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  1. Twin Saga and yea we don't need to launch such a game. We have Eden Eternal and we're happy with hosting that game.
  2. So put a ticket in providing player name, channel, date/time and any other information you think will help us. We will return your gold but if you keep acting on like this I will just take my time. Blaming me for something I could not forsee is not the way to go about it not when I am doing my best to address the bugs.
  3. Rewards have been issued!
  4. Hey all, We're just applying a quick maintenance so we can send Rainbow Battle Season One rewards out to everyone. Thank you!
  5. Fixed a bug causing the server to crash. Fixed a bug with speakers showing "incorrect symbol" error.
  6. Hey all, We would love to know everyone's feedback for the latest patch:
  7. Bash

    Patch v33

    New "Martial Artist" Class is now available! So after careful analysis and review of this class, we believe this class falls short in every area of the game. We've decided to take this class in our direction with it being at early stage. We hope everyone likes our approach on this class and if you have any suggestions on improving the class please do so via the suggestions section. Requirements for creating Martial Artist is one Level 99+30 character. Modified the basic resistances of the following Martial Artist Specialist Cards: Modified the following skills of the "Draconic Fist" Specialist: Modified the following skills of the "Mystic Arts" Specialist: Modified the stats of following Martial Artist items: Updated the following item's sell prices to 15,000,000 gold: The following item's will now drop in Erenia and Zenas raid boxes: Updated the following item's sell prices to 30,000,000 gold: The following item's will now drop in Fernon raid boxes: Added Martial Artist's Major Trophy. NOTE: You can obtain this Trophy the same way as the other Major Trophies. Collect the 13 Minor Trophies and turn them in to MoJo JoJo. Global speakers have been disabled (for now). Applied many UI improvements to the game. Added Item Link System. Updated NosBasaar with new features such as Page Selection and Collect All. Parcel Box will now refresh instead of requiring you to relog. Added the following trade options to Bash NPC in NosVille: Added the following trade option to Sarakael NPC in Port Alveus: Added the following items to the Amelia Glacia NPC in Glacernon shop: Increased the HP of the monster Archangel Lucifer. Increased the HP of the monster Overseer Amon. Increased the HP of the monster Hellknight. Increased the HP of the monster Archtheridon Hellduke. Added these additional drops to Archangel Lucifer: Added these additional drops to Overseer Amon: Removed the following drops on Overseer Amon and Archangel Lucifer: Respawn Time is now random (between 45 minutes -> 3 hours) for the following monsters: Removed "Trophy Piece" System. The Trophy Piece System has ruined the initial design of why we invented Trophies in the first place. We have decided to remove it and it will not be returning. Increased the rate of obtaining a Trophy from a raidbox by x2. Added missing costumes from Costume Fusion. Added the following items to the Hero Equipment Downgrade option at Teodor Topp: Added the following items to the Upgrade C25-28 gear to C45-48 at Teoman Topp: Updated the Pet "Snarl" with the following changes: Updated the stats of the following cosmetic items: Adjusted Mimic (Mystery Box) in-game Rewards to the following: Reworked the following stat: Released the following costumes: Fixed a bug causing the server to crash. Fixed many bugs and complaints with the current UI in-game. Fixed bug where if the channel was full the client would close. Fixed bug where you were not able to use emoticons through keybinds whilst chat is open. Fixed a bug where costume weapons would not additionally add the defence stats. Fixed Timespace chests. Fixed Wings of Friendship teleport bug. Fixed Fernon cutscene bug. Fixed bug with "Raid Destroyer" title achievement not progressing when completing Fernon Raid. Fixed weird bug where it would show random text on mini-game channel. Fixed a bug with the mute message in-game. Fixed the bug with Puppet Master's Beat Costume shrinking a player.
  8. They've been fixed for todays patch.
  9. Bash

    Patch Monday

    Hey all, To clear any doubt with what's going on behind the scenes right now. I will announce that a patch will be released on Monday next week. We're further testing the changes and it's a pretty big patch so it's taking some time to get over everything. We hope this comes as good news to everyone. We will be issuing Rainbow Battle Season One rank rewards on Monday as well!
  10. We always do change the costumes nowadays. Mainly due to the fact we don't agree with their setup so don't worry about that.
  11. Rainbow Battle Season One has now ended! We have disabled the season to begin preparing for Season Two! Expect a lot of changes during pre-season, we will also be pushing pre-season for around 3 weeks whilst we tinker with the system to make it more appealing. Rewards for Season One will be given on next weeks maintenance! Bug Fixes: - Fixed several bugs causing the server to crash. Patch Information: There is a patch that has been in the works for around 3 weeks now. I can assure you a lot is being done and we apologise for the lack of activity surrounding patches. We have no information on what to expect but do know it's going to be a good one!
  12. We're working on ways to help make next season more fun. We hope it improves the interest but it's the same in every game just look at the state of Overwatch right now, people want to win they don't want to have fun.
  13. The problem I see though is splitting arena up. You guys asked for more PVP stuff we gave you Rainbow Battle and hardly no one has bothered with it but a select few. You would rather sit and argue amongst each other in arena backstabbing each other. If Rainbow Battle wasn't so good then offer solutions to it but no one has, they've just abandoned it. The rewards are fair and for 10 minutes of your time in a game every 2 hours is not much to ask for people who "really want more pvp content". So we're a little less inclined in focusing PVP content and more just finding a way to make Rainbow Battle more fun as the effort to produce it was a lot of work. The way I see it is the rbb rankings, everyone claims to be a great PVPer and for that reason they should have signed up and got their ranks to prove they're good enough. Take away the safezone and safehitters guess what? You're really not that good at PVP and protecting your ego is more important than actually just playing the game for fun. Correct me if I'm wrong but that's how I see it.
  14. The issue I have with this and the main reason I haven't added it (as it was discussed in the past if you remember) is because this only benefits big groups of players or families. It would essentially make Arena a big group dominant area and that takes the fun away for the smaller groups.
  15. It's possible to add such a feature I believe. I have noted this down but when to implement it is another thing. Good idea!