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Hello there!

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Hello there everyone , I'm Sy4ndromes! (It's just a random name , I made this to ask about if  VGN is really legit and stuff...)

Why or how I'm here you ask ? 

Weeeelll , I saw someone say that VGN Aka Vendetta was making a Nostale server , and I thought at first that it would be another typical official servers until I visited and realized this is a Private server , I was so hyped up and happy for this - I was crawling so much for a Nostale private server since it really needed one despite the very slow leveling , p2w content and stuff.

I'm really happy right now :D

I definetly assure you guys when Spanish people (like me , of course) aknowledge about VGN making a Nostale private server , there will be so many people !

Since they only have their butts on Gameforge right now , suffering the p2w content and low  service attention :/

Well , hope we get along - everyone! 


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1 hour ago, Leeyum96 said:

Welcom in the 'Escaped By GF' club.

So glad that this community is growing up. Nostale is one of the best MMORPG ever, and deserves more than a company like GF to administrate it.

Have fun!

lol wut , and yeah I hope this community grows too! And VendettaGN becomes successful aswell :P

Thanks and see you in Nostale sometime!


1 hour ago, Vivi said:

Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here.

Thank you very much! Of course I will enjoy! I'm familiar with Nostale , alot - the same goes with EE but not TS and SB :o 

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