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  1. Bash

    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    Maintenance has now been complete for this week!
  2. Bash

    [COMPLETE] Maintenance

    Maintenance for this week has now been completed! Altars have been updated!
  3. Bash

    new server

    If lag is a concern we can take suggestions on improving it but unfortunately we do not intend on opening a server just to fix this.
  4. Bash


    Hi Guys, After today Vivi will not be around for a couple weeks she is taking some leave to recharge. This doesn't mean she is leaving the team she just has some things to take care of. I will still be around but not as active due to my work irl right now taking up most of my time. Maintenance Maintenances will be as usual each week on wednesday. There however will not be any patch work done for any of the games for now. Altars will still change with Eden every maintenance. Mystery Boxes Mystery Boxes will rotate (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for every game. Around 12pm UTC 3 random mystery boxes will be selected this will go on till our maintenance day 6th June 2018. Tickets Tickets are being covered by our members of staff, however some tickets may require Vivi's assistance and if so you will have to wait for her to return. There is nothing to worry about in terms of whats going on behind the scenes so please do not create unnecessary rumours some of us are just very tired and haven't had a break in a long time. Thank you!
  5. Bash

    New system "Autoloot"

    This also makes the life of a botter a lot easier.
  6. Bash

    Patch v98

    This fix has now been applied!
  7. Bash

    for some reason, i feel retarded

    The primary download works just fine normally we're just having some CDN issues atm.
  8. Bash

    for some reason, i feel retarded

    Don't ever feel out of place for asking for any help. That's what we are here for we can repeat the information over and over or gladly link you to areas we feel can help Hope you enjoy the server!
  9. Thank you for this
  10. Bash

    Patch 97 Bug Reports

    By clicking the "verify" button on the patcher. There are a very small collection of you experiencing this issue. Are you sure you reinstalled properly?
  11. Bash

    Patch 97 Bug Reports

    Verify your clients for those experiencing model issues just incase. Anyone having patcher issues simply restarting the patcher will have it possibly connect to another one of our cdns
  12. Bash

    Server lag

    I'm sorry you feel that way but you're on a losing battle as is being from South America and connecting to servers in Western Europe... Explained it many many times before go read those explanations.
  13. Bash

    Content discussion

    The Trophy System is an example of us taking the game in our own direction. One of the main reasons we haven't made further gear for instance to farm is because we know 6.2 will come eventually. This would make 6.2 launch less effective so we're taking the whole "beat around the bush" technique in order to not completely create 6.2 as useless. Our main focus as of now has been PVP systems as NosTale is a PVP game as well. Once we have finished with that I plan to extend the Trophy System even further and also create some new custom raids for it.
  14. Bash

    Server lag

    Comparing Aeria servers to ours is like comparing apples and pears.
  15. Bash

    Pve system

    We're looking for ways to expand the game further in terms of ways to farm in the game. Maybe suggest some ideas on ways you think will improve farming?