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Hello to the Community~

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Hello dear Vendetta Gaming Network Community. c:

Name's KakaoMinze, but you can call me Kakao or Komi for short.

I'm from Germany and of female gender.

I came across this website when I was looking for some Scarlet Blade related things. As many others I was also part of the Aeria Games Community that was playing Scarlet Blade on their Servers until the German and US Servers went offline.

Though I'm not much of an MMO-RPG player I must say that I really enjoyed Scarlet Blade as a game, especially since it is heavily inspired by the Japanese Manga/Anime Franchise Queen's Blade. Well some people here might know that the game is actually known as Queen's Blade in Korea where the game actually was developed and (probably) still running. :D Honestly though I prefer the Sci-Fi oriented version and, let's face it, even though the game shares the name "Queen's Blade" it has absolutely nothing really to do with the original content and story of the Manga/Anime "Queen's Blade".

But enough of my nonsensical talk about this Scarlet Blade/Queen's Blade "history" stuff!

I hope we will come along well as a community. :)



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