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  1. Bash

    Can't log-in since this afternoon

    You should 100% not be receiving any issues that's for sure. I'd maybe check with your providers next time we have providers to answer to as well but in all fairness if people from Africa are connecting fine so should you so it might be best to check with your side of things next time.
  2. Bash

    Can't log-in since this afternoon

    You might be having some form of routing issue, where are you located?
  3. Bash

    Lord Cuarry's Bank

    I've not had any reports of such a thing.
  4. Bash

    pay safe card

    I've tried and tried to push PGC to use PSC but no avail sorry.
  5. Bash

    Bug Fix Needed

    We collect all bug fixes in a central folder not game by game. Just FYI for the future
  6. Bash

    Infrastructure Changes

    We've decided to do these changes early January. The machines are ordered (were ordered in advance) but some of them are new and have a 14 day turn-around for delivery. I have contacted the support team and they've requested we wait until the new year for the new machines to arrive so we will do this early January. Sorry for the inconvenience I did not see this happening but I will inform everyone on when to expect this.
  7. Bash

    Which channel is it?

    Doesn't the bottom right show which channel you're on?
  8. Bash

    Do something against price fixing

    Stop buying gold, problem solved.
  9. Bash

    Some suggestions for rainbow battle

    Thanks for the suggestions, people are not gonna be happy with this entirely it never will be perfect as that's the beauty of a competitive sport but we'll do our best to make it as fair as possible. Remember you all wanted more PVP things to do this is it so don't abandon it and wait for change like I've heard some of you doing as that won't happen I'll just shift my focus back to PVE where it is at least appreciated. However, that being said. Some of the ideas I have are: Replace Large Crystal with Rainbow Mandra. Replace the 2 Rainbow Mandras with Medium Crystals. Replace the 2 medium (outer) crystals with Large Crystals. Holding a point (any of them) grants 2 points each time the rollover comes.
  10. Bash

    Make shops not possible

    I've been considering removing shops for a while now anyways so it could happen.
  11. Bash

    The Stalkers

    Collect evidence against the player showing multiple harrassment cases in different situations and we might take action based on the evidence.
  12. Bash

    Rainbow Rank is now Available

    You can now view the Beta Season Rainbow Rank by clicking the following link:
  13. Bash

    Patch v28

    General Changes: - Players can no longer move during the beginning 60 second period of Rainbow Battle. NOTE: It is now considered an exploit if players find a way around this, so expect to be banned if you do this. - Timer for conquering a Crystal is reduced to 2 seconds for all crystals. - Updated Rainbow Blessing buff. - Reduced Rainbow Mandra's HP by 50%. - Drops inside Land of Death should now be disabled. - HP/MP will now be fully regenerated when teleported to Rainbow Battle. - Every 2 minutes during Rainbow Battle the team that owns a Crystal will receive additional points (3 Large Crystal, 1 Medium Crystal). NOTE This check only occurs on the 2nd, 4th, 6th and 8th minute. Bug Fixes: - Fixed a crash on Mini-Game channel. - Fixed a bug with Mini-Game cooldown timer. - Fixed a bug where random messages would appear inside Rainbow Battle. - Fixed a bug where the box reward would be given randomly if the teams drew on Rainbow Battle. NOTE: No box reward is given for a draw. - Fixed minimap bug in Rainbow Battle for Large Rainbow Crystal.
  14. Bash

    How to Potentially Save/Revive PvP

    So focus the classes you do wish to play then do the others? You don't fight with all 61 classes do you? In between TW and other PVP events you can simply level them up and if it's claimed as "too much" then that's your preference but why play an MMORPG if you're wanting everything done for you? The game is already very very simplified and with boosters and other items (that you can purchase in-game btw not for $$$) you can achieve things very fast so I really don't see the problem.
  15. Bash

    Collection of suggestions for new titles

    Some of these ideas are down for future release already so at least we know we're hitting the right note when it comes to producing this system. We didn't wanna complete overdo this idea then people not enjoy it, to even get it working to begin with proved a challenge but now that we see people like the idea I don't see why we can't enhance it further in the future.