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  1. Bash

    Clvl 45+ EQ Update/Upgrade

    That's the same issue on every game if you ask me though no one will fight without their posse. I do monitor Arena from time to time to see how things are going, in all fairness the Safe Zone change is something I'd like to do but whether it is done who knows? There are plenty of other things to be done before it and plenty of other ways to make PVP more fun than just arena.
  2. Bash

    Clvl 45+ EQ Update/Upgrade

    Arena hasn't been touched for a long time, the idea is for those who go to fight can't just return to safety immediately so if it means disabling the use of the portal whilst the flag is active on your character then that will be introduced to.
  3. Bash

    Clvl 45+ EQ Update/Upgrade

    I think it's your suggestion I am taking on board actually yea I did read a good one I thought would be perfect to implement.
  4. Bash

    Clvl 45+ EQ Update/Upgrade

    That's pretty much the reason why we didn't just jump and change, we're aware some of our decisions were not perfect but we'll get there. I haven't actually been doing a lot for NosTale this last couple weeks due to my work being focused on assisting Jordan and Vivi but I will be moving onto Halloween Event next and just some minor changes. I do have Achievement, Family Mission and Title System to also release soon. We'll keep addressing it until we find a happy medium for all. We are planning on adding a timer around the safezone usage of Arena as the abuse of it is really annoying.
  5. I've been meaning to update item description for a long time now I'll get to it asap, Sorry about that!
  6. Bash

    Clvl 45+ EQ Update/Upgrade

    The entire idea of the changes we done was to prolong PVP in-game though? So ofc people surviving longer is going to be part of this. If everyone's idea of "fun PVP" is sitting in safezone going invis and one-hit killing someone then shit there is no hope for the "PVP" in this game as that isn't PVP at all if you ask me. There is a massive difference between what is and what isn't balanced and this game is never balanced there is always going to be disagreements due to the core of the game already being in a bad place. As always though we're examining the situation and we'll apply changes as we see fit, we do appreciate everyones feedback.
  7. Bash

    Autodrop sistem while solo luring

    I just face palmed this entire suggestion wtf is going on? Lol
  8. Bash

    Possible FPS unlock

    It's the downsides of playing a very old game. I can take a look but no promises.
  9. Bash

    nostale Sp Nerfs , balance check ?

    SPs are being reworked on official atm so we have no intention touching them until we see what they're doing.
  10. Bash

    Possible FPS unlock

    When switching to 60 fps are you noticing any issues?
  11. Bash

    Archer Stone (Trophy)

    Haha, I'm gonna change the colors now.
  12. Bash

    Making some VGN shop items tradeable

    But what he's saying is a valid point?
  13. Bash

    Archer Stone (Trophy)

    Stop referring them as r8 etc please Theres a reason I removed the rarety name at the beginning of each item.
  14. I've heard it's stupidly OP atm too but anything that changes standard play is considered OP these days so.