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  1. Bash

    Max dmg show

    I hope someday I can become a critic like you. Everyone cries at how bad official content is and yet it's held against us when we don't release it lol.
  2. What we could do is make the beta version it's own unique version (with better stats/buffs) and then re-create a new version of this.
  3. Hope your recovery goes fine and wish you all the best.
  4. Bash

    Patch v40

    General Changes: - The following stat has had a rework: - "Sales" type items will now give 80% of the gold when sold to an NPC. - Amulet of Greed has been made tradeable. In the future other Event related Trophies will be made tradeable. NOTE: You will not gain the Title by trading this item, it is only obtained when gaining the item from the Raidbox. - Added "Farm Claim" item to the game. New item being added to the Mystery Box common item pool. This item can be used to mark a Raidbox as "Farmed" which, will allow you to reap the benefits of the Amulet of Greed stats further. NOTE: The same rules apply, if you've marked an item as Farmed use it soon as you've done it as trading, dropping, relogging etc will remove the flag. - Whenever the new Amulet of Greed gifts you an extra item from a Raidbox an effect will appear. - Modified the text from when you gain an extra item from a Raidbox. - Added "Trophy" category in the Equipment category of NosBazaar. - Slightly increased the Minor Trophy rate when you have Amulet of Greed equipped. - Added Spiky Hair Box to the game. NosMall Changes: - Updated Mystery Box common items: NOTE: The addition of items will not affect Mystery Box rates at all. - Added Cuarry Bank Debit Card. Bug Fixes: - Fixed Titles that went missing. - Fixed a bug where if you dropped an item the "You Farmed" status would remain on the item.
  5. We've brought this up in the past but better shells in those raids would cause issues balance wise.
  6. "Sale Items" is an item type so all items that are a "Sale Item" were effected. It didn't need a full detailed explanation when it's a group of items that is defined to this type (even says it below the name of the item).
  7. Bad translation? Ask Entwell/Gameforge it's THEIR stat....
  8. I can agree this change was slightly harsh and wasn't well thought through. Our motives were to stop the Spider Eye trades so maybe we will go back to just limiting certain items there is a patch tomorrow to fix that stat and a couple other issues so who knows? That being said though, when you use the term "all players" yes you're right it does affect a lot of players. When I look at a situation I want to see the whole picture and I am very good at analyzing the entire picture so for example... 2 weeks ago I posed as a "hacker" in-game. I claimed I had a "gold hack" and I also claimed I knew how to change your special options in Hero Equipment (I basically made maxed out weapons and showed them off). Now I aint gonna call people out but put it this way, out of the people who knew how many do you think didn't want the hack? Didn't want the gold and infact tried to get me on their Discord to start a "purchase system" together to make us rich? Bare in mind these are some of the TOP TOP players in-game wasn't just random people, these are people claimed to not be associated with gold buying or selling YET wanted to do this. Put it this way... 100% of the people I came into contact with claimed to want to be a part of my scheme not one person denied it or reported me to a GS. So when you say "all players are affected" why are those statistics not a concern for me? I can recall the Nefasto case, one specific player was in the Chatbox begging me to put the server back online whilst sat talking to Nefasto asking for the hack. This same player using the same phrases haselnus233 was using (you don't care or listen to us) but yet was in conversation with Nefasto. When I am asked to care for you guys, this is a one way street because in fairness no one cares about me or this server and that's fine but you cannot ask for me to be the only one giving here. As for improving VGN Sales if we Paygate something to make VGN more worth it we'd be money oriented fucks so it's hard for us to create ideas to monetize and that takes a lot of planning and hard work (which we're trying to do btw). I want to reiterate what I am saying btw, I do care about everyone and I know some innocent people are threw into this if not a lot but everyone must understand I am trying my best to make this game as clean as I can but everyone has to stop supporting them or decisions like this will continue coming (and no this is not me punishing you).
  9. You're playing a video game.... you're wasting time anyways.
  10. No I just made it up so I can fuck everyone over because you know that's logical explanation right?
  11. Are you really going that route? You really wanna go down that road? Look back at what you're saying because this aint a one way street the way you're seeing it right now. So me doing this one change is me not caring about players or not listening to you? Playing the victim every time and then using manipulative tactics, this describes the 2019 gamer of today. We've spent 3-4 weeks on this event probably more planning it yet, this is the action of people who don't care about their playerbase. How many changes have we done that was us listening to players? You forget about Bash NPC in-game? The lack of pay gates YET you say we care only about those players.... Every single time something you disagree on it goes back to the same manipulative post of "You don't care, You don't listen". Now I admit, the change was probably a bit too harsh and we were already discussing changing it (slightly) but you know... think I'll leave it.
  12. I think you need to stop trying to cause problems that's what I really think. If you think it's me punishing you all then you really are very self absorbed. The idea of the Sale Items also applying the sell tax is based on many things. One of the main factors being gold sellers/buyers using Spider King's Eyes to trade their gold. I'd also appreciate it if you all stop being a bit dramatic, every single time a change you all don't agree you kick and scratch like children. You can always go back to Gameforge's Graveyard servers or plain text password emulator servers no one is making you stay here, but stop trying to dictate our changes when it doesn't work for you. Now maybe, we were a tad bit harsh on this change but to assume it's because of inpatience? Deluded.