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  1. I believe the issue is now fixed. Please let me know if you still experience issues.
  2. There is a private server for this game no?
  3. Bash

    Dev Environments

    We received notice a couple weeks ago about a fire in the datacenter where we host our development environments. Unfortunately we've not been able to recover the data on those machines so we have to re-create the environments again. We're sorry for any delays with content being delivered but we're working hard on restoring the environments and proceeding as normal with content. Thank you
  4. You can't expect to approach the subject with the cockiness you presented and expect to not be shut down. If you don't wish for "defensive" responses then don't act the big boy.
  5. This is now fixed, you just have to update your patcher and it will assign the correct alias' to the patcher. The issue stems from old alias' being present in the config of the patcher which, is causing the access violation error since they no longer exist. Once the patcher has been patched, restart the patcher and you should no longer experience this error.
  6. Good for you, as are many other people.
  7. Indeed, I didn't feel the need to explain myself or the team's actions. You can see it however way you like but if you truly understood reverse engineering you would know that not everything can be done without issues and constraints within the capabilities of the client itself. Granted it could fix some stuff but some requests that are asked simply cannot be done without the source code due to the programming design of certain areas of the game and how it handles it's data. Ofc we also reverse engineer a lot of stuff, how do you think we could introduce level caps, new items and a lot other features non-existant in the original version? You also need to take a look at the hook we added for the bypass on xigncode, not exactly out the box shit right there but let's continue... You seem to know everything for someone who's accomplished nothing. Saying that, you didn't even know what a private server is... kidding myself here, don't know why I wasted my time lol.
  8. When you say you've developed games, you mean you've gotten some files from a community forum ran them for a while, listened to a few posts where someone done x, y and z and now you're fully qualified to question everyone?
  9. Progression is "action", there are quests, dungeons and gear progression in those levels. If that isn't enough for a new player playing an MMORPG then they picked the wrong game genre. It's not difficult to level past those levels and we provide enough free consumables to help ease that process further. Am I mistaken here? The main problem altogether with MMORPG's these days is there needs to be blow out the water systems and instant gratification on every corner as if participation medals need handing out for every step of the way. This is why we're lost for choice on MMORPG's to play these days isn't it? (sarcastic comment). The one thing that made MMORPG's lasting and fun was the work you had to put into your characters. You appreciated what you did and what you accomplished. Today's audience misses that point and it's expected now to be riddled with content that you will surpass and gladly remind those devs that it is now "useless" or "dead". Kinda passive aggressive comment, more of a rant about the entire scene in general. Please don't assume it's directed at you @Terresa as it isn't, it's just the subject as a whole being someone who loves these kinda games hates what the scene is becoming as a whole. PS: I know I sound like a Boomer right now! haha
  10. Bash

    Website Clock

    Hey all, Just informing everyone the website clocks have been fixed to match the actual servers time. Thank you!
  11. Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, you can now access the server! Mystery Boxes have been updated. Thank you for your patience!
  12. Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, you can now access the server! Mystery Boxes and Altars have been updated. We've also applied a fix to the new hair and eye colors that were added last week. The Battle Mount accidentally added in the altar last week has now been fixed. The text update will come later! Thank you for your patience!
  13. Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, you can now access the server! Altars have been updated. We've also applied a fix to the new hair and eye colors that were added last week. Thank you for your patience!
  14. I can speak for Vivi and say she's worked very hard on trying to get this patch done asap. She's as disappointed as everyone else for it to be delayed a couple days. As frustrating as it can be, it's a couple days tops and you will be enjoying the event.
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