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Easy gold on Crystal Altar


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Hello everybody! i'm SaaY and today i'm going to show you a very easy recipe to make gold with some Eden Crystals.

All you need is to open the Crafting Altar pressing "H" key in your keyboard. Step #2: click on "Transform" to start.

The first lesson is: never pass from the second line:


The second lesson is about the correct items to take, you have to think in simple multiplications. Example: if you spend 300g on a EC, catching 3x Reset Scrolls to sell all for 300g isn't a good deal, but you can take it if the "Bonus Active" is active on him.

Take a look at this professionally made picture (paint):


The green is the items that you must take.

The orange is the items that you must take only if the "active bonus" is activated on him.

The red is the item that you must not take, unless you need it.

The blue is the items that you can take it, but are a bit harder to sell in big quantitys.

The gray one is -300g for you :c


The prices i've used for this explanation, are the popular prices from now. Reset Scroll=100g - Nametag/Skillbook=500g - Dye=400g(there are dyes that you can sell for 800g+) - Corona's Stardust=150g - Guard Scroll=150g - Power Scroll=250g - Chisel=200g - Citrine Stone=300g


Now take a look at some notes i made:

65 Eden Crystal / 19500g : 28xCorona-4200g + 12xResets-1200g + 40xDye-16000g + 12xChisel-2400g + 32xCitrine-8400g + 36xGuardScroll-5200g + 10xPowerScroll-2500g + 4xPetBook-2000g = 41900g - 19500g spent for the ECs = 22400g profit ;D


PS:you can also use this method on gem altar.


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