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How to automatically delete your Temp folder


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This tutorial is especially for people who have a lot of graphical bugs in the game and who have to delete their Temp folder from Eden Eternal very regularly.
If you don't have any problems, please don't follow this tutorial to avoid any problems with your game.

First of all some information to know:
If you don't have to delete your Temp Folder, and still follow this tutorial, it will make your game slower and if you don't have a bug, it has a chance to cause one.
Also if you use this method, if you Verify your files, it will reset your changes.

How to create your own version of "run_game.bat" to delete the Temp folder before running the game?

Step 1
Open your Start Menu and type Notepad and open it.

Step 2
Windows Notepad opens on a blank document. Now enter the command lines you wish to save in your batch file, making sure to validate each of them by pressing the Enter key on the keyboard to make a line break.

This is for Awaken Players

rmdir /s/q "Temp\"
launcher.exe -g

Step 3
Pull down the File menu and choose Save As.

Step 4
Pull down the Type menu at the bottom of the window and choose All Files.

Step 5
Finally, give a name to your batch file and finish by associating the file extension .bat. Validate with a click on Save.

Note: Do not call the file run_game.bat as this file will be replaced when verifying via the patcher.

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