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  1. Hey there, Game is pretty much in a similar state as to official in terms of equipment. We have done some changes to certain equipment and also costumes etc. We also have a custom equipment slot named "Trophies". You can find pretty much any information you need by visiting this section of our forums: Welcome to the community and hope you enjoy your stay here.
  2. There is not enough players wanting to get involved with Rainbow Battle in order to have divisions and such.
  3. We've delayed the latest season for this exact reason. At the moment we're trying to find a medium for everyone.
  4. Bash

    So bored the pve

    I don't feel the need to repeat myself but, when a thread is created with as much effort as a child drawing with crayons. The idea will be denied or just not even looked at. If you want PVE to be less boring or want other ways to make money then display it better than one paragraph of muddled up suggestions. I aint trying to be mean but you're asking us to put all the effort into a very basic idea with little to no thought, you all wonder why hardly any suggestions get implemented...
  5. Bash

    My Suggestions

    Raidboxes cannot be stacked, they don't work this way. Trophy Piece system was already in-game until everyone just spammed easy raids for it. Game is already too automative. Fairy Boosters are fine as is.
  6. Bash

    NosBasaar (Lost Items)

    Hey all, I've answered all tickets related to Item Recovery, we are no longer accepting any more tickets related to this subject. I am aware I said 30th but numbers dwindled around a week ago and around 30% of the tickets were either fake or duplicates. So to reiterate what I said We are no longer accepting any more tickets in regards to Item Recovery from the NosBasaar wipe! Thank you!
  7. I didn't forget, it was just not added to the patch notes by mistake when it was meant to. The entire intention of MA Trade Limit being released on that patch was 110% intentional.
  8. Bash

    NosBasaar (Lost Items)

    Hey all, I will begin processing these tickets tomorrow for everyone. Thank you.
  9. Bash

    Reputation ranks

    I'm aware, it's just not a priority.
  10. Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash over the weekend. Fixed bug with Martial Artist trade limit not working properly.
  11. Lol, While ago is not 2 days ago. So don't sound like one of those kind of people. It's not a case of me caring about it, I am resolving the issue today on fixing the problem. Oops my bad I forgot to add it to the patch notes.... honest mistake don't ride on it and hold it against me like that.
  12. Bash

    Reputation ranks

    Thing is, next max icon we add will be achieved and everyone will be "sick" of that as well. Reputation is something I don't care about in this game, people just farm alts and abuse it. It's not something you all should gloat about achieving given every single one of you have abused it.
  13. We would use our own custom images anyways even if we decided on this.
  14. Tbh after looking into everyone's feedback of the wings they're pretty positive so we won't be touching these.