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  1. I probably won't post here anymore since my suggestion was answered, but this'll be like added evidence that people wait for extended periods of time since everyone likes fighting the bosses uniform-like. (TA bosses are similar, since people go from channel to channel) ^^
  2. I can understand that aspect. Some people afk until the boss spawns, but at least it promotes some form of activity during events. Appreciate the thought though! Thanks, Judgement
  3. Hello. Can future event bosses like Christmas/Halloween/Anniversary/etc bosses be coded similar to spawn/despawn like Temple Arena bosses or Mutants? I'd like this to be implemented because from previous events kill times on each channel tend to vary. Most people in-game enjoy doing the boss in rapid succession—but depending on the time of day aren't always capable of doing so efficiently. EX: Boss Spawns every 3 hours—but DEspawns 45 minutes-1 hour after it initially spawned in each channel. Setting them like this would help prevent 3~30 (yes, 30) minute wait times in between channel kills too; thus making doing them while timing other PvE related activities (such as Haven / Farming / Etc) a bit easier for everyone. ——>(During the 6th Anniversary the timers got so bad that there was literally almost 30 minutes in between channels..on multiple occasions.) Thank you, Judgement
  4. Hello. Can we please increase the capacity of both the Friends List and the Block List? I feel like the capacity in the slowly growing community of Eden Eternal needs to be increased..for ...reasons. I myself and probably quite a few others have hit capacity on multiple instances (and yes all the blocked people are active players I wish to keep blocked, so 'clearing some out to make room' is impractical.) Thanks, Judgement
  5. Manipulating sides with alts . . .
  6. At this point you're spouting complete nonsense and it's making you look not only bad, but like a child as well. And this is coming from me of all people. You want to post your win of GvG..Congratulations? Garden is a PvE guild and has lasted much longer than the 3 different guilds that you merged with for PvP ReAsOnS. The other two died because of internal dramas that, seemingly, you still have not fixed. I don't understand why you feel the need to derail your own forum post but this is exactly why it needs to be locked. Please, get over yourself in thinking that your interests fully benefit the server when no one from your guild but Covenant (who, by the way, did not contribute to your original post at all) commented and posted. Instead, you keep trying to prove some kind of point that the pvp system is corrupt when it's actually in favor of most guilds. The sides aren't set and thus the game is rotten. Garden is PvE. It's been said a number of times now. Just because people are in Territory War and they want to fight for SALARY doesn't mean they are hardcore PvP mains. If you REALLY want PvP, then split Hated (IndigoChildren 2.0) up and make pvp out of that. You've gotten enough people to do that. Why not make mini guilds and try to make the game fun for yourselves if you're so FOCUSED on wanting to do PvP to begin with?? Literally none of you dared to do so. Why? Because you are all together with a common goal: fight fight fight Garden. We have to win! Fighto! But I digress. At the end of the day, the point is. Get over yourself. The game does NOT circle around you and your petty guild. Nor will it Ever. If Garden's leader does not want to have set sides, then bite the bullet and keep doing what you've been doing—leave and rejoin guilds repeatedly so you can keep potentially fighting "PvP" guildes by off-chance. I will not say any thing further in this thread because at this point you've done nothing but: Ignore the Staff's initial post, then spout about the staff not being present. Spout complete nonsense about people who make clear ass points (You even went and said Jordan's point wasn't clear . . Which is a rare find, because typically he is precise.) Go on about how the game is rotten when the game is actually coded in favor of the general population. Make yourself look like a fool by completely disregarding actual-factual statements and saying they don't matter because it's not staff (that, by the way, you disregarded yourself)... There is so much more that I could complain about when it comes to this game and it'd be more worthwhile than this. You said LF> Staff to respond I say LF> Staff to lock this )o) Please, do yourself a favor and just don't post further. =.= -Judgement
  7. Please lock this thread, somebody 😩🤣
  8. TW Quest, kill leeching, potential tw leeching from capped guilds ....Andrea..isn't an alt.. whewlordt we goin downhill ..Dafuq was this thread about again—oh right. PvP with guilds and territory war. . .
