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    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, Mystery Boxes have been updated. Thank you for your patience.
  2. Bash

    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, Mystery Boxes have been updated. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Bash

    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    STATUS: ONLINE Servers are now back online! Mystery Boxes and Altars have been updated. Thank you for your patience!
  4. Bash

    Patch Work Delays

    I will prepare some form of compensation (for all games) to be delivered once I return due to the delays as well.
  5. Bash

    Patch Work Delays

    Hey all, I'm having to delay all patch work for a week (or so) whilst I work for a while IRL. I am sorry about this I didn't anticipate to be returning back to work so soon but seems I am needed. I will still be around to monitor the servers and also do maintenance and tickets nothing will change in those areas I just won't have the time to work on any patches right now. Scarlet Blade obviously isn't been worked on due to Vivi's absense. NosTale will have the events extended (and RBB Season) until I can work on removing them and finishing the reward system for RBB. Eden Eternal will have work done to it but nothing will be live until I am back fully. I don't expect to be away for too long but if it does get extended I can only apologise. I hope everyone understands in the end it isn't a big deal as we didn't have anything major planned except the removal of the events this month and preparations for bigger work in February. Thank you.
  6. Bash

    Guild Name change

    I'll tinker around with it on test server with Jordan sometime. See if it's doable.
  7. Bash

    Family - Last Online Status

    Been suggested before, I'll have to take a look into this.
  8. Bash

    Some FC adjustments

    Frozen Crown is pretty much every discussion between staff when we go to decide on new content to add/modify. So I'd expect changes to Frozen Crown arriving in the near future. Put some trust into our decisions we do have some good ideas coming with this area of the game.
  9. Bash

    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online! Mystery Boxes have been updated! We apologise but the patch for today has been delayed due to Vivi's absense. I hope to bring news about the patch as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience!
  10. Bash

    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    STATUS: ONLINE Server is now back online! Altars and Mystery Boxes have been updated. Patch v43 is now Live! Thank you for your patience!
  11. Bash

    New class and its implementation

    I'm not saying it like that I am just asking you to not kick off a fuss again with official content. I was tired of answering this last time and it's been about 10-15 threads in the past few months asking about it and we say the same thing each time. Just wait for them to finish it before I can add it what's the point in adding incomplete rushed content?
  12. Bash

    Rainbow Battle (Beta Season)

    With the revamped Rainbow Battle we have decided to create a Ranked Seasonal System for everyone to compete and enjoy in. This season as it is a Beta Season will only last 1 month however, future Seasons will last 2 months. How it Works Each Season everyone will start back to 0 and will have to work their way back up the ranks (Previous performances will not be taken into account). You will have to compete in 5 matches in order to gain your rank and then it is up to you how far you go in terms of where you wish to finish in the Season. You gain points based on your teams end result and also your performance towards Kills/Deaths(KDA) and Objectives during the match. NOTE: Preliminary matches do not count your kills/deaths or objectives it is strictly based on your team's result only. The following Ranks can be obtained: You will lose your rank if your points drop to the bracket they belong in. Also players will lose 50 points each day they do not participate in Rainbow Battle. How can I view my Rank? You will be able to view your rank on the website: by logging in and viewing the page. Rewards Seasonal Rewards will be updated each season. For this season you will receive the following rewards: Season Main Prize This Season's main prize is the Mega Titan Wings! Also, after each match the winner will be rewarded a "Rainbow Battle Chest" which contains one of the following items: How does Rainbow Battle work? Please view the following thread on how the new Rainbow Battle works. Rules: All standard rules apply as normal: No Boosting - Anyone caught boosting or being boosted expect to be banned from the game altogether. No Intentional Throwing - If you're caught throwing a game expect point deductions from your rank. If you're caught with repeat offenses expect a Rainbow Battle ban indefinitely. Leaving/DC'ing - If a player leaves the match they will receive a 3 match ban from Rainbow Battle and a deduction of 100 points off their rank.
  13. Bash

    Rainbow Battle (Beta Season)

