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  1. GS already have such rights. They cannot sit all day and police the game though, there are times when a lot of the team are asleep or doing their own thing outside of the network. We understand that this is a main issue though and the staff are working on ways to address this. Unfortunately when games are low in population they tend to inherit such behaviours. There is a lot of things we can do to help stop such activities but it won't ever be fully in the direction you hope it is.
  2. You're right and we do understand you and @Astraea point of view here. We did say we're slowly tinkering though and it's not even been 24 hours since the patch. Give it time and see how things unfold but please note our motives are not driven by the lining in our pockets, we've just got a server that is almost 6 years old and we've made a fair few mistakes there to learn from. May I also add, Viridian Stones have grown by 40% in the last 12 hours and there have been a huge amount of Stones used as well so this change applied has made a big difference. I even took it upon myself to monitor players who purchase EC via gold or AP and it's not just a surge from AP buyers here.
  3. If you like, once I get a framework down for it, you could potentially help me out with it.
  4. Not so much like Steam, the idea was to have a Combat like system in place where you can create decks and fight AI/Players just like Hearthstone or MTG. You would do daily tasks in Eden Eternal for instance and it would link to your VGN account and reward you points which could be spent on purchasing card packs. I might reignite this project in the near future and show you some progress as it goes on.
  5. This is actually really cool. I actually have a project I started a while back that I intended on incorporating into VGN as a whole which involved a card game as the end point. Lore was going to be based around the games we host (i.e. SB, EE, NT). You would earn packs by playing the games and doing daily tasks, if you done the tasks you earned points and could buy packs with them. I actually put the project on hold back in August 2019 though but I do like seeing such ideas and concepts for sure!
  6. It really was, I do recall wanting to do it few years ago but after researching further it just didn't seem like it would have a good shelf life and it proved that even on official.
  7. Dragomon was an interesting game and it really caught my attention when it first released. I don't think it done as well as I expected and it's definitely not a game I'd bring to VGN. Right now as it stands, I have no intentions on working on a project myself for a good while. Mainly because I am still recovering and will be for a long time, I do not have the capacity to work the hours I once did and may never be able to again.
  8. I believe with Step 1 of our approach this should close the gap a lot. Many F2P players already spend gold on EC so it's not as if it's forcing them to do something they don't want to do. Viridians being more attainable will definitely improve the situation and obviously it's been much harder this week on the basis many people are holding Safety Stones for their new gear which releases tomorrow.
  9. We've decided on some smaller steps for now before making any drastic changes like this. Although the suggestion is good and I thank you for understanding both sides. I have identified there is a need for more Safety Stones but we want to take it slow given we do not want to flood the game like it is on Awaken now. We never took it upon ourselves to remove Stones like official do monthly so it is ruined in terms of making it feel like an achievement for gaining such heights in the game at Awaken, we do not want to repeat such mistakes.
  10. Bash

    Safety Stones

    Hey all, Since this is a hot topic, we wish to address it here so the threads related to this subject stop and we can begin focusing on other areas of the game. We understand some players have concerns on the availability of Safety Stones, we've been assessing the situation for the past few weeks before deciding on any actions. Instead of us doing a whole bunch of changes, we're going to gradually tinker areas in hope it improves the availability of Safety Stones to everyone. Some key areas we've noticed relate to players hoarding these items for future gear being released, the lack of availabilty to non-paying players outside of farming gold for EC and possibly the rates of success these items produce. We've decided on the possible following steps in hope it addresses this subject without causing significant impact to the economy and server. Step 1: Altar Changes We will be amending Altars to allow Viridian Safety Stones to be on a lower prize pool so they become a more common item for everyone. It is common practice that a lot of players purchase EC either with AP or gold so we believe it is good to start here first. Step 2: Safety Stone Wipes If Step 1 has not improved the availability of these items, we will have to take other measures. We believe the possibility of wiping Safety Stones before each gear patch will stop players hoarding said items and make them available to everyone within the market. Step 3: Further Availability We may eventually be forced to make said items more available in other areas of the game (i.e. Dungeons, Quests etc). We've discussed many times many options on how to possibly do this but restrictions are near impossible due to Items being tradeable and achiveable so alt abuse is huge and defeats the purpose of the efforts. We are beginning with step 1 in hope it improves. It is important to remember that right now Safety Stones seem a lot lower due to Jordan's mess up on their availability in the Altar this week and the fact new Trial gear is available tomorrow. People are stocking up in efforts for the new gear which is understandable. How did we get here? Initially we overlooked the fact that players would hoard for future content, our calculations were based on a flourishing market which backlashed against us. I've stated the amount of Safety Stones available in-game right now that players hold and there are more than enough to go around so in terms of the item being produced to the game it's enough, we just have to find ways to spread them. Initially our ideas were to make a daily dungeon but that came with many obstacles, we can't just make the Stones untradeable either as alts and archives exist. We've made it clear from the start that we didn't intend on doing the things we do on Awaken as what's the point in having Awaken server aside from extra custom content and Awakened Classes? Our angle is to not make it 2 dungeon runs and done, we spend months doing content to then be complete in a few days and that's not what we're aiming to achieve here at Classic. You all asked for lower rates remember and with that came challenges we need to all face. This is important to remember that we're not doing this to spite any of you. I've spent a couple weeks now playing the game and in all honesty it's not as bad as it's being made out considering my approach was to not send an item, gold or VGN/AP to the account I'm playing on and it's really not as bad as you think. Anyways, granted this a sore subject now I felt it in everyone's best interest to understand that we are working on solutions and we are assessing everything. We hope tomorrow's changes make an impact and if not we will go back to the drawing boards. Thank you!
