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[VGN-EE] Christmas SS Contest

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Ho...Ho...Ho players of Eden Eternal - Vendetta !

As you know christmas is coming closer and closer and so does the time of family and giving back something  for all the efforts and wonderful moments that we experienced together as network during the year ! So we want to give you something back too in form of a Christmas ScreenShot Contest !


So what will the task for this Event be ?

  • Thats simple ! All you have to do is creating a christmas themed screenshot of your character in Eden Eternal.

What are the "Rules" for this Event ?

  1. It's allowed to edit your screenshot with softwares like: "Photoshop ect..." to make it look more christmas like with stuff like filters.
  2. You're allowed to take part with only one account per person, if we catch you taking part with several accounts you'll be disqualified from the event.

How long will the event last ?

  • You'll have time till the 31st of December to send us a Screenshot of your character.

Anything else I need to take care of  ?

  • Just make sure to leave your InGame name with the sent screenshot !

What will the prices be ?

  • 1st place :
    •  A released legendary of your choice
  • 2nd place:
    • 40 Eden crystals
  • 3rd place:
    • 25 Eden crystals

disclaimer: We're always allowed to deny the choice of your item.

You can leave your entry here:

Well that's it so far all left to say now is that the VGN-Staff wishes you a merry christmas and see you on 31st December. 

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Hey there VGN-EE-Community the time has come to announce the winners of this years Eden Eternal christmas screenshot contest, congratulations to those who have won and a very big thank you to all those who took part at this contest :) !

Here are the winners:


  • Boardname:
  • InGame-name:
    • Crush~
  • Picture:
    • Ou7w0q1.jpg



  • Boardname:
  • InGame-name:
    • Mia
  • Picture:
    • yN7ol.jpg

Those are the three winners for Eden Eternal, what you haven't won ? Don't worry about it all those who haven't won but taken part will be granted 1 Event point as late christmas gift from VGN !

NOTE: To all that taken part in order to receive your price I'll need you to pm Pandemonia till January 8th with your InGame name. The winner of the 1st prize also need to add the wished for  item.

Greetings, Pandemonia

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