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New Event System!


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Vendetta Gaming Network is proud to announce it's new global event system!

What is a Global Event System?
The Global Event System is an event system designed to reward players for participating in all events hosted by us here at VGN. Anyone is welcome to join in on an event and if successful will be rewarded an Event Point which can be spent on the game they play!

What is an Event Point?
An Event Point is a currency that can be used on the Event Box system of each website. Simple visit the game website you wish to spend the point(s) on:

Eden Eternal Event Page

Scarlet Blade Event Page

Eden Eternal [Classic] Event Page

Once you're on the website you should have an option that looks like this:


You will have a % chance at winning one of the main prizes or a common prize depending on the game you selected!

How do I obtain Event Points?
Event Points will be given by Support Members and GM's who are hosting events. These are our new reward we will be giving players instead of items. Unless stated otherwise event points will be the prize for each event!

Can I win a prize for an event from Twin Saga even if I am an Eden Eternal player?
That's the whole idea of this system! It does not matter where you are from game wise if you would like to participate in an event from any other game you're more than welcome. The more the merrier! Some in-game events however may require certain levels or tasks so you may need to be a player in order to obtain the event but as for forum events you're more than welcome to join!

Will there be more items added in the future?
Definitely! We will be changing items as time goes on for sure. But for now the item roster for each game has been decided and will stay as is for quite some time until we add more.


We hope this brings good news to everyone and expect a lot of staff events coming very soon!

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Here is a list of the prizes available for each game!

Eden Eternal

Common Items are Eden Crystals!


Scarlet Blade

Common items can be found here:


Eden Eternal Classic


Common Items are Eden Crystals, Safety Stones or Lucky Safety Stones!



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