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    Rainbow Battle (Not enough Players)

    Unnecessary comment given there are over 100 matches a day. So instead of being that guy offer solutions, being critical about something but offering no valid input makes your input invalid as you have not and could not do any better. So next time don't be that guy ok? That guy is boring and really not worth listening to. Offer something instead. This idea was thought of but we feared it could be abused. We're looking into improving the points system though we didn't expect it to be as punishing when losing.
  2. Bash

    Infrastructure Changes

    Hey all, We have some infrastructure changes being applied (week commensing 10th December) that will impact the services we provide here at VGN. Some necessary and much needed changes in our back end systems are required in order for us to continue providing the best service we can for everyone. We will be attempting to minimalize the downtime as much as possible by planning ahead and ensuring all tasks are done so it is a safe and quick transition into the new infrastructure. The following changes are being applied: Scarlet Blade (Login): We have to update some parts of the login system, this will affect the status of the game and will be required to be offline during the process. Some bugs have been found with the login service as well so we will be focusing on fixing that during this downtime as well. Website: We are updating a lot of the back end services, so expect frequent downtimes to our entire website. It may not be noticable for some but if you experience issues with the site this is why. Password resets and other systems will also be affected by this so again please have patience if they do not appear to work immediately. Eden Eternal (New Server): We will be moving Eden Eternal to NA. Expect a lengthy downtime during the transition it may be a case of plug and play but we will need to further test some of the new services to ensure it all works and we do not experience further downtime afterwards. We hope everyone is happy with our service we provide as we continue to better ourselves and your experience here at VGN. Thanks again and have a great week!
  3. Bash

    Infrastructure Changes

    Some of the processes have been completed: Back end services have been complete for the website and databases. Updated Scarlet Blade Login System and also fixed a few other back end stability bugs. NOTE: An issue with Item Mall has been addressed where it would not refresh your VGN value properly if you close your window after purchasing (This sometimes still does not fully refresh for a short while but you won't need to relog any more). The changes to our stability does not mean you will not be DC'd the DC'ing is a totally unrelated issue to what we have done today. We hope to begin working on the NA Eden Eternal server soon for everyone, please be patient whilst we arrange a date.
  4. Bash

    NA server?

    Definitely isn't.
  5. Bash

    Raids and Quest, Heroic mode.

    There have been discussions in the past with the team to introduce "hard mode" kind of dungeons from the ones people enjoy. But I believe for now our primary focus is going to be creating our own kind of raids.
  6. Bash

    Time requirement

    End game can be.
  7. Bash

    Time requirement

    MMO's nowadays are quite the opposite. EE is an old game so it has a lot of farming mechanics in it.
  8. Bash

    NA server?

    I'm just finding my bearings atm there is a few things ahead of it in priority so once I have cleared up those tasks then I can work on it dw
  9. Bash

    NA server?

    It wasn't 2017 when the poll was made. It was during around June 2018 iirc? Due to my absense in January and early February due to IRL responsibilities it just never was done. It doesn't mean it is not coming I just don't have the time yet to do it but I can assure you it is to be done sooner than later.
  10. We can pretty much do anything.
  11. Hey all, As explained in: You can discuss it here.
  12. Bash

    Dev Map (2019) - Discussion

    In all fairness I have disagreed with the idea of Trophy Pieces since the day it was released. It basically made the whole purpose of reinvigorating the raids into just spam an easy one until you get all pieces. It defeated the purpose as to why I made Trophy grinding in the first place. So I would not expect such a feature to ever be introduced with the 2.0 changes on Trophies.
  13. Bash

    Show the correct amount of gold at ground

    It's not how it works unfortunately the rate calculation is made after the gold is picked up hence the "+x gold"
  14. Bash

    Remove Time boat for act 4/5

    I disagree with removing this feature.
  15. Bash

    Skins For Specialist Cards.

    It's not something we can really do given our current stance on custom costumes. I am intending on working on some events in the future that everyone can get involved and create unique things we can add to the game. However, as of now it's not possible until we've finished some other parts that are needed for such ideas.
  16. Bash

    Dev Map (2019) - Discussion

    I can't really discuss the weapon idea yet until launch.
  17. Bash

    CDN Issues

    Hey all, Our CDN is having some issues right now. If you experience any issues with downloading our clients or using our launchers then please keep trying. You will connect a working node eventually. We're sorry for the inconvenience and will update you asap.
  18. Bash

    CDN Issues

    Those still experiencing issues with the above, please follow the guide:
  19. Bash

