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Dream Altar Event

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Ho! Ho! Ho !🎅

The time has come to design an Star Diamond Altar out of this world!

And we are asking you for your help!
As this is a wish, you can wish for whatever you want ~ Costumes, Pets, Mounts etc.

But keep in mind that we can not fulfill all wishes.

Note: You cannot request Pet Legendary, Event Rewards.

Please tell us in the form below ONE item that you would like to see in the dream altar.
Submissions with multiple items per form will not be considered!

To make this as simple as possible, we ask that you please use the very special

🎄Star Diamond Altar form HERE🎄

This event will last December 10th- December 31th, 2020


Please try to be as specifc as possible with the correct items


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


~ Your Vendetta Team

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