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  1. @Antinos As someone who actually plays Samurai (Blade Master) pretty much once per day and has used it as main DPS in dungeons for more than 5 months now—I can happily say that this class is far from "very weak" and "useless". It is different, yes, but definitely not those two things. Most (still, not just me..I hope) blade masters use the Awaken Lv100 Katana when in solo-play (if even necessary) for sustain and it works just fine. Don't have it yet? No problem, you'll get it soon enough with the remodified trial entrances we have now. You can literally do katana awaken in like 2 days, funny enough.. Now what I will say is that this class does have some competition when it comes to putting out damage speed wise compared to a class like..Executioner at full stacks. That class is a beast. But really, having a good party in a dungeon isn't a bad thing either. If I'm not main DPS, I do enjoy offering support to those who ARE main DPS by using the effective combos (Chi-Strike / Exposed = -50% DEF to target, and can be refreshed constantly, Tameshigiri-Slash = -20% Slash Res. Can be refreshed as well.) This class also has Knockdown (which can be extended to 4 seconds). Knockdown effect multiplies the DMG received by 1.5 times (Which, for a Blade Master or any other High DPS like Berserker, Assassin, Asura, or Executioner is quite a bit!) The class has amazing debuffs that can be beneficial to not only itself but the party as well. And don't forget that the main end-goal here is to have a relatively strong class but have a strong party as well. I emphasize party. Not everything is suppose to be done solo and there's nothing wrong with asking for help if you find yourself stuck. I do appreciate reading constructive criticism on classes, but in this type of execution it's not necessary. Blade Master has an immunity to Fear, but that's about it (Granted, it's with a Holy Skill, but it also provides -10% DMG Taken for a set time, which is nice!) It takes time and patience to learn all of Blade Master's combos, but once you got them down and can use them effectively, you won't be complaining about it. Again, my blade master can hit (and HAS hit) 9,999,999 against bosses in trials with some millions after the initial combo. Damage is completely fine. Just needs a good build and a working brain, that's all! I know this thread is probably dead, but I thought I should say this. The Blade Master in me told me to. ~Judgement
  2. Well HELLO there lovelies. . . BACK AT IT AGAIN, SUGGESTING STUFF.. Oh god, please make the suggestion madness end.. MYSTERY BOX SUGGESTION(S) PETS Magic Floral Haruka Robust Floral Haruka ✔️07/23/20 Magic Goddess Hiwa Robust Goddess Hiwa ✔️07/16/20 --------- COSTUMES / COSMETICS / ETC Saucy Spectacles (Legendary) Hipster Spectacles (Legendary)✔️08/11/20 Gentleman Rabbit Wig (Legendary) Lady Bunny Wig (Legendary) ..✔️07/23/20 I won't be suggesting too much here this time around because my last post hasn't been finished yet! Thanks for understanding~ ---------- MOUNT(S) Corgi (Legendary)✔️08/20/20 Naughty Corgi (Legendary) ✔️08/20/20 Playful Corgi (Legendary)✔️08/20/20 GIVE THESE 3 GOOD BOYS LOTS OF LOVE AND ATTENTION, KTHNX. ------CRYSTAL ALTAR------ House of Cards, Clubs Tattoo (Legendary) ..Become a trickster, but in the flesh!✔️08/20/20 DYE: Gold ) ..LIVIN' MY LIIIFE LIKE ITS GOLDENNN~ ♫♪ ✔️07/28/20 Blackdawn Sheep Luna Rock ..I swear this is where the sheep mounts came from.👀✔️07/25/20 Golden Butterfly Star Stone ..These butterflies boost your WIS and your SWAG. ✔️07/28/20 Sorry for my tardiness on these suggestions~ Would be amazing if these could appear in boxes/altar!! Thanks so much! ♥
  3. Dang.. I'm not even a part of this 👀 But yes, BlackMagic is equipped with a full-time Farmer / Master Farmer that I do my best to keep track of. Plenty of people (including some of your guild mates even!) request merchants to be placed up so Merchant Upkeep is not really a problem unless I become inactive (Not probable then, even. I'll probably have measures put in place to handle such things.) If you have farming requests then I will happily do my best to keep up with them (and others)! Also..Celestial isn't particularly dead. There are usually plenty of alts there that repair during the day (Now..night times, sure can use some work, but that's all in the future to come!) However, in regards to your post I'll throw out some blueprints and make some effort to try and help with building XP. But don't be going out here throwin' shade on other guilds bruh. Have a good day~ - Judgement
