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Guide to Pets 101—How pet fusion works!

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A guide to becoming a pet-fusing maniac..!    
..Or at least something to get you started??

I am in no way responsible for failed fusions that come from this guide, as the pet fusion system (much like a LOT of other systems in Eden Eternal) is pretty much completely RNG/LUCK based! Everything in this thing is based off CHANCE. If you win (🙂) the coin toss, then cool! If you don't and lose a desired fusion result that you wanted (🤬)...then life goes on.  
...Now with that out of the way..let's carry on!

________________________________________________You wanna make a cool-ass pet to WOW your friends? I gotcha! We'll make it through this together !

You will need 2 pets to even get started here!
Your 2 pets will pets will need to be AT LEAST  Lv40. (High is fine, this has shown to effect nothing)
Have a desired pray in mind! This helps you from buying/getting pets for no reason.  Prays are NOT randomized and can only manifest based on the pets that you bring to the table.
You can fuse Common, Alpha, Prime, AND Legendary pets! It's not just limited to Prime AND Legendary pets!
__________________________________________________________________ Getting Your Pets!

To make things simply understood, I will use LEGENDARY pets as our example(s). They are the current meta for fusing pets and creating pets for your character or other characters! Most Pet fusion is PRIMARILY done with these pets.

Let's get familiar with the PET UI!
I have Labeled these two pets to help you understand how this works. So, "PET A" is going to be your Assistant Pet while "PET B" is going to be your MAIN Pet.  It's a little confusing, but bear with me for now!

ALL pets will come equipped with a set of Skills underneath "Battle" and a set of Buffs underneath "Pray" 
But for now let's focus on the "Pray" tab our pets Listed Below:
PET B   
vl5IiDT.png 1. Slashy Weapons give ATK/M-ATK +15% | 2. LCK+20% | 3.  AGI +20%
PET A   
plg3pN5.png  1. P-CRIT/M-CRIT RATE +15% | 2. 10% ATK | 3. Malice +20%
NOTE: The prays I listed are in ORDER corresponding to the pictures! (Left to Right)
__________________________________________________________________  PET FUSION PROCESS

mFaF2tY.png  <- See that button? This is the button you can hit when both of your pets (or in this case PET A and PET B) are level 40 AND are at REST (Meaning They cannot be Praying/Buffing your Character or be in Battle Mode)

Hitting that button will pull up a new box! Oh no! SCARY )O)!

This window is called the PET FUSION window! With this window you will see 0zaTCom.png AND NkGhepf.png.

  • The pet underneath "Advanced Pet" should be your MAIN pet and it is the pet that you want to actually keep (whether if its because the pet is cute/looks nice, or other reason!) If you are fusing a Prime pet into a Legendary pet, then make sure to have your Legendary pet in this spot so you can have more potential benefits! Trust me on this!
  • The pet underneath "Pet Assistant" should be your SECONDARY pet. It is the pet you are willing to LOSE! Once you have hit the Start Upgrading! button and let the process go through, "PET A" will disappear and "PET B" will remain.

__________________________________________________  PET FUSION—THE "UPs" & "DOWNs"  ..and the confusion?

Once you have done the deed.. There's so many things that can happen! Like..literally. So I will try to cover all parts that can happen as related to PRAYS ONLY. "Battle Pet" creation is an entirely different subject that I will need to cover..and this guide is already long as shit.

If you were to Fuse "Pet Aand "Pet Blisted above, these are the possible Prays that can appear on "PET B" (Your MAIN pet/Advanced Pet)
Fp2f79A.png  | qNZ6DfW.png | GVRM54m.png  |  m7iF62k.png | FbljWU7.png
...There's so many things that can happen with your pray(s) but just know that NO OTHER pray besides the ones that you used in your fusion will appear. Notice the first one? It's not a typo. Your Advanced Pet's prays have a chance at not changing at all even through going through multiple different Fusions.

Just know that whatever you get as a result is what you have for that pet and can be changed if you fuse it with a different pet! It's all RNG. I personally do not know the % chance of prays moving / swapping...but if someone else does, feel free to enlighten me and I'll add it to this guide as well!

_______________________________________________________  PET FUSION—THE STARS—What are they?!

TjtomNU.png See this thing? This will appear for every time you fuse a pet! It's similar to a marker to tell you "Hey this pet has been fused once/twice/thrice times"! This Fusion Symbol known as a "Star Level" also is an indicator what pets you can fuse with it. 

  • NOTE: The MAXIMUM amount of "STARS" that your pet can have is 4. Once it is at 4 "STARS" it cannot be used for fusion any more and you will need to get a different pet! 
  • NOTE(2): When your pet has a STAR, it can ONLY be fused with pets that have an IDENTICAL STAR level! So if your pet failed at 1 Star, then you can only fuse it with a pet that has  1 Star!

_____________ But, Malevolent?? How can I get stars on my second pet without changing my prays?!
I'm glad you asked!
METHOD 1 ►VEU8oqT.png This is a Pet Bible! It can only be acquired IN-Game through the AP shop (150 AP!) It is used to SAVE/KEEP your MAIN pet's FIRST TWO (meaning if you fuse 2 legendary pets, the third pray can STILL change!) Prayers!  With this, your Battle Skills can still be changed/lost!
Using the methods of fusion that I mentioned above you can just as easily fuse a random prime or alpha pet with your secondary pet and use this item in the r9tUot6.png box of the Pet Fusion window!
From my current knowledge, the Pet Bible will SAVE your Advanced Pet's prays and thus they will not change or even have a chance of changing!

This chick is pretty lit. She sells a pet called a "BeagleT9zMoiN.png
..Now I know what you're going to say.. NO! It's not pet stars! That is a different IN-Game Currency called HONOR STARS.
..Long story short..uJWeJ5h.png Beagle boy has no PRAYS! NONE!

 Know what this means? Do the Fusion process and make SURE that the BEAGLE is your PET ASISSTANT. 
With this, you can get EASY star levels on your secondary pet or whatever pet to get to the fusion requirements needed!
_______________________________________________________  PET FUSION—The Closing?
 That's kinda all I got to teach you from here. Pet fusion is a very, very tedious thing to do! For most, it can also be VERY expensive! Do I recommend EVERYONE do this? No. Certainly not. This stuff is honestly a 'make or break' thing for a lot of Free-To-Play players! Sometimes, buying ALREADY FUSED pets will be the cheaper option in the end. But honestly, a fused pet is TOTALLY worth it later down the line of End-Game gearing. Is it a requirement in the beginning? Not especially. Fused pets is just one of those "dam imma get op" kind of things in the end, but honestly as long as you enjoy your Eden Eternal Experience, then that's all that matters in the end!

This kind of Pet Fusion thing is really doable for ALL prays and Skills! I may do Battle Skills in a different thread or maybe in a response to this thread because guides can get pretty damn lengthy, you know?  BUT! If you have any input or questions you can DM me IN-Game "Malevolent", send a message through my inbox here on forums or even leave a response here on this thread!


I really hope this helps aspiring pet-fusers and people who are a little confused on how Pet Fusion works and hope to maybe make more guides like this in the future! Sorry to my Spanish/French/German/Etc Friends though—I only know English and barely that, haha! 


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