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  1. There's plenty of things to spend gold on—achievements (especially), ranking, gearing, etc. I can pretty much say one way to essentially further decrease the amount of NPCs that people put up in game is by further increasing their price. To me, their price is a bit high and I've consulted a few other people who have the ability to put up merchants who actually don't either because of their pricing or they're simply too lazy to maintain it. As far as I know, the 20~55 gem merchant is a bit on the rare side and I personally don't know of any way to farm it so I am forced to purchase
  2. Hello there. Currently I run NPC upkeep in the Lv12 Guild BlackMagic. This guild is used quite frequently by our current gem crafters in-game so I like helping them out by keeping the gem merchants up. However, I have been slightly annoyed by the fact that THIS particular merchant is 1,000 GOLD and only lasts for 3 days?" ..It doesn't make sense to me why certain merchants cost so much, yet lasts for so little. ..Meanwhile the merchant right below it is available and acquirable through the little merchant boxes that literally drop from everywhere late game costs the same, yet l
  3. Oh no I definitely get it, especially about the crafting sets part. There are still a noticeable few set of people who do 95 Trials for the 95 Gear Awakening (Whether if its to have some starter gear past the Lv90 Temple Knight armor you'll receive or for Achievements). But the main meta now is Lv110 Armor Awakenings OR Lv115 Abyss Sets. Both are pretty great, but can be a little pricy depending on the way you go about it. Can always try to build a little holy sage or healer for Trials and run in, leech the HELL out of them to get blueprints for 110 Armors and go on from there. Th
  4. Hi there! I do highly recommend doing the 'chore' of upgrading your gear as you hit the next gearing phase. It's actually similar to how the game is played even in late game as you go up in tiers to the strongest types! In Early game, its more beneficial to you if you get those sets and weapons because they are more equipped to fit your current level range and monster level range. (As a Lv70, wouldn't you want Lv70 armor? Lv80 with Lv80 armor—and so on!) People from Peer will tell you the same thing I tell you. It's not NECESSARY, but it's recommended. If you need help
  5. A guide to becoming a pet-fusing maniac..! ..Or at least something to get you started?? So. LET ME SAY THIS NOW BEFORE WE GET INTO THIS MESS I am in no way responsible for failed fusions that come from this guide, as the pet fusion system (much like a LOT of other systems in Eden Eternal) is pretty much completely RNG/LUCK based! Everything in this thing is based off CHANCE. If you win (🙂) the coin toss, then cool! If you don't and lose a desired fusion result that you wanted (🤬)...then life goes on. ...Now with that out of the way..let's carry on! ____________________________
  6. Why did he/she do it that way?? That's ..weird. Either way, thank you for your response once more, I do appreciate it! The dream of 200% cast speed must stay strong. Eager to see the fixes whenever they come around, as I know you're busy! - Malevolent
  7. Well, the first image shows that I do have the 5/5 piece set effect and it still gives less cast speed than battle medic % wise (The percentage value). I'm not sure why it gives less cast speed there despite the actual value being higher. But thank you for your response, I didn't really pay attention to the fact it gave p-crit. Healers with auto attacks, RISE UP!
  8. Hello! This is a question primarily geared to @Jordan as it pertains to the recent "Abyss" dungeon patch that gave players a new variety of sets. Recently, I have tested the stats of two cloth healer sets and I've been left thoroughly confused. Here's Why: Breath of Life (M-CRIT / Cast Speed) set: Battle Medic (AGI/EVA/ Cast Speed set) set: ...Okay. So.. Is there something I'm missing?? Is everything being calculated right? I should have higher M-CRIT Rate and Cast Speed with the Breath of Life set, no? The set effect itself gives 10% EXTRA Cast
  9. She's been found, aha! Yes! I hear you though! I'm glad you responded to this! It may seem like something small, but it really does quell the personal worries! I'll be sure to keep it all in mind and will patiently await your return for our epic battle(s) once again. Always take care of yourself first for sure though🙌! Hope IRL stuff settles sooner than later too; here's sending my best wishes to you! Sending positive vibes your way ~ 😃
  10. Hi Vivi! @Vivi I'm not here to talk about EE Maintenances or anything, I just noticed I didn't get to yell at you this week, so now I miss ya! SO IMMA YELL HERE CAUSE DA' SYSTEM SAID I CANT DO IT PRIVATELY /O/! ..I hope you're doing okay though if something's up! I'm just some random player on Eden Eternal, but I know people get busy and stuff with like..life. (I'm OBVIOUSLY terrible at this kind of talk, being me.) We're all pretty in the dark as to what's going on so y'know..yeah some of us are wondering of your whereabouts and hope you're doing okay! Hope to see you so
  11. PvP and PvE are not the same thing. I was talking about the PvE cast speed on the set. You could even add PvE M-Crit Rate +2% it doesn't really matter to me. I just feel as though giving excessive amounts of cast speed to healers is more of a waste than making them heal more o-o; As it stands, even with the awaken 110 set, most of my healers with just a shaman buff and some potions have over 120~130% cast speed. So..adding 10% to that is..beneficial how? Other healers, as you should say, have generally the same stats at this point in the game. I wasn't speaking about cast speed on the set pi
  12. I think PvE Cast Speed +2% on healer sets is useless. Healers doing abyss dont really need CST SPD because 9 times out of 10, they're already overcapping. Why not PvE G-Healing 2% or PvE WIS 2%? Something beneficial. And no. I'm not DEMANDING this. I'm asking. Since, apparently, me asking or suggesting simple things are now commands. That's all I have left for this game. Thanks for 'listening' and thanks for the patch. 🤷‍♂️
  13. ok cool but the mp on the set tho Bro. I've noticed this was ignored like..3~4 times now and its high-key crazy. I don't feel like writing a paragraph anymore. Just tell me bruh. Straight answer, please. In the end it don't make sense, but omg.
  14. Idunno about you, but Haven's patch came out in July 2020 and I just finished it in January 2021. And that's being somewhat consistent about running (with maybe 2~4 weeks of a break period). Maybe it's RNG. Maybe not. Some people have better rates and better luck than others (There are people I know who aren't even done with weapons yet and they've been more active than me of all people!) A few people I know have gone nearly 4 days without an essence because of the way that NEED/GREED system works. No one likes that. NO one wants that. I was very appreciative on how you buffed the essence
  15. Well. Since we can't have that...🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Can we PLEASE CHANGE the MP + 3388 On the Evil Conqueror (Lv115 Heavy Set) set to HP? Maybe Remove that MP stat all together?? It makes absolutely no sense at all to have EXTRA MP when all your classes are 120. With that set, as a halfkin, my toggle on Berserker literally sucks 1,300~1,400 MP per second. We don't have any Lv3 Ultimate MP potions, we only have 2 usable / stackable MP potions and sometimes it's not enough. I'm not saying make the game easy, but let's not also make the game make no sense.. Awaken Rampaging Fire Dragon (Lv110) g
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