  4. @Jordan Despite understanding that the Purpose of the Corona Heartflame Lv120 is to defeat level dependency on crafting tools..The times we did have heartflame Lv100 was still really good. The item did still stimulate the economy in a good way as well. I don't think it's completely and utterly necessary to add Heartflame Lv80~90 because no one is really doing that level cap stuff anymore and most things are fine with stardusts. But, as it was mentioned, the Level 100 isn't particularly desired just because of Item Levels but also because of the pricing difference between it and the level 120 ..Who would want to pay 3.5~4k for an accessory when you can use a lower leveled heartflame that only costs 1.5~2k? It makes an extreme difference for those who are lower in level and those who are lower in the economy standpoint of farming and such. I also do understand that farming gold is definitely an important aspect of the game as well—and I do appreciate that it was made a bit easier to do for both end-game players and new-age players. But why spend extra gold we don't have to? Now, naturally, reserves for Lv100 Corona Heartflame will diminish as the altar switches to Lv120, but it'll be vise versa and the people will demand this and that depending on said altar. I think it's important to note that even though we did have 110 Armor (Before awaken), the level 100 heartflame was still present and soon after new awaken armor content came out the Lv100 heartflame was disappearing from altar. I think it would be good if Altars would switch the heartflame(s) back and fourth so people can have a decent flow of different heartflames. Like...Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday has Lv120 Corona Heartflames while Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday have Lv100 Corona Heartflames. Something added to the schedule or some sort on how altar changes at reset. Idunno, thats just me.
  5. Haaa. One post wasn't enough. Hiya, I'm back with more suggestions for future box(es) and Altar! MYSTERY BOX SUGGESTION(S) PETS Magic Ghostblade Ren Robust Ghostblade Ren ✔️06/18/20 Magic Energetic Gogo Robust Energetic Gogo ✔️06/25/20 People talk about these quite a bit..Ren especially..! --------- COSTUMES / COSMETICS / ETC Esurient Bear Hat (Legendary) + Esurient Panda Hat (Legendary) ✔️08/27/20 TEDDY BEAR INFINITY STONES...wait..wrong reference, sorry..! Ruby Teddy Bear (Legendary) Obsidian Teddy Bear (Legendary)✔️06/11/20 Morganite Teddy Bear (Legendary) Moonstone Teddy Bear (Legendary)✔️06/11/20 Azurite Teddy Bear (Legendary) Amethyst Teddy Bear (Legendary) ✔️06/11/20 Lots of bear things, huh? I know. I like themes. ---------- MOUNT(S) Besson Sailor Dolphin Cyan Sailor Dolphin Sailor Dolphin ✔️07/02/20 From BEARS to DOLPHINS. ...I know, I'm weird. It's okay. ------CRYSTAL ALTAR------ Mysterious Toy Fish (Legendary) You'll definitely be the talk at the beach with this one. ✔️06/13/20 Itsy-Bitsy Gilded Bikini (Legendary) It's getting hot out there, lets cool off! ✔️06/13/20 Hand-Dyed Camo Beach Shorts (Legendary) It's getting hot out there, lets cool off! ✔️06/13/20 Ocean's Cerulean Dream Star Stone ..With this, you can sleep with the fishes! Literally! ..But in a good way. ✔️06/13/20 Azure Aquadancer Luna Rock Summertime luna rock ..for summer time?? ✔️06/13/20
  6. Hello there staff members! I think it'd be really swell if these items were on the Mystery Boxes / Altar! Mystery Box Items PETS Robust Scarlet Vandra Magic Scarlet Vandra ✔️05/28/20 Robust Prophet Charlotte Magic Prophet Charlotte ✔️06/04/20 ----------- COSTUMES/COSMETICS/ETC Six-Winged Angel Wings (All Colors?~) (Legendary) ✔️05/14/20 Voidal Blindfold (Legendary) + Psychic Blindfold (Legendary) ✔️05/28/20 I'm unsure if the Blindfolds are Box or Diamond Altar Exclusive, so please excuse me if they're not place-able! (Since they're new!) ----------- MOUNT(S) Chubby Sheep (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Azure Chubby Sheep (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Starry Chubby Sheep (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Black Chubby Sheep (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Crystal Altar Items COSTUMES/COSMETICS/ETC Toy Cigarette (Legendary) - UNI., Face; Special ✔️05/12/20 Mysterious Stylish Jacket (Legendary) - MALE, Body ✔️05/19/20 Mysterious Bunny Jacket (Legendary) - FEMALE, Body ✔️05/19/20 Firey Starlight Luna Rock ✔️05/16/20 Geez.. Thanks so much for filling out so many of the requests in such little time! Much appreciated ♥ -Last Edit, Ayeee! All items have been listed! Thanks, wonderful GMs/Staff! ♥
  7. Ahhh... I see. That's truly unfortunate but understandable! I do however, appreciate the rather speedy response though. I don't mean to complain or anything, just was curious to see what was possible. HALFKINS, STAY STRONG. U GOT DIS BBYS. ♥ Thank you though, us halfkins will continue to flail at failed TEs as they arise. More possible suggestions regarding content may come.
