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  1. Bash

    CDN Issues

    Hey all, Our CDN is having some issues right now. If you experience any issues with downloading our clients or using our launchers then please keep trying. You will connect a working node eventually. We're sorry for the inconvenience and will update you asap.
  2. Bash

    Reputation rangs

    It would only diverse for a short period until everyone got to the next high rank. We're looking into ways of improving rank points in-game tbh we're just not sure yet on some steps due to alt abuse.
  3. Bash

    Second Idea / Titels and Throphys

    I really like this idea, it is something I have thought about doing for a while now as well. Glad to see this idea come through as a suggestion as well.
  4. Bash

    Rainbow Battle (Beta Season)

    Rewards for the Beta Season of Rainbow Battle will be given out 21st February 2019. This is due to the patch not being ready for today. We do apologise but it's been a busy week for us.
  5. Bash

    Pet's Loyalty Visibility

    Loyalty is updated by the server side and only when it reaches certain values does it respond or take effect due to the messaging the server to client handles. So something like this wouldn't really work to your standards. If I can find more information on this I can do such an idea for you but I'll need to double check.
  6. Bash

    Something different between RG and FK

    I was just using it as example dw lol
  7. Bash

    Something different between RG and FK

    If you create too much differences it will force favor to one side. This is why everyone chooses the red side as it's favoured color. So you have to be careful about this sort of decisions.
  8. Bash

    add act 6 books to a shop

    I believe @Pandemonia has already designed an idea to help with this so maybe give us a chance to implement it in the coming weeks and see how we do.
  9. Bash

    Some missing news ;)

    A lot of the content incoming towards official really isn't very good (stat wise). From an aesthetics point of view they're great so we tend to rework them before releasing.
  10. Bash

    add act 6 books to a shop

    Well it's not a decided on idea, I have no idea yet how I want to deal with this.
  11. Bash

    add act 6 books to a shop

    I think best option is to just open them up a little more to everyone. Maybe add them to raidboxes (higher level ones).
  12. Bash

    LaPlace Private server ;)

    Laplace looks fun, it was on our agenda at one point but we're not focusing any new games right now.
  13. Bash

    The fall of Squizzy

    I am closing the thread now. I believe both sides have vented their opinion. I won't sit and read people slating staff members when the only people right now beeing offensive are the friends and associates of Squizzy. I'll stand firm on ban discussions in the forums. If you wish to discuss this further go back to your ticket.
  14. Bash

    The fall of Squizzy

    Could be worse, I could not know how to use a forum.
  15. Bash

    The fall of Squizzy

    But that being said more video evidence showing it as a game flaw and not someones response (Remember I don't know who is associated to who) will be better. There is no difference in a GS or someone who dislikes or likes Squizzy to respond and give their reasons why as it can be taken as a bias opinion. Anyone who responds yes will be attacked and their reasons will be invalid you guys have shown that in the past with other debates. I am always willing to adapt and push forward, I learn from my mistakes that's why this network can boast it's lifespan proudly. This isn't something I take lightly at all and I hate dealing with Eagle Eye cases for this very reason. The only grounds we have right now to hold his ban is the log and the video you're right and the fact it was caught by a GS. Just because I do not play the game now does not mean I don't know the game. I played NosTale years ago yes but believe me the technology behind the game has not changed and from a technical perspective I know more than all of you about this game remember that.