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  1. My New Theme https://www.mediafire.com/?4dzzdx1nbho9i7e Pretty much my old transparent one without the boarders on the skill bar :
  2. To your question of if he played regular luminary ^ is proof. Anyways I won't self proclaim to be the best DB on the server but I am at least top 5, and I can vouch and say the class is pretty Over powered lol, It negates reflect with Dark reversal, That skill heals you for 10% per person you hit so assuming you're fighting an entire party that's at least 7+ people you'll be hitting If you are good which would be 70% heal per hit + your healers and bards healing you up too. Before and After the DB nerfs I've been top kills numerous times. e.g. I'm top kills in this video and as you can see very very clearly, I am not using the glitch I'm just playing the class as it should be played. BTW Dragon Emperor may have extremely high damage while on the mount but how long do they even stay alive for? between reflect and other players hitting them their life expectancy is around 10 seconds at most.
  3. Welcome
  4. I'm not sure if the blue gun is causing it but a Lv90 Gun from DOD Trails +14 should suffice, around 115-120% is good
  5. It's most likely your MATK, what fort level is your gun? and which gun are you using
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  7. Make sure that your user has admin rights since programs in disk C usually demand Admin privileges, asides from that re-download and install with your anti virus protectors turned off. You can re-enable them after the installation has completed.
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  9. You can't make everyone happy, some people are just ungrateful.  



  10. Welcome to the server
  11. Welcome to the game
  12. @Vivi Will be uploading one for you give her some time, mine kept bring up problems, hers should be done soon or it might be already
  13. @GeovaniDS My Upload speed is very bad so I'm not sure when this will be done if ever seeing how it just cancelled. Please keep in mind that if you keep reinstalling the original downloader it will still bug out for you, you will NEED a fresh download with your anti virus protectors off. Please try this method as it will save a huge amount of time, when I installed first time on this computer I had those issues and i just disabled everything including my firewall and i let the game download and install before turning them back on and after it either removed something and gave me an alert and i clicked allow it through or add to exceptions list and ive not had any problems like that ever since. Just so you know i'm not giving you the run around, I will continue the upload but its going to take a really long time for it to complete.
  14. Welcome to the community, if you need assistance feel free to inbox me or message me ingame. Until then ~