    Since we will not be adding the patch today the Rainbow Battle season will be extended for an extra week. Also rewards will still be given out on 17th if we do decide to end RBB then. NOTE: This will not be an on-going occurrence each season. With this season being a beta season we did advise the time to be flexible. Thank you!
  14. Bash

    Winter Event

    Winter Event 2018 NosVille has been turned into a Winter Wonderland, Bash has ticked off his naughty list. It's time for the Winter Event everybody! Raids You can enter both raids via NosVille. Enter the Snow Trail and choose the raid for your team that you wish to defeat! Maru Raid Obtain Maru's Raid Seal by defeating monsters in-game. Gather your team mates and Fight against Maru the Tiger! Snowmanhead Raid Complete the Viking Quest obtained at Flake the Snow Fairy to unlock access to this dungeon. Obtain Snowman Raid Seal by trading either x30 Fresh Cream Cake or x30 Chocolate Cake to Santa Claus. Gather your team mates and Fight against Snowmanhead! Quests Santa Claus, Flake the Snow Fairy, Slugg, Teodor, Malcolm, Soraya, Wanderer and Eva Energy all have Winter Themed quests available with great rewards! Santa Claus also has custom VGN raid themed quests for the 2 available raids throughout this event. Complete these quests and you can obtain "VGN Santa's Coupon (Event)".  Custom Quests: All custom quests can be obtained at the Santa NPC in NosVille! NOTE: Players must be level 85 in order to do these quests. VGN Santa's Coupon (Event) You can take this item to Santa Claus in NosVille where he will have his own Winter Themed Mystery Box requiring x1 of the VGN Santa's Coupon (Event). Win the following prizes from Santa's Coupon Mystery Box: Titles We have 2 Legacy Titles available until the end of the event. Random Drops Following items will drop on the [VGN: EVENT] channel: We hope everyone has a great winter and keep warm!
  15. Bash

    Winter Event

    We are going to be extending this event for an extra week. We've received feedback from a lot of players asking us to keep it on for a little longer due to the cake bug. So we will extend it for an extra week.
  16. Bash

    Scarlet Blade Installer

    Updated links
  17. Bash

    Legal methode ?

    Report them yes.
  18. Bash

    New class and its implementation

    I'm aware and it's not complete yet it was rushed.
  19. Bash

    New class and its implementation

    We're still waiting on the 2 SP's and then it's balance changes before we'd even consider adding it. The class is not a good class in fact it was a quick cash grab and as you can tell from people who have actually played it. It's not that good. I'd also appreciate it @Kailash if you wouldn't keep doing this please. You did the same for act 6.2 and caused a fuss about it. You guys are not in a position to question our capabilities again as we delivered 6.2 when everyone said we couldn't it's time you guys show some respect to what we do and stop trying to force hands.
  20. Bash


    Because there is a cap on FXP. It needs to be something that can be reset monthly if there were to be rewards.
  21. Bash

    Rainbow Battle inactive time

    We can do 72 hours but you will then lose 3 days worth still.
  22. I don't think you understand. If players know that fluctuating prices raises the VGN rate they will do it purposefully to enhance their $ -> VGN. I am all for fair prices but we're by far more fair than official right now and we're not having to sell our souls every corner to support this server. VGN Points purchase is not for gold sales it is a service we offer. You cannot have the best of both worlds when it comes to things like this. You either get P2W functions and the ability to sell your VGN at a high price or you don't get P2W functions and your VGN price is lower. But not asking for P2W functions and expecting your VGN to be worth more is stupid as people don't overpay to look special in a game as much as they would to feel powerful in a game. That's the point I am trying to make.
  23. Bash


    One of the things I am planning to do is import the Family Quest system and have it so you and the Family must do x amount of tasks in order to activate a Raid that only members of your family can do. Once you've done the tasks for one hour the raid will be open only for your family (and it's existing members, not newly added ones). The main idea was to give better use to Family Quest System as it's current state it's pretty shit.
  24. Bash

    add new reputation icons

    But everyone will just be the new latest one in x amount of time so it doesn't justify the reason.
  25. Bash

    Players Opinion about the server

    We hear you guys on events and if we can we will dedicate our time to making the Easter Event it's own kind something completely revamped and new.