  8. And see the thing is that I'm so torn about when it came to this was that the stone fragments, much like when it came to halfkin's crimson threads or bundles, didn't say it was different or anything. So primarily, it was trial and error for me to figure out just exactly what was going on. (I've once gotten Attacker Lv15 4 times in a row when I wanted Guardian!) so I assumed the 3 times I got DARK Monster Stone that I was just unlucky. Not that it was an entirely different elemental tree. That alone was what actually got me to submit this post because it bothered me too much not to say anything about it. 😂
  9. Hello, my name is Judgement. So. Let me start this off by saying thanks very much for the constant work at trying to improve/work on (and with) the server, its player base, and all else that comes with running such a game! I'd love to continue playing, but there has always been something odd that has bothered me in the midst of trying out racial crafting on different races here on Eden Eternal Vendetta. My main focus on the race(s) here will be Halfkin and Zumi. Specifically, my main focus is the end-game crafting or higher level crafting. As you all may (or may not!) know, Halfkin (THE SMOL BOIS AND GRILS) do what we call "TEs" or Trophy Enchantments! It's hard work, take a lot of materials, but is surely worth it in the end. As you all may (or may not!) know, Zumi (The SQUEAKERS) do all sorts of things, but my main focus here will be their relatively new "Monster Stone" racial. Both of their End Game racial requires quite a bit of farming and grinding (like most things in Eden Eternal) but split off into a level of difficulty I'd like to get a better understanding of! HALFKIN (These two ...have pained me. But I've moved on.) Both of these pretty much are the same thing but require different materials, as they are level 90 (Crimson) and level 100 (White Cotton). What's interesting is that both of these two can give you the following enchants: Attacker, Magic Weaver, Guardian, Sniper, and Healer. For quite a few halfkins who even still play today have told me personally that they don't want to really touch the racial because of how demanding it can be-- which is understandable, because it is! As a Halfkin, you can make Enhanced or Mixed trophy enchants that combines two enchantments like Attacker and Guardian to create Warrior Lv1 / Warrior Lv2! These enchants are great, but can take a while because on the two brackets that are learnable, you can learn Guardian Lv14 on the first Crimson Thread and learn Guardian Lv14 on the second Crimson Thread! This can happen multiple times and can be extremely frustrating (but rewarding once you get Guardian and Attacker, right? Yeah!). I won't focus on the Lv1/Lv2 enchants because those are actually fine to me! ZUMI All Racial crafting can be a bit of a grind, and yes so can this one but, much like halfkin, this racial also has two brackets!. However, there is a bit of a twist that breaks the difficulty between this one and the aforementioned racial. Now..Don't get me wrong here! I love all races on this game, but doing this racial was albeit heartbreaking to me because I was put under the same mentality as halfkin here (granted, I know they're not the same, but it's racial crafting nonetheless!) There are TWO brackets that allows Zumi characters to make two different kinds of monster stones Class 1 is FIRE, LIGHTNING, ICE Monster Stones Class 2 is HOLY, NATURE, DARK Monster Stones The bottom line here is that I feel as though these two racials are a little bit unbalanced, but that could just be me. Is there a way that we could change the enchantment brackets of Halfkin similar to the layout of Zumi's Monster Stones? What I'm asking here is.. Can the first level of..lets say Crimson Thread, be like Guardian / Attacker / Sniper and the second level of Crimson Thread, be Magic Weaver / Healer? Yes. This is there the suggestion is. At the bottom. I wanted to make sure that all staff looking at this understood my slight frustration between the two because I ended up rerolling Class 2 of Zumi's Stone Fragments for a Fire gem because I was under the assumption that it was all randomized much like how Halfkin's racial was! I had gotten Ice as Class 1 and was excited to be able to get Fire