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  1. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    Maybe... Spoilers~
  2. Yumi

    Farewell to SB.

    Farewell, best of luck to you.
  3. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    It's probably the lighting, since I run SB on low settings. I'll take another screenshot of the RG one, but changing the lightness on the grey looks worse in my opinion, so I made it a bit darker. Just seems that I took a SS under a shadow, haha. Here's the RG one with high graphics!
  4. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    More Spoilers! Forgive me for being a little off when updating this, been crunching in the time to work on more costumes. Two more that are completed down below here!
  5. Yumi

    low lvl uniqes for new characters

    Wrong section, friend. Moved to Scarlet Blade Suggestions.
  6. Yumi

    Event Weekend Extravaganza!

    Hello everyone! Sunday's Find the Yumi event went very well for FK side, and my apologies again for RG, we had a bit of a problem with one of our hosts since they couldn't make it. Free Knights' Winners (Hosted by NubAtMyLeft) Archy Pure NubAtMyRight Royal Guards' Winners (Hosted by Satana) lSaberl BikinisWaifu Bokai Thank you for participating in this weekend's series of events! I promise next time we do a big set of events this big they will be much smoother. This was mostly to celebrate our new Game Sages to our team, as well as giving you guys some more events. Prizes will be sent out sometime today, as soon as possible. If you are one of the winners on this list and have not received your prize, please contact a GS if I am not around. Here's a recap of what winners won: Friday and Saturday winners: A choice between a Safeguard x1 or a Wanted List Registration Item x1. Sunday's winners: A 7-Day Premium Medallion x1. We look forward to you guys participating in events like this in the future!
  7. Yumi

    Event Weekend Extravaganza!

    Hi everyone and sorry for the late post! Saturday's Word Scramble was a bit confusing at first, and then everything got sorted out fairly quickly, sorry for any inconveniences it might have had. Free Knights' Winners (Hosted by [GS]Royalette) ChoChopohwaran Temptress Supido Lendsy DrakkarEclipse NutCracker Readytodie Spherical Royal Guards' Winners (Hosted by [GS]DrDieLess) nitablAirith Trixx Z0EDaniella Yhoko LIETUVAITERGKimzSE Masutema Musubi xXpolitaXx Today's event will be Find the Yumi hosted by [GS]NubAtMyLeft and [GS]BananaHands. For today's event, Banana will be helping out for the RG host. His side's event will start an hour after the FK's event. We hope you can make it! Thank you for participating in the event and we hope to see you later today!
  8. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    Spolier! I'll be adding more to this post but this is what I have as of now for our dear Cyberblade friends. Free Knight's outfit~
  9. Yumi

    Birthday Suits

    Um... The main reason people play SB is because of the PvP scene... I guess? nudity is a small plus to some people, but personally, I didn't play SB because of the nudity, I'm sure there are other people that agree with me on that line. Uhhh.... We wouldn't really have any competition because we're the only Scarlet Blade server? Not sure what you meant by that point. SB's nudity isn't even that bold imo... Hrmmm.... I do like the idea of tattoos (body might be a bit more tedious to work with, but I don't think face/hand tattoos would be a bad idea, from what you linked). Maybe we can even make lingerie as costumes perhaps.. Everything else is probably a nope for me. I might not be able to speak for everyone but if you're looking for a game with full out detail in nudity, then SB really isn't the game for you.
  10. Yumi

    Event Weekend Extravaganza!

    Hi everyone! Friday's Trivia event went fairly smoothly! Here is a list of the winners. Free Knights Winners (Hosted by [GS]Sardonic) NutCracker Drakkar Lendsy Ninewheel Hera36 Eclipse Atorka Argi Spherical impuro Royal Guards Winners (Hosted by [GS]Satana) SweetestKiss Bokai Filomena Heaven Hyperionz Kazehana xSAWxD BikinisWaifu Lannette lSaberl Tomorrow's event will be the Word Scramble event hosted by [GS]Royalette and [GS]DrDieLess. Thanks for participating everyone! We hope to see you tomorrow!
  11. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    I only wanted the faction mark to be on one sleeve, but sadly it's not how it works. It's the way how it's handled, but it's basically one part that wraps around both sides of the model, so if I had put a mark on the leg of a costume, it would copy over to the other side as well.
  12. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    The FK one isn't finished as of now, it's just progress. The white might be into a dark grey/black. Also~ I haven't forgotten about our lovely Cyberblade dudes, I'm currently working on them as we speak and hope to have a preview of them soon to come, probably either later today or tomorrow!
  13. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    So right now, Blue/Grey seems to be in the lead, so..... Spoiler! Another Spoiler!
  14. Yumi

    Event Weekend Extravaganza!

    I forgot to mention prizes as well... Whoops! Prizes? Expect to see some unique items that everyone will want! I won't give spoliers, but for Trivia and Scramble, you will pick between two prizes. Find the Yumi, the winners will get a bigger reward than the other two events. As I mentioned before, you have a chance to win 1 time per event, tallying up to 3 wins for the event weekend. Again, do not cheat by using an alt or your prize will be revoked. Prizes will be handed out that Sunday after Find the Yumi event is over, so there is enough time for me to check winner's IPs. Play fair so that I don't have to revoke your prize!
  15. Yumi

    Poll: Faction Costumes

    Bump! I'll be determining RG colors by the end of next week (November 26th), so please submit your votes by then! I will also post another spoiler sometime tomorrow of a completed costume!