  9. You're hated for other reasons, don't put your business in threads where it's unnecessary CORUJAU. Anywho. As it was mentioned above. Territory War is not limited to PvE or PvP based guilds. I literally just said ANYONE from ANY GUILD can participate in Territory War. I'm sorry that you couldn't read or understand that. If you wish to flame a guild base of what happens INSIDE Territory War you're more than free to post Here. It will take you right to the Banter section of the forums where that post belongs. My post explicitly does explain the primary ins/outs of territory war. ..Also, we never actually had two full parties. As mentioned above. 12 people on a good day. One main party, small side party. Jordan replied to you. You just decided to ignore it. And also ignored the people who quoted what Jordan said. Maybe you should scroll back up and re-read what was posted. ovo;; You actually got a response very quickly, you should be..happy. o-o
  10. I honestly was going to remain quiet, but you really out here insulting people..when your guild literally does the same thing that you said we do . Kinda weird. But at any rate it was already decided by Jordan (THE GM. STAFF.) himself that he would ONLY set the sides if both Guild Leaders step in and say "Hey we wanna be against <guild>". I have a feeling repeating himself so you actually understand is unnecessary, so we'll try to spoon feed it to you. With the way Territory War is made, it is geared for: >Capping >Kills > Literally existing, because sometimes the top guild is capped. —————NOTE: A noteworthy amount of guilds in the past simply went for salary If you have more points and crystals, you win! All you have to do is ...have more points on the crystals. I'm sorry if this is too hard for you to understand. o-o; Territory War can be participated by anyone who wants to go in any guild. It is NOT and SHOULD NOT bound by PvP or PvE mains. Sides? It doesn't have to be set. If both pvp guilds are on the same side, then too bad. You can try outcapping them and if you don't outcap then it's GG and try again the next time until you DO outcap them. And since there is a cap of ''3" territories..you'll inevitably get territories so everyone wins something! Literally some Ohana members are found in Territory war getting either clapped or kills—but Ohana is PvE. Are they going to be subjected to the same scrutiny? Probably not. It was mentioned that guilds in the past who got set to go against each other spiked drama, blames of bias, and caused smaller pvp guilds to quit/disband/merge (because SOME guilds like to make a situation to where the other side cannot win out of spite. It's happened. I've seen it. Is it funny? No. This is why the system is randomized to begin with). And if you're going to take the last part literally and try to mention alts on your side then ...simple. Outcap the smaller guild with the 1232134421312 people you now bring to the table. If you merge 3~5 guilds (15~30 people in pvp?) into one guild and try to enforce fighting on a guild who, at most, brings 12 people (on a really good day, mind you) then you're an asshole. 15~30 vs 7~12 | That's not fun, it's literally just nothing but fuckery at that point. Some will say "just get more people!" Which is nice to say. There is a mix of reasons as to why this is relatively impossible. Whether if it's your guild literally stealing people from the other (because that exactly what you do), the people recruited needing time to get gear, or if "try to be good" is your answer then shut..up. Reasons above literally tell you plenty. Guild leads have the say-so. You can spam tickets about wanting pvp to be 'this guild' vs 'that guild' all day you want. Until both leaders say "lets fight", it's not going to happen. Jordan does not want to deal with negative backlash because of what some selfish pvp main like you (who, by the way, can't read apparently . . .) has to say. There's no changing that. Okay I go make smoothie now, buh-bye! -Judgement
  11. Okay then. That's all I have as a response. Mostly because I'm kinda at a loss for words on how to respond to you without either sounding commanding or sounding like an ass. I'm just going to say this: I'm aware that the box is a copy/paste from last year's box. I clearly stated that it would be nice if the coin rate is modified to be better so we can potentially get more than 1~2 items without praying to RNGsus that he'll be nice. Everything in this server is pretty much RNG at this rate and with it being that way I would like if it there was more options available to actually collect coins. The reward on the boss is seemingly based on damage. The less damage you deal = the less rewards you get. I've seen some complaints from players who haven't gotten any reward even though they hit the boss a number of times. Sucks, yes. Can be fixed? Probably. But outside of this? That's it. People just want more availability for coins. That's my suggestion. Also.. The screenshotted picture explains plenty. I even did the honors of explaining what they meant. First one = 30 coins = oh god, the farming, will I have enough time?! The second screenshot depicts quests from the last anniversary event. "We don't have this man, give us a break!" I then proceeded to break down how we have less coin income due to less quests overall. If confusion was created, then the right thing to do is post so we can discuss if further explanation is needed. And I did like above. I won't comment further on it lol Thanks. Oh and also lets get rid of the fireworks from the event box. Literally everyone and their mom hates them. If you want fireworks people I'll literally give you free ones from zumi racial, cause the rate of distribution from them is insane. Thanks.