  11. Not my finest hour I understand that but we've said numerous times we're working on a solution and yet you all still keep pushing like we're not listening. We are in our rights to challenge suggestions are we not? We can state something will not work and that doesn't mean we're being assholes. Yukani had no right to try and take small pieces of information and use them to make a case look bad. It was explained that we always intended to launch as 60 cap and used 55 during Beta to amend anything necessary. Yukani took it upon herself to make it look like we're doing wrong by doing 3 caps in 3 months to justify her opinions (which is wrong). You have to remember Beta was 2 weeks long and we jumped into the initial launch cap (which is 60) and then have not done another cap till last week. I stated that as a pathetic/weak attempt (which it was) and then they took it upon themselves to use false facts to vent their anger and try and better themselves in a position they knew they were approaching from a weak angle, to then taking things personal whilst not expecting a response from me? Everyone knows I am respectful within my boundaries but the fact you want to take personal jabs with false information really pisses me off and you'll get the manner of respect back (which I know in times can be wrong, I am in a position of power here, but don't ever question my integrity and my will to produce a great network for this community as that's everything I live for). I take things bad when false facts from people who don't know the whole picture try and use that against us to better their judgement. You just have to understand we do not always see your side of the argument as we have to always look at the whole picture. Players who offer feedback and suggestions in most cases usually take a tunnel vision approach to fix their one problem, this isn't how we think and we have to look at the whole picture all the time before deciding. Granted again, not my finest hour and I do apologise but when I am on your side and have been playing the game these last 2 weeks whilst looking for solutions on many other areas to then be challenged as if we're not doing anything and then thrown false claims at us to better their approach I lost my shit as would you. The biggest issue here is the fact you don't see any wrong in their approach though, that's what worries me because I've remained professional until then and challenged suggestions on this subject. We've stated we're working on it, how many times do you need to be told? Just wait
  12. You were banned so you and your boyfriend would go to ticket instead of this nonsense on the forums. You'll be unbanned once you appeal and sort this mess out. You clearly have an image painted of myself and the Team without true facts and it's not a place for the forums every time things don't go your way.
  13. Clueless? Sure, you just don't like what you're hearing and that's fine. As for a low IQ, I'm not the one repeating myself every 5 seconds even though an answer has been given I really have no idea why it went this way tbh, you're the one assuming I am offending people because aside from my last post wtf did I say? I disagreed with people and said we're working on a solution for the 100th time. I am sure in the pipeline my first answers were probably polite but, after repeating myself a ton of times and you're not listening there is surely going to be some annoying jabs here and there because you're not listening. I didn't just disappear like they didn't matter I took a break and couldn't go into details about it as I prefer to keep my life private. Surely that can be respected in this day of age given my stance in this network. I was still around I just didn't work as much and was actually intending of walking away for good which then, everyone would have been told what's going on. So I'd suggest you and your little girlfriend get some facts together and realise we've answered this topic and it's being addressed. Just have some patience and shut the fuck up.
  14. I'm sorry I don't comply with 2020 and today's standards of how to address a snowflake. I'll make sure the school I pick is full of anime inspired stories about how to be an entitled little prick. To think, I'm the one who's been pushing for change and playing the game the last 2 weeks to find out where we're going wrong. Jordan wanted to leave as is, he thinks the server's current state is in good condition lmao. I don't know what's going on though, right?!
  15. There is no schedule for caps no, my statement was based on how we presented 55 and 60 cap. @Yukani held it against us about doing 3 level caps in 3 months when we clearly advised to everyone due to the lack of content 55 had we would launch with 60 and use 55 as a basis for Beta. You forget we had a Beta that only lasted 2 weeks so technically your first cap was 3+ months later not 3 caps in 3 months. It's a weak and pathetic statement to use as a basis to where we are apparently going wrong. Also I never called anyone pathetic, the statement was pathetic not the person. We had a lot of requests on a day to day basis to release 65 cap and from a whole range of players, we've had conversations on the forums of people demanding it to be released. We acted based on a lot of factors that we believed were right for the server, infact we grew again once the patch was released so explain exactly where we went wrong here? 65 has a lot of content we can shift in it's own pace and we have said numerous times now that we are working on a solution for the concern of Safety Stones and other areas. We've proven in the past we intend to act on suggestions and feedback but the problem is when it's denied or not an instant agreed upon feedback or suggestion we get this shit right here. I am also not complaining about people giving feedback or suggestions. I am however allowed to voice my opinion on said feedback and suggestions in the exact manner the playerbase is displaying to us. We are allowed to deny, counter or simply ignore suggestions or feedback. As for my disappearance since you gladly threw that one in there. Being told you're going to die isn't a joke and you'd walk away with a click of a finger as well so go fuck yourself. We're also taking responsibility for our actions, you're just not impressed that we are not jumping to the same beat as you're expecting and that's the real problem here. It's not as if we're not sat discussing or planning to fix areas that need addressing. You're just assuming the worst because a solution hasn't come within an hour. It just really seems like you have a chip on your shoulder from past events you clearly have no idea about. I was going to reply but you need to get your facts straight and stop holding so many grudges.