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  1. Do you draw? I actually used to sketch and doodle a lot during classes in middle/high school, and honestly art was probably one of my more liked classes during then. I do wish I took more art-based classes in high school, like pottery or painting. If so, what do you like to draw? I like to draw anything that I'm like inspired to draw at the time. I kinda have artist's block though because I have a hard time deciding what I want to draw lol. I really need to sit down and draw a bit, maybe take a picture and then go from there. Got some art you wanna post & brag about? Nope, I'm self-conscience about my drawing skills compared to everyone in this thread q.q How about your favorite artist? I honestly like paintings done by Van Gogh, especially The Starry Night. And stuff like pottery and sculpture and other types of medium done by artists back in the day. And then there's my friends who are artists and I aspire to be as good at drawing as them but it's probably just a dream. ;w; What kind of mediums do you prefer? Traditional? CG? I honestly like painting and using other things such as color/oil pastels (I LOVE PASTELS SO MUCH), and even digital art like tablet drawing. I would much prefer doing other artsy stuff such as Photoshopping, signature making, and even making wallpapers. It just feels more natural to me.
  2. Akan

    thank you very much for closing this topic

  3. sir can u help me about my ingame char (EE) ? i cant drop awaken class quest and that quest is bugged , when i kill the last boss, nothing happen ..., please help me...

  4. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here. If you have any questions, feel free to send in a ticket or make a thread for a GM/Support to see.
  5. Akan

    where to write a ticket about changing faction?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Akan


      asking to see my ticket in the support and supply it for review

      I apologize that once again I appeal to you , but could you re-examine my ticket

      this is my final decision and I am waiting

    3. Yumi


      The ticket will be looked at and accepted/denied once maintenance for SB takes place. Please be patient until then, thanks!

    4. Mar


      Thanks Yumi, Thanks nice staff people of Scarlet Blades.  Yumi stay always nice as you are always. 


  6. I know your frustrated, if you want to leave then feel free. It was nice to have you here. I know that Bash and Par did not mean to insult you, especially Bash. He was incredibly frustrated with the mass complaints of players complaining about various things, even though he couldn't be around for a lot due to his computer issues. Now, I know that you also are upset and frustrated, but all we have ever asked is to be patient with Bash during this issue. Trust me, I know you and many others are frustrated and think that the packs we gave out aren't enough to make up for the lost items/levels/etc. I was going to get in touch with Bash before he put up the pack, but he hasn't been around much. No one's fault really on that. We appreciate your suggestions, but not all of us appreciate the backlash as well (not saying that you personally brought some in, but people can take criticism differently than others). This month has been VERY difficult on all of us, so we're trying our best to show that we care about all of what has happened with the lag/disconnections/rollbacks/etc. We've all been stressed. Again, sorry to see you go. Good luck to you.
  7. Elise

    How can we obtain other Senshi books on TS right now?

    1. Yumi


      You can get 1 Senshi book from the other Senshi by doing their quest.

      As for getting the other 9 or 10 for the rest, you can roll Astral Puzzle or use AP/BP/LP for their boxes in the shop when they are up. We have a few out at the moment in shops.

  8. Welcome back! Your baby is so adorable by the way!
  9. Hi Spherical! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  10. Hi there Nate, nice to meet you! You have kids? Aww so cute. Kinda glad they don't play SB LOL.... Gaming is life though, hehe. Have fun here!
  11. This will definitely help out new players or players who aren't quite sure of locations. I'll go ahead and sticky this for people to see~
  12. Hey Hinata! Nice to meet you! My favorite classes in SB are are also Sentinel and Medic. They're so cute. And you know Japanese, that's so cool! ^^
  13. Hi Aiko! Nope, that introduction is fine. I hope you enjoy TSV. PS: You said grill, I couldn't resist....
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