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Vendetta's Discord Server!


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Hello everyone!


Unfortunately it seems we may have lost access to our original discord server. One of the admin accounts seems to have been compromised and its impossible to get it back.


We highly recommend leaving the old discord server as I have been hearing of scam/spam links being passed around. That server is no longer affiliated with us and anything that is said/done is beyond our control of it.


So we've started from scratch and opened up a new server.


To join this server, you must be sure to leave your forum account profile link (click for an example).

OR take in-game screenshot of your game character (with your character name visible).



Select either option and paste the link or screenshot in the #introductions section of the discord.


When this is done, you'll recieve your Vendetta Member role! Please note that it may take a bit to get your role. Staff will manually add the role to you once you have completed one of the 2 options.



With this new discord server opening, I'll be running various giveaways and events for each of the games over the coming weeks.

Be sure to get in before you miss it!




Enjoy, and I hope to see you there soon!

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