDs use a spinning disk to search for that information and having them in a RAID 0 can help improve load times as 2 or more drives are feeding that information into the system. Personally I use a SSD for my main drive with all my programs on it because it does improve loading and I don't have to wait for the drive to spin up for it to finally get information through the system.
  6. Well, the thing about the game are repetitiveness issues. DGs and Exp farming are all repetitiveness, players can't do TT for exp because it can and will cause more deaths of players which loses exp so players won't go there for exp. DV is just repetitive mob killing without reward so players aren't that fond of doing something without reward. Even in pvp it can get boring as you play against the same players without benefit. Just looking at the line up of RG players involved in pvp, you are lucky to get an RG player ranked above spirit walker in pvp, but the FK players can end up being grand savant and higher. Myself being the 2nd highest ranked player in the game and I lose more RP than I gain in most pvp fighting because I can kill 20 RGs and still not gain any RP after I get killed once by them. Does it really matter to me that I lose more than I gain? Right now no it doesn't, but I usually don't engage in pvp unless I am truly bored. BGs are a ghost town because players don't enter them because they have no reason too, as all items in a BG can be obtained through pve. While I suggested that they move certain items into the BGs which are exclusive to only BGs to force players to enter them, they haven't yet and even the BGs themselves tend to be pve centered winning not pvp. Though even in BGs you have players sticking around guards that are too OP that any tank can just stand in their guard and not worry about getting killed fast enough before the guards kill the player. When and if they make the game move into a more directional gaming where you should do one if you want to do the other would be better. Like you want to pve better in DGs you need to enter a BG to obtain an item that will allow you to farm a BG better. If you want to pvp better you need to enter a DG to obtain an item to improve your pvp. Since you don't need to enter BGs to pve or enter DG to pvp better, it's all just enter the game do what you enjoy and get off. Though I would farm more or enter BGs more, I am just in the middle of moving to even care about anything other than gaining rank points and getting off for the night. Though the same can be said about RG side too.
  7. Did you right click on the buff? Often times if you click on those buffs they will clear out and be gone. You can hover over them to read what the buff is giving, but it's frustrating as the values don't necessarily stay visible for a long period of time.
  8. A skull next to your name just indicates that the rank of the player hasn't obtained enough rank points or lost too many rank points that they dropped back to the lowest rank. Those starting out in the game all have that skull rank.
  9. Uni scanners I do believe drop in DS and DTO for endgame.
  10. Another topic to add to this is the number of buffs out there from every character. I find that my SW could reach 40k+ HP with the help of the CB and ME. Then it can reach 20k+ in crit atk with the help of ME(I believe), and PU. Then you have the PU and ME detect skills that buff everyone making SWs impossible to hide from a SE since there's no conceal buff from any other character. While I think it's important for some characters lending support buffs, some of those support buffs added with that list of debuffs can and do make characters far too OP.
  11. That's a lot to say about every class but the SE. I have a hard time digesting all of these as you went through and put nerfs on characters and increases other characters. What will this all do? Who the hell even knows unless they test it. When it comes to the SW void slash, it's not supposed to take the SW out of fade though it is allowed to be used out of fade. It's no different than using shadow strike or poison smoke while in fade. If you are concerned about it not kicking a SW out of fade there's 2 things about this, 1) If you aren't stunned and a SW hits you with this, an AOE atk (that could have a stun/disable) will kick the SW out of fade since they should be close enough for any AOE to hit them. 2) The best use of this skill is with shadow strike where you start with a disable and immobile/stun skill, use ghost walk, shadow strike, void slash, and another disable and immobile/stun skill. So, having it pull a player from fade just as they will use a disable/stun right after is futile. The DoT on major mech, isn't that OP as it's a very weak DoT. It is however a major mech and should deal more damage than the lvl 50 mech. When it comes to the DPS of the SW, the DPS of the SW actually got nerfed a lot, so something needs to make up for it. Especially when you look at the DPS order of each players PU's being top; SEs, DEs, and CBs somewhere inbetween, then the SW, WH, and ME. Right now, though, I think with the focus on every character but the SE. You could put some thought into that character as well, especially since they can be too OP. My head is just too tired to think most of this through right now.
  12. That would work too, just make it into the colors of RG and FK.
  13. I agree. It's like everybody and their mother has an AOE type debuff. Skills do need to be looked at and re-evaluated for everybody. When I used to be able to evade stuns I no longer can with those who are SW focused. Since I can't evade stuns with WH's I try to evade their pulls and still fail and get stunned anyway. So, something really has to give on these debuffs to where they may need to require them to be a single target debuff over an AOE debuff. WH's should be the only character using AOE debuffs with the exception of certain skills on certain players.
