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Moo from the Coo...lol


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Ah shiney new forum, I like shiny things....oh look a squirrel :P

If you hear a random person mooing in chat it's usually me on one of my toons, i contracted bovine flu a while back (also known as mad cows disease) and was left Mooing, I can't help it honestly...lol

I have been playing Scarlet blade since asb closed beta so around three years with time off now and again so I kinda know what i am doing but am always learning, my favourite class is medic and have been here on vendetta since it opened back up recently, I never knew about it in it's previous guise.

I play on the Free Knights faction and my Guild is TopArkana, it's a solo guild but i prefer it that way, I play for fun and to pass a bit of time in the day when I am not out on my motorcycle, I wont be drawn into guild politics and hating on players, generally if people are nice to me i'm nice to them and try to help them with my medic.

I'm looking at a long term stratagy the way I play the game so some may have noticed I haven't rushed to the end game cap as yet and have hung around level 39, this isnt so i can roflstomp lower level players on the RG side, it's just so I can set my toon up the way i want it before going 40+, which, all going well, should be in a few weeks.

My main character is Spherical lvl 39 combat medic and i have a 39 whipper too MisChief that i plan pn going 40+ with maybe later today.

Anyways I'm a friendly person, so if you hear me go moo it's my way of saying hello I'm here, if you see any TopArkana toons it will be me, i have made a baby RG medic Called Moo but thats just something I play occasionally so i can get to know the RG players as well as the FK ones, after all whilst this game is pvp based, it's also a very social game that requires teamwork in order to achieve some of the tasks.

I used to be a game sage and forum moderator over on age on a game called Twelve Sky and thats kind of where i caught the bug for korean MMo's, so if you see me in game feel free to say hello and if your RG in vile or whatever, the usual "jump up and down" thing with the character is a hello as well

I think thats enough waffle, I'm probably one of the older players at 48 years old.

see ya's in game


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