  12. Actually, the screenshot of quests was a piece of what quests we had LAST year, hence why I said "We don't have this!" We had more quests last year, but they were easier to do and had a better benefit to the various players in the playerbase that we have right now. This is why I emphasized on how Last Year's anniversary event was better conducted. There was so many different players either killing world bosses, doing trials, doing quetzalcoatl, and other in-game content—which was why I found it more fun. Plus, helping other players provided some form of benefit as well. I do appreciate the additional feedback too though! -Judgement
  13. Hello. First and foremost I would like to say thanks for the Anniversary event! It's great to see it this time of year and it was highly sought after for both a gold sink and just giving players something to do in the mean time while we wait for patches. @Jordan (Only pinging you once, just don't want this post to get lost in the sea of posts that may or may not arise from the event as a whole) But... There are a few things that should really be noted here.. 1. Much like last year's anniversary event, the coin rate from the boxes the boss gives you is ..bad. —I don't really intend for this to be rude / flaming of any kind I just want to offer some constructive criticism based on what I see and what I've experienced in the past thus far. But I also want to offer advice early on in the event just so maybe there could be a potential change in the next maintenance maybe? 👀 The boxes from the quests are pretty much just as bad though too. 😕 Kind of a disappointment? I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone on this when it comes to this opinion and I think it should definitely be buffed or there should be more ways to get coins than the few quests offered by Doudou. —> Last years idea was great actually! There were multitudes of quests you could do and it offered an incentive for players who either weren't TOO grindy or were excessively grindy and I think that method of coin distribution was much nicer to the community as a whole). ... This... This is every collector's nightmare. It pretty much reminds me of the excessively grindy patches we've gotten thus far (Abyss, for example). With the way that the coin distribution is now, people will be lucky to even get 2 or 3 things they really want from this year unlike last year where people were able to get multiple items they really wanted. (Be it pets, housing items,etc). There are multiple things like this and each item on that list is..30 coins each. Absurd. We don't have this, man. Give us a break LOL I will admit that last year was kind of a mess when it came to DImension of Souls bosses and stuff, but outside of that I think the event last year was much more balanced (even if the rate of coins from the boss was garbage, the amount of boxes people farmed made up for it. ..And also it definitely made more dead content lively throughout the time as well, might I add, so great execution on that part in the past!) ..Also we're missing the DImension of Souls pets this time around 😧 I'm not sure if this was intentional or if they were just forgotten from the trade system. Noticeably missing titles and stuff for passive buffs as well, but that's just excess of things I see. Post is already long enough, and I'm hoping to have gotten my point across. Ty! -Judgement
  14. Ah, yes. History repeats itself once more. Never really took almost 3 weeks for Jordan to say yes or no (and as to why, should he feel inclined to explain), but I digress. My apologies for posting it in another thread. I merely assumed it also belonged in the "PvP" thread. I didn't take notice of it prior to this one because it's been awhile since it was last posted in. But, I'm looking for a response from Jordan himself; not you. But thanks for the heads up, Doudou.
  15. @Jordan I'll happily post here again since my last post seemed to have mysteriously disappeared in the PvP change suggestion thread.
  16. @Jordan Bumperooni, I want this to be seen!
  17. Hello. Can we please make an effort to prohibit the use of this item in ALL PvP Settings? <- Lv70 Zumi Racial Item ____________________________ This item, unlike the event rewarded fireworks, are spammable and the effect can be seen even with FX being set to 0. Not only is it incredibly annoying but there has been quite a number of people that LAG because the effect is too much (since it can literally be used 20 times per second. Come on.) C E R T A I N players seem to really enjoy spamming it in Territory War. It breaks focus and typically has no other use than to be both a distraction and lag-maker there. (Or can it at least be made to where it doesn't flash people's screens at 0 FX?) Thank you, Judgement
  18. Personally I don't think that comment was really all that necessary, but okay enjoy! Typically, we already hit the -RES cap from most party comps in-game so I don't think it would effect that much for PvE. But nevertheless, you enjoy. o3o
  19. @Jordan Got another 'bug' for ya' to fix. It's the TA trophies. They don't overwrite and the debuffs stack. Already made & attached a video listed below to show, enjoy.
  20. I'm aware that 20+ debuffs is still 20+ debuffs, but that should not disregard that the set is still bugged. And it has been bugged for a long time. HAHA..You expected my voice to be deep? Welcome to the real world, disappointment is expected here.
  21. @Jordan Hello. I'm unsure if anyone has told you through Tickets or Forums but the OTHER healing set from my last post is also bugged. Battle Medic set does not remove 1 Negative Status every 5 seconds, it removes 1 Negative Status every second. Here's proof of it. It's probably been like this since its release, but I've never really paid much attention to it until lately when I began testing more things. Sorry healy mains that knew this secret.
  22. Thanks as always, Vivi! Trust me though, no one would really protest to them being added, cause once they land it, it'd sell for big 🤣🤣 Appreciate the response never the less and hope you have a good week~ ~Malevolent
  23. @Jordan or @Vivi or @Herakles Hello. I am unsure of who to boop for this sort of thing, but I've seen the Blazeblight boxes about 2 or 3 times now since the Yellow and Pink variants was added to the game, but it's not actually in the mystery box :< . Is it not finished? Is it Diamond Altar Exclusive or something? (The latter would make no sense, since all the others are..not diamond altar exclusive.) Still don't see this on boxes, and I know a number of people who actually want this item, myself included lol
  24. There's plenty of things to spend gold on—achievements (especially), ranking, gearing, etc. I can pretty much say one way to essentially further decrease the amount of NPCs that people put up in game is by further increasing their price. To me, their price is a bit high and I've consulted a few other people who have the ability to put up merchants who actually don't either because of their pricing or they're simply too lazy to maintain it. As far as I know, the 20~55 gem merchant is a bit on the rare side and I personally don't know of any way to farm it so I am forced to purchase it from Elika. The last thing people want to do is spend MORE of their hard-earned gold on NPCs (especially non-P2W players). I don't really load/sell VGN and make my gold through other means, so 3k is a bit absurd, for no reason imo. o-o;; It's already bad enough that we can't exactly spend Guild Funds on Elika's merchants (because by nature of the game, they'd then be NON-TRADABLE). - Malevolent
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