as Class 2, only to understand after about five re-rolls that the two classes were different and not the same. I would like for the Lv1 / Lv2 format to remain the same because being able to acquire Warrior / Magical Guardian / Protector / Etc on one part is absolutely great and helps keep things pretty difficult, but the two prior brackets (base enchantments) should be revised a little. I don't even want you guys to change the materials because it does keep halfkins on their toes about collecting since it's a bit more costly! This is just my suggestion on improving Halfkin Racial so maybe more people will be more willing to do it! Thanks very much for reading; I hope it does get considered for future game content! -Judgement
  10. Hiya there! I'd like to possible request the newer dragon mounts to be on boxes next time around if possible! Guardian Dragon - White Haze (Legendary) Guardian Dragon - Crimson Night (Legendary) It'd be really amazing if they could appear in the mystery box rotation soon; thanks so much! ✔️04/10/20`✔️04/10/20 - Judgement
  11. Hey @Jordan, thanks very much for the new update it looks amazing thus far! Lots to learn, of course, but that comes with generally all content updates. First thing to note is the first dungeon in Grumond Grassland "Falls Climb" seems to have some form of map error and I've gotten it 3 times in a row so I wanted to report it here. The image above is the error I received when I tried to enter the 0/2 dungeon and hitting OK makes it go ahead and load the dungeon, however, running forward will get you Due to this, I've lost both runs of 0/2 (I'm not upset about it, I just wanted to let you know!). **The 0/10 Dungeon version of this seems to be working fine however, I have yet to receive any of these errors when entering the multi-player version.** Thank you, Judgement
  12. Hello again, Psions here! ♥ After a bit of extreme, insane PvE testing of Dragonside Ridge (CAMP).. I've noticed that the gem "Runner" from Daylight Forest isn't The idea of it is great, I love it! Effects: HP +500 (Green), Your Attacks and Casts have a 1% chance to increase Movement SPD +1% for 5 seconds. *Stacks 20 Times* It seems like a decent gem for running if you want a little speed boost during it, sure, but the "proc" or Activation rate for this gem is incredibly low! I'm unsure if it was mean't to be this way, but the insanely low activation rate makes this gem relatively worthless to socket. *SUGGESTIONS?!* Perhaps increase the Activation rate to 3~5%, but keep the "increase Movement SPD +1% for 5 seconds" the same. (This seems albeit more reasonable since the only thing this gem really affects is movement speed, not other stats) Perhaps change the stats of the gem to 1% chance to increase Movement SPD by 10% for 5 seconds and not stack (or maybe stack twice, if the 20% was still the achieving goal!) (This way, the gem won't be all that useless and the proc (Activation) rate can remain the same) Perhaps keep the activation rate at 1%, but instead change the stacking increments to "4% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Stacks 5 times." (This is to provide a bit of a more balanced way of stacking while also making the gem albeit more socket worthy!) - Credit for this suggestion goes to BattlefieldPoet_Main69 I feel as though not many will use this gem for PvP so for PvE it'd be really nice to have for that little speed boost that it gives when fighting those bad, bad monsters. Thank you!~ 😛
  13. Hello! Is it possible to make it where people cannot enter the new Daylight Forest dungeon without a party? It seems as though there are quite a few people who have entered without a party and have no choice but to leave the dungeon crystal-less (ESPECIALLY since its only 1 run per day!) . I do know that this may seem like something miniscule, however, people can't enter 4 Trials of Dimensions without a party as well. Despite saying this, I am aware that this newer dungeon is more like Sky Tower / Dreadlore Laboratory-- but more violent (however you can enter these two dungeons with/without a party) I just feel as though this dungeon should force someone to have a party to enter with its notably higher difficulty level! Thank you!
  14. IGN: Psions Happy Halloween and stuff, even tho I'm a lil' late..!