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  1. Bash

    Make the 100% win in Mystery Boxes Chooseable

    The 100% win was designed so you didn't feel completely cheated out of it. No one really likes the whole RNG thing but unfortunately in todays market it's the only thing that generates income (which is very sad). I am happy with the current design of it so I don't believe any changes will be coming that way.
  2. Bash

    Bank in nostale vendetta

    We can just disable the function when they're banned. Usually when a bot is caught they're placed in a temporary ban where a lot of functions in-game are not usable. So they won't have the option to place the gold.
  3. Bash

    Bank in nostale vendetta

    Yeah this is available on our dev server atm.
  4. Bash

    Bank in nostale vendetta

    6.2 patch has that yea
  5. Bash

    Bank in nostale vendetta

    Bank to store items?
  6. Bash

    Nostale PvP Mode

    1v1 Tournament kinda system with a ranking sounds like a lot of fun for sure. One step at a time I've been promising a PVP patch for months now so it will come.
  7. Bash

    Family system

    I don't see why we wouldn't release this feature it seems interesting tbh and I have got it working previously @Pandemonia will tell you.
  8. Bash

    Family system

    Thank you for the info btw @Elrond didn't realise this was replied to sorry.
  9. Bash

    Akt 6.2 New Interface - Old Interface

    I haven't looked into the new UI enough to know how it works fully. But if it requires changing the executable I'd advise against it.
  10. Bash

    New reputation system

    An entire reputation rework is something I've wanted to do for a long time. I will take your consideration on board.
  11. Bash

    Buff NPC

    Buff NPC would be convenient but it would be a kick to the face to those who have created characters for this. A potion would be a better idea it would just give everyone the useful buffs for x amount of time instead of throwing NPCs in every map.
  12. Bash

    Rate of upgrading

    Yes because my response to you was a response from criticism right? Basically you called me a liar and I responded to you that isn't criticism look up criticism in the dictionary please. Stop throwing words around that you don't know. Tired of people like you who play victim once they realise they aint shit. I show nothing but respect to everyone look at Squizzy for instance he has very strong opinions am I ever a dick to him? No because he displays himself in the right manner. It's people like you who's only responses are verbal attacks and insinuations on our committment to our jobs. I work IRL because this isn't my job this is supposed to be a hobby btw so laugh away at least I am working. Thread closed.
  13. Bash

    Akt 6.2 New Interface - Old Interface

    This is something I'd love to do but with some new additions being added in terms of security it might not be feasible yet.
  14. Bash

    [BACK ONLINE] Network Issue

    Servers are now back online! Thank you to everyone for your patience and again we're sorry for the downtime.
  15. Bash

    Really old Vendetta user returning

    Welcome back, hope you enjoy your time here