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  1. You must appeal any bans via support https://vendettagn.com/support.vgn
  2. You can purchase PGC via PayPal through Paymentwall. The game is a Faction v Faction based game, it defeats the purpose to prevent Factions from fighting each other when the entire games framework is designed around it. Events are designed to be based around the common players, if there are 100 high levels playing and 10 low levels then the focus will be on the high levels. Vivi no longer has the resources or game resources to continue making more and more events without limiting the game further. We cannot hire more GM's for a game no one wants to play anymore. This also goes towards GS, we choose our GS based on the players in-game. Why? So you can label Vivi and the team behind the custom changes "useless dumb whores" and whatever filth you have next to say because a class is overpowered or overplayed. We lost one of our best GS' because of the amount of abuse he received and the entire balance you're now saying is good (irony) was bad back then. We have the last version of Aeria, so the feature is there. See Point 7. What like? MMOByte?.... Whilst I always appreciate feedback and suggestions, I believe when it comes to Scarlet Blade it's a case of "shooting yourself in the foot". We've had some of the best GS' ever in VGN history work on Scarlet Blade and they've been chased away with the amount of harrassment and abuse by players. Vivi does not have the motivation to work on this game any longer because everytime she does she's received with nothing but abuse no matter what she does, she rushed an event patch for you all and yes granted it was a bit buggy it was fixed and operating but all she got was hatred. You speak about custom content, what about the 8 months they all worked on this huge patch to be received with nothing less than a slap in the face and being harrassed every time they logged in-game. The game no longer pays for itself, we keep it here out of respect to those who stuck around. So what donations you think we're making, you're wrong and no cute pets or costumes will fix that. The fire in April caused a lot of damage and we lost a lot of work from a patch that was being worked on, environments which were setup to ease development and research. Granted a lot of it is saved locally but this game isn't an easy game to develop. Every tool we use was developed by us, every new thing we add must also be added assembly level and we've reached a peak where we are going to break the game if we continue. The only way this game would even have a "second chance" and be saved is if the game was brought back to it's vanilla status and returned all the way back to a low level but I will tell you, this work is not worth the efforts. The game even at it's peak only had 140 players ever... it's never been a big game and we have half that now. I swear, you've got this all wrong and no matter how this appears you're going to just assume the worst. You have to look at yourselves as partially to blame, you chased away some of the best minds this game had and now you're demanding what you once had but failed to see.
  3. Eden community have never been very vocal on our forums and it's something we've always tried to push for but never had much luck with. The server is doing very well and is very active.
  4. Pleased to announce the issue has now been fixed.
  5. Sorry about the wait on this, I am having to rebuild some of the patcher stuff and it's taking a little longer since my internet is really bad atm. Once it is all fixed up I'll update this thread. But the issue has been found.
  6. Looking into the issue, think I've figured out what is causing the problem.
  7. Try run the patcher as admin.
  8. You may want to delete everything inside your client folder except the "SBLauncher.exe" then run the patcher again and allow it to fully patch. This more than likely will fix this if you're experiencing this still.
  9. I believe the issue is now fixed. Please let me know if you still experience issues.
  10. There is a private server for this game no?
  11. Bash

    Dev Environments

    We received notice a couple weeks ago about a fire in the datacenter where we host our development environments. Unfortunately we've not been able to recover the data on those machines so we have to re-create the environments again. We're sorry for any delays with content being delivered but we're working hard on restoring the environments and proceeding as normal with content. Thank you
  12. You can't expect to approach the subject with the cockiness you presented and expect to not be shut down. If you don't wish for "defensive" responses then don't act the big boy.
  13. This is now fixed, you just have to update your patcher and it will assign the correct alias' to the patcher. The issue stems from old alias' being present in the config of the patcher which, is causing the access violation error since they no longer exist. Once the patcher has been patched, restart the patcher and you should no longer experience this error.
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