  14. The starter zone of Enocia is dead only because it doesn't really take too long to level out of it. If memory serves me right, if you play for about 2 to 3 hours you'll be able to enter Mereholt. Mereholt is very active with players of all levels travel through there. As for endgame, yes endgame is very active, but if you talk to some of our more residential players that like to stick around the low levels you'll find that they'll be willing to help you through each level tier cap of 29, 39, 49, and 59. While level 65 is active, I don't recommend going there till you have gear to support that tier. So, don't let somebody power level you there unless they help you get the gear to for it. It doesn't take long to level up, but you'll still need accessories, jewels, and work on getting an AP pet and leveling it. There's lots of farming you'll have to do, so best of luck, if you need any help or advice, shouting in game and looking through the forum is a great start just like this post is a great way to find information.
  15. Well, the focus should be on helping players get to end game so that they can do endgame stuff. If players keep boosting to endgame without getting the right gear, it will be terrible for them. So, something needs to be done to help them as they get to the endgame or they will end up getting smacked around. It's interesting that players cried that the game is all about the pvp, but in endgame if you don't have rank 2 jewels, unique gear +12, a lvl 40 pet and level 2 pet chips, and proper randoms you shouldn't have leveled up. Yet, too many are getting there and hating it because they can't do much. There has to be away to get them level'd up with the proper gear, right? I mean where will they get lvl 30~39 accessories to get to lvl 49 and get accessories for lvl 59, where you can then farm DMHM for accessories to reach lvl 65.
  16. No, I was thinking more on the lines of reinstalling the GPU. Though I wonder if I need to reinstall windows and everything else to start fresh. but I didn't have to do anything to fix that. Just log out of the game and log back in. It should fix it.
  17. I think the pet exp that drop in game are NT because they have the same pet exp in item mall that you can trade. If they made the pet exp drops in game tradeable that would effect the pet exp in the item mall. But that's just my guess.
  18. I have no idea what % effects what. I do know that I am currently having issues with graphics in the game and my system constantly starting to freeze and then dc right in the middle of mass pvp so much so that I can't enjoy pvp. I thought that putting a Ati Rx 580 in my computer would run better than the Ati R9 380, I feel as though it doesn't or something got changed in the game that crashes the system. I might try deleting the drivers and software and then reinstalling them so it's a fresh install.
  19. I think it's a graphics issue with your card. I had the same issue when somebody was wearing a particular outfit and found their whole body looking like that and I thought it was ugly. Anyway, if you reload the game it might fix on it's own.
  20. I usually get 1 BP drop per normal run, but if you need any I got loads.
  21. What about going through DGs, PvP, and PvE bosses to repurpose them? DMHM does have beta hexweaves in them and one could move gamma hexweaves into it and increase beta hexweaves so that when a player reaches lvl 60+ they can use it to help randomize gear. Could also cause uni scanners to drop in it for players crafting 60+ gear before reaching lvl 60+. Smog - could add some loot that increases pvp buffs not just the lvl 3 hypos, but Chronos. Then when people want to pvp they kill it because it will increase their power?
  22. Not sure, but the other option would be to take the monarch and empress costume skins and change them to be a Cyberskin, though the face shield wouldn't be there. I'd just like something other than the bright gold CS.
  23. What if we spread some of the loot into different aspects of the game from pvp to pve for end game. Currently I'd like to hear other people's suggestions with what drop tables should be in each place for special items Bosses in Amara - Mechanical shards, metal scraps, uni lingerie for 57+, uni level 58 rings (not on hounds though). Pvp buff like Al Zhen (on hounds especially) Smog - mechanical shards, metal scraps, uni necklaces level 56, candies, and one other item for pve or pvp? BGs - uni level 63 trinkets, mechanical shards, metal scraps, a pvp buff like golden chrono buff, and a pve buff for farming like candy or a mid autumn type buff or even just one NT 1 hour drop rate increase hypo buff just for joining? DG's - uni costumes spread out a bit more. DS - uni caps (final boss) DTO - uni costumes (final boss) TT normal - weapon skins (final boss) - make DG easier keep all other loot the same. TT normal team - double or triple the loot from normal solo TT hard - Each boss maintains as they are of uni caps, costumes, and weapon skins also add a shard to final boss and a metal scrap. TT hard Team - double or triple the loot from hard solo. TT challenge - Whatever it is now. Doesn't bother me what it is, I won't run this DG again. This is all just thinking, but please discuss what everybody thinks would work to encourage players into doing the different activities.