    Dev Map (2019) - Discussion

    Sorry I've not been around so I did not get a chance to respond to this. The event snacks? We tend to enjoy having them event only so it creates a hype around them during an event. The lock screen bug is a bug with the actual graphical engine the game uses. I've been trying to fix it for a long time but no luck yet. We've not yet decided on what we're going to do for the first custom event but we are going to focus on making it a lot different to how things are initially done. As of right now our focus has been the security of the game but we are moving onto bigger projects with the game very soon.
  20. Bash

    About Server

    If you want to feel more full just surround yourself with lifeless teddy bears. That's the definition of us preventing shops and bots. The same amount of active players are playing just because all the channels aren't green/full doesn't mean we're going in a wrong direction. The impact the new client has made towards bots is huge and it's a massive step in the right direction (a step everyone demanding us to do something about if you recall). You cannot win both ways I much prefer knowing the exact amount of players online so I know what's going wrong and right and not just 1000s of bots online and people making a quick buck from gold selling.
  21. Bash

    About Server

    ... *facepalm*
  22. Bash

    Patch v32

    Season One Rainbow Battle has Begun! Rainbow Battle Changes: - You will now gain x2 "Rainbow Penny" when winning a match additional to your box. Rainbow Penny can be sold for 1,000,000 gold at a Shop NPC. NOTE: You can only obtain a max of 3 "Rainbow Penny" per day. You will still obtain the box each win though. - Disabled the use of Sacrifice in Rainbow Battle. This skill was causing a lot of problems including the new buff bug we had. The issue with the spawn to Krem is a big problem as well so we figured disable it for now until we find a new solution. General Changes: - Removed the additional portals that appear after Caligor is complete until further testing has been done. Bug Fixes: - Fixed cursors missing from the game. Information: - It is possible due to how late this patch is the RBB schedule is slightly bugged. If it is bugged I will fix it when I return a few hours later (it needs a few hours to sync it's time properly).
  23. Bash

    Rainbow Battle (Season One)

    Season One of Rainbow Battle has begun. This season we've decided to keep the same format from the Beta Season but we've made some changes to how the Rank System rewards points. Season will end: April 4th 2019 How it Works You will have to attend Rainbow Battle on the "[VGN: RAINBOW]" channel. Announcements will be made 10 minutes prior to the system beginning. You will have to compete in 5 matches in order to gain your rank and then it is up to you how far you go in terms of where you wish to finish in the Season. You gain points based on your teams end result and also your performance towards Kills/Deaths(KDA) and Objectives during the match. NOTE: Preliminary matches do not count your kills/deaths or objectives it is strictly based on your team's result only. Season One Rank Point Changes: - When you lose a game you will lose a lot more points than the previous season. To reduce this deficit you will have to perform well enough by killing players and objectives. The following Ranks can be obtained: You will lose your rank if your points drop to the bracket they belong in. Also players will lose 50 points each day they do not participate in Rainbow Battle. NOTE: We do show your "Max Rank". This however does not reflect your reward you must maintain your rank in order to be rewarded. If you have Diamond Rank as max but finish in Gold then your reward will be Gold. How can I view my Rank? You will be able to view your rank on the website: by logging in and viewing the page. Rewards Seasonal Rewards will be updated each season. For this season you will receive the following rewards: Season Minor & Main Prize This Season's Minor prize is the Tier 1 Divine Rainbow Crystal. The Main prize is the Tier 3 Divine Rainbow Crystal: How does Rainbow Battle work? Please view the following thread on how the new Rainbow Battle works. Rules: All standard rules apply as normal: No Boosting - Anyone caught boosting or being boosted expect to be banned from the game altogether. No Intentional Throwing - If you're caught throwing a game expect point deductions from your rank. If you're caught with repeat offenses expect a Rainbow Battle ban indefinitely. Leaving/DC'ing - If a player leaves the match they will receive a 3 match ban from Rainbow Battle and a deduction of 100 points off their rank.
  24. Bash


    Hey all, As promised from a few weeks ago, we will be issuing compensation to all our games for the absense of myself and the delay of some projects for our games. This will be issued next week I just wanted to answer the question everyone keeps asking and to let you all know I have not forgotten about it! Thanks.
  25. Bash


    Compensation has now been distributed to every current account. You will have 3 days in order to obtain your compensation before the option is removed. Please go to the event page as so: Eden Eternal - Event Page Scarlet Blade - Event Page NosTale - Event Page You must login to your account and follow the instructions given on the page in order to receive your compensation package. NOTE: We will not PM you in-game telling you to sign up to a website for a free gift. You already have an account and this is the only notice you will obtain from us. Stop listening to Falagardo/Alfredo and his scam attempts.