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  1. some fun memories :)

    Hi Dude, long time I will PM you
  2. Missing channel number 5,6,7.

    Yet everyone is happy playing official with 1 channel lol.
  3. Gold in TSs

    I will consider this idea. I like it.
  4. Epic amazing suggestio x Fama

    Fame is still being abused so if we offer more rewards other than the aesthetics already provided then it's only going to promote more abuse in regards to this. I like the idea I really do but unless people start playing the game properly or we find solutions to resolve the abuse features like this can never be implemented.
  5. Event Page Fixed

    Hi Guys, Sorry about the bug caused on the events page located: This bug is now fixed you can now send your event rewards, starter packs and so on. Thanks
  6. Downtime Lately

    Hi Guys, The last 5 days have not been good to us. We've had some long downtimes and a lot of interuptions with our services. For this we're very sorry! I will be coordinating with each game team on discussing some form of compensation for everyone (once the issues have been fixed). Information on what the compensation is will be released in a later date. Thank you for your patience.
  7. Server alive?

    Enjoy your time
  8. Auto drop

    Ofcourse Thank you for your suggestions though I appreciate them all.
  9. Server alive?

    The channel counts are a lot higher than official so "normal" is actually fine dw. We have a lot of players still playing yes the server is still going strong. Last night our CCU was just over 900 which is 200 off our official launch so the difference is small it comes to school, new server, people getting bored. But the game itself is still full of players Whether or not it is full of players shouldn't be your decision for playing though. Expecting people to turn up when you won't yourself defeats the purpose of a server being "alive" don't you think?
  10. No relog while Combat

    It's hard to do that due to the fact that the object is destroyed (object being the player) so how do we apply death to something that essentially doesn't exist? I'd have to take a better look at it so I can be 100% sure.
  11. Back Online

    Hey All, We're sorry for the downtime caused. It appears there was some hardware issues going on within the data center we were not the only ones hit by this downtime pretty much everyone using the data center was! However, all games are now back online! Thank you!
  12. loyalty rewards

    Feel free to submit your list as well it can be taken into draft with the team.
  13. Channels 5, 6 and 7

    It's just to make the channels appear more busy as 7 was a big stretch.
  14. loyalty rewards

    I am in discussion with the team on items and custom items we can make to make our daily reward system something enjoyable at least.
  15. Patch v8

    System Changes: - Channels 5, 6 and 7 have been disabled for now. General Changes: - Halloween Event has now ended. - All Halloween Event related items have been removed from everyones inventory.