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Android Version for Scralet Blade Vendeta


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Hi i have a great suggestion , can we have an Android version of Scarlett Blade for Android it would be great . 

I have tried playing on PC but it impossible for me to run it , this days a lot of people like me have more power in their phone than on PC , if Ported to Android the game is going to be so Popular , Thanks

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  • VGN GM

Its unfortunately impossible for this to ever happen. The work it'd involve would require access to files we do not have.

Unfortunately PC->Android port isn't as simple as a copy and paste in terms of SB and would require extensive work in the engine that SB was made in to allow it to be updated to a mobile port. Since the engine that made the game was in house, its not one that we have, is readily available or one that would be open for quick pc->mobile ports like most modern engines now.


The only other option would be to remake the game from scratch in Unreal or something of the sorts, which does now allow for easy ports to mobile. But something like this is also unreasonable to do as well, due to the amount of work that would be needed and the team members that would be required to do it.

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@Vivi Thanks for your reply i appreciate it , im sorry i didn't know it so hard to port a game from pc to android 

I have small question if possible regarding the Mobile version that was already created of Scarlett Blade it called Queen's Blade her korean name is : 퀸스블레이드 , For this one can Vendetta create a private server for it .


If possible for this one that would be awesome


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