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Patch v21

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General Changes

Added the "Mysterious Leather and Lace Dress (Legendary)" and the "Mysterious Bad Boy Armor (Legendary)" to the archive.

Added new items for the newly implemented Event System:

  • 4 New custom pets (based on in game bosses).
  • 2 New back costumes (from Aura Kingdom).
  • 3 New mounts (from Twin Saga).

More Information about the Event System:


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the archieve bug on the "Rose Magic Accordion (Prime)".
  • Fixed the Female "Dragon's Treasure: Tarragon Horns (Legendary)".

I'm aware there are more bugs that needed fixing but the remaining bugs requires me to do a lot more work as shuffling patches in while making the balancing patch is rather difficult. The other bug reports I have will be fixed in the balancing patch.


Mount: Imperial Guardian


Back: Abyss Evil Wings


Pet: Petra


Pet: Kimba





Have a wonderful day from the Vendetta Team!


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