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[Anniversary] [Forum Event] Screenshot


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♥ Guideline ♥

Take a screenshot of the anniversary annoucement in game.
the ranking will be based on speed, so be the first to post your screen!
We should be able to see the announcement bar at the top of your screen and your In Game Name on the same screenshot.
The screenshot can't be edited.

Screenshot should look like this.


♥ Rules ♥

- Only one entry per account;
- Include your character's name in your post;
- Character name must be on the screenshot;
- The screenshot can't be edited;
- Copying from another player is prohibited and will be treated accordingly;

♥ Prizes ♥

1st place : 3 Event Point
2nd place : 2 Event Point
3rd place : 2 Event Point
4th place : 1 Event Point
5th place : 1 Event Point

What are Event Points? => Event Point.


♥ Duration♥
September 8- September 15 11:59 pm EST


Participation here

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