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  1. Maintenance Friday

    Hey Guys, Maintenance for NosTale will be this Friday instead of tomorrow. I am adding a few more things for the patch for Friday that I require a little more time for I hope you all understand. All other maintenances for EE and SB will be tomorrow as normal. Thank you
  2. Upgrade rate

    You seem to have a real problem with Caos... I really think you need to just start approaching things a little different instead of kicking your feet and assuming the worst of people like a child. This is probably why your ideas are ignored because you just don't even show any respect you just literally pull people down without any viable proof of the insinuations you make if anyone has anything to say against your poorly thought out ideas. So please continue...
  3. The zodiac raids

    We're prepping some new raid system that is based on player performance. This includes a new item slot and new item to equip.
  4. Upgrade rate

    But you and your small circle is not "everybody" either remember. I've taken your concerns on board though.
  5. Make mane/claw tradeable

    It's a decent idea but these items are meant to be self gained.
  6. Upgrade rate

    The fixed rate level is the same for each level there must just be more failures when it comes to +8 than everything else and you guys are just focusing that one upgrade.
  7. Upgrade rate

    Demanding me to "Listen to the community" does nothing for you as the reason I even bothered changing the Upgrade and Betting rates were due to me "listening to the community". I feel like you guys need to stop dropping these 1 line insults expecting a result from it it's sad, pathetic and it's not going to work. We're always willing to listen to everyone's opinion but aside from the same 3 people complaining about the rates no one else is and everyone else is getting on with it. To compare the rates from before to now you'd shit yourself at the improvement but unfortunately you guys are still going to challenge it until you get r8 +15 everything.
  8. should we undo patch v13?

    Perfect example as to how you criticize constructively. Good suggestion and well mannered if only everyone else would display themselves this way instead of making a fuss feeling sorry for themselves.
  9. should we undo patch v13?

    30m an hour doesn't sound bad at all to me... If we limit raids from alt abuse no one will do the raids even more. This is a big issue as everyone isn't willing to work together at all and to even think that would be a solution is more a delusion.
  10. should we undo patch v13?

    Considering Erenia raid was ran 1192 times yesterday alone I doubt it's a problem? Bare in mind Erernia before the patch was ran less times than this.... If you feel the changes were not suited you could give examples on ways to adjust it. The main issue you seem to be addressing is the lack of equipment we could revert the equipment chances given we've already removed r7 and r8 it wouldn't be a big issue now would it?
  11. Implement Item for security to the inventory

    This kind of service I'd love to implement for free and not for an item. Account Security is being a real pain for whatever reason people are still either sharing their accounts, using hacks they shouldn't be (that contain keylogger, malware or anything malicious), using similar information they've used on emulators that anyone can launch on epvp or they're signing up to websites that offer free items/VGN with their real account information. The amount of tickets we get is beyond a joke and then people are upset because we refuse to return their items. It's a sad state of affairs and something I'll gladly work on to help secure peoples accounts more. I'll sit down today and try a few things maybe have something implemented for this weeks maintenance.
  12. orror

    The whole entire reason we're even in this situation was because I "listen to the comments of the players".
  13. orror

    Feels like you just need to get over yourself imo. The changes were applied to help with the game economy. You guys can try and make wind of the situation because your abuse has been held back a little. Maybe if people didn't abuse every direction of the game with alts and whatever else we'd be less reluctant in trying to find ways to cancel stuff out all the time. But until that day happens expect changes like this. You're all up for receiving things but once it's taken away it's a big problem it's a very spoilt attitude to have and instead of understanding the changes you pull it apart with very innaccurate assumptions trying to undermine it yet come up with 0 solutions but asking for more things.
  14. Patch v13

    Event Changes: - Valentines Event has been activated! General Changes: - The following Raid monsters will no longer drop Shining Blue Souls: - Slightly lowered gold rate from Erenia Raid. - Rare 7 and Rare 8 Raidboxes can no longer be gained from Erenia's Raid Box (max is Rare 6). - Slightly lowered drop rate of Hero Equipment from Erenia's Raid Box.
  15. Valentines Event

    Love is in the air! Start Date: 7th February 2018 End Date: 21st February 2018 It's Valentines here at NosTale Vendetta! We have activated the Valentines Event. Hunt Monsters to drop the following items: Trade the items with Eva Energy! Send your Gift to someone you love! If your gift was accepted they will receive a buff. The buff can improve depending on the amount of gifts you've received! NOTE: All Valentines day related items will be deleted after the event ends so use them up! We hope everyone enjoys this event and Happy Valentines!