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  1. Yes but does that Discord server want a server from us? Just like Classic EE, everyone wanted it until it was there.
  2. Both eden servers aren't dying though?
  3. Bash

    CDN Issues

    CDN issues have been resolved. Sorry for no word about this being noticed, I looked into some of our nodes and appears they were experiencing some minor connection issues. This however is now fixed. Client Downloads, Patcher issues should no longer be experienced. Should you experience any, please report them asap. Thank you!
  4. Not really sure if a mobile pserver would even be worth it? I do know a lot of people play using android environment emulators but I don't exactly play mobile games so it's not something I know much of. That being said it's something I wouldn't close the door on but I would need to investigate and look into if it would even be worth the efforts.
  5. Twin Saga and Vendetta did not mix very well. I don't really see this game ever returning to the network unfortuately. The game itself was not a big success in the west even from an official stand point. We're not closing doors on any new projects but as it stands we're happy where we are and don't want to over extend ourselves right now with what resources we do have left.
  6. No offence but this really just seems like a you problem. We have fixes spread out all over the forums for most of your issues and the ones you're describing points to your environment imo. When many other players are playing without problems and you're the only one experiencing this then it kinda isn't hard to not see where the problem is you know?
  7. Bash

    Rank Reward Issue

    Hi all, Just a small heads up in regards to Rank Awards this month. Minor bug has caused this month to send out double rewards. This is something we've fixed and will not happen again so please do not expect it next month, nonetheless enjoy the extra reward this month! Thank you!
  8. Unfortunately we do not change email addresses assigned to accounts for many reasons. I understand the situation you're in but until it's offered on the website ( for all players we cannot do such requests. We are currently in the middle of re-designing our entire infrastructure, I may add such a feature in the future but for verification purposes the process most definitely will require you to login to the current email address and the new email address. I don't see such a feature assisting you since you do not have access to the original email address.
  9. Game is not attractive and never has been. Aeria at best had a cap of CCU around 500 players at it's peak. We've pushed marketing campaigns and also partnered with Youtubers in the past to help boost numbers it hasn't helped due to the game being dubbed "Boobie Game". As for locking progression behind PVP, this has bad wrote all over it. It's not an obsession of being "fair" either, this is plain logic and no game has ever had such features without creating more problems. Also if the game is about PVP then why doesn't everyone commit to said activities? You guys stop going against each other soon as it gets hard in protest to piss off the opposite faction. If you really cared about PVP then it would be shown, it is not up to us to keep making Battlegrounds appealing by adding OP shit you're only gonna alt abuse on anyways. Clearly not.
  10. Yes because that does a whole load of a good with pre-compiled binaries.
  11. I'm aware people trade services/gold for PGC Cards, this is something we cannot trace or have much control over and we advise everyone doing so to do at their own risk as most people doing this have been caught charging back and scamming.
  12. I understand you now, I am not taking it as an insult it was just worded wrong and in all fairness I was concerned the Staff were not complying to the rules made for said system. It just seems a misunderstanding, I thought you meant the service we provide to players when mistake for transferring VGN -> AP on the the wrong EE version lol. Unfortunately though, we have no control over what people do with their PGC cards. I am aware a lot of system changes are being done to PGC at the moment as we have had to prepare some back end changes to support their changes. I do believe it is related to cards being locked to the website they're purchased from but that won't stop someone just asking the person to sell them a EE Classic PGC for a service on EE Awaken.
  13. So people trading services for PGC Cards you mean? That's something we have no control over....
  14. Can you give me the name? I will provide all proof that this is false by the player. The system designed by myself is very strict, GM's and Staff cannot do anything they want, everything is logged and patterns are flagged immediately to myself. I do not just sit and let my Staff do anything.